Chapter Five: Returning


It had been 2 months and the war of Vegetasei and Chikyuu was still going on. With the help of the Jinzouningen Chikyuu had been winning so far and had gained the advantage on Vegetasei. Bulma had been taught to fight like a true warrior by different people over the time she had been there. Gone were the days that Bulma would wear her long silky kimonos, all she wore were battle clothing as she learned more and more about battle. Juuhachi-gou and Juunana-gou took care of showing her how to be immune to all emotions on the battlefield. So slowly Bulma began to forget what emotions were, whether or not it was on the battlefield. As for Bulma she taught herself that in a fight her long knee length hair got in the way so soon after one month of being there; she cut it all up to her chin, which was a very different change for her and the others.

However, everyone still seemed to take a liking to her, it was either her sweet manners in public or her arrogant ways in the battlefield that had everyone captivated under her spell of mystery and wonder. There was only one boy there that Bulma knew understood her and that was Juunana-gou. Ever since that night that they arrived they had been sending each other secret signs of attraction, which soon lead to deeper desirability between the two of them. They thought no one knew that they were attracted to each other, but they were wrong Juuhachi-gou knew very well that her oniisan was attracted to Bulma and that Bulma was attracted to Juunana-gou. They were good at hiding their attraction, even if one or two people did see threw it all.

One night after a hard day of fighting with only one third of the Saiya-jin army left to fight, Bulma was walking with Juunana-gou back to the campsite when Juuhachi-gou came running behind them. She was now flying at full speed to get to them; there was something she had to tell them.

"Juunana-gou, Juukyu-gou the Saiya-jins just called for more reinforcements." Juuhachi-gou said out of breath.

"NANI?!" Bulma screamed out loud. "This can’t be serious, you mean to tell me that we spent 2 months kicking them off of this planet just so these that Kusottare ouji could call for back up? That’s kuso!" Bulma continued to scream. Juunana-gou put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"So what if they got more people, we’ll just beat them again." Juunana-gou said arrogantly.

"Gomen oniisan what you don’t know is how many people they called for, so that might change how your plan will work." Juuhachi-gou said facing her oniisan.

"How many ships did you see coming in Juuhachi-gou?" Her oniisan asked, his playful voice dropping to a serious one.

"I couldn’t say how many there were I left after I saw the 4th ship. I got a quick scan at one of the them, it had 70 Saiya-jins on it." Juuhachi-gou said.

"Well if you saw 4 of the ships and all of them carried 70 Saiya-jins then that would be 280 Saiya-jins, and Kami knows how many more there might be." Said Bulma her voice filling with worry. "280 Saiya-jins is about the size of the Saiya-jins we have left to fight, and to think there is more!"

"Cool it Juukyu-gou, whatever it is we’ll be able to take it, after all we are perfect." Juunana-gou added with an air of cockiness around him.

"I hope that you’re right." Bulma whispered.

Suddenly she wished that she never had to fight the Saiya-jins, she wished that she could remember something, anything at all about her past life. The way that Doctor Briefs would look at her would scare her and even captivate her. She was Jinzouningen now; there was nothing she could do about that. The memories were gone, leaving her with nothing to hold onto. Her new family was there for her; she knew that, however once again she felt like she didn’t belong in this life. There were nights when she would wake in an ice cold sweat, thinking of what she use to know. Over the 2 months that she had been a Jinzouningen she had forgotten ever more things that she use to know. Slowly items had been leaving her memory one after another. She didn’t know when she was born now, and just like the other two she didn’t know her real name anymore.

They walked into their room quietly without being noticed by the other fighters. All three of them were not in the mood forever a bite to eat tonight. Juuhachi-gou turned off the lights as Bulma and Juunana-gou climbed into their beds for the night. Then they heard singing and dancing with loud music, Bulma gathered that they were celebrating. Bulma sighed, if only they knew that there was more coming and that the war wasn’t over yet. Bulma wondered who would have the guts to tell them that there was more fighting to do. She just hoped that Juunana-gou was right, hey couldn’t afford to lose if they did they would die along with Chikyuu and all it’s inhabitants.


4 hours later around the early morning Vegeta rose from his bed to get Kakkarot, Napa and Kakkarot’s oniisan Raditz. He needed around 3 or 4 men to come with him to the Chikyuu campsite; he had a plan that was sure to work. This way with the men that he summoned that morning he could win the war and kill of the two dreaded Jinzouningen that were stopping him. He had seen Bulma again from time to time on the battlefield standing with Doctor Briefs and even once fighting. Bulma seemed to be spending a lot of time with the black haired Jinzouningen, Juunana-gou and Vegeta didn’t like it. She had changed even more over the 2 months of the war. Her fighting had improved and her hair was cut into a short fighter’s cut. However now Vegeta had changed his ways, he had ordered his men to be on the look out for this blue haired female, and when they found her they were ordered to beat her and bring her to him. The blood ran like ice threw his veins everytime he thought of her. He no longer cared what happened to her, for all he knew she could be dead and he wouldn’t care. This was one of the many things that had brought him to make this dissection.

As Vegeta neared the room where Kakkarot slept he powered up his ki high enough for Kakkarot to feel it, but low enough so no one else did. He stood infront of the door for some time until Kakkarot opened it.

"Hai Vegeta?" Kakkarot said tiredly.

"Come on, get you oniisan and meet us at the gate we have a purging mission to take care of." Vegeta whispered to Kakkarot and tuned on his heal to walk away.

"Vegeta…what do you mean purging mission?" Kakkarot asked. "The Jinzouningen are there and they are far to powerful for you me and Raditz to take on alone."

"There will be one more accompanying us, Napa will be more than sufficient to kill the Jinzouningen. After all there are only 2 of them and 4 of us." Vegeta added and walked away to get Napa. Kakkarot couldn’t stop the ouji now; there was nothing he could do to help. The hate had taken over his heart now, and blinded his eyes; there wasn’t a thing he saw now but evil and hate. Kakkarot shook his head as he walked back inside of his room to get Raditz, Vegeta maybe wrong but he was still the ouji.

