~Part 4 - Resurrection~


They all had gathered on a hill a few miles from Capsule Corp. The Briefs, Son Goku and family, Krillin and Yaumcha crowded around the dragonballs. When they found out about Bulma's death, Yaumcha and Goku immediately set out to find them.

The Saiyans were gone! They left shortly after Bulma's accident. There was no trace of them anywhere. Chikyuu was no longer to be forced to become part of the Empire. Officially it was declared "too far away and worthless to be of any concern to Vegitasei, and a waste of time to destroy such a weak race," but Yaumcha knew the real reason.

It had been one week since Vegeta had brought Bulma's body to Capsule Corp. Yaumcha was staying there because he had been with Bulma so long that the Briefs thought of him as family. He had never seen the Prince's face wearing anything but a scowl or smirk, but there he was, looking utterly defeated. The Briefs cried as they took their daughter away, the obsidian rose placed on her chest. Yaumcha looked at Vegeta not knowing what to say. After a couple moments Yaumcha spoke.

"Did you love her?"

Vegeta was surprised at this question but his face didn't register anything. "Saiyans have no use for such an emotion . . . I do regret her death . . . she was strong for a human." The last part Vegeta said so softly that Yaumcha almost didn't catch it.

'Wow,' Yaumcha thought, 'he really did love her. He would never admit it but it's so obvious. I almost feel sorry for him . . . almost.' He debated whether or not to tell him about the dragonballs but Vegeta spoke again.

"It doesn't matter anyway what I felt. I could have never won her heart because she already gave it to you. She loved you! Her dying words were of you! And it is because of her I don't kill you! This is not an admission of defeat. I am telling you this so you will live with this loss and suffer like me. The Treaty of Chikyuu is over but out of respect for her we will leave. Chikyuu is free for now but if our paths cross again, I will not hesitate to kill you and annihilate your entire race! Tell Kakarotto our fight isn't over yet . . . it's just been delayed."

With that, Vegeta flew off leaving a stunned Yaumcha behind him. Slowly a smile crept across his face. He was free, Chikyuu was free, but most important, Bulma was free. They could be together now. He couldn't believe what Vegeta told him, but it didn't matter. Bulma will be so happy. They wouldn't get married right away of course, the thought of commitment still scared him, but with the Saiyans out of the way, there would be no interference. Just then Goku landed.

"I sensed something happened to Bulma."

"What are we waiting for Goku? I have the radar, now let's get us some dragonballs."

Yaumcha came back to the present and looked at everyone.

"Well this is it. Arise Shenlon, I summon thee to grant my wish."

The sky turned black, and from the dragonballs came forth a magnificent dragon.


"I wish that Bulma Briefs be brought back to life."


There was a bright flash and Bulma appeared. Dr. and Mrs. Briefs ran up to their daughter laughing and crying. Bulma embraced them smiling. She looked around at everyone. "Son Kun," she squealed as she ran and hugged him and his family. She even kissed Krillin on the cheek. Then her eyes fell on Yaumcha. "Yaumcha," she smiled warmly. She gave him a hug and noticed how his arms around her tightened.


Everybody had forgotten about Shenlon in the midst of the reunion, but he didn't seem as pissed as usual. Bulma looked around and asked "Was there another wish any of you wanted?" Everyone shook their head. "Well then, I have one," she grinned mischievously. "Shenlon old friend?"

The Eternal dragon narrowed his eyes to the blue haired woman he had first met when she was a young teenager.

"I wish that everyone here has the ability to age like a Saiyan." She swore she saw the dragon smile knowingly.

"YOUR WISH IS GRANTED!" Shenlon then disappeared and the seven dragonballs dispersed into the sky. Bulma looked around grinning at everybody's shocked expressions. She almost laughed when she saw how young her parents looked.

"Hey, I figured that as long as we're living with Saiyans, we might as well share their lifespan. This is also a bonus for Chi Chi and me since our husbands are Saiyans. Speaking of which, where's Vegeta? What did you guys tell him in order to wish me back? I can't wait to see the expression on his face when he sees that I'm alive!"

Yaumcha spoke up, "Bulma it's OK. He's gone, they're all gone. We're free and can finally be together. You no longer have to be married to that monster."

