Chapter Four: Changes of Life

When Bulma awoke she was in a dim lit room, that smelled of smoke and machine oil she couldnít see anything at all. She could feel a pair of eyes looking at her, but she didnít know where they were or where she was. Was she back home in her otou-sanís lad? Her eyes couldnít see very well and it took her sometime to adjust to the light of the room. She still felt as if someone was watching her.

"Whos there?" she called to the empty room. Her voice echoed making her feel a little paranoid.

The she felt lightheaded when a pair of stronger lights came on above her. She blinked a few times before she could get use to the light change in the room. There was still no answer to her earlier question, or a trace or someone being there. Bulma scanned the room again and was surprised to find an old man stilling in a chair in the corner of the room. Bulma looked at the old man with interest; he had long white hair with crystal blue eyes. His eyes shot right threw Bulma making her uneasy with fear.

"Konnichi wa." The old man said walking closer to Bulma. She backed into the bed further with fear until her back was up against the wall.

"W-who are you?" Bulma managed to stutter.

"Gomen if I scared you. My name is Gero, Doctor Gero." He said.

Bulma looked at the old man with surprise. "The Doctor Gero?" she asked in disbelief.

"Hai." He answered calmly. "And you must be the daughter of Doctor Briefs." He presumed.

"Hai how did you know?"

"Everyone knows about the daughter of Doctor James Briefs, you are after all engaged to the warrior Yamcha, are you not?"

"Hai I am." Bulma answered.

"I thought so." He said leaning back in his chair.

"How did I get here?" Bulma asked rubbing her eyes.

"One of my droids found you in the meadows, passed out." Doctor Gero answered scanning Bulma. "What were you doing there all along?" He later asked Bulma who was now sitting on the bed where she once lay.

"I was running." Bulma said cooly and Doctor Gero picked up the change in her voice.

"From what may I ask?" He asked.

"You could say my past." Bulma said laughing bitterly. "Or even my future."

"Would you care to tell me." he asked sweetly, making Bulma smile. Her previous observation about him was wrong, he wasnít a bitter old man, but instead he was as sweet as could be. Despite his looks he really was the sweetest old man.

"SureÖI guess." Bulma said. "DemoÖI donít want to bore you to death." Bulma said smiling and the doctor returned her smile.

"How about we talk this over with some tea?" he suggested.

Bulmaís smile widened. "Sure." she leapt off of the bed in one painful motion that she barely felt. She didnít know why but she was feeling a little light headed, she felt weaker than she normally was.

"How long was I asleep?" Bulma asked as they walked the long halls that seemed endless. Doctor Geroís pale blue eyes looked down at her.

"For about 5 hours."

Bulma nodded in response as they finally came to a door that the doctor opened. It was a spacious room that was expensively furnished. The doctor took a seat on the floor and Bulma followed in suit. She cleared her voice as they waited for the tea to come in. she wondered then how her life could have spun so out of control in such a small matter of time. Here she was now 5 hours later finding a way with this new stranger, who just might be her way back to finding her life, a life that she could believe.


Vegeta walked up and down the halls of the home of the Briefs. They had been there for hours waiting for Bulma to return. After she had stormed out like that leaving that display of power behind Vegeta was more than ever determined to take her back to Vegetasei. He needed her power that was true but he also had his own reasons to want her back. She was very powerful even the ouji knew that, but if she didnít use her power anytime soon she could forget it, or worse off lose it. She was a valuable Saiya-jin in the society of Vegetasei, however that didnít matter to him anymore. He just wanted a queen to sire him an heir by his side one day and there was no one else he could see better in that place than Bulma. She was very dominant and thatís just what he wanted in a wife.

"What is taking so bloody long?" Vegeta asked with annoyance in his voice to Napa and Kakkarot.

"I donít know Saiya-jin no ouji Vegeta." Napa answered

"This is taking to long we could be attacking Chikyuu right now." Vegeta said harshly.

"Would you like to go back to the ship Vegeta?" Kakkarot asked standing.

"Actually that would be the best idea we should get back." Vegeta answered looking back at his to assistance and guard.

