~Part 5 - Homecoming~


It has been ten years since Bulma's wish was made. Ten years since she has forgotten Vegeta. Everyone knew about her wish and never mentioned the Saiyan Prince again. It wasn't as if she didn't remember the Saiyans. She knew that they came, she died and then they were gone. Her memory was unclear to the details, but she figured a jumbled memory just came with dying. She also remembered that it was she who made the wish for her and her friends to age like Saiyans.

She smiled to herself, "Best damn wish I ever made." She was nearing 40 but didn't look a day over 20.

Bulma made her way down to the living room. There, sitting in the centre of the table, glittering in the sun, was her obsidian rose. She remembered finding it one day, on her desk in her room. She asked her parents where it had come from and they told her that it had been laid upon her dead body. She didn't push them any further because she knew such memories brought them grief, but she never did find the creator. It was funny though, sometimes when she looked at the flower in eternal bloom, she would feel this love, this unexplainable happiness and then a rush of sadness would overtake her. It was unnerving.

Yaumcha came down the stairs and gazed fondly at Bulma. He then looked at the rose she was staring at and scowled. It was a constant reminder of what he had lost to the Prince. Even now, with no recollection of Vegeta, Bulma still wasn't truly his.

When Bulma had come home after making her wish, Yaumcha was ecstatic. He took her out, they had fun and they became a couple again. Because of their extended youth, they decided to take it slow. But it was too slow for Yaumcha.

To give him credit, he WAS loyal for the first five years, but a man like him can only be celibate for so long. It wasn't as if they had never been lovers, but that was before her death . . . before Vegeta. Bulma had said that she had a second chance with her new life and wanted to be sure about everything. But that wasn't the reason . . . even if she didn't know it.

Yaumcha knew. He knew she still felt the loss of Vegeta. This feeling would prevent her from getting too close to him. 'Dammit. Even ten years after he's gone, I'm still losing to that arrogant bastard.' And this influenced him to seek comfort in another's arms. Ok, so maybe a couple dozen others, but Bulma was none the wiser.

But then something happened a year and half ago, Yaumcha grew up! He knew what he did was wrong, and gave up the other women. He once again became loyal to Bulma and he now knew what he had to do to make her his. Nothing would stand in his way. Not even that evil force King Kai had warned about ten years back.

That was another unusual occurrence. They all were training diligently as the force came closer year by year. But then one day it stopped, and went back in the other direction. Even King Kai didn't know the reason, but warned to be on the lookout. This never phased Goku, who constantly trained. Dende even allowed Goku to go into a special room where he could fight warriors of the past. He always came out much stronger.

But getting back to the task at hand, Yaumcha came up behind Bulma and drew her to him. She smiled as she turned and kissed him.

Yaumcha drew back and looked down on her. "We need to talk."

Bulma grew worried as they sat down. "About what?"

"Us!" Yaumcha paused. "Bulma, I love you with all my heart and it has taken me 22 years to realize this. Bulma Briefs, will you marry me?"

Bulma's eyes went wide, then a big smile crossed her face. "Oh yes Yaumcha. YES!" She cried as she hugged him.

Yaumcha smiled. 'You may have won the battle Vegeta, but I will win the war!'

* * * * *

Vegeta looked at the remaining Saiyans around him. 50 loyal subjects were all that were left of his Empire . . . an Empire that Freeza had destroyed! He had still been on his ship when he learned of Vegitasei's fate. To say he was pissed was an understatement. He was mad, not because his people were killed, but because Freeza had dishonourably destroyed the planet from his ship and not fought them hand to hand.

He knew that Freeza thought the Saiyans to be a threat and so killed them while they were weaker than he was. 'The coward,' Vegeta bitterly thought.

Vegeta was proud and strong but he certainly was no fool. He knew he and his troops could not defeat Freeza and his forces . . . not yet anyway. That's why they had attacked Freeza's homebase, instead of Freeza himself, after Vegitasei had been destroyed.

News of the attack had spread through Freeza's holdings, and rebellions had begun. Vegeta unwittingly incited an intergalactic war. This annoyed Freeza to no extent and so he stopped his forward invasion of planets and made his way back to his homebase, quieting the revolutions as he went.

He had sent numerous forces (including the Elite Ginyu Squad) to dispose of Vegeta and his Saiyans. Vegeta was able to defeat or evade them (eventually defeating them) but had lost 25 of his original 75 men.

'Ten years of playing cat and mouse ends now!' thought Vegeta.

