Chapter 5


Bulma managed to hide her injuries from the prince and the others very well. It's is amazing what one can do with some well done makeup and over sized kimonos. It was very weird at first being around Vegeta after that night. The next day she saw him after the attempt to steal the dragon he had seemed distant even for him. She though at first that maybe he had figured out that she was the thief, but he never said anything about. In fact the buzz around the palace said nothing to the fact that the thief was a woman. She was even told once by a guard whom claimed to have fought the thief that "the man was at least seven feet tall and as strong as three ox, and that only the great strength and skill of the prince could defeat him. Then even still this great man escaped with his life to steal again." Bulma was not surprise that the prince left out the little part about the thief being a woman to his father and the others, his pride would not let him do otherwise. But the fact of the matter was that he knew the truth and she really wondered what he thought about her.


Vegeta could not keep her of his mind. When his father and Kakarrot had found him in front of the gate he stood there with the dragon in one hand and his katana in the other totally dumbfounded. He just could not believe that he was a she. She had so much skill and power for a woman. When his father had questioned him on what happen to the thief he just brushed him off and handed him the dragon. His father just assumed that Vegeta was just upset because the thief had left with his life, and Vegeta was not about to tell him the truth.

Kakarrot saw the look of confusion written all over his prince's face and knew from experience not to question him about it. That Vegeta would tell him all that he would want him to know in due time so he let it go. As predicted three days later in the middle of a heated sparring match Vegeta blurted out "He was a woman."

Kakarrot totally confused about what the hell the prince was talking about just looked at him totally bewildered.

"The thief Kakarrot, he I mean she was a woman." Vegeta yelled out.

"No way! Vegeta are you sure?" Kakarrot asked astonished.

"Of course I am sure you idiot! I know a woman when I see one and this thief was most definitely a woman!" Vegeta growled out.

"But Vegeta it was dark and maybe you did not see what you think you saw."

Vegeta just growled and turned his back to the other man.

"I know what I saw Kakarrot, he was a she."

"Well what are you going to do about her?" Kakarrot asked stunned by the whole concept of the thief being a woman.

"What the hell do you mean what am I going to do about it! I am going to do nothing. Hopefully she is not stupid enough to try that again and I won't have to kill her."

"Wow! I just can't believe it, wow a woman. I knew something was bothering you but I didn't have a clue it was something like this!"

"Kakarrot you never have a clue!"

"To believe a woman was able to steal the dragon get away from the guards then fight you and still walk away with her life. She must be something short of unbelievable." Kakarrot pronounced.

"Yeah unbelievable" was all that Vegeta answered in return.


Two weeks had gone by and the dragon was moved to a more secure place in the palace or so Vegeta had told her. They had spent more and more time together ever since his little run in with the great thief in the night. Bulma did not understand why this sudden change had come over him, but she was happy it did for two reasons. One he was more willing to tell her what ever she needed to know, and two she really was starting to like being around him. She was surprise to find out there were so many layers behind that scowling mask he always wore. She was actually beginning to like him, which in the line of business she was in, was a very big problem. When you begin to be emotional about the job your doing you begin to make mistakes and mistakes in her case not only could get her killed but a fate worse than death. But she would also be taking Chichi down with her, and that was something she would never let happen. Even still it was hard not to like the guy. He was very handsome and even more charming when he felt like it. He was the ultimate fighter. She found that one out first hand even if he did not know that it was she he was fighting. He had all the qualities she could ever ask for in a mate. But Bulma was very far from stupid she knew that girls like her never ended up with the fairytale prince even though Vegeta was not your typical fairytale prince. She knew he was not meant to be for her, but for the noble woman she was pretending to be. So she knew she would never have that ride off onto the sunset or the happily ever after. She never got her hopes up, and remembered to play the role she needed to play.


Vegeta's dreams were now stranger than ever. The woman was still in it looking as beautifully as ever but now there was a new person in his dreams nothing like the other. She was dressed in a beautiful flowing black gown, and held a katana in one of her hands and called to him with the other. She did not make a sound and he could never see her face but he was always compelled to go to her, and as soon as he would make a move towards her Lady Mariko would call out to him and he would want to rush towards her. It all was so confusing. For some odd reason unknown to him, he felt as if he was being dishonest to Mariko because of his dreams so he spent more time with her while he was awake. He was slowly beginning to see her for who she really was and not who she pretended to be when he first met her. True he had not even given her a second thought at first but that had nothing to do with her and more to do with his father. Still there were things about her he was not sure of. True she would be the perfect Queen. She was beautiful, intelligent, and of noble blood. Every thing the future emperor could want, but there was just something missing. She was what his father wanted for him and not totally what he wanted for himself.


"Are you sure you want to try this again now?" Chichi asked genuinely worried.

"Yeah Chichi now is the perfect time." Bulma answered back.

"But you and Vegeta seemed to be getting along so well, and you still don't know where they moved it to. I don't see why we are in such a rush to leave now!"

"Look I have my reason for not wanting to be here much longer, and I have an idea of where the dragon is. Besides I thought you would be happy to finally leave this place, unless there is something or someone I should say that makes you want to stay."

Chichi's face suddenly went scarlet red and she turned around.

"Come on Chi don't tell me you like him that bad." Bulma teased.

"I don't have a clue of what you are talking about." Chichi managed to choke out.