The three Saiya-jins walked out of the house without a word. Vegeta walked at the head of the group, as they were ready to fly into the sky. Napa looked back at Kakkarot hinting that there was something that needed to be done. Kakkarot shot a glance at Vegeta who was trying to block out of his mind Bulma. He was about to blow up her home planet and he was still thinking about her, he was about ready to change his mind. Then Vegeta shock his head what was his thinking? He wasnít about to let some woman drive his emotions. He was a Saiya-jin he had no emotions.

"Vegeta are you sure you want to fight Chikyuu?" Kakkarot asked.

"Hai! Why wouldnít I?" Vegeta asked furiously.

"I was just wondering." Kakkarot said.

"Thatís a first Kakkarot, just keep you mind on your own business."

"Hai Vegeta." he answered. Kakkarot looked back at Napa. "I tried." He whispered as they flew in the afternoon sky.


Gero was secretly smiling by the time that Bulma was done telling him her whole story. Her mind was perfect for the taking, she was angry and at the same time she was very powerful. As the story raged on Gero had noticed how much fire was locked within her, and with time he was sure that he could make it so that she was at his bidding along with her massive power. Gero wondered if the others that had been there had noticed the amount of power and hate she had in her voice when she talked about the lies and deceptions that she had been through. Bulmaís blue eyes were red and puffy from all of the tears that they had newly cried from telling Gero her painful story. He nodded kindly when she talked to him, and he didnít judge her. He didnít seem to be surprised when she told him that she was a Saiya-jin, nor did he think that she was wrong for running away. Bulma felt that she could talk to this man, stranger or not. He handed her a silk handkerchief to wipe her tears on once more as she sat there helplessly looking for comfort and help in this manís eyes.

"Arigatou for listening to me, gomen if I board you." Bulma whispered while she sniffed in some tears.

"Itís quite alright child you did well in telling me." Gero answered. "You canít face life all alone you need someone to talk to and let it all out." He finished while Bulma just nodded in response.

He looked at Bulma; she was so perfect for her plan that he didnít need anything else. He was sure that Crystal and Jet were going to get along with her just fine. Crystal and Jet only needed a bit more of time and they would be the perfect humans just as Bulma would soon become. Bulmaís eyes sadly smiled back at the doctor whom she had gotten to trust over the hour that they had spent talking.

"Are you ever returning home?" He asked carefully.

"IIE!" Bulma screamed shaking her head sadly. "There is no home for me to return to. I never want to see Doctor Briefs or Mrs. Briefs in my life. They may have helped me but in the end the only thing that they did was hurt me. And Vegeta no matter how much I love him, will never love me back so there really isnít a thing left for meÖ" Bulma said trailing off. "I never want to feel anything else in my life!" Bulma said miserably lowering her head. Gero smiled softly at her.

"What if I told you that I could make that happen?" Gero asked.

"Make what happen?" Bulma asked lifting her face up to look at the doctor.

"Make it so that you would never have to remember or feel anything that you have today. So that you wouldnít have to ever feel a human emotion in you body again. You would be powerful, emotionless and most of all perfect." Gero said gazing at Bulma dead in the eyes as he held her hand.

"I-I donít knowÖ" Bulma hesitated. "I wouldnít ever smile or cry?" She asked.

"Never, tears are for the weak as for smiling you will if you want to."

Bulma gulped hard then turned her attention back to the doctor. "W-what else would you do?"

"Erase all of the memories that you hate so much. You wouldnít remember anything the only thing that you would remember is you age, and new name. And you would never ever feel pain of any sort again." He said leading Bulma to his lab.

"My new name?" She asked walking with him.

"Hai, if you want a new chance at life start it with a new name, new look, and new power." Gero said opening a heavily bolted door. "Look." He said extending his hand at the tanks in the room. Bulma took a sharp breath as she saw twins; a boy and a girl locked in the tanks with no clothing. "They are the perfect humans." Gero finished off and then lead Bulma to a chair.

"A-are they ok?" Bulma asked as her hand ran down the tank of the boy. His long black hair floated in the water as he looked absolutely still as if time for him was endless. He was very handsome with a somewhat dangerous sparkle to his pale looks. This young man looked identical to his sister whos long blond hair floated upward.

"Of course, they are merely resting, regaining their strength after the operation." Gero answered heading for a table near the back of the room. "They have been here since this morning, they should be out by tomorrow. You see these twins were in need of a new life and I gave them a second chance."

