Til Death Do You Part
Written by: adimra




"Come with me Kakarotto. You are one of us. I know your Saiyan heritage is calling to you. It is in your blood to fight. Don't waste your time defending these weak humans. Join us . . . brother!"

"My name is Goku. Chikyuu is my home and I'll defend it with my life. I have seen what your kind does and I want no part of it. I suggest that you and your men return my son, then leave here for good!"

"Really Kakarotto, I expected more from you. Chikyuu has made you soft. There are no weak links in the Saiyan Empire, so I'll have to kill you. But don't worry about your hybrid brat, I'll make sure he's raised the Saiyan way!"

An angry Goku rushed Radditz, trying to land a blow. Radditz blocked with his left arm, recoiled his right and made a solid impact into Goku's jaw. Goku went crashing into a tree and took it down with him.

Radditz snarled, "Now it's time to finish you off."


"What the . . . ?"


~Part 1 - The King's Plan~


"We'll be entering Chikyuu's atmosphere in 3 hours Sire."

"Good I'll be meditating until then. Inform me when we land, no one is to leave without my permission."

"Yes Sire!"

Vegeta entered his quarters. He was looking forward to this. It had been so long since he had had a decent challenge. Well, he hoped there would be a challenge. Things started to get interesting about five months back. Chikyuu's natives were thought to be weak and frail, a reason why only 1 infant Saiyan had been sent to sweep the planet. However, after 25 years and no word, a 3-man recovery team was sent in. Vegeta knew he wasn't given all the details, nor did he care. All that mattered was that somehow, someone on that overpopulated rock was able to defeat 3 Saiyan Elites and Vegeta wanted a shot at him. He thought it unnecessary to bring a shipful of 50 soldiers, but his father had insisted. As long as they didn't interfere with his fight he didn't care.

* * * * *

Goku and the rest of the Z team were at God's Palace and were waiting for the arrival of the Saiyans. It had already been 5 months, but Goku still wasn't over the shock that he wasn't human. When Radditz had shown up it was like a nightmare. His whole life felt like a lie - to think he was the monster that had killed his grandfather. Who would have thought that one simple fall as a child would change his life forever?

He looked over at little Gohan. Their Saiyan heritage was not something they could hide . . . or deny. Goku and Chi Chi had tried to shield Gohan from danger or knowledge of fighting, but after the confrontation with Radditz, Goku realized that Gohan was a natural born fighter. All Saiyans were! And it had been Gohan who had saved them all. It was his angry, powerful outburst that surprised and defeated Radditz and his men. Actually it surprised everybody. Goku and Piccolo were having problems fending them off, then Gohan erupted and destroyed them all. Of course, since then he had come no where near that power level again, but they knew it was in there.

They all had been busy training. Radditz laughed as he died, saying that their fight was being transmitted to the Saiyan Empire and that more Saiyans would come to conquer Chikyuu. Kami had called them all to tell them that they would arrive in 5 months.

Piccolo, knowing he would not be strong enough, grudgingly agreed to fuse with Kami. Piccolo had been less surprised than Goku to find out he wasn't from Chikyuu - he was GREEN for Kami's sake, but Kami had known all along about Namek. In fact, right before they fused, he had contacted the Eldest Namek, Guru, and Dende was sent to take Kami's place.

In preparation for the Saiyans, Kami sent Goku to King Kai's while the others worked in the Room of Spirit and Time. The fused Piccolo then took Gohan and trained him in the wilderness.

Now they were all gathered at God's Palace, Dende talking about how the Eternal Dragon can now grant 2 wishes. They were all pretty solemn, just standing around, waiting . . . waiting for the invasion to begin.

* * * * *

Nappa went to Vegeta's room. "My Prince," he called, "we have arrived at Chikyuu."

"Excellent," replied Vegeta as he exited his room. "I am going down there by myself, the rest of you will wait on this ship. Why my father insisted 50 of you come, I'll never know. The only reason he ever sends this many soldiers is when he needs slaves, and Chikyuu's natives are too weak. What does my father want Nappa?"

"Um, well I believe the King thinks there's a valuable asset on Chikyuu."

Vegeta cocked an eyebrow, "a valuable resource eh, well I'll try not to damage the landscape . . . too much."

Vegeta got into a spacepod and left for Chikyuu. The moment he landed, he turned his scouter on and noticed that several small ki signatures were approaching him.

He smiled, 'So the natives are sending a welcoming committee.'

* * * * *

"My King, the Prince is on the planet."

"Good, you know what must be done."

"Yes, the research has been completed and your plans are underway."

* * * * *

Bulma Briefs was bored! She was sitting in for her father at a business meeting because he had been tied up with some incident back at the lab. She did not want to be here. The Saiyans were set to arrive any time now and she wanted to see them. She sighed, she knew Son Kun could handle them.

