O.k. this is my version of Beowulf which I feel is a really good story only itís not really a love story, but I took a little freedom and made it one. This is my very first story so if it sucks, well that only means I can get better.

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: I donít own DBZ nor will I ever own DBZ so please donít try to sue me:

This is the story of the Saiyans (Hygelacs) and the Humans (Danes) and of course the very evil Freeza (Grendel). Hope ya like it.

By: Mela

Part 1

The Saiyans


Have you heard of the Saiyan kings of the old days and how they were great warriors? Vegeta the second, son of Vegeta the first (Authors note: you know it would have been so much better if the old kings had different names but oh well ;-) ) he took many an enemy and terrified many a warrior. He killed so many in such a short time that people everywhere listened when he spoke. He was the universeĎs king. Vegeta the second had a son, a child of his own sent by the gods to comfort the people to keep them from fear of the outside. Vegeta the third was his name.(duh!) He was famous throughout the universe. Young princes should do as he did give out treasures while theyíre still young so that when theyíre old the people will support them in times of war. A man can prosper by good deeds alone in any world. Vegeta the third ruled the Saiyans a long time after his fathers death, and to him was born a son (can you guess his name ) Vegeta. (Wow you got it right, this is the one we know and luv)The young Prince won many battles and the people loved him. His friends and family willingly obeyed him, for the boy had a temper like never seen. His childhood friends would become famous soldiers along his side.

The Humans

The humans were ruled by one of brains not of power unlike the Saiyans. They were not a powerful war hungry race but a peaceful one ruled on intellect. Their ruler Dr. Briefs believed that war was the actions of a man whom has run out of options and is choosing it as a last result. Dr. Briefs built a great palace for him and his people. The greatest the universe had ever seen or imagined.(we will call capsule corps.) There he would share out to the young and old alike all that kami had given him. After the palace was built Dr. Briefs did what he said he would, he handed out gold and treasures at a huge feast. All of Earth was invited. (Talk about your killer party) There with him at his side to his right was his wife not the smartest women in the world but what she lacked in intellect she made up in beauty, and to his left was his pride and joy his beautiful daughter Bulma. Her intelligence rivaled only his own, and her beauty was praised by even kami himself. Joy was to the earth. The people laugh and lived in joy happiness until the wanderer of the wastelands Lord Freeza the demon possessor of the plants above began his crimes.


He was of a race of monsters exiled to the far reaches of the galaxy by god. With him came great evils such as Zarbon, and the Ginyu special force. They were takers of so many worlds. They would destroy all and give it to Freeza as a gift of devotion. All would suffer at his hand. To be killed in the attack would be a blessing for most, because if not you were to be a slave the worst fate one could have.

Freeza Attack

One night after a party the humans settled in the palace halls for sleep. They knew of no sorrows or of the evil creature that stalkís them while they sleep. The evil Freeza kills thirty warriors without one raising of his fist simply pointing a finger and laughing. Then the warriors were no more. He stated for all to hear that this was just the start and more was to come. At dawn Dr. Briefs learned of Freeza, and of his strength. There was a great weeping in the old mans heart. The old man sat sadly weeping for his men, but only Freeza bloody footprints were found. If that was not bad enough the following night Freeza sent the Ginyu special force. They killed so many. This went on until most of the people of Earth were dead. Warriors would come to battle Freeza, but no matter how brave or powerful they were Freeza would simply kill them. Freeza was not about to stop or pay for any of the damages. He kept destroying this world. Then the cruelest injury of all he moved into capsule corps, and made it his base of operations Dr. Briefís heart was broken and Darkness fell over the Earth.

Words of Freeza

King Vegeta could not believe what he was hearing. This monster Freeza had taken over a world he dared not to. Not that he was afraid of the humans but it was not worth it. The humans were allies. They supplied the Saiyans with technology. The king decided to send his son and 4 of his best worriers. (I know in the story there are 14 warriors but all I can think of is 4 Saiyans ;-) ) Needless to say the Prince was not happy about his fatherís plan of actions, but when he was told he would not go alone he felt dishonored to think that his father would believe that him the prince of all Saiyans would need help defeating some thing that was destroying a planet full of weaklings. The prince was not stupid he knew that earth was important to his future empire. The humans supplied the Saiyans with much need technology. He deiced to go ahead and get this over with go to earth kill Freeza, and when he got back he would have a much need talk with his father simple as that.

And so it begins.

* * * * *

Whoa what do you think so far? I will be done before the deadlines I just need a little break. Tell me what you think so far e-mail is loved mela989898@hotmail.com.

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Part 2
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