The Prince the Thief and the Dragon

I donít own DBZ now will I ever own it.

This is for Adimraís Fanfiction contest. It is a BV romance set in the 1800ís. No Vegeta is not a saiyan although he is a prince. A lot of the DBZ peepís will show up and play a role. I hope you like it.


The Prince, The Thief and The Dragon
By: Mela989898

Chapter 1



"Send word for the police the Blue Dragon has struck again. The Tear of Kami has been stolen. Go after the thief! That jewel must be found!"


"More rice please for me and my friend." Bulma said gleefully

"I take it last night was a success." Chichi asked somewhat somber.

"Of course Chi you really do worry too much. Eat up and enjoy the fruits of a job well done" Bulma replied back.

"You make me worry. We should leave this town before the wind turns against us!" Chichi warned the blue haired woman.

"Ahh Chichi nothing will go wrong. Eat, drink soon enough the right opportunity will come and we will leave this place to go to green pastures."

"Humph, I hope your right Bulma. I donít feel like fleeing another town!"

"Ah Chi! Waitress another drink for my grumpy friend." Bulma said in between giggles.

Chichi just frowned.

Bulma looked over to see the waitress was having problems of her own.

"Sir please let go!" the young girl yelled pleading with an old surly man whom was in an official looking uniform. The man looked as if he had received one to many drinks and was trying to coax the girl into his lap.

"Come on you little whore I donít have to be back to the palaces for another day or two how about you show me all this shit hole has to offer!" the man said as he pined the girl against the bar.

"No please I have to work, let me go." The girl pleaded.

"Hey let her go " the bartender said from behind the bar.

"Shut up fool unless you wish to offend a member of the royal court and end up in the emperorís prison." The man stated for all to hear.

Bulma frowned as she saw this.

"Donít even think about it!" Chichi warned "Its not you fight so donít get involved."

"Iím not Chi Iím just going to make sure she gets our drinks thatís all." And with that said, Bulma got up and strolled over to the bar where the waitress was in distress.

It was not the best bar and restaurant in the world. Truth be told it was a shit hole. A little hole in the wall where the common folk came to escape the hard realty of everyday life in Japan. Bulma stood proud and tall a rare sight for a woman in this day and age. As rare as the aqua blue strains that framed her face. She was wearing a simple blue kimono with gold trim that seemed to set off her eyes. It was her eyes that always made her stand out in a crowd bluer than the deepest seas that surround Japan. How easily one could get lost in those blue seas that were her eyes, and thatís one thing that she always counted on.

"Excuse me oh wise and regal lord you must be an official adviser for the emperor himself with such lavish gorments you wear." Bulma stated oh so overly sweet. As she knew most men would always fall for.

The man quickly dropped his attention from the young girl to the dashing blue beauty that was before him. The waitress quickly scurried away.

"Well arenít you a rare sight indeed. You are right girl I am an advisor for emperor Vegeta himself. I am on my way to the palaces now to give word of a suitor for his son the young Prince Vegeta." The man bragged.

"Oh is this true." Bulma asked while batting her eyes.

"Why yes my dear. Lady Mariko of the Yashada Clan was to spend time at the palace in hopes that she would win the princeís affections, and he would choose her to be his bride then grace her with the gift of the Shin Dragon."

"Shin Dragon?" Bulma asked truly intrigued.

"Yes dear girl the most rare and precious jewel within the emperor's land. The Shin Dragon is incrusted with 15 diamonds and 15 rubies to stand for the 15 Vegetaís thatís have graced this world. It has been given to the new bride of the prince each generation. But enough about the prince, how about you and meÖ."

Bulma cut him off.

"What of Lady Mariko?" she asked while slightly bending forward so the old goat could get a better look at her cleavage, which his eyes quickly went down to.

"She is still in Osaka. She was very ill and could not travel. She will miss her time to meet the prince." He stated.

"I see."

"Well enough talk why donít you come here and give me a kiss." He said as he grabbed Bulma roughly and jerked her over to him.

"Hey now Iím not that kind of lady. If I were you I would let me go."

"Oh really, I take it you are no lady at all just another common whore for the taking. Now what do you say to that? And what if I donít let go what will you do then girl!" the man stated in an intimidating voice.

"Oh you will see." Was all that Bulma said as she slowly got closer to the man then suddenly shifted her hips and tossed the man to the other side of room.

"I would most likely do that!" she said in a fit of laughter.

"Why you little peasant bitch!" he growled.

"Why, why, why, canít we ever go some where like normal people! Why do we always have to end up fleeing for our lives? Why I ask you why?" Chichi wined.

The man quickly got up to his feet and charged after Bulma. She simply laughed and moved out the way causing him to slam into the bar.

"Youíre going to die for that you filthy whore! How dare you make a fool of me!" the man yelled.

"Oh now why would you go and say such a mean thing like that!" Bulma teased.

The man quickly went for his sword.

"Not a smart move girl offending one of the emperorís advisors NOW DIE!

"Oh dear me what am I to do the big man has pulled out his sword " this statement just oozed of sarcasm. "Letís see if you know how to use such a powerful weapon!"

"Die Bitch" was screamed as he swung the katana at Bulmaís head. And once again she gracefully moved out of the way and slammed a swift kick to her aggressorís abdomen. He abruptly fell to his knees dropping the katana in the process. Bulma grabbed his head by his hair with one hand and the katana in the other.

"Now what was it you were saying?" she asked while curling her lips into a devilish smirk.

"Please, please donít kill me. I am nothing more than a simple messenger for emperor Vegeta. Please I beg for your mercy!" the man pleaded.

"Fool donít apologize to me apologize to her. It is her you greatly offend." Bulma stated while pointing to the young girl.

The man turned his head as best he could and pleaded for his life.

"Iím sorry I beg for your forgiveness."

The waitress simply "humphíed" and turned away.

"I guess that will do, but do not return to this place or I will end your sorry life." Bulma said as she turned and the let the man go and begun to walked away.

"Oh of course my lady" the man said as he turned and grabbed a dagger out of his shirt attempting to stab Bulma with it, but before he was able to mutter another harsh word his head was sent rolling across the room as his body drop dead where he stood.

"Fool I told you to go" she screamed. "They never learn."

The crowd that had seemed to form out of nowhere just stared at the Blue haired vixen with amazement.

"Oh just great, now look what you have done! We can no longer show our face not only in this town but the imperial city too!" Chichi screamed.

Bulma just grinned.

"Well let us go before the police get wind of this, although I doubt anyone would tell."

The two women quickly rushed out of the bar receiving looks of both praise and fear from the on lookers. They quickly jumped on their horses and rode away.

"Where to now oh Great One!" Chichi said as sarcastically as possible.

"To the imperial city I think we are going to pay the prince a visit." Bulma said smugly.

"What girl are you mad!" Chichi screamed.

"No, I just have a plan!"

* * * * *

Chapter 2
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