Half way across the master ship Vegeta was nearing Napa’s chamber. As the lead general of the elite warriors he had a rather large room. The ouji knocked on the door then he stood there waiting for Napa to open the door for him. There was a pause then Vegeta heard footsteps coming from the inside of the room.

"Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta?" Napa asked as he looked out of the door.

"Napa get ready there is a purging mission we have to do at the Chikyuu camp site." Vegeta said standing in the lightless hallway.

"We do?" He asked looking at the ouji in an odd manner.

"Hai now get ready." Vegeta said, then Napa disappeared into his room. Vegeta leaded on the side of the bedroom wall waiting for his bodyguard to return. He was anxious to get to the campsite, take out all of the Jinzouningen once and for all, so that he along with his men could win this war and go home.

Moments later Napa opened his door fully clothed in a Saiya-jin armor suit. Without saying a word her and Vegeta walked over the gates where Kakkarot and Raditz were to be waiting for them. The four men walk in silence out of the ship and on to the battlefield. They aren’t noticed by the Chikyuu guard who is standing watch, with their heavy coats on it was head to tell if they were Saiya-jins or not. Vegeta lead his men in threw the back door of the camp site slowly, he didn’t want the Chikyuu-jins to pick them up with the scoters that they had, which were much like their own.

Vegeta signaled them all to split up each of them were to take one hallway, and when they found the Jinzouningen they were to kill them. If Bulma was found, they were to plunge a dagger threw her heart and bring the heart back to Vegeta himself, he wanted to make sure that the slut was dead. Any other warrior that got in their way was to be killed too, no matter what the cost of it was. Kakkarot looked at Vegeta questioningly, wondering why he was doing this. Was it to teach Bulma a lesson, or was it to get revenge on all of Chikyuu for Dr. Briefs’ misinterpretation? He walked down the hall that he was assigned to alone, hoping not to find someone that he had to kill. Unlike most of the Saiya-jins Kakkarot was different, he didn’t like to kill just for the fun of it, only when it was necessary. Kakkarot slowly opened a door at the end of the hall, seeing if the Jinzouningen were in there. However what he found wasn’t the Jinzouningen, it was a young girl with short blue hair and a battle scar across her left check. Kakkarot held his breath and gulped. It was Bulma. She lay in bed like a helpless child, in the moonlight.

He walked over to her bedside and knelt by it holding a shaking dagger in his hand. It looked so effortless to take the life from her when she was sleeping, however this Saiya-jin knew different. She was helpless, there wasn’t a thing that she could do to stop if he was to plunge the dagger at her heart. Kakkarot wondered now what he was going to do, here he was with this dagger in his hand ready to kill this girl, who no matter what other thought of her, was a wonderful person. Kakkarot would hate to kill her, he knew that he couldn’t do it. The dagger fell to the floor besides him as he took Bulma into his arms. At that moment Bulma’s eyes snapped open, she looked up at Kakkarot without remembrance or gratitude for salvaging her life.

"Put me down you animal, put me down!" She screamed loudly.

Kakkarot was confused this was Bulma, the one that he learned to like, and even to some point love as a sister.

"Nani Bulma it’s me Kakkarot." Kakkarot said holding her tighter so that she wouldn’t fall.

Bulma’s eyes scanned Kakkarot over with care and wondering. She tried hard to remember who he was, but in the end she got no where.

"Why does everyone keep calling me that? My name is not Bulma! It’s Juukyu-gou!" Bulma said to Kakkarot making sure that he heard her.

Then it hit Kakkarot, so that’s what had happened to Bulma all of that time. She had changed, he knew that much, however he really didn’t know how much. Now she wasn’t a Saiya-jin or a Chikyuu-jin for that matter she was a Jinzouningen just like the others. It all made sense now, Juunana-gou, Juuhachi-gou, and Juukyu-gou, of course! Kakkarot put Bulma down before him and took her delicate face in his hands, smoothing away her short blue hair from infront of her.

"Bulma…Juukyu-gou listen to me, you aren’t a Jinzouningen. You have to remember me, you just have to." The young Saiya-jin pleaded gazing deep into her unchanged blue eyes.

Bulma looked at Kakkarot for a moment longer, as if she was in some sort of daze. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks. The memories of her long forgotten past came running back to her everything down to the day she was crowned koujo up until she was alone in the meadows crying her heart out. Now after so long the memories of painful love, an adventurous childhood and a life of lies came back to her, and this time they were here to stay. Instead of pushing away all of the memories she took them in the good and the bad ones. At that moment Kakkarot’s face seemed to be a sight for sore eye as she stopped her screaming and calmed down.

"Kakkarot?" she finally asked.

"Hai!" Kakkarot said hugging Bulma. "Oh Bulma what did they do to you?" he asked holding her tightly.

"I don’t remember…anything much…I just remember you and…Chikyuu…and…VEGETA!" her last word was a scream of terror and worry. "Where is he?" she asked looking anxious.

"Bulma I don’t think he is the person you want to be looking for at the moment."

"Why?" she asked after Kakkarot let her go.

"Well…the reason we’re here is to purge the Chikyuu campsite." Kakkarot said with shame lowering his head. How could he get Bulma to trust him now if she knew that he was here to kill her.

"NANI!" Bulma screamed.

"Hai…Vegeta wants the Jinzouningen dead." Kakkarot said setting Bulma down on her bed softly. "You see he thought that there was only two of them, demo he still wanted us to find you and kill you. However now there is three Jinzouningen including you, that gives me more of a reason to kill you…" he said apologetically.

"Will you kill me?" She asked looking scared and worried.

"Iie." Kakkarot answered hugging Bulma. "Never." He whispered into her ear as they held each other.

Bulma hugged him back, while her head was spinning with all of the memories that she was trying to deal with.

"Then please Kakkarot…if I can’t see Vegeta please promise me he will be ok." Bulma pleaded. "After all, I still love him."

"You have my word." Kakkarot said smoothing her face with his hand.

"You have to help me." she pleaded softly clinging to Kakkarot as if he was life itself as her tears welled up in her eyes.

"Don’t worry I will, demo there isn’t much I can do to keep Vegeta and the others from finding you." Kakkarot said regretfully.

