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Chapter 2


He eased in and out of consciousness as he floated in the thick healing fluids of the regeneration tank. Long green hair danced around his naturally blue hued skin as his nude muscular form attempted to mend itself from the life threatening injuries. One Ki blast. Just one blast, personally delivered by the hand of Vegeta-ouji was all it took to nearly kill him. Had he not seen it with his own golden eyes, he would have never believed it. He would have never believed that Vegeta-ouji, heir to the Saiyan throne, had actually transcended into the legendary super saiyan and killed his lifelong master, Lord Frieza.

The fluids slowly began draining, indicating that the machine had done all it could for the man inside. The door opened, allowing him to exit. Other than nausea and slight muscle stiffness, the man leaving the machine was now as good as new.

"How long was I in there?"

"Eighteen hours," replied the grotesquely fat, pink skinned man as he handed his comrade a towel.

"Eighteen hours…" he repeated in disbelief.

"Zarbon, you and I are all that survived the battle against Vegeta and the Saiyans," the cherry blob informed him almost sadly.

"But, how Dodoria? The monkeys were never a match against us before…never."

Dodoria did not answer, only shook his head.

"Where are we?" inquired Zarbon.

"This was Lord Freiza’s personal escape vessel."

Dodoria handed Zarbon a fresh change of clothes. He quietly dressed in the black spandex body suit as Dodoria told him of his survival strategy. The plan was to get to MiamiVegas-sei and access their bank accounts; both men had managed to save quite a large sum of money as high-ranking officers in the Kold’s army. Next on the agenda was to secure new identities; this included altering their appearances by way of plastic surgery. After that, they would decide where to go to from there.

"How long until we make planet fall?"

"We should be landing within the hour. We need to withdraw our intergalactic credits immediately after we arrive. I have arranged a meeting with a doctor who should be able to help us with our needs," Dodoria explained. "We are to meet with him tonight at the Pleasure Ship."

"Understood," was all Zarbon said.





After such a victorious battle against the Kold’s, the Saiyan Prince decided to allow his crew of warriors some much-deserved relaxation time. He granted his men leave, not including the mechanics or technical slaves. They were allowed to do as the pleased, until notice was given that the repairs to the ships warp drive had been completed. Not needing to be told twice, the men vacated the vessel without delay. They dispersed between MiamiVegas-sei’s various brothels, bars, and pleasure houses.

Not wanting to stay aboard the empty vessel, Prince Vegeta left as well. He ventured through street after street, taking in the strange sites of the bizarre planet. This was his first visit and most likely his last visit to this odd place… It was much too gaudy for his tastes. Vegeta had spent nearly three hours wandering aimlessly. This was most definitely not his scene, he decided, so he made his way back to the ship. That’s when he heard it.

He stood still, head cocked to one side for a full five minutes, concentrating on the beautiful melody. His feet carried him in the direction of the hypnotizing music until he came upon the ‘Pleasure Ship’. He paid the attendant the rather high entrance fee and went inside the ship.

Vegeta took in his surroundings. To his right was a fully stocked bar. Various alcoholic beverages from countless planets stocked the refrigerated glass cabinet shelves. Behind the bar was a lovely lavender-skinned barmaid, who, at the moment was busy fixing several foamy green cocktails. Past the bar was the kitchen. His sensitive Saiyan nose picked up a number of pleasant smelling dishes being prepared; he’d certainly have to eat during his visit here. On the opposite side of the main hall was a corridor, which apparently led to the private rooms where the courtesans offered their services. Straight ahead laid several dining tables and past them was the dance floor and then the stage. The place was nearly overflowing with revelers. Vegeta thought he’d have to blast somebody to get a table. That’s when a pale man approached him.

"Prince Vegeta, I presume. I am Kexvar, owner of this fine establishment. Allow me to seat you at one of my reserved booths. You’re quite the intergalactic hero you know; business has quadrupled today since your victory."

Vegeta only response was a ‘humph’ as he was led to a corner booth. Kexvar motioned for one of the barley dressed-waitress. "This is Vegeta-ouji, anything he desires is compliments of the house. If you require anything else, Ouji-sama, please let me know."

Vegeta ate plated after plate of food. The exotic entrees were very pleasing to his royal Saiyan appetite. He washed his meal down with several chilled glasses of imported Chikyuu-jin spring water. He’d already been at the Pleasure Ship for an hour when Kexvar took the stage, microphone in hand. "Ladies and Gentlemen, back tonight for her second set of the evening, may I introduce the extremely rare and talented Bulma of Chikyuu."

Kexvar left the stage, handing the microphone to a young woman as he went. She sauntered to the center of the spotlight as her music began to play. The woman was absolutely stunning. She had short, seafoam-blue hair, and eyes the color of sapphires. She wore a long black and white silk flowered and caped dress that clung to her voluptuous body like a second skin. Slits up either side of the dress went all the way up to her waist, exposing long, shapely legs. The even more revealing top was cut very low in a V-neck style, showing off her creamy pale bosom. The sight was positively breathtaking.

