Vegeta was stunned, he'd collaptsed into her welcoming embrace. He could feel the goosebumps on her body, smell her lonliness and blood. Blood? Why did he smell blood? The King detangled himself from her embrace, searching for the source of the smell. He gave up in his search for the misplaced scent, he had better things to attend to. Gently he brushed his thumbs over her face, pushing away the clinging strands of hair. Her eyes watered as she looked at him. The cord vibrated with new life, bright and warm.

She floated on the feeling of estacsy from his embrace, sitting alone in the tank had cleared out her feeling but it'd killed the feeling of closeness they shared. A new wall had been built over the ruins of their stuborness. Being in the dome was different then out here. Nothing could touch you in there, nothing to slash, stab or swipe at. Everything in there was the direct result of your own actions, no one to blame save yourself. The concept infuriated her, when she tried to hard to make something right it backfired in a sharp body slamming display of hatred or displaced Karma. Bulma wanted to just raise her arms and pound her fists in to body, to draw blood. Just to actually make a dent in his perfect body, or deal the last devistating blow to his pride. She wanted him to crumple at her feet in defeat, to beg for her forgivness.

Though in some fashion of the sense she had achived her desired reaction from him when she'd emmerged from the capsule. It wasn't enough to quell the new desire that manifested itself within her. Perhaps if she just settled down and looked over the entire situation with an analytical point of view she would be able to vanquish these violent temptations.

There was someting different about her. He could sense the change as he held her. His Queen held herself differently, almost haughtly and dominating. The usually relaxed muscles were firm and taugh. Carefully he reached up and cautiously pressed a gloved hand to her naked back just below her neck. Softly he pressed on a vital nerve catching her limp body as it fell into his arms. He knew she would never submit to anyone looking her over, but the smell of blood lingered, tell him it was an unavoidable necessity. The King paused for a moment, he stepped inside the black capsule and snatched the first peice of cloth he could find.

Together, willing and un, the royal family departed from the cargo bay towards the medlab. Guarding the doors beyond the lower cargo decks stood Potatirs and Corais, both standing at attention. Potatirs' back ached from the long hours she'd spent at the door in the last week. The Queen had shown no signs of emmerging since she'd been transported onboard, it would be a long 12 weeks until they encountered their rendez-vous on the designated planet. The sound of doors caught her by surprise, and even more so was the sight of their rulers. They were gone in a moment, but the quick view reveiled details and hints of fevorish panic on their monarch's face.

The meds poked and prodded at the Queen, with no hint of the outcome on their faces. Vegeta, not a fan of the medics or contact with others had retreated to the corner. Finally one of the techs approached the King, giving him a silent nod. He gathered up his woman and left without at word.

In the weeks that followed, the Queen made little if no attempts to reconcile the obviously building wall between herself and lover. They both made purposeful actions and scheduals to avoid the other durring the day yet would sleep in the same bed without a word at night. In a daily ritual Bulma would mark off the days since her reentrance to the world with a single stroke of red lipstick on the mirror in her own bathroom. No one dared enter that single room, for fear of what objects she kept hidden in the storage compartments. They didn't need another royal incident.

* * * * *

The Chikyuujin Queen had only been on the throne a scarce Vejiitasei month when the incident had occured. She'd been cultivating plants in a small room with a skylite roof. It seems that certain plants grew faster on Vejiitasei due to the higher amounts of CO2 and other cemicals in the air. Sifting through her monsterous pile of encapsulated materials from the Capsule Corporation Headquarters her eyes came to rest on a green capsule...Terrestrial Rehabilitation... She muttered the words over to herself, Project 7G, Terrestral Rehabilitation? It sounded familar but she couldn't place its origins, she was out of practise.