He spoke up, "Now listen! Freeza is down on the planet Anehru. We are all going down to have the battle we've been waiting for. You can fight and go oozaru all you want, but Freeza is MINE!"

"Yes your Highness!" his subjects replied.

"Good. Nappa, prepare the pods. It's time for war."

* * * * *

Vegeta had found Freeza on an isolated continent, waiting for him. The others were doing fairly well, but this was the battle that would determine the victor.

In his first form, Freeza and Vegeta were evenly matched. Then Vegeta made the mistake of taunting his foe to transform. So Freeza did just that and proceeded to kick the crap (so to speak) out of Vegeta. Bruised, bloodied and broken, Vegeta lay on the ground in a heap.

"Tsk! Tsk! Little Vegeta," sneered Freeza. "After ten years, I was hoping for more from you. Although I commend you for getting this far. To think it was your future son I was worried about."


"Of course! I couldn't let you monkeys get too smart. And the power of the hybrid - amazing, I'll give your father credit. Sending you to Chikyuu was the smartest thing he ever did. Very unfortunate for your bride though. In my case, third time's a charm."

"W-what are you babbling about?"

"You really didn't think I'd just sit back and watch you monkeys become stronger, did you? I was the one who convinced Melanzana to fight for you. She was just a pawn, blinded by her feelings for you. It was quite unexpected to find out that your bitch won the Bak Na. Quite a spitfire you had there."

Vegeta growled at the insult about Bulma.

"Then of course there was the Rentauri. You really should learn to think more Little Prince. Never trust an assassin. You really believe he would tell you the truth? Rentauri are motivated entirely by money. You think he would risk his life entering a castle full of Saiyans just for revenge?! Come now."

Vegeta tried to focus on what Freeza was telling him.

"You of course destroyed the Rentauri and then had your wife under constant protection. I finally sent in a spy to kill her but make it look like an accident. I couldn't have you getting suspicious too soon, now could I? You know what this spy did? Quite an ingenious attack really. Instead of manipulating ki, he manipulated the air around him and drove her over the edge. She thought it was the wind." Freeza started to laugh at his evil deeds.

But Vegeta wasn't laughing. The memories came flooding back to him. Her silky aqua hair, her big blue eyes, the feeling of her soft, naked body pressed against his. He saw her reaching out to him, tears in her eyes, blood everywhere . . NO! That shouldn't have happened. It wasn't supposed to happen. For ten years he kept her hidden inside him. For ten years he accepted her death. But all along it was Freeza! Freeza took his mate away . . . and for that HE WOULD PAY!

Vegeta screamed. Anger, hatred, vengeance poured out of him.

Gold, black!

The cause of his misery stood in front of him, mocking him.

Gold, black!

The sight of her broken body.

Gold, black!

The misinterpreted words she uttered before she died.


Freeza stopped laughing as he spied the golden warrior in front of him. Vegeta stood up and trained his green eyes on Freeza. A legend come true, Vegeta smirked.

"You should have killed me when you had the chance Freeza. Now you will suffer."

Freeza screamed. "Wait let me transform. I am not yet in my true form."

Vegeta frowned. Normally he would have let Freeza done so - he was a Saiyan after all, a Super Saiyan now - but Vegeta didn't want a good fight. He just wanted revenge, and so he would have it.


* * * * *

The Saiyans were rejoicing. Freeza had been defeated and a Super Saiyan was born. They partied on the planet until the wee hours, trying to see how they measured up against a Super Saiyan.

Everyone then gathered back on the ship to discuss their next course of action.

Doro brought it up first. "My Prince, I mean my King, many of us feel we should return to Chikyuu."

Vegeta just raised an eyebrow. Ten years ago, he would have blasted this soldier to Hell, but over the years, he learned to respect most of his subjects.

Doro continued, "There is nothing left of Vegitasei. We are the last Saiyans left and we're all male. We know we can breed with the humans and rebuild the Saiyan race. The battle with Freeza is over, you can have your Empire and rule over the humans."

Vegeta thought about it. He didn't want to go back, but he didn't want the Saiyan race to die. Of course, rebuilding his Empire also appealed to him. Perhaps he will see how well Kakarotto and his brat have fared over the years. So be it. His ship of Saiyan Elite warriors had turned into a ship of Saiyan Elite bachelors.

"Set in a course for Chikyuu."