Vegeta sat in his booth, aware only of the woman on stage, the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on in his entire life. Then she sang. It was the same hypnotizing voice he’d heard on the street, complete with a foreign melody and lyrics that only she could understand. She mesmerized him with her song.

The prince was so entranced by the showgirl’s performance that he didn’t notice Zarbon and Dodoria enter the club. The same applied for Freiza’s former officers- they were so focused on Bulma that they never noticed Vegeta. The enemies sat on opposite sides of the club. Bulma, however, did spot Freiza’s colorful warriors.

Oh my Kami,’ she thought. ‘Perhaps, I will have the chance for vengeance...’ Twenty minutes later, Bulma concluded her set and quickly left the stage. She headed towards the elevator, but was stopped as a chalky hand grabbed her arm.

"You’re suppose to be mingling with the customers," Kexvar growled.

"I overheard you tell Veleswa that Vegeta-ouji was here. I just…I just wanted to get…to get some special music to honor him with. We have been very busy today because of him, hmm?" she stammered.

"Very well, but make haste child."

"Yes Master Kexvar," she mumbled as she made her way to her room. Once there she opened the capsule containing her Chikyuu belongings and plucked Yamcha’s sword from her bed. She returned the other items, including all her other possessions and some credits, to the capsule. She put the sword in the sash of her dress; it stayed hidden under the long cape of her outfit. Bulma then slid the full capsule between her breasts and made her way back upstairs. If she succeeded, Bulma knew her punishment from Kexvar would be death… Or worse.

All eyes took notice of the blue-haired enchantress as she made her third appearance of the evening. Bulma grabbed one of the waitresses and whispered in her ear before making her rounds.

Zarbon and Dodoria sat discussing the risks of their desired medical procedures with the doctor. The physician was just about to go over expenses, when the lavender skinned barmaid interrupted their conversation. "Excuse me kind sirs, the lady bids me to bring this to you," she said pointing to Bulma who was standing near the bar.

Zarbon raised the glass in Bulma’s direction, before drinking the sweet liqueur. "Come here, love," he mouthed to her across the room. She walked towards him, swaying her hips seductively.

"My name is Zarbon, I didn’t catch your name, though, love," he purred at her.

She bent to his ear, while giving him an up close and personal view of her cleavage. She whispered, "That’s because I didn’t throw it at you… I have something to give you."

"Now really, love. And how much might this something cost me?" He asked flirtatiously.

"You’re a very presumptuous man, Zarbon. Now, who said anything about cost?" she said while brushing her full lips against his ear. Then she walked away.

"Finish this up for me, mate," he told Dodoria. "I have other business to attend to."





Vegeta searched the club for the young woman, but she seemed to vanish without a trace. Just as he was beginning to lose patience, he spotted her leading Zarbon backstage. "What the fuck…Zarbon with the girl!?" he fumed, but then he noticed the glint of the sword beneath her cape. He made his way across the club to follow them.




Bulma led Zarbon to a storage closet and closed the door behind them. "So, what exactly is it that you have for me?"

"Something to die for," she said grinning ear to ear. "Close your eyes now, love. I’m a little shy."

"I bet you are," he told her in a husky voice as he complied her request.

"No peeking, alright," she told him as she removed her weapon. Playing along with the temptress, Zarbon squeezed his eyes shut even tighter. Holding the sword like a baseball bat, Bulma swung with all her might. She made contact slicing through blue flesh, gashing open his jugular.

"You bitch!" he gurgled through a mouthful of blood. One hand came up protectively around his throat as the other clenched to gather Ki. The blast that followed pierced just below her shoulder, and the sheer momentum of it threw her through the locked door. She flew ten feet backwards, colliding with a wall and slumped to the floor.

"You killed my friends, you bastard," she said while crawling towards the sword she’d lost in the explosion.

‘I need to get to a tank,’ he thought as his blood puddled around his feet. He raised a glowing palm to finish the showgirl off. Feeling a sudden burning sensation in his chest, he looked down to see a soccer ball sized hole in his midsection and Vegeta standing across from him.

"This time you stay dead, blue boy," Vegeta sneered.

Dodoria ran in the direction of Vegeta’s Ki blast as fast as his fat legs would carry him, but it was too late. Zarbon lay dead at the prince’s feet.

"Nooooo!" yelled Dodoria as he powered up, flying at Vegeta. The Saiyan prince dodged the fat man’s flurry of punches effortlessly. Barely powering up, Vegeta hit Dodoria square in the chest, with enough force to penetrate the man’s rib cage and pulled out his heart and tossed it at his feet. The giant, pink lard ass of a warrior was dead before he even hit the floor.