"Gone . . .what do you mean, gone?" the color was draining from Bulma's face.

"Well, when you died, Vegeta brought you to me and then he took off."

"But why didn't you make him stay? Why didn't you explain that I wasn't dead for good?"

". . . Ah, well, I was going to but he told me that you didn't love him, but me instead. They were your dying words, and I thought that with him gone you'd be free to act on this love."

"WHAT!" Bulma screamed. 'No this can't be happening.' She started to sob. "I told him that I loved him. I wanted to tell him I'd be fine."

"But he said you whispered my name. . ."

"Of course Baka!" Bulma snapped. "Who has the dragon radar? You! I was trying to tell him to take me to you. Who knows what he would have done with my body when I was dead. More than likely he wouldn't have told any of you!"

"I'm sorry Bulma," Goku interjected, "but Vegeta is gone and we don't know where he is."

Bulma broke down again, her cries racking through her body. The last thing she remembered was feeling a horrible pain in her chest.

* * * * *

Bulma awoke to find herself in her old room. She glanced around until her eyes settled on the figure sitting in a chair next to her bed.

"I always thought we'd eventually wind up together," the figure started.

Bulma smiled weakly, "Oh Yaumcha, I didn't want you to find out this way. I was on my way to talk to you the night I died. We can never be more than friends. You'll never settle down and I . . . I love another."

"But he's gone now, we can pick up where we left off before you got married."

"You don't understand Yaumcha. What we had, it wasn't love, if you look deep inside you'll realize that too. I know what I said before the wedding, but I think I was just scared. I didn't know what love was and I mistakenly believed I had it with you. You brought me a lot of joy Yaumcha and I'll never forget those memories, but that part of my life is over. We can never go back."

Yaumcha was silent for a couple minutes. "I guess I can understand how you feel, but I still believe you're my one true love and I'll wait for you, no matter how long it takes. But I want to know one thing, why Vegeta? I know I haven't always been a saint but this guy is totally evil, and cruel . . ."

"No he's not!" Bulma snapped, then softened her tone. "I'm sorry. He was never like that with me. I admit the beginning was rough, but there were times when only I saw his other side. He can be kind and gentle though he tries to hide it," Bulma smiled a little. "I fell in love with him so slowly . . . and I know there is so much more of him to love . . . and now I'll never find out." She started to cry again. Yaumcha, taking this as his cue, left her alone to cry herself to sleep.

* * * * *

Bulma found herself surrounded in mist.

"Hello?" she called out, her voice echoing in the darkness. After awhile the mist started to dissipate. Bulma could make out a figure in the distance . . . Vegeta. Overjoyed she ran to him but stopped a few feet away when she saw the look on his face.

"Vegeta, why did you leave me?"

Vegeta's eyes narrowed, the two black coals staring right through her, sending shivers down her spine. His jaw and fists clenched, "I left you? I LEFT YOU?!!! WOMAN . . . who's the one who ran off to find her lover? Who's the one who betrayed my heart with her dying words? You bitch!" Vegeta spat. "You have the nerve to haunt my dreams and accuse me of leaving you ?!! I hope your soul is in Hell suffering, the way you are making me suffer!"

Vegeta's words stung.

"No," cried Bulma. The mist was reappearing and Vegeta faded away.


* * * * *

Vegeta sat up breathing hard. "Kuso!" He remembered the dream clearly. 'She was so beautiful' he thought. The moment he saw her he wanted to take her in his arms and hold her for eternity. But he couldn't, his pride wouldn't allow it. Instead, he berated her, insulted her, wanted her to hurt like he hurt.

'Vegeta, why did you leave me?'

"Get out of my head" Vegeta growled. He still felt no better after telling her how he felt. "DAMMIT!"

The intercom beeped. "Your Highness, the Council wishes to speak with you."

The Prince sighed, how he hated politics. He wasn't looking forward to explaining why he left Chikyuu a free planet, though he was curious as to what the urgency was in leaving Chikyuu.

"Fine, I'll be at the bridge in a few minutes . . . and Doro?"

"Yes Sire?"

"Don't ever call me in my private chambers again!"

Doro gulped, "Yes Sire!"