* * * * *

Everyone became excited when Bulma and Yaumcha told them of their engagement. They were having a party at the Capsule Corporation and announced their wedding plans. They would get married in six months, so that there would be enough time to plan it. Bulma went into the kitchen and Chi Chi followed.

"So you and Yaumcha are finally settling down." Chi Chi started.

"Yeah, I know. I just can't believe he asked me. I know we've been together for over half our lives, but it hasn't really sunk in yet."

"Well congratulations, I'm sure you'll be very happy."

Bulma's smile wavered. "Chi Chi? I have to ask you something. When did you know that you made the right choice in marrying Son Kun?"

Chi Chi paused. "Well, I guess there really wasn't a precise moment. It was just a feeling that I knew I had all along. Sometimes these feelings can be slow to realize. Why? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts about Yaumcha."

"Oh no, well . . . um . . . I don't know. I mean, in my head I know this is right and that this is what I need, but sometimes I just get this nagging feeling in my heart. Like that this isn't how it's supposed to be, like there's something missing."

Chi Chi knew Bulma was talking about Vegeta, but couldn't tell her. "Do you love Yaumcha?"

"Yes, I-I know I do."

"Then marry him."

They walked back to the party area but stopped when they saw how somber everyone looked.

"What's wrong?" Chi Chi asked.

"Goku just talked to King Kai," Krillin said. "The Saiyans are coming back!"

* * * * *

Two months have passed since King Kai's warning. Everyone was gathered at the Son House, with Yaumcha and Bulma on the way. The Saiyans were due any time now and the Z-warriors were discussing their plan of action.

"50 Saiyans!" Krillin exclaimed. "How do we defeat 50 Saiyans?"

"Maybe we can talk to Vegeta. Reason with him," spoke up Gohan.

"Sorry kid, but I don't think they'll be so diplomatic this time. I say we divide and conquer, then go after Vegeta. He is the strongest as well as their leader. We take him out, the others will leave." Piccolo spoke as if it were to be the simplest task in the world.

"What about telling Vegeta about Bulma." Everyone looked at Chi Chi who had been quiet up until this point.

"We can't do that!" said Krillin. "For one thing, she doesn't remember the guy, and for another, she's supposed to be dead! How do we explain to him that she came back to life? We can't risk them knowing about the dragonballs!"

Goku nodded in agreement. "Krillin's right. Piccolo's plan seems like the best right now. We also have to prevent Vegeta from seeing Bulma."

The doorbell rang and in walked Yaumcha and Bulma. "Hi guys," chirped Bulma. "So what's the plan?"

Nobody answered her. They all had felt it. The Saiyans had arrived!

* * * * *

Vegeta had ordered that the spaceship land by the castle they had used, oh so many years ago. When the craft landed, he told half the Saiyans to go out and take over the major cities of the world. All citizens were to swear their allegiance to him and then be gathered into one area of the city, so they couldn't escape.

Vegeta told the others they could get whatever slaves they wanted without him. He had a promise to keep!

* * * * *

"Why do I have to wear this stupid thing?" whined Bulma.

"Bulma, it's all over the news. The Saiyans are going to each city enslaving it and then making off with the exotic looking women. This black wig will help you blend in. You'll be safer," said Yaumcha.

Everyone nodded in agreement. They were all secretly hoping she would agree. They couldn't risk Vegeta recognizing her.

Bulma sighed. "Fine. I'll wear it." She donned the long black hair and save for the blue eyes, she slightly resembled Chi Chi.

"Ok," spoke Goku. "This is what we'll do. Yaumcha, you take Bulma home. You'll then meet up with Tien and Chaotzu and patrol the Northern Continent with them. Krillin and I will help out the cities in the east and Piccolo and Gohan will go west. Vegeta is stationed south. We'll try and take out as many Saiyans as possible then meet up again. We'll then go after Vegeta. Agreed?"

Everyone nodded.


* * * * *

Yaumcha flew Bulma back to Capsule Corp. "You know, you look pretty sexy with black hair."

Bulma giggled. "Now don't be getting any ideas."

Yaumcha set her down and was all of a sudden sprawled out on her lawn.

A voice chuckled in the night. "I told you I'd be back, and what did I tell you about the next time we meet?"

Yaumcha struggled to his feet and wiped the blood from his mouth. He barely had time to react as Vegeta punched him in the gut, making him double over in pain.

"STOP IT! STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Bulma screamed.

