OK, first of all this is a SNIPPET, or Introduction if you will, of my new fic. This is no where near completed, but I thought I should have something for you all after getting 100,000 hits. What I have here is sort of like a background to the fic and doesn't get really interesting until much later. I may or may not change what I have written so far, and if I do, I'll be sure to tell you all. Don't expect more for awhile, but gosh darn it, I'll finish this fic if it's the last thing I do ^_^!


His Blue Angel




They were known as the warrior race. Proud, cruel, ruthless; they were infamous for their planet to planet raids that destroyed civilizations and enslaved billions. Hired mercenaries paid to capture planets, many alliances were formed with these Saiyans, but nothing could meet the strength of one ally, Freeza. And it would be Freeza who proved to be the Saiyans' undoing.

With a single blast from space, Vegitasei was no more. In an effort to protect his future, Freeza destroyed all Saiyans, save for a few. Had he known what fate had in store for him, he'd have killed the remaining ones as well.

An eight year old boy sat in a room on Freeza's ship. By glancing at his chubby face and upswept hair, with a few stray bangs, one might describe him as 'cute,' . . . but don't let looks deceive you. He was the cruelest and most ruthless of all Saiyans, perhaps a reason why Freeza favoured him so. The mighty Prince of the Saiyans was a little boy with a cold heart and the blood of millions on his hands. As the years progress that number will grow to billions and more. He will become exactly what Freeza wants him to be, his soul stained with the blood of his victims, no hope for salvation . . . or is there?

Three other Saiyans were spared from Vegitasei's destruction. Two stayed with the Prince, they were his companions and trainers. The other (unbeknownst to Freeza) had been sent to a small planet called Chikyuu when he had been a mere infant. Through a simple twist of fate, he lost all knowledge of his Saiyan heritage and grew up to have many adventures and meet many new friends.

Our blue haired heroine was one such friend, so let us being our story with her, 10 years later . . .


~Part 1~


"Yaumcha, what's taking you guys so long?" muttered Bulma. She was pacing inside her trailer, situated at the edge of the desert. Yaumcha, Goku, Puar and Oolong had gone out to do some hunting, well, Yaumcha and Goku anyway.

Bulma smiled as she thought of her friends. She had only met Goku a year and a half ago, but she was already fond of the boy with the tail, even though they did have to cut off the appendage. It really hadn't been that long, but it seemed like ages since she had first started on her dragonball quest. But all that planning, all that searching for the mythical dragon that would grant any wish, all ended up being for a pair of women's underwear! Bulma's fists clenched, Oolong was definitely getting another beating when he came back.

Now she'd have to wait another year before she could wish for her Prince Charming. Bulma paused, there was Yaumcha, but he still acted awkward around her. A wicked smile crossed her face, well maybe she could help change that, OK, I guess it'll be strawberries then, she thought.

A noise could be heard from downstairs, leading Bulma to believe the guys had returned. She bounded down, ready to give them a tongue lashing, but skidded to a stop when she saw who it was.

Five figures dressed in black were rummaging through everything, not bothering to keep quiet because they assumed no one was home. They did look up however, when they heard Bulma running down the stairs.

"Well hello you pretty thing," one of them said, licking his lips. "We weren't expecting company."

The blue haired teenager, who did not take kindly to being robbed and tended to act without thinking, grabbed the nearest object to her (a bat) and came out swinging.

A shot rang out . . . followed by the dull thud of a body hitting the floor.

The first figure whined, "Aw, I wanted to have some fun with her, thanks for ruining it!"

The figure with the gun, a woman, spoke, "We didn't have time for that. Let's take this stuff and go, that little bitch seemed to be expecting somebody, so let's hurry up."

"I don't think you're going anywhere!"

* * * * *

Bulma didn't remember waking up or getting to where she was, she just knew that she was supposed to stand in line and wait her turn.

The old woman in front of her turned around and gave a comforting look. "My, you are so young to be one that comes here. How old are you?"

"17," Bulma replied.

The elderly lady shook her head, "Why that's just a shame. Tell me, what was it that did you in? For me it came quickly and while I was asleep."

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I understand what you're talking about."

"Death of course! What was it that killed you? To die so young is such a tragedy."

"I-I'm dead?!"

"Oh, that's right, young people always have a harder time accepting it, but just look at the halo above you. Well, don't worry, I'm sure you'll be going to heaven," and the old lady turned back around again.

Dead? There's no way I'm dead, there just has to be some mistake. Oh Kami this line is taking forever and I want answers now! Bulma, who was used to getting what she wanted and when she wanted it, angrily made her way to the front of the queue, much to the protest of the other waiting souls. At the very front was a door that was administered by a blue, horned man, with black rimmed glasses.

"I DEMAND to know what's going on here," the stubborn teenager threatened. "I am Bulma Briefs, daughter of the richest and smartest man in all of Chikyuu, and I refuse to wait all day just to have some simple questions answered."

"I'm sorry miss, but you cut in line. I'm afraid you'll have to wait like all the others."

"Listen," Bulma went into her false sweetness voice, "I know how hard it must be for a man like you to meet women and I bet you've never been with one either. Now, I'm probably the most beautiful woman you'll ever see, so I'll make a deal with you. You let me go in next and you can take a picture of me in just my underwear."