Bulma looked pensively at the tanks with the pale twins in them. Her hand ran over the glass of the boyís tank once more before she stood up and walked over to Gero. "How would this change me?" Bulma asked. "I mean physically."

"Not a lot, your appearance will only change slightly like your tail and hair I will cut them." Bulma took her hair into her hands as the doctor spoke. "Of course that is if you want." He added as he saw Bulma tense up.

"Remove the Kami-damned tail if you will demo keep my hair." Bulma said boldly. "If that is all then I will do it."

Geroís smile widened. "Good child, I must ask you to remove your clothes and lay on this bed as I prepare everything." Gero disappeared out of the room to get ready as Bulma pealed off her GI. Bulma took her tail into her hands for the last time while she crawled into the bed stomach down.

Gero returned shortly with a shot knife and multiple other items in his hand. "This wonít hurt child, I will see you later when you awaken. Sayoonara." Gero whispered as Bulma blacked out for the rest of the night.


Bulmaís eyes opened slowly 3 days later; they were heavy with sleep. She moved her hands, they felt different then usually and there was a different way that her skin felt on her body. Bulma looked down at herself, she had clothing on that was one thing but she felt cold, colder than she had ever been. Was this was it felt like to be the perfect human? Bulma brought her hand up to her eyes and rubbed them softly and in one painless movement she was sitting on the bed.

"Finally." Came a female voice from behind her. "He said she would be out longer than us but I didnít think it was this long." She continued. Bulma turned around to look at the girl.

She seemed to be her age if not older, with crystal blue eyes and long blond hair. Bulma tried to remember her but she got no where. Bulma did know that she had seen her before but her mind failed her.

"W-who are you?" Bulma asked looking at her with no expression.

"Well I was named Crystal," she started out. "But after Doctor Gero helped us out he changed my name to Juuhachi-gou." She said walking over to her bed.

Bulma held her head. "I feel like Kuso." Bulma said moving over so that she could sit next to the other girl.

"Donít we all?" Asked a different younger male voice. Bulma turned to see a young boy with long black hair and the same face as she saw on the girl. They were twins, with different hair color but the same face and cold blue eyes.

"Jet!" The girl screamed. "Go back to wherever you were." She spat coldly.

"Tisk, Tisk what a bad memory you have, the name is now Juunana-gou not Jet." The boy said smirking.

"Whatís your name?" Juuhachi-gou asked running a hand threw her long blond hair.

"BulmaÖor it was." She said. "I donít know my other name now like you two do." Bulma hadnít finished her sentence when she heard the doctor come into the room.

"Awe itís good to see that you three are awake. Juuhachi-gou, Juunana-gou have a seat Iíll be with you shortly. As for you Juukyu-gou follow me." Bulma didnít even know why she got up but she did and she followed the doctor obediently.

"Is that my new name tatsujin?" Bulma asked not knowing why she had called him her master.

"Hai it is Bulma, or should I say Juukyu-gou." Doctor Gero asked walking with Bulma now the hall. She smiled lightly at the doctor as they both walked into a large room. Bulma drew in her breath as she caught sight of the large training room. "This is the training hall, Juukyu-gou. Here you and Juuhachi-gou and Juunana-gou will train for the war."

Bulma looked at the doctor in total confusion. "Train for the war?" she asked.

"Hai thatís all I ask in return for this second chance, demo if you donít want toÖ" Gero started to trail off then Bulma cut him off.

"Of course I will help you. Demo are we fighting for Chikyuu or Vegetasei?" Bulma asked.

"Well for Chikyuu of course." Gero replied. Bulma stood there thinking about what she should do. "Will you help me out? All Iím trying to do is to help out Chikyuu." Gero said glancing at Bulma.

"Yeah Iíll help, of course I will." Bulma said boldly. "As long as it means killing the Saiya-jins." She added. Bulma then grabbed her head in slight pain. Gero focused his attention on her with care, she wasnít suppose to remember the Saiya-jins or anything else besides her name and age. Vegeta and her parents should have been forgotten to her. Bulmaís eyes scanned the room as she yelled out in pain there was something going on in her mind at the moment and she couldnít understand it.

She started to pull at her long blue hair as the pain got stronger and stronger until finally the doctor lead her to a chair. Bulma looked up at the doctor threw her pain stricken eyes.