* * * * *


Yaumcha rushed into Bulma's room. "Bulma I'm here, what's wrong?"

"He hates me, he hates me," was all she said.

"What's going on here?" asked Chi Chi as she came into the room.

"I think Bulma had a nightmare."

"Here drink this." Chi Chi gave Bulma some water to try and calm her down. "Now then, tell us what happened."

"I saw him . . . Vegeta, oh Dende how he hates me."

"But Bulma, it was just a dream."

She cut Yaumcha off, "No it wasn't 'just' a dream. It was so much more, it felt so real. It was like our souls were talking . . . and oh how he hates me!" Bulma sobbed clutching her chest. "It hurts so much, I just feel so empty." Chi Chi and Yaumcha tried to comfort her as she cried softly.

* * * * *

For the next couple weeks Bulma lived as an invalid. She rarely ventured outside her own room and barely ate anything. She sat in her bed all day staring into space; everything she did reminded her of him. She could feel the warmth of his body as he held her while she slept. The strength of his arms securely fastened around her, though never crushing her. The softness of his lips from when they first kissed. The way his eyes would follow her every move, though never threatening, and the way he had been surprisingly gentle when they finally consummated their marriage. Then as vividly as those feelings came, they quickly turned cold when she realized what he thought of her. It was too much to bear and at night she could be heard crying herself to sleep, no Prince to keep her warm, no love to keep her safe.

Then one night it came, another dream.

This time she found Vegeta sitting under a tree by a crystal lake. She took a few moments just to stare at him. 'So handsome and strong, and yet I crushed him.'

"Go away spirit! I'm not in the mood to be tormented today." Vegeta startled Bulma.

"But I came to see you!"

Vegeta snorted. "Go make peace with whomever else you've wronged woman, you'll get no forgiveness from me."

"Please let me explain."

Vegeta whirled around to face Bulma. "Don't! I don't want to hear why you love that weakling and not me. I don't want to know why you pretended to have feelings for me."

"But I do!"

"HA! Go away temptress."

"But there's been a mistake."

"The only mistake I made was to let my guard down around you."

"DAMMIT VEGETA! I LOVE YOU!" Bulma lowered her head trying to hide her tears, "I've always love you."

Vegeta was shocked. He slowly raised his hand lifting her chin up. He grazed her cheek with his fingers, 'so soft', and wiped away the tears that fell from her eyes; her eyes, so blue and shimmering, they always did mesmerize him, he knew she spoke the truth.

"I should have known there was a misunderstanding," he smirked, "I mean, what woman could resist me?"

Before Bulma could laugh, Vegeta leaned in and claimed her lips with his own. So soft and passionate, this was the Vegeta she loved. The embrace lasted several minutes, neither one willing to back down, hungrily almost needingly, tasting each other. Eventually they both needed air. Vegeta wrapped his tail around Bulma drawing her even closer. His hands made circular motions on her back as she rested her head between his neck and shoulder. He breathed in her essence as he held her. They were part of each other, they were bonded! He never wanted to release her but he realized it was time to let go.

Ever so slowly, he brought his lips to her ear, his warm breath tickling her as he whispered:

"Thank you for giving me peace my Bulma-chan."

"Vegeta, wait, you must return to Chikyuu . . ."

"If I return, everything will remind me of you. After tonight I will no longer think of you. Our souls can rest now, you have given me such comfort. I will search for you in the afterlife."

"No, Vegeta wait . . . you don't understand."

Vegeta started to fade away, "Goodbye my mate, my queen . . . my love." He lightly bit her nose then disappeared.

"But I'm not dead" Bulma whispered. "I'm not dead"

* * * * *

Vegeta woke up. For the first time since his mate's death he felt at peace. He never lost her to another man, he lost her to fate. Even Vegeta realized that you can't fight fate, but it would be destiny that would reunite them in eternity. This relieved him somewhat though it still hurt.

He looked at the piece of paper on the table. For some reason, the day after he got married, he had saved one of the newspaper articles of their wedding. He never really did read the article but on it, there was a picture of Bulma walking down the aisle. He remembered that was the day he finally admitted to himself that she was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. He saved the article telling himself that it would be a rare thing to ever see her mouth closed again but deep down he knew it was because of her radiance. He slowly put the article in the darkest reaches of one of his drawers, knowing he wouldn't be able to ever look at it again.