Mentally agreeing with herself her opened the capsule. Bulma was fuming moments later when she found herself and her bedroom buried in 4 feet of capsules. "What in fucking hell is this? Who in their fucking mind came up with this? I don't need this bullshit.." The woman was liberal with the harsh language as she fought her way out of the mounds of capsules. Whoever had packed up Project 7G was an idiot, there was no system of organization or anyway to tell if something had been lost. She strugged to keep herself on steady feet, every movement would bring a capsule under her feet, undermining her balance.

After landing harshly in the pile of capsules once more she resorted to surrender. She just gave herself up and let her body go limp. It felt strangly soothing just to lay and feel the small round objects shift under her weight. The capsules gave of a faint scent of something....home, the soft smell of damp soil and the warm feeling of dizzying sunlight as it played across your face. Sleep just seemed appropriate.

She woke up to a shocking view of reality, more of a feeling the view. The capsules were draining out of the enclosed room quickly, too fast for Bulma to gather her footing and stand. Like a tsunami Bluma and the wave of capsules spilled out of the room from a newly opened door, causeing distruction to everything in their path. When the impromto carnival ride came to a halt, the Queen looked upward with her hair and clothing askew to her oddly amused husband.

His chiseled featurs wore a faint smirk of mirth. His mate was odd in everyway, from coloring to customs, though this, he pulled a leg out of the pile of debris was beyond her normal scope of havoc. Holding one leg aloft the crowned ruler of Vejiitasei began to pluck out invading caplules from within the rim of his boot. She was laughing, giggling in girlish delight, though not at him directly, at the situation. "Whats so funny?" The response came out gruffer then he indended. "Just this!" She gestured to the mess around her, as she stood. The small hint of humour vanished from his face as he turned, "Come with me, we have matters of state to discuss."

She followed him dillegently through the corridors of the palace. As they passed though familar halls Bulma grabbed Vegeta's wrist and pulled hard. She wanted to make a quick stop to water her plants before she forgot. The King whirled around a backfist raised in defence, it was not common place on Vejiitasei to touch another, even if they were mates. It was a new custom that a large portion of the poputation frowned apon. As hard as Vegeta had tried to dissuade her causal presses of her body againts his, or the public displays of affection he found it harder and harder to disipline her when the scent of her body combined with her lusicious curves pressed againts him oh so inticingly.

"What is it now Woman?" Though she concidered the term 'woman' dirogetaory, Bulma understood it as a pet name, a secret unvoiced way for Vegeta to express the emotions he was banned from showing. "I need to water my plants!" She eyed him, "What use are plants? They nolonger serve to purify Vejiitasei's air, we have air units to do such meanial tasks, besides they aren't fitting for a planet as strong as ours. It is unbecomming for a warrior to keep such frivolus objects in our possesion." The Queen could scarsly believe her ears, Vegeta, her husband had actually said more then two sentances to her in public without implying sex, or training in some way. Her step faltered and she grabbed a bicep to keep her aloft. "Alright where's my husband? Are you an evil clone?" She peered into his eyes playfully, pertending to scrutenise his features. He batted her away softly, he didn't particularly enjoy having others stare at him so intently, it wasn't an occurance he was accusomted to a royalty. With a firm grasp on his arm she pulled on him, leading him towards her makeshift greenhouse.

When they arrived Bulma almost fainted, inside her plants were in shambles. Planters and watering cans were strewn about, dirt and plant leaves haplessly littered across the floor. "WHO IS KAMI'S NAME DID THIS?" Her voice rose to the upper octives making her mate wince. Hurridly she checked the fallen flora, few of the plants could be saved. As she righted the fallen pots and straightened the plants, she heard it. A soft whimpered sobbing in the background. Carefully she peered through a patch of plants, there soiled and crying sat a child. No more then 3 she guessed, an infant all alone locked in a room with no on to comfort them. Abandonning her clean up she strode over to the child, Vegeta beat her to the infant. He snatched it up akwardly, "Stop that racket!" The child continued its whimpering, agrivating the King. "Oh Vegeta! Thats not how you do it!" He glared at her over his shoulder. She came abrest with him and gently gathered the child from his grasp. Pulling it to her chest she rubbed soothing circles into its back, "Ahh poor little guy, your okay now!" She smiled, bouncing the child lightly in her arms. "Where do you think he came from Vegeta?" Her husband snorted, "how should I know where the brat come from?" Bulma shrugged and sauntered towards the door, "Well I guess we'll just have to find out!"