"What just happened?" Bulma asked. "I thought you said that I would never feel pain again." Bulma said shutting her eyes firmly.

"I know thatís what I said demo your just getting use to your new Jinzouningen body." Gero answered walking over to Bulma slowly.

"Jinzouningen?" Bulma asked

"Hai, I changed you body I told you that, demo to change it I put parts in you that make you a Jinzouningen. This also allows you to have eternal life." The doctor answered taking Bulma by the hand. "How about we get the others and you three get to know each other in a round of sparring before the war?" he suggested.

"Sure." Bulma answered absently. She was in total surprise, what would she do with eternal life? Bulma got up and followed the doctor over to the lab where Juuhachi-gou and Juunana-gou waited for them. Juunana-gou sent Bulma a flirtatious smile as she came near him and his sister.

"I want you three to go into the training hall and spar before we attach the Saiya-jins." Gero said in a commanding voice. They only nodded and headed for the hall together. Gero smiled wickedly as he watched the three disappear into the hall. He took out of his pocket a small controller with a bottom on it. He slid his hands down the metal of it as he focused on Juunana-gou. Gero felt the pain building up in his side again where the oldest Jinzouningen had kicked him. He was ready if any one of them was going to disobey him and he wasnít going to let Juunana-gou pull another stunt like that ever again. He walked into his privet lab where no one had ever entered to think and plan things against the Saiya-jins so that once they were gone his plan could take place.


Bombs were being thrown as punches were too; flesh was being cut as screams were being heard in the battlefield. Doctor Briefs stood proud infront of the Chikyuu army as he planed to lead them to victory. It was still a fact that the Saiya-jins were stronger in brut strength, he however didnít care, he planed to outsmart them with technology they didnít have. He wanted to make the Saiya-jins pay for taking his daughter away from him and for bringing to her the past that she didnít have to know just yet. The furry shone in his pale blue eyes that hadnít been the same, that hadnít danced with happiness since Bulma turned up missing 3 days ago. James thought that the Saiya-jins had her but ever since they started fighting 2 days ago he had not seen her. He knew that a young girl like Bulma couldnít be missed that easily so he was baffled as to where she was.

"James dear, give it up Bulma isnít with them." his wife had told him but he didnít want to hear it.

He watched and waited for the Saiya-jins to see what they were going to do. The doctor had sent out 800 robots an hour ago to fight the 200 Saiya-jins out front but now there was only a dozen left. He was in awe that the Saiya-jins could wipe out so many robots that were stronger than them at times in such little time. He sighed in defeat as he watched the world that he loved, being torn up.

At the other side of the battlefield Vegeta stood next to his otou-san watching the humans. They both wore the same cruel smile on their faces in victory that the humans were losing.

"Pitiful humans, no matter how hard they try they canít ever beat us." King Vegeta spat looking down at his Son.

"Hai otou-san they really are a pitiful bunch." Vegeta replied, looking away from his otou-san.

"Speaking of these humans whatever happened to Saiya-jin no koujo Bulma?" Asked the king. Vegeta felt his heart stop for a moment then he glanced back at his otou-san.

"I donít really know otou-san." Vegeta said coldly. "If it were up to me I wouldnít have to see her again." he added quietly.

"Good my Son, and to think that I thought that you were bonded to that onna." King Vegeta said laughing bitterly. Vegeta smirked and looked away from his otou-san, he wasnít in the mood to discus this. Why did his otou-san have to bring this up now? Vegeta longingly looked over the barren plains of Chikyuu, where was Bulma? The wind blew hard as they watched some of their best fighters go head on trying to take or defend Chikyuu. This was only so that he could teach Bulma a lesson but if she wasnít even there he didnít know why he was still letting the fight continue. Just as he was ready to tell his otou-san to stop the fighting, he glanced up at his otou-san and decided against it. After all there was no love for him to save. Instead he ordered the men to fight harder and for more of them to come out.

At that moment in time Vegetaís heart froze, he felt something inside of him go numb as if it had been taken away. The proud ouji shrugged it off, even if the feeling was all too familiar. He had felt that feeling 7 years ago when a particular koujo had turned up missing. Vegeta then understood what his otou-san meant when he told him that men that bonded to women were lost. He now knew how it felt to have emotions and he wasnít going to let it happen ever again. Vegeta balled up his fists as he came closer to the edge of the ridge he and he otou-san were standing on. He was ready to end this all in one simple command.

