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The pods landed for the most part softly save for a few jolts here and there thanks to the new propulsion system Bulma had designed. The pods hissed loudly silencing the fauna around the landing site. The Queen was in awe of the spectacular scene, dense brush and foliage grew rampant in a mirade of bright colors. Camp was set up quickly with the use of capsules and a perimeter established in the small clearing they'd landed in. Vegeta sent the other three party members to search and map the area. He wanted to know what type of terrain he was going to be facing in this tournament.

As the two suns on the strange planet began decent on either side of the horizon the king began to fidget, he was hungry and beginning to feel the first tingles of an approaching full moon. He had selected the others as representatives to Vejiitasei in this tournament on two key factors, they were capable to defend themselves and the Queen if necessary and they all could control the change brought on by moonlight.

The first scan of the planet had caught Vegeta off guard, it was uninhabited. There was no sign of any dominate life forms or structures on the surface that could be detected. The second scan at closer range had posed a problem for the approaching Saiyajin ship, three moons orbited the designated planet, all calculated to reach peak points in their cycles during the days of the tournament.

He'd spent two precious on a small planet days teaching Potatirs/ and Corais how to control the transformation. The woman had created a machine to simulate up to 5 times the strength of normal moonlight on Vejiitasei. In the end they were both capable of controlling the change proficiently, though he was still wary and gave them strict orders to remain out of the path of the light unless necessary.

He could feel her getting anxious, the nervousness building up in her system spilling over through their bond. It distracted him endlessly and needed to be dealt with. Away from the clearing he gathered her in his arms, pulling her free of her sudden interest in the foliage and dirt. Into the forest he sped with her until he could no longer hear the others. Perhaps this was dangerous, but it need to be done.

They were both aware of what they wanted out of this encounter and neither danced around the subject. They lunged pushing and clawing at each other's clothing. He'd been starved to long of the pale delicate skin and the soft curve of her neck. Lips nipped and suckled at her skin sending her into fits of giggles. Her roaming fingers did nothing to ease his sudden condition, the soft pads trailing down his sides with barely a touch. The Queen smiled and wound her fingers through his hair, dispensing with the foreplay she gathered herself in his lap and granted him release.

Her incessant kisses and licks were enough for him to forgo his training for the remainder of the day. Though his better half screamed against it in bitter reprieve his libido would have nothing to do with it. The three partially glowing moons had long passed overhead by the time his taste for her was sated. Laying with her, taking in her scent he let his senses roam this new environment.

It pulsed slowly on the edge of his peripheral vision, he could feel it. Judging by the energy is gave off it was vaguely the same size he was. Gently detangling himself from the pile of discarded clothes and his exhausted lover he glanced upwards feeling the moonlight tingle against his bare skin. It pulled the animalistic rage up from his inner self letting it overshadow his mind.

The King pounced quickly using his superior strength and agility to position himself at the perfect angle for a quick kill. The animal darted to the side fleeing the attacker's initial dive. Pushing itself off it took to tree, bounding from branch to branch gaining height with each leap. The chase would not be so easily lost. Twitching his tail the Saiyajin King shot after the fleeing beast felling it easily. The branch came free from its mounting in a single flash of energy. Disoriented and lost the creature tumbled down, its body bouncing off branches on its decent. The quadruped howled on the ground its legs kicking in a frantic panic. Vegeta stood over his prey, eyes drawn upwards in triumph. Bowing his head he smiled darkly, pressing his jaw against the pulsing artery of his catch he snarled as he sunk in his incisors relishing in the spraying blood. It bubbled out of the wound as did the gurgling sound from the beast's mouth.

Reining in the urge feast he shook off the trance for a moment, studying the creature at his feet. Its body was long, sleek and covered in short gray hairs. Large pointed ears seems out of proportion to its head and elongated muzzle. Its nose flinching in the lasts moments of life dark and moist glinting in the moonlight. It possessed a fifth appendage such as his, though it seemed to serve no purpose of than balance. The body bucked and spasemed in the moonlight in a final grunt before lying still. Vegeta backed away in horror wiping the blood from his maw as the light gray hairs began to retract and fade. He hissed in fear, a rare occurrence for one such as him. The felled creature's body was reforming itself. More muscle twitches raced over the body changing its physiology. Vegeta backed away in disgust gathering his sleeping lover in his arms. Angered and disturbed he strained his body to return to camp.

Alone with nothing but the wind for company a sole body lay atop trampled leaves and a severed tree limb. His face was delicately carved with androgynous features. Lips gently curved in a frown which seemed to draw in the sad expression of his demise. Despite the pooling blood he still possessed a hint of angelic innocence. Above the fallen disciple the trees leaned their branches together to block out the moonlight. Clouds gathered in darkened anger as the planet mourned for the loss of one of its own.

* * * * *

I'm sorry this took so long...I no longer posses I life...so things are hard right now....Michika

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