Author’s notes: A/U story line where Goku was never sent to Chikyuu & Vegita-sei was never destroyed. This story is an entry for the 3rd contest hosted at Adimra’s Forever II website, Inspired by the picture "The Prince & The Showgirl". Also, this fic is rated R for language, violence, and sexual situations (which include references to rape).

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By: Ember Maxximus


Chapter 1


The low hum of the starcruiser’s massive engine gently lulled the exotic young woman to sleep as it sped through space. Plagued by nightmares, she tossed about in her sleep dreaming that same dream that constantly haunted her nights. She dreamt of that day. The day that she had lost all she ever cared about…

Falling from the heavens like meteors, they landed. They were five single occupancy space pods, each containing a member of the deadly Ginyu Force. They were Freeza’s evil henchmen, the scourge of the galaxy. They’ve laid ruin a long list of planets and Chikyuu was just happened to next on the list. Six Hours. Six hours was all it took for them to purge her home world. Even with the world’s strongest men there, the Z Fighters, there putting up their best defense against the invaders, they still failed. However they did manage to take at least two of the bastards with them, Berta and Ricome, to the afterlife. But, the demise of their two fallen comrades only added fuel to the fire causing the remaining Ginyu Force to attack even more relentlessly. Dead. All of her closest friends…Tien, Chautzu, Piccolo, Roshi, and even Yamcha, her best friend and first love. She witnessed his death firsthand. Yamcha was murdered by a monstrous green haired lizard man called Zarbon, he was killed by a Ki blast to the back. The coward didn’t even give him the chance to battle him right out. With the Z Fighter gone along with planet’s own military defense forces she made her way as quickly as she could to Capsule Corporation, her home. If only Piccolo and the dragon balls survived then she might’ve been able to undo the evils of this day. She remembered Poppa had a prototype space ship that she and him had been working on. Maybe Poppa, Mom, and herself could escape this apocalypse and start over.

There were only burning cinders left where Capsule Corp should have been standing by the time she arrived. Burnt body parts lay everywhere in the vacant city. The stench of death filled the air as she made her towards the barely standing building of her father’s private lab.

"Poppa, Mom are you in here," she said. Her voice barley a wavering whisper. That’s when she saw Poppa. She immediately fell to her knees and vomited on the lab’s floor.

"Poppa," she sobbed. His remains were barely a smear on the once white tile. The young woman felt her hopes slipping. That’s when she heard a soft whimper. Leaving her father, she went to investigate the origins of the noise. There she found her mother. She lay there naked in a pool of her own blood, incoherent and whimpering. She was barley alive.

"Yeah, I left her over here. Once I get her back to the ship and into a tank, I’ll let you have a go at her. Lemme tell you, she was the sweetest piece of ass I can ever remember having," Jeiyce told Capt. Ginyu.

"Look what we have over here," said Ginyu " Your whore and this little jewel. She’ll fetch a fine price on the slave block. This one is mine."

She ran for her life towards the exit. Laughing, he made it there before her and hit her in the neck, rendering her unconscious.



Later she was to learn that everything done that day on Chikyuu was done in the name of the Kold Empire. All because of a few natural resources found on her planet. All for oil, metals, jewels, fertile soil, and pure water that were to be sold to the highest galactic bidder. As far as the Chikyuu survivors, well the few unfortunate souls, she included, a total of 120 females survived the massacre. Her mother was not included in that figure, she never made it back alive to the ship. All beautiful, young women, like herself, sold throughout the Kold Empire to the highest bidder.

She was a lucky one though. She was purchased by a "traveling gentlemen’s entertainment revue". Thank Kami for those music, dance, and voice lessons her mother made her take as a child before the whole "I wanna gallivant all over Chikyuu alone with my trusty dragon ball radar so I can wish me a boyfriend" phase. Because of this she escaped the fate that had claimed so many of her Chikyuu-jin sisters. Those poor girls forced to live the remainder of their lives as whores. Whores to the scum of the galaxy. Yes indeed, she was fortunate.