"Kill them all, if you see anything thatís on Chikyuuís side kill it. This is now a purging mission." All of the warriors looked up at their ruler, and Kakkarot was in shock. Vegeta had done too much this time. The younger Saiya-jin could only look up at Vegeta and shake his head; this was one thing that he couldnít help the ouji change his mind with. He just sighed and took his orders hoping that he didnít find Bulma on the way.


Bulma wiped the sweat of her brow as Juuhachi-gou went to get something for them to drink. As they had been training Bulma could hear the war outside going on. Juunana-gou had told her not to worry, that they were going to be out there soon enough. Juunana-gou looked at the pretty girl that sat next to him as he wondered how such a nice looking young lady could wind up being a Jinzouningen.

"How long has the war been going on?" Bulma asked handing the towel back to Juunana-gou.

"I donít really know Juukyu-gou, demo Juuhachi-gou might know more." Juunana-gou answered.

"What would Juuhachi-gou know?" The blond twin asked as she handed the other two a cup of ice tea.

"How long has the war been going on?" Bulma asked taking a long sip of her tea.

"I would say for like about 3 days now. That would be my best guess." Juuhachi-gou answered. "Why do you wanna know?" she asked in a cold monotone voice.

"I just wanted to know what we were up against." Bulma answered.

"You know what Juukyu-gou, I think that there is someone on the Saiya-jin army that you want to know about? Am I right?" Juunana-gou said teasingly.

Bulma looked at Juunana-gou then shock her head. "What makes you think that I would want to know something about someone on the Saiya-jins army?" Bulma asked.

"Oh nothing Juukyu-gou, I was just asking." Juunana-gou replied smirking at Bulma. Juuhachi-gou caught this and she frowned.

"Juunana-gou!" she scolded. "Donít flirt with her."

"I canít help it, you my sister and sheís the only cute female in here." He answered.

"When will we ever fight?!" Juuhachi-gou screamed in frustration. "All of this waiting is getting on my nerves!" she continued.

"Now, now Juuhachi-gou all you had to do was say so and I would let you and the others go to war." Doctor Gero said walking into the training hall.

"You mean it?" Juunana-gou asked standing up. "All of this waiting is making me feel like useless kuso." Juunana-gou finished.

"Well the question is are you ready for the war?" Gero asked eyeing all three of them at a time.

"I know I am." Juunana-gou said standing tall infront of his master.

"So am I." Juuhachi-gou added standing next to her oniisan.

"What about you Juukyu-gou?" Gero asked walking over to Bulma who was looking at the war that was taking place outside of the training hall.

Bulma looked up, she was ready to answer but then she began to hesitate. What if she had to fight with Vegeta? Then Bulma felt a sharp pain in her heart. Who was this Vegeta? What did he want from her? And most of all why did she remember him? She wondered to herself as everyone waited for her to answer. Bulma gulped as she thought of what she could say so that they wouldnít get angry with her. Her life as a Jinzouningen was still a mystery to her; she didnít quite understand all of the proceedings to being the perfect human.

"AnoÖhai." Bulma answered in the heat of the moment.

"Good. Doctor Briefs is waiting for the three of you." Doctor Gero began. Then at the sound of the name briefs Bulma felt a pain again. "And one of you give these droids to him." He finished handing Bulma a handful of capsules. "They look as if they need it." Gero said then opened the door for his Jinzouningen to walk out into the war land.

When they were clear out of sight he closed the door and walked to his privet lab.

"Soon with the Saiya-jins out of the way the world will be mine for the taking and these poor Jinzouningen will be powerless and Chikyuu will have no one to run to." The doctor said to himself as his hands stroked the metal of the controller in his hand admiringly.


"Hurry up Juukyu-gou we have to get there soon or weíll miss all of the killing." Juunana-gou said sounding much like a little child.

"Oh hush Juunana-gou!" Juuhachi-gou reprimanded her oniisan. "What if the poor girl doesnít know how to walk any faster of let alone fly like us?" Juuhachi-gou asked her oniisan who looked back at Bulma.

