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Bulma cried herself to fits every moment her mind brought the images to her eyes. They were disturbing, mentally assulting, bile raising, anguishing pictures. Each moment she closed her eyes they would float up to her from the depths of her mind, bubbling up like some wronged potion in a wickedly enchanded evil cauldron. The engraved sights would never been smoothed out of her concious, she was sure of it. With another outcry, she pulled her head below the dark waters of her sanctuary.

~* ~ * ~ *~*~

The steril smell of purposly induced death, made her keel. Soft cold-footed spiders crawled in antagonising patterns over her body. The soft bubbling filled the room, the sound served as a constant reminder of the gruesome secrets kept locked away and barely breathing. Everything was lit with a darkened marroon shimmer cast off from hundreds of bubbling cylinders that lined a black corridor. The bile rose up her esophagas and spilled over into her mouth. She took a cautious step towards one of the bubbling chambers. It was half set into the black metal wall, a simple barcode scrawled in white marker on the cool glass; #95487.

Natural scientific curiosity prodded her sharply. Her hand shook uncontrolably unexplicably as she reached out to place her palm on the glassy surface. Swirls of silver began to slither around mixing in with the marroon creating a macabre performance of dancing shadows. She shivered in the darkness feeling its taloned fingers brushing over her in trails of fear. There was a new color in the spinning mixture, a shadowed black. It seemed to travel in under it's own power carressing the inside of the glass quickly before fading back into the chamber.

Bulma peering closer into the glass to watch, it was there suddenly, blinking back at her. It was a single ebony eye, its skin a dark indistinguishable color. The eye blinked, its long lashed brushing up againts the glass pushing aside the marroon liquid leaving claw-like marks on the surface.

The Queen screamed and jumped backwards, her heel catching on the hem of her gown. Bulma scrambled on the floor half screaming half sobbing out of fear. The creature moved away from the glass and let the purple sand-like liquid wash away it's evidence. The body shaking slowly subsided and she worked her ways to her knees and then to her feet. Always watching the cylinder, afraid that that...that thing could jump through the glass at any moment and...and...she didn't want to think about the ands.

Slowly she began to back away. The glass umbrellaed through the air and rained down upon the fleeting woman. Sparkling shards spilled down and imbedded themselves in her hair, like glistning snowflakes. Bulma turned her eyes growing wide with horror as she witnessed the sand-like liquid ooze out of the broken cylinder, the occational bubble popped on the surface disturbing the eery silence. Her blue eyes searched feverently for the creature. The tension mounted and her heart thudded againts her breast, its repeated thudding drowing out her hearing.

It hissed off in the darkness pouncing on the queen hissing and snarling, the goo dripping from its maw onto the frightened earthlings face. For a breif moment she could make out the glistning of an eye, though the rest was too obscured by the darkness to determine. It, #95487 whatever it was was watching her, studying its prey. It's breath was ragged, as if the entier span of its actions had drained it compleatly. The panting grew in timber as it pressed its paws? into her shoulders.

The guards appeared silently out of the inky shadows without a sound. One flung the creature off the Queen where it landed with a hurtful yelp. They encircled it like a menacing mob and began to beat at it, each guard taking a chance to plant a kick or a punch. They weren't protecting Bulma, they were nothing but a bunch of school yard bullies hurting the poor animal on the floor. The Queen watched as the body hiccuped and convulsed harsly on the floor, she could see the shadowy outline of blood spurting upwards with every hit. It wimpered and withered under the attackes as the blood spilled freely staining everything.

The bullies steped away, all saluting smartly at attention, one remarked bluntly, "the creature has been dispatched your Highness." Without the soldiers shadows to hid the fallen beast Bulma took a step towards it and peered down. It still twitched occasionally, its single cycloptic eye staring upwards at her, the gaze unsettly. The whole body seemed to be misformed as she reconised a few key biological errors. It's chest cavity was too far, which resulted in diminushed lung capacity and organ function. It had two eyes apparenly, one bright and black shimmering in the dim light, the other pale and useless covered by retena film. Only one arm had been formed correctly, the other bent in unusual places. Both its legs seemed too short in proportion to its torso, she looked closer, both limbs seemed to have stopped growing when the first meager beginnings of bones had started to form.

~* ~ * ~ *~*~

It'd taken the Queen a better part of an earth month to discover what the lower science levels held in those bubbling cylinders. All the while Vegeta had been playing the dutful husband, he'd been having experiments concoted in the sealed corridors of the underground labrinth. Apparently 4 slave ships had been sent back to Chikyuu without her knowlegde, they'd collected earthlings and brought them back to Vejiitasei silently and without incident. Those slaves had been disected, mutilated and pulverised until the Vejjitasei slaves had finally deduced that only specific cromesome groups from human carriers could pair sucessfully with a Saiyajin warrior to create a properly formed hybrid child. The odds, Bulma had worked out in her head were around 17 000 to 1 that the pairings would be successful.

#95487 had been one of those pairings that hadn't quite worked, one gene sequence had been off. The hairs on Bulma's body rose as she dropped the file she'd been reading to the floor. The entier project hidden in the center of the planet was a genetic breeding ground. It made her shiver to think that if she were to become pregnant with Vegeta's child that it could possibly turn out like #95487.

The Queen had shed tears over the lost creatures and her earthmates, though action needed to be taken. It came to her slowly over the daily hubbub of the palace. First she needed time to think, then she would act. Days were spent laboring over the Black Capsule, its design perfected and conceiled as she built it. Barly moments after she'd finished the Black Capsule, Vegeta had destroyed her lab, pushing her over the emotional edge.

* * * * *

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