It took them the better part of the day to return the rampant child to it's place in the nursary. All the while Bulma whined and fought againts Saiyajin policy to be separated from their children.

* * * * *

Weeks passed and Bulma rebuild her terrerium with new plants from the project she spilled in her room. She'd had an immense craving for apples and pears from back home. Though on Vejiitasei they had long outgrown the use of fuits nad vegetables. Everything they need in a meal came from meat and soup-like gruel. The King and Queen's meal didn't look quite like gurel but Bulma could discern it was the same thing that the soldiers ate though more presentable.

Apparently in her haste for the sweet food she missed, a wrong batch of seeds had been planted. Instead of apples she seemed to be growing mangos. Daily she would dottle over the plants having given each a pet name. Vegeta's reaction had been priceless when he'd caught her fawning over the plants one morning. "You care for them like earth children!?!" Bulma just grinned, "Yes, Vegeta why? Don't you like my..children?" He paused for a moment, "It is unbefitting of a Queen." She giggled and pressed her hips up againts his, letting her fingers trail along the leinght of his tail, "then maybe you should give me one of my own?" He stood shocked, did she not know what she was doing? A Child? Vegeta took a step back from her, almost harsly. Her hand still held his tail in her palm. He flicked it away from her grasp, "Vegeta?" He said nothing, but stormed out of the room instead.

The Queen stood paralysed with fear and the unknowing what to do. Her hand still held aloft, with the ghostly remeberance of the feeling of his tail. "Wait!" She dashed after his retreating form. "I don't understand? What did I do?" He was indifferent to her calls. Furious she stormed back into her terrerium, "If he's going to act like a fuck, so what! Dumb monkey." She ranted in her small room venting her anger. Eventually growing bored of damning her husband's name she resorted to spinning endless circles in her desk chair. When the nausia began to creep up her neck and up towards her eyes, she stopped. Her eyes landed on exactly the perfect cure for her distainful mood. Round and green with flecks of red, orange a yellow stared her back, 'eat me...' they seemed to whisper. Plum and full, it filled her hand easily as she pulled the fruit from its mounting. Like it was an orb of the gods she cradled it in her arms as she walked back to the royal chambers.

Gently she stripped away its skin reavealing the golden fuit underneath. It was then cut into delicate bite sized morsels and arrainged dantily on a platter. The bait was set, now all she had to do was snap the trap. She felt giddy as she sent an empty urgent text message to his private training facility. She knew a blank message would arouse his curiousity enough that he would check the sender. She sat back, careful not to rumple her hair or her clothing. Since returning she'd changed her clothes and touched up her make-up and hair. A shower would be pointless if things went as planned.

As she predicted Vegeta came moments later, flustered and annoyed at the interuption. Though in his mind he knew that if that blank message had been his mate's call for help he would never forgive himself. There was a new smell in the air, heady and deep, yet scarce. He surveiyed the room searching for the cause of the urgent message. Nothing was amiss, his eyes trailed over the rest of the room, there she sat unharmed and dainty. "Woman, I demand you explain you interuption of my training." He crossed his arms for extra emphassis. "I just wanted to say I was sorry for earlyier." She stood slowly swinging her hips as she sauntered over to him. "I want to make it up to you." He couldn't resist her, he could feel himself giving in already.