"Oh come on now, everyone knows how to fly." Juunana-gou said waiting for Bulma to catch up.

"Not everyone." Bulma added shyly.

"You mean to tell me that you donít know how to fly!?" Juunana-gou exclaimed.

"Well you wouldnít either, would not have been for Geroís little lesson on flying, so cut her some slack." Juuhachi-gou said protectively. She didnít know why but she got a mother-like feeling around Bulma as if she had to take her under her wing until she became a perfect Jinzouningen. "Would you like to learn?" She asked walking towards Bulma.

"Hai!" Bulma screamed no thinking twice.

"Juunana-gou you need to help her out here." Juuhachi-gou said moving aside so her oniisan could step in. "Carry her and show her how." She added.

"Fine." Juunana-gou said taking a hold of Bulma from the waist. Bulma giggled as they began to float up into the sky. Her giggles made him smile, it sounded like music in his ears.

Juunana-gou smiled fully as he took in Bulmaís sent of roses and lavender. She too smiled as they looked into each otherís eye for a moment. Within Juunana-gouís blue eyes Bulma could see a deeper soul than any she could ever remember. Bulma didnít even notice that they were now 10 feet off the ground. Juunana-gouís arms tightened around Bulmaís waist so that she didnít fall, just yet. He barried his nose in her head full of blue locks taking a deep smell of her hair, making Bulma giggle even more.

"You know what Juukyu-gou?" Juunana-gou asked huskily into Bulmaís ear.

"Nani?" Bulma asked leaning back into his embrace. Being close to him felt so right to her for that moment that she couldnít think of a better place to be.

"Iíve taken a liking to you girl, I think you know that." He said closer to her ear this time, sending a shutter down her spine. "How about you and me give it a shot?" he asked turning her to face him.

"UmÖI thought that Jinzouningen canít feelÖlet alone love." Bulma said uneasily. All of a sudden this didnít seem right, she longed for the heat of a man but not this one. There had to be more to her life, she thought. This wasnít right they both knew it but chose to ignore it. Her body screamed yes, why would she not want a hot young man like that? However at the same time her heart told her no, that there was more to her life and that no matter how cute he was that there was someone else for her.

"I never said that this was loveÖbut so what if we canít feel emotions? I wanna to brake the rulesÖwith you." Juunana-gou whispered seductively as he felt Bulma lighten in his arms.

"I just canítÖwe shouldnítÖ" Bulmaís words were cut short by Juunana-gouís lips on hers. The kiss was hot and passionate but still relevantly empty. There was nothing on the other end of the kiss that made Bulma want to spend her life with Juunana-gou. Bulma kissed him back and pushed him slowly off of her gently enough not to offend him, strong enough to get him off.

"Your sister is down there." She reminded Juunana-gou.

Below them Juuhachi-gou could only look up at Juunana-gou in anger. He was doing just what she told him not to.

"Nande kuso? Nande koto wa?" Juuhachi-gou asked herself. She just huffed in anger and kicked a stone on the floor. "Drop her now you ass hole!" Juuhachi-gou screamed at the top of her lungs to her oniisan. He rolled his light blue eyes as he prepared to drop Bulma.

"Get ready." He said to her softly.

"For what?" she asked in answer.

"This." He responded letting Bulma fall. She screamed with an ear-shattering scream until she hit the floor with a loud thump. Juunana-gou and Juuhachi-gou ran over to where Bulma fell to help her up.

"I think we need to try that again." Juuhachi-gou said laughing as she helped Bulma to her feet.

"So do I." Juunana-gou said then his sister knew what he meant as he eyed Bulmaís dust smeared body with interest.

"IIE! You wonít teach her this time I will, you take these capsules over to Briefs, tell him that weíll be there soon." Juuhachi-gou said taking Bulma up with her into the sky.

"Hai you royal pain in my ass." Juunana-gou answered mockingly. Then he disappeared into the smoke of the battlefield.

The ouji that had been watching them for the past 20 minutes lowered his binoculars then he turned to Napa and Kakkarot.

"I want you two to take a brake and watch that Jinzouningen, donít let him out of your site." Vegeta said pointing to Juunana-gou then setting the binoculars down. "I have to go somewhere." He said then left the ship.