"Oh for the love of Kami do whatever you can!" Bulma pleaded.

"Look I’ll buy some time for you, like ten minutes, you have to get out of here fast."

"Not a problem I can fly now." Bulma said "What else? Where do I go?"

"That is up to you…get off of Chikyuu, there is a Saiya-jin space pod that will take you wherever you want, it’s outside of our main ship. Go." Kakkarot said getting up.

"I will." Bulma said turning down the hall to leave. "Oh and Kakkarot?"

Kakkarot turned to face Bulma as she called him. "Hai?"

"I’ll never forget you, ever again." Bulma said hugging him one last time then she planted a small kiss on his lips. She then flew out of the halls with the speed of light.

"Help her Kami." Kakkarot whispered walking down the rest of the empty hall.


Vegeta walked threw the void plains of what was left of Chikyuu. He had been out here for at least an hour fighting and finding the Jinzouningen that was out here. That boy was a coward, he thought as he blew up more stones near him. Running from a fight like that. He continued to think as he walked faster still looking for the Jinzouningen. Suddenly there was a kick thrown that twisted Vegeta’s neck to the side. He caught the foot of the person that kicked him and flung him over his shoulder.

"Nice try Jinzouningen. Demo no matter how perfect you are, you just can’t beat the real thing." Vegeta said arrogantly. Juunana-gou returned his icy cold stare with one of his own.

"Look Saiya-jin get off of my planet!" Juunana-gou said lunging towards Vegeta again. This time Vegeta was ready, he drew a sword from his belt and swung at Juunana-gou with it. Juunana-gou pulled on the sword taking it out of Vegeta’s hands then threw it on the ground.

"Tisk, Tisk. And I thought an ouji like you could fight without a weapon…apparently not." Juunana-gou said shaking his head, only making the anger in Vegeta rise.

Vegeta went all out, punches and kicks, and even blasts of power on Juunana-gou hoping to kill the Jinzouningen. But it was all with no avail. Juunana-gou had been trained to take all of the attacks Vegeta was throwing and more. Vegeta was growing frustrated; there was no killing this thing. Juunana-gou uppercut Vegeta’s jaw hard, causing blood to drip from his lip, the anger was visible in Vegeta’s eyes as he charged at Juunana-gou once more. The ouji didn’t care if this meant his death, he was here to kill, concur, and destroy, he vowed he would accomplish his missions even if it did mean not leaving Chikyuu alive.


Bulma ran with greater force than she knew that she had. There was something she had to tell Vegeta and the other Saiya-jins as well as Chikyuu-jins. She knew that she had to get there was but now flying was out of the question, she knew that if she flew they would find her before she could let the others know. So she gathered that running on foot was better. As she was running so many things came back to her, she remembered so many things now. Even things that she never thought she would remember or even understand came to her. They were all crystal clear to her, as if they were right in front of her. Like the real reason Gero was being so helpful to Chikyuu and what he really wanted. She remembered it all, Vegetasei, being a royal member of Vegetasei and even being shipped off to Chikyuu when King Vegeta and her real parents thought that Lord Cold was going to attack. Bulma gulped back tears as she ran harder and hard to find the others then the space pod so that she could leave this hell whole. While running Bulma kept looking back to see if anyone was following her. She hoped that no one knew where she was going or ever who she was. As Bulma looked back for the fifth time she fell and hit the ground hard. Her face was covered with dust, and her body ached from the fall and all of the running she had done.

When Bulma looked up she saw Juunana-gou, he was the first person she remembered then she saw a rather tall figure with spikey black hair, then she remembered him. Vegeta. They were fighting at their full potential, which was a reasonably battle to see. But to Bulma this wasn’t a show, this was something totally different. Here were Vegeta and Juunana-gou, the two boys she had learned to love in their own ways fighting over Kami knew what. They both looked spent even Juunana-gou looked as if he was on the last of his power. Vegeta was bleeding in numerous different areas on his face and it looked as if one of his arms was badly hurt.

Bulma tried to get up but she was too hurt and weak to move. She simply lay there hoping to regenerate, but she didn’t really know she was in a Jinzouningen body at the moment. Much to her surprise Bulma found her power slowly returning to her. She knew that it wasn’t nearly enough power to stop Vegeta and Juunana-gou, however it was still enough for her to move. She was soon sitting up trying to stand up. An agonizing moan left her mouth as she stood up, which made Vegeta look in her direction. He only looked at her with remote eyes that left her doubting if he still cared for her. Just as soon as he had looked her way they dismissed her without relationship. Bulma’s face darkened in annoyance; he wasn’t even talking to her. She stood up and walked over to the fight where Juunana-gou stopped her with his hand on her chest. She knew that if he wanted to he could have just killed her on the spot but he didn’t, Juunana-gou felt for Bulma so he didn’t want to hurt her this she knew. However Vegeta was a totally different story, he could have just moved her for Juunana-gou since he evidently didn’t love her anymore.

"Stop Juukyu-gou this is my fight." Juunana-gou said in a tone of voice that scared Bulma in a way.

Vegeta fighting stopped for a moment as he looked at Bulma in amazement; she was the enemy now, because she was a Jinzouningen. Though Kakkarot had told him that he didn’t want to believe it, it just wasn’t like Bulma to sell her soul to someone for a second chance at life.

"So you’re one of them now?" Vegeta asked not really caring what her answer would be. "I guess that’s why you care so much about your boyfriend here." Vegeta said distantly. A part of Vegeta soften when he got a good look at her, she was even more striking now that she was a fighter again. A part of him froze again; she had someone else in her life now that she was a Jinzouningen. Now he knew why she acted as if she didn’t know him. This Doctor Gero had gone too far, he had taken all of Bulma’s memories only so that she could become one of his minions. Now she was weak, weaker than a child it was evident that there was little that she could do. There was little power sustaining her, as she stood infront of both boys who eyed each other with hate.

Much to Vegeta’s surprise Bulma walked over to him, without fear and or anger. It was still clear that it hurt when she walked however she was calm as if she knew that she was in charge.

"Vegeta…if you only knew what I know, you wouldn’t harm this Jinzouningen." Bulma began.