With all the commotion Kexvar came running backstage. He looked around at the bloody mess in disbelief. Vegeta paid no attention to the gathering crowd. He knelt beside Bulma and gently lifted her from the floor. Kexvar watched the Saiyan leave with the semi-conscious Chikyuu-jin showgirl in one arm and a bloodied sword in the other.

‘Fuck!’ the albino pimp thought to himself as he watched Vegeta leave with his most valuable, irreplaceable slave.

Vegeta took to the air, flying as fast as he could to his ship. The woman in his arms was fading. She had lost a large amount of blood. Her pulse had begun to slow and her skin was a pasty white.

He burst through the doors of his ships medical wing to find the room vacant of all personnel. The medical team hadn’t returned yet from their night out, so Vegeta was forced to prep the girl alone. He tore the bloody garments from her injured body and took her to the regeneration tank. He placed the woman carefully inside the machine, and strapped the oxygen mask over her face. He closed the hatch and sat by as the machine came alive and filled with the healing blue liquid. ‘Live onna,’ he thought as he stood by waiting for the machine to finish. He picked up the woman’s now crimson-stained dress. A small cylinder-shaped tube the size of his thumb fell to the floor. Vegeta picked up the capsule and shoved it into his pocket without even giving the object a second thought.

He sat in front of the machine for three full hours as the tank mended the exotic beauty inside. He was definitely smitten by the woman. They had yet to even exchange words

and he’d already rescued her from certain death, and now he was caring for her injuries. ‘What has she done to me?’

The machine beeped six times, indicating it’s cycle had been successfully completed, before it began to drain. The woman inside was now completely healed, although she remained unconscious. He wrapped her nude form in a blanket and proceeded to carry her back to his private quarters.

He tenderly placed the Chikyuu-jin on his massive bed. He turned to leave, but her hand came up touching his forearm. "Don’t go. Lie with me…I feel safe with you here,"

She pleaded, almost incoherently.

The prince barely knew this creature, and yet she captivated him to no end. In her presence, he thought, he behaved like a lovesick boy. He removed his armor, gloves, and boots then climbed under the covers with her. She cuddled up against her protector and they both drifted off as sleep claimed them both.

He was the first to arise the following morning. Somehow during the night she had managed to snuggle up onto his chest. Her arms draped over his torso, while his tail was snaked around her thigh. Her complete trust in him was such an enigma. For one possessing almost no Ki rating at all, she attacked a warrior of Zarbon’s caliber, fearlessly. A task even an Elite Saiyan would be apprehensive about. This little chit definitely had a warrior’s spirit. That spirit locked away in the body of a temptress, the universe at times could just be so cruel. The woman in his arm’s began to stir. She lifted her head from his chest; cerulean orbs met obsidian depths. Meeting her gaze, she was the first to speak.

"Mmm…good morning."

She looked about the room, taking in her surroundings. "You saved me last night," she looked to her now healed shoulder, "And you healed me. Am I to belong to you now?"

"I would never own such a disobedient woman as yourself," he jested. "But you may stay here as long as it pleases you."

Her face lit up at the thought of being her own free person again. Smiling at him, she said, "My name is Bulma, Bulma Briefs of Chikyuu…You’re Prince Vegeta, ne?"

He nodded. "Tell me your reason for attacking Zarbon last night."

She took a deep breath, "He killed my friends and family. Zarbon and the Ginyu Force, in the name of the former Kold Empire, purged my home planet. They wiped my race to extinction and sold me into slavery. He owed me more than just his life." Tears welled up in her blue eyes as she told him her tale.

Sitting up, he held rare Chikyuu-jin in his lap. Vegeta wiped away her tears and held her in the safety of his arms. He would lay waste to the Kold Empire all over again if it meant her happiness.

"You’re safe little one."

With the sheet still wrapped around her, Vegeta carried Bulma to the bathroom. He sat her on the oversized counter, while he filled the huge bathtub with warm water. She was quite surprised to see vanilla scented bubbles spew from the tap. Noting that the large bathroom had all the proper necessities, Vegeta walked towards the door to leave the woman to bathe alone.


She slid off the countertop and dropped the sheet that she had wrapped tightly around her lithe frame. As she stood, Vegeta couldn’t stop himself from admiring the woman’s nakedness. She was beautiful. The lust in the room was not entirely one-sided. The blue haired enchantress made her way towards the Saiyan Prince. Their eyes met; she put her palm on the warrior’s chest. She leaned into him and placed her lips on his, tasting his sweetness in the form of a kiss.

"You know," she told him, "You should bathe as well," she informed him as she pulled the blue spandex tunic over his head.

He wanted her badly, too badly. "You owe me nothing, woman."