It was nightfall by the time that the girls reached the Chikyuu camp site, it had taken them 5 hours to fine the camp and when they did they realized that it was nightfall. They had been delayed because it had taken Juuhachi-gou a while to teach Bulma how to fly. However as soon as Bulma knew how to fly her she didnít want to stop. They flew all the way to the camp site and were tired and hungry. They hadnít seen or heard from Juunana-gou for a while and that worried Juuhachi-gou slightly. Juuhachi-gou would occasionally look back at Bulma to see how she was doing or if she was thinking of other things. She could tell in her eyes.

"Are you into my Oniisan?" Juuhachi-gou asked when they both landed outside of the camp.

"Iie. Why would I be?" Bulma asked in response to Juuhachi-gouís question.

"Well letís seeÖyou two have been flirting and you two did kissÖ" Juuhachi-gou started.

"Enough! I got the picture, I know it looks like I like him demo I donít like him, not like that anyway." Bulma protested.

"Whatever you say Juukyu-gou." Juuhachi-gou said stepping into the campsite tent.

As she entered she was greeted by Bulmaís former otou-san, Doctor James Briefs. Who had been waiting for them trusting in Geroís word that he was going to send help. He walked over Juuhachi-gou and Bulma without noticing that the girl standing next to him was Bulma. Juuhachi-gou took off her hood that covered most of her face if not all of it in one elegant motion revealing a halo of blond hair on her head. Juuhachi-gou motioned for Bulma to take off the heavy wool hood along with the cloak, but for some reason the other girl didnít want to.

"Your Oniisan told us that you were coming." Doctor Briefs said helping the two girls to a chair.

"Hai I told him to, her are the capsules from Doctor Gero, he thought you might need them." Juuhachi-gou said handing them to the doctor with care.

"Tell him Arigatou he is a great help to us." Doctor Briefs said clutching the capsules into his hands. "Where are the supers humans he told us that he would send?" He added looking at Bulma and Juuhachi-gou.

"We are them." Juuhachi-gou answered nonchalantly.

"Who is Ďweí?" He asked glancing around the room again.

"Me, my oniisan and Juukyu-gou."

"Nani?" he said taking a good look at Juuhachi-gouís features. She looked normal enough, however if one did look close enough they could see the artificial glimmer to her eyes, and the too perfect texture to her hair. Other than that their was nothing about her that made her look different, the way she talked and moved were just like any other 17 year olds.

"Who is this ĎJuukyu-gouí?" asked one of the drunken soldier in the back of the room. "Is she as pretty as you baby?" he continued. Juuhachi-gou shot a gaze of daggers at the drunken soldier as he smiled a sloppy, crooked toothed smile. Juuhachi-gou looked away in repulsion.

"This ĎJuukyu-gou," started Juuhachi-gou not looking back at the man that had talked to her before. "Is sitting right next to me." she finished.

"You are Juukyu-gou?" Doctor Briefs asked pointing to Bulma. She nodded soberly under the heavy wool hood she wore.

"My sister." Juuhachi-gou added, tugging on the wool hood, not letting Bulma hold onto it so. Doctor Briefs drew his breath in as he saw a girl that looked too much like his daughter for her not to be. She claimed that she was someone else, perhaps she was, but he couldnít rest not knowing if that was his lost daughter. It had to be he was sure of it. He would never forget those blue eyes as long as he lived, and that hair that was like nothing he had ever seen before. It glistened like blue silk when light caught on to it, and it was long past behind her rear.

"B-Bulma-San?" the old man stuttered but the young girl just shook her head sadly. She tried not to think of this man and why he looked or sounded so familiar to her. Even the name Bulma sounded like something that she could get use to hearing. It sounded so right for him to call her that, but the only thing she didnít know was why? As she looked at the old pale blue eyes of the man infront of her, the heart that she once had began to ache for him. They were sad eyes filled with hope and sorrow.

"Iie sir my name is Juukyu-gou." Bulma said walking over to doctor Briefs. "But whoever this ĎBulmaí is I hope that you find her." she said taking his hand in hers. "She seems like someone that you loved very much." She finished and walked over to Juuhachi-gou.
"She was." The old man whispered to no one in the room.

There was a moment of silence in the room where no one said a word, they looked at both Bulma and Juuhachi-gou from time to time and it made Juuhachi-gou uneasy.