Her master, a large genderless humanoid was white head to toe, like an albino. All his species were. She called it a him because he behaved as a man might. He handled all aspects of his "pleasure ship" from finances, to bookings, to beatings he did it all. However she brought in so much business that Kexvar, which was name, managed to be almost pleasant to her. She figured as long as she stayed in his good graces and the crowds came in to dish out the money to see the rare, scantily clad Chikyuu-jin showgirl sing and dance then for her it was as good as gets for her…well, considering the circumstances. So, now at 23 she had spent the last six years of her life in this miserable existence and Bulma Briefs of Chikyuu had only one want out of life. Revenge.

"Mom, Poppa, Yamcha," she murmured in her sleep. Awakened by her dreams, she turned to her alarm clock. 05:00 hundred it read.

"Kuso," Bulma cursed. It had only been four hours since she’d lain down for the night.

Here’s to another sleepless night,’ she thought as she sat up turning on the bedside light. She blinked rapidly as her eyes adjusted to the light. Bulma opened her nightstand drawer. Moving aside the lot of her personal effects, she reached to the back of the drawer and removed the small storage capsule. She opened the capsule, allowing its contents to appear from behind a veil of smoke on her bed. Everything she had from day of her capture…a purse, her computer, a few clothes, and Yamcha’s sword. He’d given it to her that day for protection, although she never had the chance to use it.

She picked up the sword and slowly waved it in the air fantasizing of beheading Zarbon, gutting Ginyu, and castrating Jeyice. She smiled at the thought of somewhat avenging her loved ones.


Three days later the pleasure ship docked on planet MiamiVegas-sei. It was a neutral planet lying between the Kold’s and the Saiyan’s territories. MiamiVegas-sei for the most part was a type of luxury/vacation planet. Located here were the finest restaurants, casinos, hotels, clubs, and bordellos. Anything imaginable was available here for the right price, all one needed was the right amount of galactic credits. Anyone who was anyone frequented this place. Rich merchants, slave traders, elite warriors, royalty, even mercenaries came here. It was the ultimate place to unwind and have a good time.

The pleasure ship consisted of three levels. The uppermost level was the club area. This included tables, the bar, a dance floor, kitchen and the private rooms where the ship’s courtesans entertained. The second level contained the control rooms and the third was the living quarters for the two dozen or so showgirls/entertainers.




The woman all sat in the recreation room of the ship’s third level. They gossiped, rehearsed, and played cards together as if it were the most natural thing in the universe. The menagerie of beautiful women from at least ten different planets of nearly extinct races all congregated together enjoying each other’s company. For most of them this lifestyle was all they had ever known. Many of them had been stolen at young ages, forced into slavery and made to learn the arts of the courtesan. This horrid existence, to them was just another day on Master Kexvar’s Pleasure Ship.

"Ladies, ladies may I have your attention," Kexvar said as he entered the rec room. "I’ve just received some very interesting news today. It seem appears that the saiyan-no-ouji has achieved the legendary super sayain status. How does that affect us you ask. Well let me put it simply. Prince Vegeta has assassinated the entire Kold royal family, destroyed their armies, and laid claim to everything that was owned by the Kolds’ in the name of Vegeta-sei. So, with all the celebrating on here on MiamiVegas-sei we will be opening shop a few hours early. Ladies get dressed."

Groans and murmurs of disappointment echoed throughout the room as the women prepared for the night.





The Saiyan Prince mentally counted to himself as he did his handstand push-ups in the training room. ‘1,454…1,455…1,456,’ however he was interrupted by a third class warrior whom, had just entered the room. Pushing off of the floor from his push-up stance he gracefully righted himself. Scowling at him. Vegeta said, "This better be good."

"Of course it is sire. Our ship is in need of repairs, actually a specific part the neutron particlizer for warp level 4. The nearest planet stocking that part would be MiamiVegas-sei. It’s located in th…"

"Baka, I know where that planet is. Set a course there. Now leave, unless you’d like to be the sparring partner of the legendary." The soldier quickly left as Vegeta realized just exactly what MiamiVegas-sei had to offer.

* * * * *

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