"Kami, is that what you think, Vegeta?" She asked, hurt clearly evident in her voice. "I don’t know what it is, but I feel so completely drawn to you I mean I haven’t allowed any man to lay so much as a finger on me since Chikyuu and here I am trying to-"


He silenced her with a kiss. In that brief moment she had told him everything he needed to hear. Their feelings for each other were mutual. Never breaking the kiss, he set the blue-eyed goddess in the warm bathwater. He removed his blue spandex pants and joined her in the oversized tub. They bathed one other in silence. Touching and exploring each other bodies under the guise of a shared bath. Roaming hands became tender kisses. The skilled hands of her lover set the young beauty on fire.

"Oh Kami, Vegeta, you feel so good. I want you now…" she moaned as he blanketed her throat with kisses.

Using his Ki, he levitated them both out of the water. He guided her back to his king-size bed. He wanted nothing more than to thoroughly pleasure this exquisite creature. He lavished kisses on her throat, before moving to her neck, then nipping at her earlobe. His roaming hands caressing all the right places only added fuel to the fire of desire brought out by him.

Her scent was already maddening to him. Lowering his head from her bosom past her navel, he stopped at the junction of her thighs and made love to her with his mouth. Her sweet elixir was intoxicating; he drank from her until her release came crashing down on her with intensity unknown to her until now. She regained her composure and was met again by his eyes, black, bottomless pools. He lay nestled between her thighs, poised at her entrance. His own desire was reflected in the ocean of her azure eyes. She wrapped her long legs around his torso and pulled the Saiyan Prince against her scorching flesh, giving him the invitation to finish what had originally started in the bathroom. Time was lost as he made her his several times over throughout the night. Lost in the euphoric pleasure of her own release, she didn’t hear him growl her name as he came. Both exhausted, they collapsed on the bed in a tangle of sweat-glistened limbs.


The sensation of the saiyan vessel blasting off into orbit woke the Chikyuu-jin from her peaceful slumber. Looking around, she discovered herself alone in the prince’s chambers. She took in her surroundings and noticed her capsule as well as her clean sword resting on a large wooden desk, which sat close to the room’s only portal. The ship sped through space, flying to some destination unbeknownst to her.

Unencapsulating her belongings, she chose a pair of navy blue jeans and a fuscia Capsule Corporation shirt. Bulma grabbed her clothing and headed to the shower to wash away the previous night’s lovemaking.

Now bathed and dressed, she returned to the boudoir and rummaged around for her lap top computer.

‘Where is he,’ she wondered. As if on cue the doors slid open allowing her handsome prince into his quarters.

"Silly woman, I was beginning to think that you kind was nocturnal," he jested. He placed his hand on the small of her back, he pulling her to him. He kissed her ardently, savoring her sweet taste.

"These things are yours." It was more of a question than a statement.

"Yes, I had all my things encapsulated, I was planning on running away from Kexvar last night, that is, until my prince came to my rescue," she said while stroking his tail.

"Woman," he growled, removing her hand from the sensitive appendage. "What does this…encapsulate mean?"

"Hmm… Let me show you. It’s really helpful… my father invented it. He made a fortune off these babies." She gripped her only capsule and gave the Saiyan Prince a demonstration.

"You have the knowledge to manufacture these, as well."

"Of course, Pappa taught me all aspects of Capsule Corporation. I was supposed to inherit the company…before everything happened. I still have all of his and some of my designs on my lap top." Bulma pulled up the information on her computer. "Here it is Vegeta, look."

They spent the rest of the morning and well into late afternoon discussing the different products that Capsule Corp. had once manufactured. All that remained of Dr. Briefs once multi-zillion zeni company was now reduced to what Bulma had committed to memory and the information stored in her laptop.

"You are a woman of many talents," Vegeta said as he pushed her down on the bed. His hands tugged at her clothing, pulling the pink shirt over her head. He trailed his teeth along the base of her throat.


"Create these capsules for my empire. Allow me to employ you as a scientist at my palace on Vegeta-sei. You’ll be paid well. Agree to this request, woman."

"Hmm…Woman, eh?" 


"You drive a hard bargain Vegeta no-ouji," she said playfully. "But after careful consideration, I believe that accepting your offer would be very beneficial to me," Bulma giggled. "But…where does that leave us?" 

"After last night, isn’t it obvious, little one?" 

"Well, actually I’m still not too clear and, well…" she teased, running her hands over his well-chiseled back. "I think you should remind me again, and again, and again. I have a really bad memory sometimes, so I think you shou-"

He tasted her full lips, "Silly woman…I will gladly oblige you all the reminding you can handle." 

She stroked the soft fur of his tail. With his muscular body pressed against hers, she could feel deep rumble of his purr against her bare flesh. "I think I could go for a little reminding right about now, hmm." 

"You little minx," he husked in her ear as he proceeded to remind her again, and again, and again during the long voyage home, back to Vegeta-sei.  


*~The End~*


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