"You cannot simply 'make it up'!"The words sounded unfamilar as he repeated them. "She pouted and batted her eyelashes at him again, "The I guess I'll have to work extra hard." By this point in the conversation she'd began to peel off his sweat soaked clothes while running her cool hands over his warm body. The effect was immanent, goosebumps rose on his body and his tail twitched furiously from its confines under his weighted armor. "I have training to do woman!" He snapped, this was just the kind of distraction that could force him to loose this tournament. "Please Vegeta? Just half an hour? I promise if your not enjoying yourself then you can go back to your precious training." She pulled on his forarms, tugging him towards the couch with a devious smile playing on her lips.

Vegeta almost lost his balance as he watched and felt his bride press him backwards to the sofa with her hips while seductivly undoing her shirt. Unconciously he licked his lips in anticipation. With her shirt undone yet still closed she crawled on his lap facing him with a leg on either side, "I thought you wanted to train?" She whispered nuzling her body up to his naked torso. "I suppose I should let you go then..."she sighed while she nipped and licked at his collar bone. He leaned back relishing in the feeling of her tounge and teeth playing over his skin. "Perhaps...Perhaps I will stay...yes stay..." His eyes slid backwards in esctasy in corrilation with his arching back. She smiled and licked her lips, "I have something... for you to try..." Bulma leaned away from him snatching a peice of the golden fruit. "Here have some..." She popped the fruit in her mouth and pressed her lips againts his, transfering the food.

He grined againts her lips, while her fingers marveled at the child-like softness of his skin. Never stubble or a mark, she mussed. She surmised that his whole body was in the same state, unmarked and beautiful. Though this wasn't the time to muss on such things, his skillful fingers and toungue was calling her away.

* * * * *

"I trust everything is in order?" Darkness shroud everything in oblivion. "Yes My goddess. We have seen to everything in accordance of your plans." Soft child-like peels of laughter echoed in the onxy blackness of the room. As similar to an infants the laughter did sound, there was no innocence in the maniacle giggles of this spirit. "Good then deliver the co-ordinates and go meet our...contestants..."

* * * * *

"Sir, we are approaching the rendez-vous point as directed." The young warrior paused in his duties, waiting for the next command.

"Do as the instructions demand, Prep 5 pods for immediate departure and send them a greeting message." In his gloves, the king's hands began to itch and tremble. The electricity of battle loomed in the air as he watched the small world rise into view on a computer screen. Less then three quarters the size of Vejiitasei the planet was a brilliant blue hue rimmed with a bright white aura.

In her room, Bulma paced and plotted, "What if he gets hurt? Or Dies? He doesn't know anything about these people. Vegeta's just too stubborn and to lustful for a fight to care. The very idea of having him leave when they were on less the good terms sent shivers through the golden bonding cord and down her spin.

* * * * *

"Goddess, the Saiyajin King Vegeta has reached the contact point and is awaiting futher instructions" There was a long pause in the darkness, "Let them be, when more contestants arrive I will attend to them personally. Watch them." "Yes mistress, I will do as you command." The informant scampered off leaving its Mistress to ponder Vegeta's early arrival.

The Saiyajin had been tested and ranked lowest for technological ability in all the 133 contestants. How is it possibly that they, who had the farthest distance to travel left their homeplanet 3 weeks later then her calculation arrived a week early to her tournament? She puzzled over this new enigma.

* * * * *

"Vegeta?" Bulma mumbled from the bed. She'd heard him enter, it had awakened her from sleep. He gave no response, just silently crawled under the covers and pressed his body around hers. Twisting out of his comforting and warm embrace she turned to face him in the darkness. She started with soft butterfly kisses brushing them down his face and onto his lips. She knew he was tiered from all his training but it didn't matter. Bulma couldn't talk to Vegeta, they weren't a normal couple and they didn't talk like one. He understood sex, and she understood sex. It was common ground for each and seemingly symbolised that everything was fine between the two.

