Chapter 6


Bulma arose in an unfamiliar place. She was about to panic when she felt a strong arm across her waist squeeze her closer which brought her back to reality. She could not believe herself. She had just slept with the Royal Prince of Japan. He was holding her close in a tight embrace while they slept. She could feel his warm breath caress the back of her neck, and she felt as if she was in heaven then the reality of the situation sunk in.

"What the hell am I doing here?" she thought. "He does not love me hell he dose not even know me, the real me that is. I have to get away. I have a job to do. Besides it would never workout he is a prince and I am just another third class whore to him and nothing more! I got to get out of here!" and with that thought Bulma carefully detached herself from the sleeping prince and found her clothing.

Quickly moving down the many corridors of the palace while still dressing she saw something flash by that caught her eye. There was a door slightly ajar. She curiously opened it wider.

"Well I be dammed!" she said aloud to no one but herself.

There it was the Shin Dragon just sitting there on a bookshelf out in the open. No guards, no fancy alarms that she could see just sitting there.

"This is going to be easier that I thought."

She was about to enter the room and just take it when she heard someone calling her name.

"Lady Mariko" Kakarrot yelled down the hall as he jogged over to her.

Bulma silently cursed his timing.

"Yes Kakarrot" she asked sweetly.

"Have you seen my prince he is running very late for his meeting which is so very unlike him." Kakarrot stated worriedly.

"Oh, yes Vegeta is in his chambers asleep. He had Öum a long night. A very long one!" Bulma said with a giggle.

"Oh you guys must have been up all night talking. Vegeta can be a real chatter box when you get him going." Kakarrot said with a huge grin.

Bulma looked at him dumbfounded. "Yeah Kakarrot thatís it." Was all she could say.

"Well I better go wake him up before his father does!" and with that the tall warrior left he blue haired woman standing there totally confused.

"Well one thing is for sure he is not the ripest apple in the bunch!" Bulma thought to herself. "No wonder Chichi likes him so!"

She decided not to try her luck again and go after the dragon later that night.




Kakarrot entered the princes quarters with out even knocking on the door first. He rushed over to the sleeping prince and began to try to wake him.

"Prince Vegeta you have to get up your father and the leader of the Northern Alliance are waiting for you." Kakarrot stated as he tried to wake the sleeping prince.

Vegeta just mumbled something incoherent and rolled over.

Kakarrot decided more drastic action need to be taken and shook the prince very roughly.

Vegeta slowly opened his eyes expecting to be greeted by the lovely blue goddess he had spent the night with but instead another greeted him.


"Well sire," he answered back "I was trying to wake you! Your father and the leader of the Northern Alliance are waiting for you and your are seriously late!"

Vegeta was still trying to calm down his racing heart after seeing Kakarrot first thing in the morning asked the other man "Where is Mariko?"

"Oh, I saw her walking past your study. She was the one who told me you were sleeping."

"Oh" was Vegetaís only answer.

"Well are you going to get up? You know how your father hates to wait."

"Fuck my father he can wait, I want to see Mariko first."

"But Vegeta your fatherÖ."

"I donít care my father can wait."

"That must have been some chat you two had last night!"

"Chat? Shut the hell up Kakarrot you make no sense!"

The tall warrior just put his hand behind his head and smiled.



"And where the hell have you been all night?" Chichi yelled at her blue haired friend.

"Working" Bulma answered back.

"Yeah right, so how was he?" Chichi asked with a huge grin on her face.

"I donít know what you are talking about. Itís not as if I took personal pleasure in having to do it he is the Royal Prince of Japan for Kameiís sake!" Bulma screamed.

"Yes, yes royal prince and all that stuff, but I am going to ask you this one more time. HOW WAS HE!"

Bulma could not help but break down.

"Amazing Chi, simply amazing."

Chichi broke into a fit of girlish laughter.

"He was like a god. Like he knew every inch of my body, and all the right places to touch it. I have not been with many men in my life but none that I have could hold anything against Vegeta. He was so, soÖ."

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts and the object of her desire entered the room.

"Vegeta" she called out. "What are you doing here?"

"Well what dose it look like woman I am here to talk to you. You left before I was awake!" He stated while looking deeply into her sapphire eyes.

Bulma suddenly blushed recalling the things they did the night before, and noticed that Chichi and Kakarrot were still in the room with enormous grins on their faces.

"Ah, Chichi didnít you say you were going to the kitchen to get something to eat." Bulma said to her nosy friend motioning for her to leave.

"No, I donít think so Iím not hungry." Chichi answered back that was until she got a deadly glare from Bulma. "Wait I do feel a little hunger! How about you join me in a snack Kakarrot?"

Kakarrot not being one to ever turn down food quickly agreed to join Chichi in the kitchen leaving Bulma and Vegeta alone.

Why did you leave before I awoke?" Vegeta asked somewhat timidly.

"I just did not wish to wake you." Was Bulma only reply.

"Woman tell me, you do not regret last night do you?" he asked with concern in voice.

"NO Vegeta, oh no I could never regret last night. It was amazing you were amazing!" Bulma felt herself blush like a little schoolgirl and quickly looked the other way.

Vegeta just beamed with pride.



Kakarrot and Chichi were on their way to the kitchen when Chichi noticed the emperor with someone she had never seen there before.

"Who is that Kakarrot, the men with the emperor?" she asked.

"Well the man with scar in his face is the leader of the Northern Alliance Yamcha. Next to him is the general of his army Piccolo. I hear he is one really tuff guy, but Chichi Iím surprise you donít know recognize Yamcha. I was told he and Lady Mariko were very close for a long time, and that she even considered marrying him once." Kakarrot asked confused.

"Ah, that must have been before I became Marikoís aid." Chichi managed to choke out.

"But I thought you and Mariko have known each other all your lives?" Kakarrot asked now really confused.

"Uh, we have. Look Kakarrot Iím not hungry anymore so you go ahead and get something to eat without me, I need to speak to my lady bye!" and Chichi rushed off leaving Kakarrot totally confused.


Bulma and Vegeta were locked in a passionate kiss when Chichi burst through the door.

"Excuse me Prince Vegeta but I must speak to my lady!" she yelled out as entered the room.

Vegeta and Bulma were both blushing like crazy due to being caught during their display of affection.

"Chichi!" Bulma screamed upset that her friend had just busted in.

"No need to interrupt woman." Vegeta stated "I have to go and see my father anyway." He took a quick glance at Bulma, whom was still beat red from their kiss, smirked at her then left the two women alone.

After making sure the prince was truly gone Bulma screamed out "What the hell is wrong with you Chi! Why did you bust in here?"

"Bulma your former lover is here!"

"What? Logan(*) is here!" Bulma screamed.

"No not Logan!"

"Well then who?" Bulma asked really confused.

"Some guy named Yamcha!"

"Yamcha?" Bulma thought for a minute "I donít know any Yamcha!"

"Not you but Lady Mariko does! He was Lady Mariko lover the real Mariko which he is going to know you are not!" Chichi screamed.

"Shit" was all that she said in response.

"Yeah what are we going to do now. He will be at dinner tonight and he will know and tell the emperor and the prince the truth." Chichi whined.

"Which means we need to leave now!" Bulma answered.

"But Bulma!" Chichi interrupted.

"No buts, I need you to pack and leave now. Wait for me were I told you to ok. Chi."

Chichi was silent.

"Chichi we donít have time for the silent treatment now. Donít worry everything will be fine and by the end of the day we will be two very wealthy women."

* * * * *

(*) For you Shadowfire ^-^

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