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The whole ship had felt the release of a massive build up of energy. Potatirs looked at Corais and blushed, they both knew were the energy rush had come from. Corais shrugged it off, it wasn't her place to comment of the royal family's private life, on the other hand her partner didn't hold the same morals as she did. "I've never felt anything like that in my life! Whoa! I bet Bulma-san is pleased!" Corais just grinned and playfully swatted her partner over the head.

* * * * *

The euphoria of their lovemaking had long worn off into a sickly feeling of uncleaness. Laying in the soiled sheets made Bulma uncomfortable and itchy. She struggled to sit up hindered by her lovers hands on her back forcing her to lay. The sound came faintly at first, then louder and longer to draw attention to itself. The Queen narrowed her eyes and turned to look at the communication screen. The message flashed brightly, 'Pods are ready. No response to messages. Planet has no detectable advanced life forms. Please Advise.

Annoyed and angry she hissed at her husband, "Vegeta! Get up" His only response was to release her from his grasp and turn over. His behaviorisms bothered her slighly, she'd always known him to have quick reflexes, especially when it came to sleep. Normally he was a light sleeper the slightest change in the enviroment around his sleeping form brough him instantly to awarness. She poked lightly at his side, he stayed sleeping, Bulma made a face and ventured to the bathroom.

The first thing she did was wipe away the angry red lines on lipstick marking their days as enemies. She emmerged half an hour later, her hair pulled back from her face and her features highlighted softly with make-up. All she needed now was to find some decent clothes to wear. While sifting through a pile of evergrowing laundry she paused, Vegeta was still in bed and the message was still flashing. Eventually she found something clean enough and as Vegeta would say 'Queen-like' enough to wear. After another failed attempt to wake the king from his slumber she left.

The ship was small enough to navigate without having too much trouble. Even with the strange looks she recieved from the crew the Queen found her destination quickly enough. Still accustomed to earth's manners she knocked and waited for a response. It took her a moment to clue in and make the proper adjustments to her approach.

Corais welcomed the Queen politly into their small cramped quarters. "I..well..I have a qu" She got cut off as Potatirs came bounding out of the shower still wet to greet the Queen. "Um Poe?" Corais sighed and motioned to her state of undress. "Oh..gomen Bulma-san!" and dashed back into the bathroom to dress. "A Question?" Corais nodded for her to continue. "Well you see"

Potatirs rentered the room this time fully clothed and dry, "So Bulma-san did you have a good time last night? Everyone's talking about it!" She grined and giggled in a very un saiyajin like fashion. The Queen's jaw dropped and she flailed for words, " heard us?" Abashed the younge guard grined sheepishly, "more like felt it. The energy you guys raised and released was huge!" The blush was burning on Bulma's face, "I...I didn't realise...were we that loud?" Potatirs caught the stern look Corais gave her and slunk out of the room, "I have training to do..."

Bulma was still taken aback by what she'd heard. "I think...I think I'd better go." In a daze like confusion she left, treading her was down the halls to her own room. The Queen was surprised to find Vegeta laying in bed, though this time obviously awake. He was looking over something in his lap. As she approached she gasped in surprise, it was her notebook. She'd been sketching things in it last night before he'd come to bed. Most of the drawings were for inventions and such, but there were a few pages dedicated to the translation of simple sentences in Saiyajingo. (is that right?) She'd been planning to learn the language but she hadn't found the time to sit and learn the basics of it.

The rudimentry sylables and characters of the language were scrawled out over a set of 12 pages. There were symboles of Vegeta's name and her own penciled in lightly in the margins so she would learn to reconise them easily at a glance. "Trying to learn Saiyajingo?" He asked, an eyebrow raised. "Vaugly" She responded while leaning over to steal the notebook back from him. He held onto it while taking in her scent. "That fruit, a mango," its name came out slighly accented making Bulma giggle. "Where did you get it?" He eyed her suspiciously wondering if she'd been poking around in things she wasn't supposed to be again. "Its from home." Bulma's eyes gained a slight dreamy quality as she thought of Chikyuu.

Vegeta snatched her pencil up off the nightstand and flipped to a blank page. He scribbled furiously for a moment before holding the book up to her face for her to read. To her it looked like a child's drawing, with many slashes and crossed lines. "What is it?" She peered closer at it, vaugly reconising it as the written language on Vejiitasei. "Its an scientific equation each member of the royal family is taught when they come of age for a special wine an..." he paused searching for the word in standard, "an aphrodisiac." The Queen remained confused, she didn't understand the relation. "This here," he tapped the book, "is an equation to create and to stimulate specific emotions brought on by the moonlight. That thing...the mango you fed me yesterday had the same reaction as this."

The Queen was almost speachless. "and whats wrong with that?" a sly grin appeared on her face, "I enjoyed it, didn't you?" Vegeta licked his lips and blinked rapidly, "this mango, has the same properties as the wine, though more potent. Something in its chemical make-up drives us to sexual madness, we loose controle and can become easily addicted to such things. Destroy them!" His voice had decened low and barely above a whisper. She watched him, he licked his lips again, almost like an addict. "Vegeta! Don't be silly, its a fruit, it can't do anything to you. And no I won't destroy them!" "I suppose you will suffer the consequences then!" He pulled her onto the bed and assulted her body with his lips.

* * * * *

The change came quick and easily for him. His spine compressed, bones shifted and changed bringing out a new form. He felt the first prickling signes of the change for a brief moment before a pelt sprouted from his body in a hazelnut explosion. He lost all speach capabilities and gained a fifth appendage cappable of sweaping down the stars from the sky. With the change compleat he streched his new body. There was always the subtle feeling of release as one changed from one form to the next.

The Goddess' deciple sprung forth into the foilage to search out and wait for the Saiyajin. Green blooming bushes and leaves whipped past his head and the wind inlaid with the scent of early morning dew. It reveled in the breeze and how it brough the soft delicate smells of the world around it. Finding a high vantage point in the trees it settled down to wait.

* * * * *

The crew stood on deck, their bodies all held in check in salute to their king. He watched them with his unwavering gaze, though his eyes where on his men, his mind was preparing for battle. The crew departed the Departure Hanger briskly leaving Potatirs, Corais, Bulma and Radditzu. Vegeta entered his pod, carved with the royal insignia on the hatch. He mentally carressed Bulma's mind before the door closed in a final hiss sealing him off from the ship. Bulma followed suit, immediatly feeling the closterphobic feel of the small pod. Radditzu gathered his hair in one palm and managed to manipulate his tall form into the smaller ship. The two queen's guardswoman were forced into sharing a pod each with supplies and equipment they might need.

The decent down to the planet's surface seemed short for all the experianced warriors, though to Bulma and her suddenly developped fear of enclosed spaces it was torture. It took each pod a standard hour to position itself outside the planet's atomosphere and wait for the weather conditions to improve for landing. It would have been possible for the ships to land it the most harsh weather, though in the intresst of keeping the landing party relativly close to each other on touchdown.

* * * * *

It waited patiently for the Saiyajin to land. The tree was large and its branchs thick enough for the deciple to rest comfortable in the cool shade of the large leaves. It could decet and feel the signs of anticipations of his fellow Goddess worshippers. The frantic gathering of creatures paying homage to their diety while preparing for the tournament she'd called.

It was the suble change in the air that caught its attention. The soft pulse of the planet's atomosphere became a steady pounding as it opened to let in the first of the competitiors. It arose with a soft shake of its body arousing its nerves and sleeping limbs. The tournament was about to begin.

* * * * *

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