Vegeta looked at her in disbelief, she was a Jinzouningen this he knew but what he didn’t know was how Bulma still remembered him.

"What do you know onna, tell me and I might let you live." Vegeta said.

"Vegeta…Doctor Gero made me Juunana-gou and Juuhachi-gou with the motivation to kill the Saiya-jins. Up until now me and the others thought that we were just protecting out home world." Bulma started off.

"What do you mean?" Juunana-gou asked. "Is there more of a reason for us killing them?"

"Hai, Gero wants the Saiya-jins gone so that then he could take over Chikyuu, after all of the war all of the Jinzouningen and his droids would be gone so that no one could stop him." Bulma finished off with both boys looking at her in awe.

"How do you know this?" Juunana-gou asked.

"I heard Gero say this, while he was operating on me he was talking on the phone and I guess that he was telling someone his plan. He must of thought that I was out cold or something but I heard ever word."

"Bulma-San." Vegeta said walking towards her. "You remember everything?" He asked letting his emotions get the best of him.

"Zettai omoidatta." Bulma said confirming Vegeta’s question, so that he knew that she remembered everything down to the last words he told her when she left Vegetasei.

Vegeta cautiously walked over to Bulma who threw herself into his arms. They held each other for sometime, enjoying the feel of each other after so long. Vegeta knew that he longed for her but he could never tell her what he was felling. They were holding each other in their own little world until Juuhachi-gou came running towards them taking them out of their world.

"Juukyu-gou Gero is coming, he is after us." Juuhachi-gou said taking a deep breath.

"Nani, what does he want?" Bulma questioned.

"He found out that you told the Saiya-jins and Juunana-gou the truth." Juuhachi-gou said.

"How the he-…you know too?" Bulma asked leaving her prior thought a side.

"Hai, I heard him taking to the same person that he was talking to on the phone that night he operated on you again earlier tonight." She paused. "Then I ran out here to find you, ‘cause you weren’t in our room, demo people say that he’s gone mad. He destroyed most of the Chikyuu campsite and they say that he’s about to get rid off all of his Jinzouningen all at once." Juuhachi-gou finished.

"We have to find away to get all of us out of here fast." Bulma said.

"I know how." Vegeta muttered. "You three get out of here fast! As for the people still left on Chikyuu, we’ll take care of that." Vegeta said pushing Bulma off of him.

"W-where are you going?" Bulma asked with worry in her voice, she didn’t even notice that the other Jinzouningen were gone. Her eyes bore deep into his soul but Vegeta wouldn’t let down his emotional wall that held in all that he felt or thought about Bulma.

"Get out of here Bulma." Vegeta said with a commanding tone of voice. "The others are ahead of you, go catch up." Vegeta said taking Bulma’s hand in his. "Don’t stay here alone." he said sighing in defeat. He knew that there was only one way to let Bulma know that this was the right decision.

"Iie, I won’t go without you." Bulma said looking deep into the ouji’s eyes again. Then Bulma saw what in her whole life she never thought possible, Vegeta had let down his pride only to show Bulma what she longed for. She saw what he told her he couldn’t do, she saw love. Bulma then understood why he was making her leave; he wanted to save her even if it meant risking his own life for her’s.

"Listen onna I lost you once what makes you think I’ll lose you again?" Vegeta asked pressing his forehead against hers for a moment. "Please just go." He said kissing her lips slowly, she felt her whole body go weak at his touch. "I promise I’ll be with you, just as long as you go." He finished.

"You better be there Vegeta, promise me you will!" Bulma screamed at him with panic.

"I promise, go!" He screamed at her, she pulled her hands away from Vegeta as she flew with all of her might to catch up with the other Jinzouningen leaving behind her love.


When Vegeta got to the Chikyuu campsite most of it was on fire while the other half was still being blown away by Doctor Gero. Vegeta knew that he should have gone after Gero while he had the chance, but he needed his men if they were going to take on Gero. Vegeta instead ran threw the halls of the now empty campsite, he knew at least one of his men were still here he could feel there ki. Vegeta blew down one of the doors where he felt the ki coming from and he found Kakkarot taking in his arms a little girl around the age of five.

"Hurry up Kakkarot!" Vegeta yelled at the top of his lungs.

"Hai." Kakkarot answered, shielding the little girl with his arms as they ran out of the burning campsite.

"Where are Napa and the other men?" Vegeta asked as they ran out of the burning building.

"Outside Vegeta I told them to start boarding Chikyuu-jins onto the ships we have…" Kakkarot paused when he saw Vegeta looking at him in astonishment. "Is there a problem Vegeta?" He asked

"I-Iie Kakkarot." Vegeta answered braking down a wall to make their escape faster. Kakkarot had taken the plan into action, the plan that he himself was thinking of.

When they got outside Napa was waiting for them, with some rather important news.

"Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta there is a problem." Napa said.

"What is it?" Vegeta asked not stopping to talk with Napa.

"Ano…Gero sire. He has disappeared so we don’t know where to attack." Napa said trying to keep up with the ouji.

"Who said anything about attacking?" Vegeta asked filled with wonder. He didn’t know who’s idea it was to attack but he liked it.

"General Kakkarot did sire." Napa answered opening the hatch of the main ship.

Vegeta smiled back at Kakkarot who still had the young girl in his arms. "You did?" Vegeta asked.

"H-hai." Kakkarot answered.

"Good, I like that Kakkarot. Well about the whole Gero thing…leave it to me." Vegeta said taking off again into the sky. Kakkarot watched him go as he set the girl down on one of the beds that where there. He wondered just what Vegeta had been thinking. Kakkarot walked slowly over to where he knew that Bulma and the other Jinzouningen would be. All they could do was wait, wait until Vegeta returned if he ever did.


"He did WHAT?!" Bulma screamed in disbelief. "I thought you said that he was going to be alright. You promised me!" Bulma shrieked with tears welling up in her eyes again.

"Bulma…Bulma!" Kakkarot screamed at the girl who was letting out a lot of anger and sorrow at the same time. "Listen to me, Vegeta will be fine." Kakkarot said grabbing Bulma by the shoulders then he shook her gently enough not to hurt her, hard enough to bring her back to reality.