"Were is Juunana-gou?" Bulma asked braking the uneasy silence.

"He came here about 6 hours ago, he should be out back." Doctor Briefs said trying not to get caught up in the looks of the blue haired girl.

"I bet you thought you would never see me again, huh?" Juunana-gou asked walking into the room shirtless drying him self with a towel. He had been training the whole time until his sister and Bulma showed up. When his eyes caught sight of Bulma he sent her a hidden smile that only she saw then he was back to normal.

"Hoped would be a better word." Juuhachi-gou unemotionally keeping her eyes on her brother as he watched Bulma making Bulma wonder how she could be so cold with her own blood.

Juunana-gou went to go join his sister and his new ally so that they could do what Gero had asked them to.

"So you three are what they call Jinzouningen?" Doctor Briefs asked eyeing the three.

"Hai." Bulma answered just as calmly as Juuhachi-gou had been.

"Will you three fight for Chikyuu?" He continued to ask.
"Hai." Juunana-gou answered this time.

"Wonderful, I think you will find everything to you liking. There is a training room out back, showers, food, and clothing all here." Doctor Briefs said guiding them to their rooms. "Here is the room you will share, gomen there is so little space demo I hope that itís alright."

"It is." Juuhachi-gou said walking into the poorly furnished room.

"I will see you in the morning, right now you rest the others will take care of the Saiya-jins for the time being and so will the droids doctor Gero sent." The older man said closing the door behind him leaving the three alone. Before he left he looked at Bulma one last time. His eyes made Bulma question if he was ever a part of her life. Bulma sighed and took her place on the bed next to Juuhachi-gou as Juunana-gou slept on the bed below them. The confused girl closed her eyes; suddenly she longed to cry, to feel the emotions she knew she would never feel.


"Did you keep an eye out for the Jinzouningen like I told you?" Vegeta asked Kakkarot when he returned to the ship.
The younger Saiya-jin nodded. "Hai Vegeta. Demo why do you want to know so much about this Jinzouningen?"

"I just do Kakkarot, is there some problem. Last time I checked I was the law here not you!" Vegeta screamed, he was angry and Kakkarot didnít know why, however he didnít ask he also got mad.

"Look Vegeta for 7 long years you have had me waiting on you hand and foot, even when you were in one of your Ďmoodsí. I donít know what had you all worked and frankly I donít give a kuso, so donít take you anger out on me!" Kakkarot screamed in sudden frustration.

Vegeta looked at Kakkarot with interest, Kakkarot had never yelled at him before nor had he ever seen him this angry. The ouji was taken aback, he didnít know what to say to this. Instead of letting himself get angry he smirked at Kakkarot.
"Save the violence for the war Kakkarot. Send some of out men out to fight for the night and take a brake you need one." Vegeta said sniggering to himself.

Kakkarotís expression went from angry to confused faster than Vegeta could blink. "Nani?" Kakkarot asked.

"Just go to you chamber Kakkarot before I change my mind and whip you sorry ass." Vegeta said as he and Kakkarot exchanged smirks. Kakkarot knew that this was the oujiís way of saying that he was forgiving him and in his own way sorry.

"Hai Vegeta." Kakkarot said and bowed infront of his ouji. "Oh and Vegeta." Kakkarot called, as he was about to leave the throne room. "The Jinzouningen entered the Chikyuu camp site and he hasnít left." Kakkarot said then he walked out of the room.

Vegeta crossed his arms over his chest. He knew that tomorrow was going to be an important day for him. After all he was going to kill of the remainder of Chikyuu and take Bulma with him. However even the ouji had to admit that there was something different about Bulma when he was looking at her today. She was different in even ways that he couldnít understand. It was as if someone had taken all of her life and changed it for her. It was almost as if she didnít remember a thing about what had happened a while back. The ouji sat back in his chair and sighed. Women were the hardest things in life to understand. There was definitely something different about this one. He wondered if she was just angry with him, or if she was trying to forget him. But Vegeta doubted that, once bonded there was nothing a Saiya-jin could do to brake it. But then how was it possible for Bulma to block out all of her emotions from Vegeta? The ouji sat up in his chair, this was something he would get to the bottom of no matter what the cost was.

* * * * *

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