His reaction was slow, but excusable, he seemed like he was ready to fall aleep at any moment. The kisses flourished into nips and bites, a gently tug on his ear and a careful nip on the lip. She became savage in her ministrations, straddling his lap urging him to come play with her. He took the bait, it was quick. It took no time for him to pin his wife under his muscled body, letting his toungue glid down her smooth legs to nibble on a toe or two. Bulma giggled at the feeling of having him lick her, it was a new erotic experiance. Her belly and neck seemed to hold a place of interest for him as he kissed and cuddled with her smooth flesh. (Vegeta cuddling? o_O;) She smiled and traced her hands lightly down his back, making gooseflesh appear. He looked up at her a sly grin spreading across his face. Bulma narrowed her eyes at him, he was plotting something. It was a senses overload for Bulma as he began to glow, it was an ethral golden glow that sent tingles over her skin with each caress. His hands were wonderful as they trailed over her back lifting her to kneel on the bed with him. He kissed her breats and nibbled on ear, playing with an earing.

Bulma almost passed out with pleasure, her eyes slid closed and she felt herself begin to rock on her knees. His hands held her upright as his mouth pushed at her walls, making her body impossible to control. As his mouth decended on her breast she arched her back towards him, "Please" she whimpered, "now..." He refused to give in and continued to make her arch againts him. She moaned pushing her hips againts his in an effort to get her desired reaction. Nothing happened. He continued to play with her body forcing her to wait when her body was quivering on the edge. Vegeta enjoyed teasing her body, watching it quiver and gasp for more of his touch. Her nails drew sharp crevaces down his back as he ventured lower.

Bulma's body had long relinquished control to her lover. Nothing could be done, this sweet torture session was what her body had been craving for a long time. What she really wanted was for him to stop teasing her and just let her be dominat for a moment. She gasped with a new sensation, then again he seemed to be doing fine.

"Now...ung.....Vegeta,....ohhh... now....ahh!" From his vantage point he smiled. Pulling himself away from her he looked down on her, eyes half lidded and lips partially open in escasy. Just watching her body glistning with sweat and the smells she gave off was driving him somewhere he'd never been. If he were to enter her he would loose all control, the urge to take her was that strong.

In his moment of self reflection, Bulma had emmerged from her near catatonic coma of pleasure. Her hands shoved him backwards onto the bed and she hurried to straddle his growing errection. Her goal fell short when she saw his tail, dancing in the air softly, waiting for her to tease it like he'd done to her. She snatched it easily bringing its furry tail to her lips. She sat down carefully on his thighs, below his manhood suckling on his 5th appendance. She nipped at his soft fur while blowing a constant stream of cold air. It twitched and struggled to escape her hand and mouth. She twisted her body forwards watching his mouth twitch and his eyes roll upwards in sexual defeat.

She stopped playing and released her captive, there were other more pressing things to attend to. Lifting herself up on her legs she slid herself on her lover. A moments pause for a sigh of releaf. His eyes shot open and he knew he'd lost control. All those times of mental resolve no to enter her had failed. She'd turned the tables and taken him for herself. His mind was lost as she began to rock and moan, driving his body close to the apex. She pressed herself harder and faster to him reveling in the sensations of intercourse. The feel of him pressed hard and close inside her sent her body close to assention. The heat from her body on his let him dawn new strength to become dominant once more. With her on the bottom he continuted her frantic pace adding more speed with each stroke. She wanted dominance and he could feel it, the was she thrust her hips againts his and clawed her hands down his back. He obliged her by rolling on his back once more. The edge loomed closer over each of them. With each press of her pelvis againts his she liffted herself closer to her goal.

It was comming, they could both feel it, the omnious cloud pressing close in the darkness. Bulma sensed the moment and grasped it firmly, she pressed herself down hard agints him, in one final act she leaned herself on his chest and gathered his lips in hers. It came rushing and hard, warm and cold, Shoving itself over every inch of the lovers in every crevase and opening. They panted together in harmony feeling beautiful euphoria engulf them in a glorious symphony of released sexual tension.

As Bulma raised herself to free her lover from her body he gathered her hips in his hands and held her to him. In undertanding of his wishes she sunk back down to her former position and lay her head to rest upon his chest.

* * * * *

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