The administrator gulped, taken aback by the young woman's boldness. "Well, I-I . . ."

"ENOUGH!" a loud voice boomed from beyond the doors. "Oni, send Ms. Briefs in, I've been expecting her."

Bulma peered passed the great doors and was confronted with a huge, giant of a man, sitting behind an equally giant sized desk.

"I am King Yemma, overseer of Chikyuu's check-in station. It is from me that all souls learn their eternal fate."

Bulma gulped, the gravity of the situation finally hitting her. "And you have been waiting for me?" What had she done in her life to make the great King Yemma wait in anticipation for her. She had been no saint, but surely, that didn't warrant her going to hell?

"Oh stop your worrying Ms. Briefs, nothing bad is going to happen to you. I've been expecting you because you're in a position to help someone," assured King Yemma.

"I am?"

"Yes, I'll try and explain it to you. The universe is a vast, endless plain of space. It's made up of countless lifeforms who all have souls like yourself. Each soul has the capability of good and evil, but as they live and grow, the soul tends to choose a side. There are some beings out there that are so far gone on the evil side that they literally have no hope of being saved, with the exception of being reborn to try again (after spending some quality time in Hell of course). However, there are some individuals who are going down this path of evil, but they still have a chance to change. Mind you, the probability of changing is EXTREMELY slim, but it is possible. That's where you come in," he paused to see if Bulma was following what he was saying and then continued.

"I am sending you to help one such soul. He lives in the farthest reaches of space and in a culture none like you've ever seen before. Keep in mind it is extremely rare to be truly evil and mind boggling to even think of what it entails. What he has done will disgust you, you may even think there's no hope . . ."

"Hey, I've gone up against Emperor Pilaf and I've lived with Oolong for the better part of the year. I think I can handle it."

King Yemma became extremely stern. "This man makes Pilaf look like a saint. He has destroyed planets, murdered children, used women, the list goes on; his whole society is like that. You may witness things more horrible than your worst nightmare! I'm sorry if I scare you but I just wanted to warn you of what you're getting into."

Bulma was silent for a couple of minutes, "Why me?"

The giant smiled, "There are numerous reasons, but I truly believe only you can help him."

"If I choose not to do this, will I be admitted into Heaven?"

Thinking for a moment on how best to answer the question, King Yemma looked Bulma straight in the eye and simply said, "No!"

The 17 year old gasped, slightly shaking as tears formed in her eyes. "B-but why? I never blew up planets, I'm not a murderer . . ."

"I'm sorry, but I can't tell you why. In time all will reveal itself but please, do try and undertake this task."

With a new found resolve, Bulma smiled, "Fine then. Yes, I will help this individual."

"Excellent! Now let me explain what will happen. Your spirit will be transported to where he is. You will know who he is because only he can see you and you can talk to each other. Because you are a 'ghost,' you can pass through objects, but due to what your mind is used to, if you wish to sit, you can sit, if you wish to lie down, you can lie down. You're not actually sitting on a chair or walking on the floor, your body is just going through the motions because it is all you know. It's very complicated."

"Actually," the genius in Bulma spoke up, "I believe I understand it perfectly. So, when do I go?"

"Immediately, oh wait, I forgot," the Lord of Souls snapped his fingers and the halo above Bulma disappeared. "I don't think he'll take kindly to an angel being sent to him and the halo tends to be a constant reminder. Oh, and you can change your appearance, like through clothing and hair, just by thinking about it."

Bulma smiled at that and in two seconds was wearing a white gown. "If I'm an angel, I want to look the part. He may not like it, but I kinda enjoy the idea!"

King Yemma sighed, This is going to be interesting. "I'm going to send you now, it'll be almost instantaneous, however, you'll feel a bit disoriented when you arrive. Remember what I told you and good luck."

"Thank you," Bulma smiled as she faded from his sight and then she was gone.

"That wasn't very nice," an old, green man with two antennas said as he walked in with help from his stick.

"Oh, Kami, what else could I do?"

"You tricked her."

"She wouldn't have gone then, besides, it wasn't as if I lied to her, and it's not like anything bad can come from her not knowing."

"I sure hope not," sighed the God of Chikyuu. "I sure hope not!"

* * * * *

Bulma had appeared in a small, deserted passageway of what seemed to be a ship.

I can't believe this, Bulma thought in awe as she gazed out the portal window. I'm actually in space! Too cool!

Echoes of voices reached her ears and she discerned that they were coming from one level above her.

Sounds like a party, and I wasn't invited? she mock pouted. Well, let's see what I can do to change that!

She walked down the hall to what looked like an elevator shaft, and tried to push the button. Of course, her hand just passed right through it. Whoa, that's going to take some getting used to! she thought as she waved her hand through the wall.

A pair of footsteps were heard behind her and as she turned she let out a horrific scream. Bulma encountered her first alien. The only way one could describe him was fat, pink and horrendously ugly. Naturally he couldn't hear her.

Bulma breathed a sigh of relief when she realized he couldn't see her and therefore wasn't "the one." The pink alien did, however, need to use the elevator, so Bulma got in with him with a renewed interest to get to the party.

* * * * *

When finals are over, I can finally get to some serious writing so stay tuned for more, ok ^_^!

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