"Yeah right, don't forget who we really are and why we are really here. We need to stay focus at all cost we can't have a repeat of last time because I'm sure Vegeta will not let me leave alive again."

"Your right. Tell me when did you become the sensible one." Chichi said while smirking.

"Ha, me sensible never. I just have a goal in mind and plan to achieve it. Besides both Vegeta's will be busy in a meeting with the head of the Northern Alliance, so all I have to do is find it, get it, and get out. I

want you to be waiting for me outside of town."

"WHAT! Girl you must be out of your mind if you think for...

"Chichi don't fight me on this one! I worry about you and then I get sloppy and with Vegeta I can not afford to be sloppy. Besides I don't want there to be any chance of you just bumping into Kakarrot!" Bulma stated while laughing at her now furious friend.

"I don't know Bulma" Chichi protested.

"Just trust me Chichi and give me your word."

Chichi was silent.

"Chi please."

"O.k. you have my word, but that doesn't mean I like it one bit." Chichi spat out.


"Kakarrot" Vegeta called out "Do you know any thing about the leader of the Northern Alliance?"

"No, my prince I mean not much. All I know is their leader's name is Yamcha, and that he is know for being a ladies man."

Vegeta just grunted with disgust.

"Come Kakarrot let's go to dinner."

"Why in such a rush my prince? If I did not know better I would swear you were in a hurry to see someone. Maybe a particular blue haired woman?" Kakarrot stated with a huge grin on his face.

"Oh really Kakarrot but seeing that you do know me better than that, you should know that she means nothing to me."

"So you don't mind Vegeta that I was told that Lady Mariko and the leader of the Northern Alliance Yamcha have a past together or so I am told."

"WHAT! Is that why that asshole wants to come here. Dose he think he could possibly take her away from me! He must be mad to reasonably believe so!" a very irate Vegeta screamed.

"Nothing huh." Kakarrot chuckled.

"Shut up you fool, and let's go."


Dinner was the same as always Bulma and Vegeta arguing back and forward. Bulma had learned that she earned more respect from him if she stated her own opinion and question his at times rather than just agreeing with everything he said. Hell they disagreed on what seemed like everything, but as they verbally battled she learned more and more about the prince. They were fighting about something or another and Vegeta decided that she was not going to back down about the subject so he deiced to change the topic.

"You know woman, Xuyen told my father today that they found Thinh's body three day's ago."

Bulma cringed. "Is that so, do they know what happened to him?"

"No not really." Vegeta stated "Only that he got his head detached from his body."

Bulma slightly paled "Oh my, I can't believe he is dead! Do they know who killed him."

Vegeta saw her looking rather ghostly and thought it was the topic of death that was making her look so. "No we don't know who could have killed him but the old coot had many enemies and was known to be drunk. The person who did it would have had to be very skilled because Thinh was once one of my father's elite's before he became his little do boy. Don't worry woman, even though you are amazingly weak and useless no harm will ever come to you as long as I am here."

Bulma just ignored his insult and looked to Chichi to see if she had heard the prince's words of the emperor finding out about Thinh death. She saw that Chichi was too busy giggling and laughing at what ever Kakarrot was saying to have had paid any attention. Bulma smiled. It was good to see her friend happy and for once not worrying. She turned her attention back to the man in front of her. His dark gaze instantly keeping her eye's locked in place.

Vegeta was getting a little nervous under her crystal blue gaze. She was beautiful he had admitted that the minute he laid eyes on her. And at times when they were in the middle of a heated argument and she looked as if she wanted to kill him she would look even more desirable. He wanted to be alone with her, so he could clear his head and sort out whatever the hell he was feeling. So he asked her to walk with him and she agreed. They were in the middle of the imperial gardens the moon shining brightly upon them. They just stood there neither daring to say a word to the other. Wondering what in the world the other was thinking. Vegeta finally couldn't take it any more and broke the silence.

"Woman tell me of your past."

Bulma was surprise by his question. "Well Vegeta what do you want to know?"

His only reply was "everything."

So she told him some truth to it and some false. She even amazed herself with the amount of truth to her past that she did tell. She expected him to look down on her for some of the things she said, but he did not. He never once judged her or belittled her for the words she told. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere he kissed her. His kiss was sweet and soft and even though she tried really hard she could not hinder the urge to kiss him back and all the passion and lust she was trying so hard too not feel flowed free in that one moment underneath the stars.


Vegeta did not know what suddenly came over him but he knew he just had to taste her, to feel her lips, her body, and her complete essence against his. He knew he could not stop himself even if he did want to which he was not sure if he did. He panicked a little at first when she did not respond, but when he felt her hands come up and run through his wild hair and she started to kiss him back he knew then for sure he had to have her. Crushing her body against his he wanted to take her right then and there in the middle of the gardens, but being the prince and the gentleman that was he knew he had to compose himself and take her someplace more appropriate. He picked her up with the greatest of ease never once breaking their kiss and headed off to his room. Roaming his hand all over her body, he had to get what stood between them off her as quick as possibly. He looked into her eyes for some reassurance that she had also wanted this. He was amazed to see in them what he saw. She did not look at him with just lust although it was there too but in her eyes he saw something else he had never ever seen before. But the one thing he was absolutely sure about was the fact that she was not about to ask him stop. So he didn't. Neither returned to meet their counterparts in the dinning hall that night, but you could hear the sounds of their passion filled evening echoing down the palace halls all night.

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