Just then a crash was heard. She looked up and saw that the window had been blown open. Through the wreckage floated two overly large men with outrageous hair and - Bulma noticed - tails! 'Saiyans!' Bulma slowly tried to move out the door, she had to contact the Z team. The two Saiyans had just been looking around the room when they spotted her.

"That's her. The one with the blue hair. She's the one."

"I see her. Darn, I was looking forward to blowing things up and torturing people to find her."

"Me too, but you know our orders."

One of the Saiyans flew to Bulma and grabbed her. He flung her over his shoulder and flew out the window with her cursing and screaming the whole way.

* * * * *

Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Yaumcha, Tien and Chaotzu landed in a circle around the Saiyan with the flaming hair. Vegeta eyed them warily taking in their power level readings from his scouter. They were all below 1500. He started to laugh.

"A deformed Saiyan, a green man, a brat, a bald midget, scar face, triclops and a . . . a . . . mime? What the Hell are you? Rejects of the human race? Where are your fighters, who defeated the previous Saiyans?"

Goku spoke up, "If you must know, the 'green man' and I fought Radditz, but my son was the one who defeated them."

"Kakarotto, you spawned? Well, that explains the brat, but enough talk, I came to fight."

Vegeta charged up and attacked Gohan, for he was the one who defeated Radditz. Gohan who was still not ready for a real fight, just screamed and held up his hands. Vegeta's punch (weak by his standards) sent Gohan flying into the mountain behind him. 'This is ridiculous' Vegeta thought. 'There's no way this child could have lasted 10 seconds with Radditz.'

"You shouldn't have done that!"

Vegeta turned around just in time to block a very angry Piccolo's punch. They dealt blow for blow and Vegeta (still not using all of his strength) was very surprised that the Namek's power level wasn't as low as it was before.


Vegeta put up a ki shield but by underestimating Piccolo's strength, was rammed into the ground. Getting very pissed, Vegeta charged up even more.


Piccolo landed pretty much next to Gohan.

Vegeta looked around with a crazy glint in his eye. He was enjoying himself. "Who's next?"

Tien, Yaumcha and Chaotzu figured that they were pretty much useless and Krillin had gone to help Gohan and Piccolo. Vegeta looked at Goku, "How about you traitor? It's considered an honour to fight against your Prince, especially since I, Prince Vegeta, am strongest of all Saiyan."

Goku smiled. He had been watching the fight and was very impressed with Vegeta but man did he have an ego.

Vegeta attacked first, being very aggressive with each hit. Goku blocked and countered, being much stronger than when he first met Radditz. Tien, Yaumcha and Chaotzu watched in awe as the two Saiyans would phase in and out of their sight, but they could hear every attack. Vegeta was certainly very surprised with Goku. No Saiyan had ever been able to keep up with him since he came of age. He guessed that Goku could suppress his ki and was probably stronger than Nappa. 'Enough of this,' he thought, and finally connected a punch across Goku's jaw. There the pounding began and Goku's body was sent hurtling earthward. Of course Vegeta was not without marks, Goku had managed to bloody up his face and crack a couple ribs. Vegeta charged up to full power and was prepared to deal the final blow.


A startled Vegeta took the energy from his attack and used it to block Gohan's wave. He struggled for a while but was able to deflect it into space. 'Amazing.' He raced down to a thoroughly exhausted Gohan and picked him up by his gi.

"You've been holding back on me kid," Vegeta snarled, ready to strike. Just then his scouter went off and registered numerous Saiyans on the planet. "What the Hell, I told them to wait on the ship. What do they think they're doing?" Vegeta, angry that his orders had been disobeyed, dropped Gohan. He looked at all the warriors and said, "I'll settle this later." He then returned to his pod and set a course for his ship.

Krillin and a battered Piccolo made their way back to the others. A senzu was given to Goku who was proudly holding Gohan.

Piccolo frowned, "A shipful of Saiyans? I think we're in trouble."

The others just nodded.

* * * * *

Bulma looked around her. She had been taken to a spaceship and then locked in a prison. In the room with her were about 30 other women from around the world and she recognized many of them. Some were famous actresses, while others were daughters of politicians, scientists or wealthy businessmen.

"What's going on?" Bulma asked one of the other prisoners.

"We don't know. We were all kidnapped and brought here. All we're doing now is waiting." Bulma could see the fear in all of the women's eyes.

"Well don't worry, I'll get us out of here. I'm sure my friends will come to our rescue." The others looked at her with doubt. Bulma sighed but she then noticed a control panel. She smiled, "I will get us out of here." She walked up to the panel and studied it. She removed the cover and looked at the wires. She smirked, the mechanics were just too simple. 'I guess the Saiyans don't use holding cells very often because the security is downright laughable.' With a few adjustments Bulma got the door to open, 'but then again, I AM a genius.' She poked her head out the door. 'No guards, they must think we're too weak to be of any bother. I'll teach them never to underestimate Bulma Briefs.'

