Bulma snorted and threw another iron wrench at the metal walls, watching it dent the shiney mocking silver panneling. "God-dammed mother fucking..." The tears grew to strong and she slid to the floor whimpering into her hands. 'This isn't what I was promised. I was supposed to be happy. What happened?...' The tears still fell solomly creating a sad pattern in her lap. 'It was all I eveer wanted...why does nothing turn out like it should?' She hissed and searched through her dress for her Black capsule.

. . . [ M e n t a l l y _ T i re d ] . . .

The Black capsule exploded into a large shimmering ebony dome. Inside was just as she'd left it, a circular floor with rings of black marble steps leading down to a single circular pool of water. Around the steps where thousands of candles, some partially burt some not. The Queen stripped off the formal gown leaving it hanging by the door while she exchanged it for a simple black silk robe. She set about lighting the candles, the routine of lighting the candles dimmed some of her anger slowly. When all of the candles danced in tarnished gold light she slipped off the robe and slipped into the pool of water. The warm liquide seeped into her pores calminnng her. As sleep nearded she began to remeber the lyrics to a song.

At night she spreads her wings
she dreams of bigger things
she floats above the town
she sings without a sound...

Slow lethargy began to climb and twist through her body like creepying Ivy. The soft petals carressing her skin pulling her to solice.

. . . [ E m o t i o n a l l y _ R a v a g e d ] . . .

The soft heat gathered her body and soul in its warm hands and began to rock her to sleep. Her mind demanded the dark and dreamless feeling fulfilling sleep.


The King was positivily livid when he found his queen had once again gone into recluse inside that metallic dome. It was sound-proof and Saiyajin-proof. For once in his life he'd come across an obsticale he couldn't destroy or overcome. She'd been like this for weeks on end, since he'd given his response to the tournament. Her melencoly disposition brought back the gloom of the palace that had long been vaquished with her arrival on Vejiita-sei. She'd taken to eating her meals alone in silent solice in her laboratory. Within the walls she'd constructed the Black Capsule, it was her escape from reality. When the King learned what it was she was building within the metallic walls he'd given the order for it to be torn down.

He'd watched from the doorway as soldiers burst forth into her private sanctuary and began dismantalling everything in sight. The Queen had snatched up a wrench and shook it at him menicingly, she would get her revenge she promised. With the last box of her percious equipment gone from her view she began to cry. He'd heard the dull thump of the tool denting the walls and her wails of hatred before leaving.

Vegeta had returned later to escort the Queen dinner and found with angry displeasure that she'd somehow kept the Black Capsule and gone into hiding within its black walls. Cackling energy gathered around his fist and he smashed it into the outter wall, the wall shimmered as it reflected his attack. He flexed his hand finding two knucles broken and a few disjointed fingers. The dome's silent rebuke angered the King further driving him to break the remaining knuckles and most of his fingers.

Eventually he gave up, believing she would emerge eventually. In place of his own vigil he chose two soldiers from the Queen's Guards to watch the Black Capsule. Both soldiers nodded at the end of the king's speel of explicit instructions. When the door hissed shut the first guard turned to the second, "Corais, what happened to her?" The second sighed deeply, "I don't know Potatirs, I just don't know."


The lyrics are Semisonic's 'She Spreads her Wings', from the CD 'Feeling strangly fine.'

Lordess, I know that was incrediably and probably painfully short. I haven't been having the best life the last couple of weeks. Everything seems to be going wrong. Sorry all. I'll try to do something longer next time.

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