'There will never be another like her.'

"Um, your Highness," the intercom beeped.

"Doro, what did I say the last time . . ."

"Forgive me my Prince, but it's an emergency."

"Well then spit it out Baka."

"It's Freeza!"

* * * * *

Bulma had a mission. She called Goku and told him to come over. Dr. and Mrs. Briefs were surprised when they first saw Bulma in the morning. She was humming to herself, eating breakfast with a stunned Yaumcha. Bulma didn't tell anyone about her dream, not yet; she wanted to talk with someone first. Goku entered the house, "mmmm breakfast."

"No way Son Kun, take me to see God now!" They took off leaving a bewildered Yaumcha and Dr. and Mrs. Briefs behind.

Goku landed in front of God's Palace. Bulma jumped out of his arms and ran up to Dende, who was waiting for them with Mr. Popo.

"Dende you have to help me please," begged Bulma.

"What is it you ask of me?"

"You must contact Vegeta. Bring him back to me!"

"I'm sorry but I can't . . ."

"What do you mean you can't, you're God."

"Yes I'm God, God of Chikyuu. Even my powers have limits. Under certain circumstances I could reach him but he's mentally blocking out anything to do with you or Chikyuu."

"Then I'll wish him here."

"You're forgetting, my child, that Shenlon's powers cannot exceed mine, so he can't bring him here either."

Bulma was getting desperate. "Then, um, tell me where Vegitasei is. I'll go to him then, by spaceship or wishes, it doesn't matter."

Dende sighed, then closed his eyes to concentrate. "Hmmm, that's weird . . ."

"What" exclaimed an anxious Bulma.

"Vegitasei isn't where it should be. I can't sense it. It's as if it disappeared."

"But there must be some mistake . . ."


"King Kai?" Bulma and Dende looked up at Goku who was having a mental conversation with King Kai.

*Goku, I sense an incredible evil.*

"What is it?"

*I don't know but it was strong enough to destroy the Saiyan homeworld!*


*You heard me. Now it's going from planet to planet and it'll eventually try and conquer Chikyuu. It'll be years before it reaches you but you'll need that time to train. I suggest that you and your warriors start to prepare.*

"Yes King Kai."

"Well?" said Bulma quizzically.

"I'm sorry Bulma," Goku apologized as he related what King Kai told him.

"That means I'll never see Vegeta again . . . " Bulma cried. The pain in her heart grew bigger and she once again collapsed.

* * * * *

The coming months passed by slowly for Bulma. It was agony to live with a broken heart. Meanwhile, everybody else had listened to King Kai's advice. Piccolo, Goku and Gohan (much to Chi Chi's displeasure) were training in the mountains, Krillin at Master Roshi's island, Tien and Chaoutzu were somewhere up north and Yaumcha stayed at Capsule Corp. The passing months eventually turned into a year and the dragonballs became active again.

Bulma couldn't take it anymore. Her pain grew with each day, days that should have been with her Prince. She couldn't live the rest of her life like this. She knew what she had to do.

On the same hill of her resurrection Bulma called out "Shenlon I summon thee."

The Eternal dragon appeared hovering in the blackened sky.


"First Shenlon, I wish that all my friends and family have knowledge of what happens today and will act accordingly to my second wish." Bulma was starting to choke up, but pushed forward.


"Oh Shenlon," Bulma couldn't hold back her tears any longer. "This pain I feel, I can't stand it. Please take it away."

Shenlon's face seemed to soften. Never had he seen this blue haired woman so sad. Her life force seemed so drained. "I cannot mend a broken heart."

"I know," her tears flowed freely now. "But please block him out as he has blocked me out. Make me forget, I beg of you. I can't move on knowing that he's out there and I'll never be able to see him again."

A single tear rolled down Shenlon's face.


* * * * *

Bulma snapped back to attention. It seemed she had been in a daze. 'Why did I come out to this hill?' It felt as if there was a part of her missing, like she was empty somehow, but she dismissed the thought.

"Oh well . . . I wonder what Yaumcha's doing tonight!"

* * * * *

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