Bulma looked at the women around her. "C'mon let's get out of here." No one moved. "Well, what's your problem?"

"We can't leave. We'll get caught for sure. Who knows what those monsters would do to us if they found out we escaped."

Bulma frowned. "Fine, then stay here. Just don't alert anyone that I'm gone. I'll try and get some help." The fearful girls nodded. "Good luck!" they whispered as Bulma stepped through the door and closed it behind her.

"Ok, now which way should I go?" The hallway was dark and extended in both directions. Bulma remembered that her captor had brought her from the left so she silently went that way. She came to a large door and could hear voices inside. She peeked in and saw that it was a mess hall. 'Typical Saiyans,' thought Bulma as she recalled Son Kun, 'nothing could distract them from a meal.' She tiptoed past them and after a few more corridors, she found what she was looking for - the docking bay.

There was no one inside and Bulma freely looked around at all the pods. All she had to do now was figure out how one worked. Just then the bay door started to open and Bulma figured another pod was coming in. She quickly hid behind a spacepod and grabbed a pipe from the ground 'just in case.'

The pod slowly entered and the bay door closed. The pod's door opened and out stepped a Saiyan that was only slightly taller than she. His back was to her, so she snuck up behind him and whacked him one in the head. To her horror he just turned around and smirked.

Vegeta had heard the creature sneak up behind him but was caught off guard when he turned and looked into the bluest eyes he had ever seen. "Now that wasn't very nice was it?"

Bulma just stared dumbfounded at the Saiyan. He hadn't even been affected by her hit. "I demand that you release me," she said when she had found her voice.

"Oh," he just chuckled. "I didn't even realize I was holding you."

Bulma blushed. She then took the pipe and threw it at Vegeta. "SEND ME BACK TO CHIKYUU!"

Vegeta just caught the pipe. 'My, she is a loud one.' "Woman, I assure you I have no idea what you are doing here, but if you don't learn proper respect I'm going to BLAST YOUR ASS TO HELL!"



A guard entered then. "Oh, my Prince, you are back. I see you've caught the missing prisoner."

Vegeta folded his arms. "You're telling me that this pathetic creature escaped?"

"Well, yes we didn't have guards on duty so she must have . . ."

Vegeta silence him with a flash of ki. Bulma screamed. "Shut up woman, he's not dead. He's just learning a lesson the hard way."

Nappa and some other guards soon came in after hearing Bulma's scream. Nappa looked surprised. "Prince Vegeta, you're back."

"Why must everybody state the obvious. Of course I'm back, now somebody explain what's going on. Why is this woman on my ship and how come the scouter picked up other Saiyans on the planet when I said no one could go but me?"

"I'll explain everything at the holding cell Sire. Doro, bring the woman back there."

Vegeta sighed, "Something tells me I'm not going to like this. Just let me clean up first."

* * * * *

After Vegeta changed and cleaned the blood off himself, he went to meet Nappa.

"What the hell are all these females doing here?" Vegeta demanded.

Nappa stepped up, "They are the best Chikyuu has to offer. Power, wealth, intelligence . . . beauty."

"You're starting a whore house on my ship Nappa?"

"Of course not Sire, your father ordered me to get them."

"It figures, the old man is never satisfied."

"No Sire you misunderstood . . ."


Vegeta eyed the blue haired woman, 'Didn't she ever shut up?!' "Quiet Baka! This doesn't concern you!"


Vegeta winced at her loud voice, his temper starting to flare. He was about to retort when Nappa beat him to it. "HOW DARE YOU INSULT AND THREATEN THE PRINCE! That is punishable by death no matter how inconsequential you are." He raised his hand readying a ki blast for Bulma.

"NAPPA!" Vegeta snapped. "I do not need you to defend me from this pathetic being. I'll make her suffer in my own way." Nappa lowered his hand, "Yes Sire."

Bulma stared at Vegeta wide eyed. She had let her anger get the better of her and regretted yelling at him. 'Damn me and my temper,' she thought as Vegeta sent a smirk towards her. She shuddered not wanting to think what torturous thoughts were running through his head.

"Well Nappa, continue with what you were saying before we were interrupted."

"Well Prince Vegeta, the King has discovered something interesting about Human and Saiyan DNA. While humans lack our strength and fighting ability, the combination of the two DNA's can produce an even stronger, smarter being."

"And this is relevant because . . ."

Nappa sighed, for being known as a very intelligent Saiyan, Vegeta was certainly acting dense right now. "You yourself have seen the potential of the hybrid. The brat defeated Radditz's team. The King believes that by combining the blood of a human and royal Saiyan, the most powerful Saiyan will be born. Perhaps even the Legendary Super Saiyan."

"So these women . . ."

"Yes Sire, the King wants you to choose a human mate!"

* * * * *

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