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The Saiyajin King watched carfully as his group of highly trained guards floated soundlessly into the stark room. Each soldier held his breath not wanting to destroy this highly sensitive operation. They circled the single object in the metal sheilded room, taking up pre-determined positions. Vegeta expelled an extra amount of ki to levitate above the domed object, he turned slowly watching all of his men. Each of their faces locked intently on their monarc, waiting for his next silent order.

Together the wordless group hefted the Queen's sanctuary, carefully no to give any signs to the occupant inside. They held the Black Capsule above their heads, each soldier hovering above the alibaster floor by a few inches. Under Vegeta's direct supervision they passed through a wall that'd been carefully and silently removed, down newly widened corriodors out to the launch pad. They placed the precious cargo, each pair of eyes watching Vegeta carefully. With a scowl the King sent his guardsmen scurrying to their positions. Calmly he slunk down next to the doors his arms held in the air by bent knees.

She wasn't supposed to know, the project wasn't supposed to carry on for such a long period of time. Though their was setbacks and disruptions. It took time for ships to return to Chikyuu to gather test subjects and relevant information on the subject. Then there was the gene defects and the DNA inadiquacies, some of the subjects were to genetically different from his mate to be useful in the experiments. The gestation times were longer with humans and the fetus' couldn't be removed from the mother without extrem risk of stunting the child's physical growth. When the woman had entered the project she'd seen what the scientists called the reject walls. Hallways lined with those embryos that'd made it to the final stages of birth but suffered severe mental and or physical handicaps. Most of these occured when the scientists had induced the aging process.

His accute senses picked up the vauge vibrations under his body as the ship rumbled to life. It would be 13 weeks until they arrived on the designated planet. The cloaked creatures that'd proposed this match, were not too specific apon details. The King was given a simple peice of paper, something far outdated on Vejiitasei, with coordonates to the selected planet for the rendevous. From there the combatants and a small group of trainers would accompany the Cloaked people back to their own homeworld.

The thought of battle brought Vegeta's blood to a boil, it'd been a long time since he'd thrown a punch, and even longer since he'd had a worthy opponent to battle againts in the arenas. Sitting apon that hard cold throne for days on end gave him nothing but displeasure. The muscles up his legs would twitch and bunch aching to flex in the motion of a high kick. His temperment was legendary, the smallest error on ones part could mean death. But the simple ki techniques it took to sever one's corotid artery was child's play. Vegeta craved a fight, one with a complex and calculating opponant. Where every attack might be your last. His body desired the hot flashes you felt when a ki attack slammed into exposed flesh. He want to lay panting on the dirt floor of an arena watching his own blood pool down infront of his eyes, to see the rich crimson dribble to a halt.

He had tried to train, though with the absence of his Queen, her duties fell to his unwilling feet. Even when he sacrificed sleep he couldn't bring himself to attack the training equipement in his personal gym. Everything whispered her name in remeberance. It was tearing apart somthing in his mind, at first he thought it was his soul, but later rationalised that he didn't have one. The epiphinay came to him one night while laying in his sweat soaked bed, the covers torqued around him impossibly tight. It was his bond with her, the golden cord that streched between himself and her was slowly loosing its indancesance. That single celestial thread that enabled him to feel her and vice versa was in all essance of the word, dying.

Vegeta shot up to his feet, his body strained into a fighting stance. The doors of the cargo bay snaked open, the kings fingers twitched as the dancing feeling of pins and needles signified the mounting energy. There was a pause as the air shifted, the intruder was female. Her scent was in the air, sharp and pungent, she'd been sweating profusly recently. "Sir, were entering sector four double nine sire." She waited, afraid to rake her eyes across the room to find the king. The Guardswoman knew he was there, she could feel the steady pulse of his throbbing energy. (That sounds sooo wrong -.-;) "Leave" It was a barely containted whisper of despirated need of isolation. The fighter took it in stride and vanished from his sight.

His legs quivered and he half stumbled, half fell to the door of the dome. Pressing his cheek againts the cold unrelenting metal he closed off his mind and body to the world. Through the gauntlet of his mind he searched for the golden rope. In his mind's eye he could envision himself, the regal looking ruler of and unmatchable race. His face, was sharp and comanding, creatures tremebled at his feet pleading for their lives, with a simple flick of his finger he could destroy entier solar systems, but with all the power and control in the universe he was unable to console the trembling heart of his life-mate. "P...p..." the words would not form. "B...bu..."they choaked and died in this thoat. Still in his own subconciousness his psycic body crumpled onto the fading thread.

In her own personal hell Bulma felt it, like sharp slash across her face. He was calling to her, with ever wave his voice and the feeling of his presence became thinner and hollow, he was vanishing. She kicked her legs in a despirate panick to stand in the water. Regardless of her nakedness she rushed to the door, the floor was slick with water spilt from her hurried escape of the water. The ebony marble was coated in water, as the Queen ran her footing gave out and she slid for a few paces before falling to the floor. The Chikyuu native lay watching the ceiling swirl in a technicolor dream, bloor dripping from the back of her scalp to mingle in the water on the floor. Bulma exhaled in painful confusion, shoving herself up on her elbows. She pushed herself to her knees were she reached to key in the exit code in the keypad.

Againts his body he felt a shudder. The door, it was opening. It was like swimming through gelten water, pushing and straining to get to the top. His head rang with senses as Vegeta reconnected with the world. Out and away from the inerworkings of his mind he leaned back watching the door open. His mouth fell open in dispondant shock. His wife was balanced precariously on her knees, face turned upwards in a struggle. Her blue hair was plastered over her face and down her body, thick strands stuck to her naked body enhancing her pale features. He turned and pulled her into his embrace buring himself in her essence.



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