"Are you sure?" Bulma asked, calming down.

"Would I lie to you?" Kakkarot asked instead.

"Iie." Bulma answered shaking her head from side to side.

"Well then…how bout you smile for me?" He asked.

Her lips broke into a wide smile causing Kakkarot to smile back. "There that’s what I like to see gorgeous." Kakkarot said tilting Bulma’s face to the side. "Relax, he’ll be here." He said once more. Bulma just sighed and sat down next to him. She rested her head on his shoulder as they waited for Vegeta to return. When the door to the ship opened Bulma’s heart leapt to her throat in hopes that it was Vegeta. Her hope faded as she saw Juuhachi-gou and her black hair twin walking in with 20 other people behind them.

"Oh Kami, it’s just you two." Bulma said lowly.

"That’s nice to hear." Juunana-gou said acting as if her words hurt him.

"What was all of the yelling?" Juuhachi-gou asked as she and Juunana-gou entered the room completely.

"I told Bulma or Juukyu-gou that Vegeta left to fight Gero on his own." Kakkarot answered nonchalantly.

"Nani?!" Juunana said in horror. "I knew that the Saiya-jin no ouji was out of his mind demo this is too much." Juunana-gou continued until Juuhachi-gou elbowed him in the side. "I mean…lucky him." Juunana-gou said fearing his sister’s evil glare.

"Its ok Juunana-gou even I know that he might not return." Bulma said letting the tears fall from her eyes. Juuhachi-gou watched her in silent wonder.

"Juukyu-gou…I mean Bulma, what’s it like?" Juuhachi-gou asked moving closer to her friend.

"What’s what like?" Bulma asked.

"To feel…to love…to hurt…to cry?" Juuhachi-gou asked. "It’s been so long since I felt." Juuhachi-gou added glancing away from Bulma and Juunana-gou.

"Well Juuhachi-gou…I don’t know how to describe it." Bulma began. "The only thing I do know is that no matter how painful it is, it is what makes us believe…" Bulma sighed as she looked out of the window hoping to get a look at Vegeta.

"Believe what?" Juuhachi-gou asked hanging on Bulma’s every word.

"To believe…believe that there is hope even when…all seems lost." Bulma muttered falling back on Kakkarot’s chest once again. She held back sobs that she knew were coming, which prevented her from going on talking to Juuhachi-gou.

Juuhachi-gou smiled as she noticed that all of Bulma’s words were in relation to Vegeta. Juuhachi-gou then wondered how it was like to love, even when she had been a human she had never fallen in love and she wanted to now. Though Bulma looked miserable at the moment but she knew that love was the best thing that happened to Bulma. She sighed sadly and dismissed the thought of love from her mind. ‘No one loves a Jinzouningen.’ Juuhachi-gou thought sorrowfully closing her eyes.

Kakkarot took Bulma into his arms without thinking twice as she cried into his shirt. He then understood that Bulma and Vegeta were bonded no matter what they said to each other. They hugged closely as they all waited for the ouji to return. He held his koujo close as she cried harder hoping that sooner or later Vegeta would return to them…alive.


Vegeta kept his scouter on at all times as he walked the area close to the now burned Chikyuu campsite. He had a feeling that Gero would still be here. The young ouji’s eyes roamed over the burned pieces of wood on the floor as he kicked a few beams over while he walked. Gero had to be here somewhere he just knew it.

"Were you looking for me Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta?" Gero asked in a mocking tone of voice.

"Hai it must be my luck day, huh?" Vegeta asked in an equally sarcastic tone of voice.

"Tisk, Tisk where are you manners?" Gero said walking up to Vegeta with a laser gun in one hand.

"Up your ass!" The ouji screamed narrowing his eyes at the elder man.

"Well if you want to play hard ball Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta then give me your best shot." Gero said charging up his laser gun.

"Fine." Vegeta answered, powering up in his hand a ki blast that was of deadly proportions. Vegeta’s brow began to sweat as he kept the massive power in his hands under control. Finally when Vegeta could no longer hold any more power in his hands he let go of the blast sending it right for the elder doctor.

Gero mearly smiled as he shot his laser gun at the oncoming blast. It shot right threw the blast and shrunk it down to a harmless size.

"That’s all you got?" Doctor Gero asked wickedly.

Vegeta stood there awestruck, how could the doctor have made a machine that could beat the Saiya-jin ki blast? Vegeta knew that certain kinds of lasers could penetrate the Saiya-jin ki blast and even worse kill a Saiya-jin, but he didn’t know that Gero had one. Vegeta panted as he tried to recover some of the lost energy that went into the blast. He couldn’t believe his luck, and with the energy that he had lost he wasn’t in the position to have any more bad luck.

"Are you all tired out?" Gero asked walking over to Vegeta who hit his knees from the loss of power. Gero kicked Vegeta’s chest and he fell over in pain.

"I hope you savor this moment Gero, because this is the only time you will ever get a hit in on the Saiya-jin no ouji." Vegeta said spitting up blood from the pressure of Gero’s foot on his chest.

"Oh but I do savor this moment." He said standing fully on Vegeta’s chest making him scream out in pain. Then the older man got of only to pull the gun out of his pocket. "I don’t think it will be my last." Gero said pulling out once again the laser gun and pointing it at Vegeta’s forehead. Vegeta slowly eyed the gun as the cold metal brushed against his forehead. Vegeta gulped as he gradually began to realize the nightmare he was living…he was doomed.


Bulma, Kakkarot, Juuhachi-gou, and Juunana-gou were all sitting around a wooden table drinking green tea to pass the time. Now Bulma was dressed in a long silky blue kimono that Kakkarot had for her. It matched her eyes wonderfully, brining out her creamy white skin. She was now a changed person, she may still be a Jinzouningen, but she was still at heart a Saiya-jin. Bulma would occasionally look up at the clock over her head that was written in Saiyago, and ever minute seemed to be hell for her. Bulma was back to the Saiya-jin that she was born, as her friend Kakkarot simple smiled at her. It was good to have her back. Kakkarot claimed that Vegeta was ok, he kept telling her that he was stronger than that and that he wouldn’t just die. Kakkarot took the free time that they had to show Bulma some of the things that she never got to learn, while Juuhachi-gou and Juunana-gou got up to go train again in the gravity room.