Vegeta stopped. That voice, it was uncanny. He turned around and their eyes met. Vegeta stared. 'Those eyes, so much like . . . but they can't be.' He looked at the woman before him. Clearly she wasn't Bulma; she had long black hair and looked about 20. He hadn't noticed how young Yaumcha looked because with his scars and being beaten to a pulp, he DID look 40.

Bulma looked at the Saiyan before her. She couldn't turn away, there was just something about him . . . then he spoke. He was still looking at her but talking to Yaumcha, his voice was low and smooth. "I can see why you picked her, there is a resemblance. They have the same eyes. You don't deserve to have anyone you weakling, and I know this will hurt more if I keep you alive."

Bulma was confused to what the Saiyan was talking about. He acted like he knew Yaumcha. She then grew frightened as she saw Vegeta raise his arm towards her. Vegeta was readying a ki blast, but he stopped himself. 'What is wrong with me, why am I being so weak?' But he just couldn't kill the girl with Bulma's eyes.

Yaumcha tried to lunge himself at Vegeta. Vegeta just laughed. "I just thought of something better to do." He went over to Bulma, picked her up and flew away.

'NO!' Yaumcha thought. 'I can't lose her again to him.'

* * * * *

Bulma stared at the Saiyan who held her, getting a better look at him. She was surprised that she hadn't started screaming when he took off. For some reason, she just wasn't afraid anymore. She shivered in the cool air and he instinctively brought her closer to him.

"So," Bulma spoke up. "How do you know my fiancÚ?"

Vegeta looked at the raven-haired beauty. First she was showing no fear and now she's making conversation? - 'The younger generation must be stupid' he thought.

"If you really must know, I took something of his a very long time ago and he still hasn't gotten over it."

"Oh." This made no sense to Bulma but the rest of the journey was in silence. At times Bulma forgot who she was with and was enjoying herself. She loved to fly, especially with a handsome, strong . . . 'Whoa, I did NOT just think that. For Dende's sake, you're engaged to Yaumcha, stop thinking silly thoughts!'

Vegeta landed in front of a castle and for a brief moment, Bulma recognized it.

"King Vegeta!" Bulma looked to see a somewhat beaten, bald Saiyan come up. He looked at her with interest and Bulma realized she was still in Vegeta's arms.

"My King," Nappa said. "It's good to see you fraternizing with the natives."

"Don't be ridiculous Nappa. She isn't what you think; though I see no reason why I should explain that to you. Now tell me, why are you all bloody?" He put Bulma down.

Nappa grew serious. "We've lost ten of our soldiers and something else has happened. Maizu and I encountered Kakarotto and a bald fellow. We were fighting and we killed the bald guy. Apparently this upset Kakarotto, and well, there is now another Super Saiyan. I barely escaped to come tell you."

"WHAT?! That's not possible, only I am the legendary. There cannot be two!"

"I'm telling you the truth Sire."

"If that's true then he will come to me. I'll wait. But I'm very disappointed in you Nappa, one does not run away from a battle."

"Forgive me Vegeta."

"We'll see. Now put that creature somewhere," he gestured to Bulma. "I'll check with the other troops. Kakarotto won't be here for awhile."

Nappa smiled as he looked at Bulma. "Yes Sire."

* * * * *

Bulma did not like the way Nappa was looking at her. He led her into the castle and into one of the many large bedchambers.

"Since the King has no use for you, I believe I'll take you as one of my many mates," Nappa grinned.

Bulma realized what he meant to do. 'Oh Dende, no!' She ran to the doors but Nappa had locked them. He just laughed at her futile attempts to get away. "So the little bitch wants to play. Ok, we'll play." And he advanced towards Bulma.

"No, stay away from me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

* * * * *

"What the Hell is all that screaming?" Vegeta's senses were very sharp and he could hear Bulma's cries from outside. Something inside him told him that he NEEDED to investigate this. He hurried inside and followed the screams. He came to a chamber and it sounded like someone was scratching at the doors.

He ripped the door open and a sobbing woman flew into his arms. He looked past her and noticed that Nappa had been in the process of removing his armour. He then looked down again. The girl with Bulma's eyes was clutching on to him, crying hysterically. She had bruises on her arms and face, and there were rips in her clothing.

Something inside him snapped. He knew fully what Nappa had intended to do and this made him boil. For some reason, he couldn't stand the thought of anything happening to the girl, and Nappa's intentions sickened him. He reacted on instinct and killed the bald Saiyan in one blast.

