Part 2

Onward to Earth

Vegeta was pleased to see that at least one of the 4 men to accompany him to earth would be Kakarot. The third class saiyan was somewhat of a childhood friend. He was given to Vegeta as a present, to be a sparing partner. In fact everyone believed that the prince would simple kill the boy in there first match but the younger saiyan held his own against the prince and a bond of friendship was formed between the two. The other three men chosen by his father were Kakarotís brother Raditz, Turles an outer regions saiyan, and of course his father favorite guard Nappa. So they set forward onward to earth. The warriors went forward onto a ship filled with bright weapons and fitted with the best armor. The ship was fast and swift. They thanked the gods for such an easy trip.

Looking up to the skies above one of the guards of the last human settlement Krillin saw the bright lights that the saiyan pods made as they crashed down from the heavens above. He prayed to kami that it was not more of Freezaís men. He was not sure if they could hold off another wave of destruction brought on by Freeza and his men. But he would stand firm and protect the last of his people till his dying breath which he hoped was not today. The pods open and the men stepped forward. Trembling a little in his boots the guard spoke "who are you in armor, who come over the sea of the heavens above." One of the men stepped forward. He was of small built, but had a stately form. His hair swept up to the heavens above like a coal black flame of fire. It seamed as the world went completely silent as he spoke. " Listen I guard here no forces hostile to the people of earth, never has one brought ships or warriors with out permission of your king, but I have never seen your world in more great need till now. Unless I am wrong in which I think not. I wish to speak to your king now and you had best hurry to tell me where your king is. "

Welcome to Hell

Prince Vegeta the leader of the band of Saiyans spoke to the last gathering of humans. " As allies we are from the kingdom of Vegeta, Saiyan companions. My father the leader well known among the people. We have come with an act of friendship to see your king, to protect your people. I think it foolish to keep secretly. You know if it is true what we heard of your dark enemy in the nights, his works of violence and slaughter of your people. You will need our help. Let us overcome this enemy and give relief from this evil and how this seething sorrow of yours might be cooled. " The king of the humans Dr. Briefs spoke " I see that you are a band of Saiyans true to their word, allies to earth in light and darkness. I will be more than happy to share all that we are and order my men to protect your ships until it bares you again back over the heavens to your home. For this battle ahead with Freeza I hope you and your kin prosper and then things here will once again be set right. Welcome to our home, welcome to our hell." With that the king walked his new saiyan warriors into the main part of the settlement. As they entered on there way in the queen and some of her aids passed by.

"Dear husband" she spoke "whom do we welcome into our home, be they friend or foe" the queen asked? " They be our allies from above my dear Saiyans whom come to defend us form the evils of Lord Freeza." The king answered. "Well that nice dear, they look like a nice group of strong young boys." The queen stated as gleefully as possible, and went about her way with her aids. Only to stop and take one more peek at the men whom stood with her husband. The king sighed and continued to take his new warriors on a tour of the settlement. Just as they entered the great halls their ears were pounded by the sound of a very angry woman cursing at the top of her lungs. "Stupid baka that took me 2 months to build. " Bulma was outraged as she saw her father and 5 men she had never seen before approach.

A Thin Line

" Oh dear "is what was heard from the human ruler. As if he feared what was to come. The saiyans on the other hand had covered their ears they had never heard such a loud wailing. "Shut that stupid woman up " the prince called out. Although Bulma was not aware of whom the men were she knew one of them just insulted her. She dared to go closer to get a better look at those whom stand beside her father. Also to give a serious verbal lashing to the one who insulted her. No one insults the princess and gets away with it. As she got closer her eyes slightly widen, these men whom stood with her father were huge well almost all of them but one. He was a little taller than she was, but his hair stood up in flames, which made him seam taller. He was truly handsome more than the others were. All had eyes dark as night but only his could hold her glare. As if wanting her to come closer, to want more. "Thank kami " that her father brought her back to earth by putting his hand on her shoulder to comfort her, or she might have crossed some imaginary thin line where she could never come back.

"My dear child " her father spoke "these are allies from above saiyan friends true to there word, friends of earth in darkness and light. Show them some sort of kindness please!" the old man pleaded. All the warriors looked at the girl with aah. Never before had they seen one with such coloring and beauty. She was a rare sight indeed. For most had seen very exotic things in world far away from their own but none such as her. They all were taken back by her eyes which shinned a deep blue not heard of on their world. Her hair flowed freely down her back like a waterfall of aqua locks. She was of a soft white color with shapely curves along her body. The prince was surprised such a beautiful thing could be outside of heaven but there she was. He quickly composed himself but not quick enough both Kakarot and Turles notice the slight change in the princeís eyes. But that was forgotten as the beauty began to scream again.

"Who the fuck do you think you are telling me Princess Bulma Briefs to shut up I can have you killed for less" she screamed at the top of her lungs. The saiyans just begun to laugh which made the earth princess even madder. Then the prince finally controlled his laughter enough to speak " Woman no man nor woman on this pathetic mud ball could even come close to doing harm to me, and you would be wise to watch your tongue." Once again the old human king said " oh dear" for he knew of his daughterís temper, and he did not want to make an enemy of his new found hope for his world. " Dear daughter " he spoke " this is the Saiyan Prince Vegeta it would be wise to heed his warning." The king stated this as he walked away with the saiyans before his daughter could get a word in.

She was left there with her ego bruised, twice by the prince and once by her own father.

* * * * *

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