"Kakkarot…" Bulma began. "Do you really think that I’m bonded to Vegeta?" she questioned.

"Hai, well a bond is much deeper than love…and that’s what you and Vegeta are, you two are deeper than in love." Kakkarot said smiling.

"Kami how I miss him," Bulma started leaning her elbows on the table with her face in her hands. "He has been gone for an hour now." Bulma muttered eyeing the sky outside. It was growing dark with rain clouds that were a prelude to what was to come.

"Looks like rain." Kakkarot said.

"Hai." Bulma answered. Napa walked by the two brining in more of the Chikyuu-jins that were to coming with them. Bulma then wondered if they were going back to Vegetasei or somewhere else. "Kakkarot where are we going?" she asked finally.

"To Vegetasei of course." He answered stirring a thought in Bulma’s head. ‘Vegetasei’ she thought to herself.

"Do you remember any of it?" Kakkarot asked looking back at Bulma.

"Ano…some of it. But I do remember the twin suns of Vegetasei setting in the clear oceans by the palace." She then stopped herself. She had no idea where that had come from. How did she remember all of this? "Has any of it changed?" Bulma asked.

"Some of it demo not that much." Kakkarot answered and stopped in mid sentence. Bulma grabbed her chest in pain; something inside of her got the feeling that there was something wrong. "Bulma are you ok?" Kakkarot asked noting that Bulma looked hurt.

"Vegeta…" was all she said before she passed out on the floor. Kakkarot took her into his arms slowly as he walked with her to his room on the ship. He would let her rest there until she came too again. Kakkarot sat next to her on the edge of the bed as he watched her chest heave up and down as she took breaths of air to fill her lungs. Kakkarot wondered what happened to her, she had been fine a minute ago but then she just passed out. He wondered if it had anything to do with Vegeta, he was after all the last thing she said before she passed out.

There was a knock at the door and Kakkarot rose to get it. The twins were standing infront of him looking frantic with worry.

"Kakkarot…There was just an…an explosion." Juuhachi-gou managed to say threw her panicked voice. Kakkarot looked up from Bulma’s face to meet Juuhachi-gou’s eyes that were seized with fear.

"What else happened?" Kakkarot asked.

"Well you see Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta and Doctor Gero were the only ones left on the planet." Juunana-gou answered for his fear afflicted sister.

Kakkarot took a seat once more on the edge of Bulma’s bed. "I see." He answered softly. "Do you know if Vegeta is…" Kakkarot trailed off, giving Juunana-gou a look of question.

"Iie." Juunana-gou responded severely. Kakkarot looked at Juunana-gou again, was it possible that Juunana-gou was still part human. The tone in his voice showed pain and regret, making Kakkarot wonder if like Bulma Juunana-gou was remembering how to feel human emotions.

Juuhachi-gou took a strand of her long blond hair and tucked it behind her ear as she looked at Bulma whom slept soundlessly in the bed infront of her. "This isn’t the best place to talk about this." Juuhachi-gou muttered pointing to Bulma. "What if she hears us?" she asked concerned about her friend.

"Juuhachi-gou is right Bulma might wake up any minute now." Kakkarot said leading them out to the hallway.

Once they were in the hall they walked to the table where they were originally so that they could talk. Juunana-gou took a seat next to Kakkarot at Juuhachi-gou lingered a moment longer looking at Bulma in her peaceful slumber.

"Its funny isn’t it?" Juuhachi-gou asked to no one in particular.

"What is?" Both boys asked at the same time.

"Her life." Juuhachi-gou began. "I mean look, right now she is peacefully sleeping dreaming of her ouji."

"Why is that funny?" Juunana-gou asked confused.

"Let me finish." Juuhachi-gou said holding her hand in the air as she stood in the doorway of the sitting room. "Well when she wakes up her sweet ouji might not even be alive anymore…that’s what’s funny." Juuhachi-gou ended as she walked to sit with the other boys.

"That’s not funny." Juunana-gou said bitterly. "That’s fucked up." He stated half-kidding, half-serious.

Kakkarot was just about to open his mouth to talk when another ground braking explosion occurred, only this time it rocked their ship.

"What the hell was that?" Kakkarot asked recovering from the blast.

"That was what me and Juunana-gou were talking about." Juuhachi-gou answered as two more explosions were heard but on this occasion the ship began to move backwards.

"We need to take off." Kakkarot said.

"Demo…Vegeta?" Juuhachi-gou said sounding worried.

"I know, demo we have to. He would understand." Kakkarot said getting up to talk to the captain of the ship.

"Nani? This is Vegeta’s only way off of the ship, he could die!" Juuhachi-gou screamed much like what Bulma would do.

"Listen…he knew that this was a risk, a risk that could mean loosing his life. He knew that something like this was going to happen and he still did it. So that means that he wanted us to live even if it meant dying for us. If you think that waiting here and throwing our lives senselessly away is the answer to this then you’re dead wrong." Kakkarot said looking at the blond with anger in his eyes at first then sorrow.

"Kakkarot?" Juuhachi-gou asked putting her hand on his shoulder. "You ok?"

Kakkarot looked at her openly barring his emotions. "He was like my oniisan." Kakkarot answered mournfully.

"He was a brave ouji and I’m sure Vegetasei will…will remember him for this." Juuhachi-gou said her eyes filling up with tears. Kakkarot wiped one away with his thumb in surprise.

"Juuhachi-gou you’re…you’re…"

"Crying." she answered. "Looks like Gero did a shockingly bad job taking the memories from me Bulma and Jet." Juuhachi-gou answered. "Isn’t that right Jet?" she asked her brother.

"Hai Crystal-San." He answered.

"I’m glad you two remember now, demo we still have to take off." Kakkarot repeated, this time Crystal nodded.

"Hai Kakkarot." She said lowly.