He once again looked down, his face softening. He slowly put his arms around her and waited until she calmed a bit. Bulma stopped crying, but she still held on to Vegeta. She felt safe in his arms and wanted to be protected. She felt the sensation of being lifted and carried outside. Vegeta brought her to his ship and into his quarters. He set her down.

"I still must do some things, but you will be safe here," he said softly. Then he left.

Bulma looked around the room. It had a bed, a closet, chairs and a desk. Interested in what a Saiyan King would need with a desk she started opening drawers. Most were bare, but she noticed one didn't close completely. She reached in and felt around, her hands brushing some papers. She grabbed onto it and pulled it out, was it ever dusty.

She looked at what seemed to be a newspaper clipping yellowed with age. The heading was "World's Richest Woman Marries Alien Royalty." She smirked. Why would a Saiyan read a tabloid article . . . but then she saw the picture.

It was her!

'No, that's not possible.' But she read the article and learned of what happened the last time the Saiyans had came. 'This can't be true.' She then heard the door open and Vegeta entered. He saw what she had in her hand.

"What are you doing with that?" he demanded.

Bulma stuttered, "I was just looking around, I didn't mean to do anything wrong."

He came over to her, his dark eyes glaring. He snatched the article from her hand, and looked at it. Bulma noticed how sad his eyes became. It had been so long since he last looked at her picture, his heart started ache. Almost unconsciously he whispered, "Bulma."

Bulma jumped. How did he know her? What was going on? She started to get a headache and felt woozy. Vegeta noticed this and caught her before she fell. She looked up into his eyes and could see his concern. She smiled a little.

"Vegeta . . . " and she passed out. His eyes widened, 'why did this feel so familiar?' His thoughts were cut short when he heard the noise from outside.

Goku had come!

* * * * *

Vegeta stepped outside to see the golden haired Goku. "So, Kakarotto, we continue our fight." Vegeta quickly turned into Super Saiyan mode. They quickly attacked each other, punching, kicking and blocking. Neither one was gaining the upper hand, they were too evenly matched. This went on for an hour.

Yaumcha and the others came. Yaumcha told them what happened to Bulma and he learned about Goku. They knew where Vegeta was staying so they flew over to the castle. They found Bulma in the spaceship as she woke up and they exited.

Outside, they could hear the fight of the mighty Super Saiyans, and saw the other Saiyans gathered around watching in awe. All of a sudden they heard a loud smack and a figure was sent crashing into the ground. It was Goku and Vegeta hovered above him, about to send a deadly blast his way.

"Vegeta NO! SON KUN!!!"

Vegeta stopped. That was what Bulma called the third class weakling. He turned around to see Yaumcha's black haired betrothed. 'It's not possible, how . . .'

Goku seeing this as his chance, sent a Kamehameha to Vegeta while he was distracted. The impact sent the King flying and he landed a couple yards away from Bulma.

It was already starting to come back, but the moment Vegeta got hit, Bulma remembered everything. "Vegeta!" She ran out of Yaumcha's arms to the injured body of her beloved. The blast from the collision had blown off her wig and her long blue hair blew freely as she came up to him.

She knelt down beside him and gently touched his face. He slowly opened his eyes and he saw his angel. "How . . . " he started to cough.

"Shhh," said Bulma. "There's time to explain everything. Just rest."

Vegeta smiled and closed his eyes.

* * * * *

The Saiyans had been told everything. They were even present when Krillin was wished back to life. Knowing that one of the Super Saiyans was protecting Chikyuu, they didn't want to fight and agreed to a new treaty. Chikyuu was to be the new home of the Saiyans.

As for the wedding that had been planned, it still went ahead as scheduled - except of course the groom had been changed. Yaumcha finally realized that when it came to Bulma and Vegeta, not even death could keep them apart.

Bulma shone radiantly as she walked down the aisle, the bouquet in her hand complete with the obsidian rose. She came to the altar and Vegeta took her hand. This time, nothing was left out of the ceremony, all vows were complete.

"By the power vested in me, I know pronounce you man and wife. You may ki-" For the second time, the Minister was not able to complete that sentence, although for an entirely different reason. Before he could finish his words, Vegeta had already drawn Bulma to him and gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever had or anybody had ever seen (Chi Chi had to cover Gohan's teenage eyes). Vegeta's kiss warmed Bulma's entire body.

Their bond was complete and in that moment . . .

He knew . . .

She knew . . .

Fated to love

Destined never again to part

It is their will to be together . . .


~La Fine~

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