Kakkarot left the room for a moment to go talk to the captain to tell him that they were going to talk off right at that minute before the explosions got too strong.

When he returned there was a scream heard down the hall that had Kakkarot running at record braking speed to Bulma’s room. Crystal and Jet followed him close behind to see how Bulma was. The door was locked when Kakkarot tried to open it. However that didn’t stop him, he ripped it off its hinges revealing Bulma. She was standing by the window with tears poring from her eyes. When she noticed Kakkarot was in the room she ran to his arms helplessly lost.

"Kakkarot…the ship…it’s lifting off. You have to stop it…we can’t leave without Vegeta!" she screamed.

"Relax Bulma, it’s suppose to happen. Vegeta will be fine." Kakkarot said hugging his friend.

"IIE! HOW CAN HE BE FINE WHEN THIS IS HIS LAST WAY OFF OF THIS HELL HOLE AND WE’RE LEAVING HIM?!" Bulma screamed loudly making the walls of the room tremble.

Kakkarot placed his finger over her mouth to silence her. "He wanted this." Kakkarot said.

Bulma took her hand and moved Kakkarot’s finger off of her lips. "Iie! How could you know, you don’t know him like I do!" Bulma continued to scream threw her panicked sobs.

"You’re right Bulma, I don’t know him like you do. I know him better than that." Kakkarot answered with anger in his voice and eyes again. Kakkarot walked to the door of the room. "Watch her." He said coldly to Crystal and Jet as he walked out of the room.

"Where is he going? What is he doing?" Bulma asked.

"I don’t know Bulma." Jet answered.

"Bulma relax he knows what he’s doing it’s for the best." Crystal said sitting on Bulma’s bed patting the side next to her for Bulma as Jet stood and watched the two.

"I hope you’re right." Bulma muttered as she gaze at Kakkarot threw the window as he plunged at the burning Chikyuu below him where Vegeta was. The ship suddenly stopped taking off and landed again but in the mists off all her pain Bulma didn’t notice.


After what seemed like days to the young Saiya-jin girl, Crystal and Jet lead her out of Kakkarot’s room and into the main room where they normally talked. Bulma couldn’t even feel her own feet as she walked out of Kakkarot’s room and into the main room. She couldn’t feel a thing; all she did feel was her heavy heart that sank low with agony as she thought of Vegeta. Bulma reflect on where he could be and how Kakkarot was. What could Kakkarot possibly be doing?

"Bulma." Crystal called. "Would you like some tea?" She asked, but Bulma seemed to be elsewhere. Her mind was racing with thoughts of Vegeta that she didn’t even hear Crystal.

Crystal moved infront of Bulma then spoke to her. "Bulma?" she asked waving her hand infront of her. Then finally Bulma’s eyes moved as she noticed Crystal infront of her.

"Gomen Juuhachi-gou." Bulma said after some time. "What were you saying?" Bulma asked feeling a little dumb.

"Would you like some green tea?" Crystal asked Bulma smiling. She knew that her friend would be thrilled when she told her that she remembered everything about her past life. Jet did too but they were going to tell Bulma and the others later on, when there was time. Crystal didn’t mind Bulma calling her Juuhachi-gou until she told Bulma the truth; the fact was that Crystal was going to miss that name a little. Even if her real name Crystal suite her better.

"Hai." Bulma said looking at Crystal.

Crystal got up to get Bulma some tea. Jet walked over to Bulma to keep her company while his sister was gone. "He’ll be here." Jet said to Bulma comforting her.

"I hope so…I just wouldn’t bare to live if I lost him. There were so many things I didn’t get to say to him." Bulma said letting one tear fall from her sapphire eyes and onto her blue kimono that matched her eyes. It slid off of the silky material and onto the floor as Jet watched Bulma, and a part of him was heartbroken. Bulma had found her special someone to spend her life with, and here was Jet alone with no one at all.

"Would you ever move on and forget him?" Jet asked being selfish for a moment hoping that Bulma still had feelings for him.

"Iie I don’t think so, he was the first boy that I ever really loved so I think that a part of me will always be with him." Bulma said meeting Jet’s intense eyes. "Don’t ask me why." she said in a lower tone.

Jet leaned closer to her until they were less than an inch apart. "You know what Bulma?" He asked in a husky whisper.

"Nani?" Bulma said uneasily, she hadn’t been that close to him in over 2 months. Making her tremble and scared.

"Vegeta is a lucky Son of a bitch." Jet said with bitter humor, he leaned in closer for a kiss but Bulma moved so that he kissed her cheek.

"Iie Juunana-gou." Bulma said. "You know that this would be wrong." Bulma finished.

Jet looked at his sister, wondering if Bulma knew that they were back to their normal state. Crystal gave him a look that told him that she didn’t know so he left the subject alone.

Bulma was worried, even thought the time seemed to tick by slowly it wasn’t. Kakkarot had been gone for an hour and she couldn’t help but feel that something had gone wrong. The frightened young girl walked over to the window of the ship that looked over most of Chikyuu; there was no sign of Kakkarot or Vegeta. Crystal walked in with two cups of tea in her hand and some interesting news.

"Bulma…" she began. "We just got word from Kakkarot." Crystal said.

"Really? What did he say?" Bulma asking with hope in her voice. Crystal looked away from Bulma at that moment; she couldn’t bear to see her eyes well up with tears again.

"He said that…it was nice of us to wait for him demo we have to take off." Crystal said knowing how Bulma was going to react.

"Nani? This kuso isn’t fair, we have to wait." Bulma said.

"This time Bulma Kakkarot is right. We have to leave." Crystal said walking closer to her friend.

"Do you mind telling me why the hell we have to leave?" Bulma asked with a sarcastic tone of voice

"Because Kakkarot and Vegeta lost track of Gero and they are going to blow up the planet."

"NANI!?" Bulma screamed at the top of her lungs. "This can’t be, please Juuhachi-gou tell me it isn’t true." The blue hair girl supplicated to the other girl. Crystal turned away again as Bulma’s eyes started to fill with tears.

"Gomen demo Kakkarot has already ordered it and we’re supposed to be taking off now." Crystal assumed looking out of the window, avoiding Bulma’s eyes.

When Crystal did look at Bulma’s eyes she didn’t find tears but she found total determination and courage. Bulma had her fist balled up in her kimono’s pockets as she looked at the window hungrily. The ship started to move as it began to take off towards Vegetasei. There wasn’t a sound out of either girl until the ship was heading closer out of the atmosphere of Chikyuu. They were approximately 200 feet into the air when Bulma walked mutely towards the full-size window infront of her. She started to pop open the window with her hands as Crystal watched her in wonder. She had no idea what Bulma was going to do but by the looks of it, it didn’t seem right.

"What the hell are you doing?" Crystal asked suddenly angry.

"Getting out of here, I don’t care what you and your oniisan do, demo I’m going to find Vegeta and Kakkarot!" Bulma said courageously.

"Iie you can’t go." Crystal said taking Bulma by the arm as Bulma placed her leg over the edge of the window.

"Oh really?" Bulma asked. "Watch me." Bulma said rather crudely.

"Bulma Iie!" Crystal screamed her eyes unexpectedly filling with tears. "You’re my best friend I couldn’t lose you." Crystal said with the tears poring out of her eyes.

"Juuhachi-gou…you’re crying…demo how?" Bulma asked taking her leg off of the edge of the window seal and walking towards her blond friend.

"I remember everything now Bulma. I have for a while, me and Jet were going to tell you demo we thought this wasn’t the time." Crystal said laughing temporarily. Bulma smiled at her forgetting everything for a moment.

"Oh Crys that’s wonderful!" Bulma screamed with joy.

Crystal smiled at the nickname Bulma had given her a minute ago. The two of them hugged with joyfulness at the newfound discovery. They heard clapping in the background behind them making their heads snap up to see who was there.

Bulma’s face paled the instant she saw who was standing there. There was an unusual silence in the room as Bulma’s eyes met up with the young boy’s who stood there. Bulma felt her knees weaken as she held an intense ebony glare. They walked closer to each other until they were infront of each other. Neither one of them uttered a single word; they just looked at one another as if in disbelief.

"Vegeta?" Bulma questioned in a voice hardly above a whisper.

The boy looked at her long and hard then nodded. Bulma busted into sobs as she hugged Vegeta tightly. She heard him grunt in pain as she held on to him, she looked at him as her hold on him tightened as if she feared that if she let go of him she would lose him again. Despite all of the pain that Vegeta felt he picked her up by her slender waist. He set her down slowly then buried his face in her hair taking in her sent.

"I thought I lost you." Bulma sobbed as she set her head down on his chest.

"I made you a promise…I would have done anything to keep it." Vegeta said sincerely.

"Demo how did you get here? When?" Bulma asked in awe.

Vegeta rolled his deep ebony eyes. "Kakkarot wanted to play hero again." Vegeta said annoyed.

"What do you mean? I don’t get it." Bulma asked.

"He found me down there, helped kick Gero’s ass, and transported me here." Vegeta said simply.

"Transported?" Jet asked.

Crystal looked at her brother. "When did you get here?" She asked irritated.

"Not important." Jet said curtly. "So he transported you here?"

"Hai." Vegeta answered.

"Demo how?" Crystal asked.

"Instant Transition." Kakkarot said proudly.

"Demo isn’t that just a myth?" Bulma asked.

"Iie." Kakkarot answered.

Bulma proudly smiled as she looked up at Vegeta who held her protectively. "NOW we can take off." She said with a giggle in her throat. Everyone laughed as Kakkarot left the room to tell the captain that this time they were leaving Chikyuu for good.


3 months later the 15 Saiya-jins ships landed in Vegetasei with millions of Chikyuu-jins with them. Bulma sighed as she walked out of the ship thankful to be off of that ship. Everyone went in their own directions except Bulma and Vegeta who stood together in the passenger terminal of the Vegetasei landing area. Without saying a word they watched the twin suns set in the distance. Vegeta held his koujo in his arms as the suns dived into the ocean infront of them.

"It’s beautiful." Bulma whispered leaning into her ouji’s embrace.

"I know." Vegeta said, however he wasn’t looking at the suns’ setting, he was looking at the angel in his arms. "Bulma." he said taking in a long breath of air.

"Nani?" she asked not taking her eyes off of the twin gems in the sky. Vegeta final turned her to look at him. "Nani?" she asked him again.

"Welcome home Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma." Vegeta said proudly taking her in his arms closer then into a long passionate kiss.

The onlookers clapped and Kakkarot smirked.

"That was long over due." Kakkarot said laughing.

Crystal and Jet smiled as they walked away with Kakkarot at their side, giving the ouji and koujo some privacy.

~*~ Memory ~*~

Midnight, not a sound from my memories
Have I lost all my feelings

As I stand here alone
in the moonlight the withered memories collect at my feet
as my soul begins to moan.

Memory, all alone in the moonlight
I can smile at the old days
I knew who I was then
I remember a time I knew what happiness was
Let these memories live again.

Every thought seems to be fatalistic with warning
as someone mutters in the wind.
And soon it will be morning again
Daylight, I must wait for the sunrise.
I must move from this old life

And I mustn’t give in.

When dawn comes tonight will be a memory and a new day will begin

Ending of this painful day
the stale, cold smell of death
as the memory dies.
Another memory is over
as another one is here.

Hold me, it's so easy to leave me
all alone with the memory
of our days when in love.
If you touch me you'll understand what love really is
as new memory has begun.

Every thought seems to be fatalistic with warning
and someone mutters in the wind.
And soon it will be morning again
Daylight, I wait for the sunrise.
I must move from this old life
and I mustn’t give in.

When dawn comes tonight will be a memory and a new day will begin
Ending of this painful day

The stale, cold smell of death
as our memory dies.
Another memory is over
as another day is here.





No, I don’t own DBZ or any of it’s characters. It’s made by the brilliant genius Arkira Toriyama. This is only a fanfic of which I make no profit. So don’t sue me, it’s not worth it. The lyrics are to the song ‘Memory’ which I don’t own either. Andrew Lloyd Webber owns it. The lyrics were changed but the original song isn’t mine.


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