Court had long been adjourned, leaving only the King and this new creature. The dark night cast frightening shadows on every part of the room save for one spot of starlight illuminating the throne and dais. "Tell me more..."The King leaned back into his chair, fingers clenched and a darkened grin on his face. "I have told you all I am able to Milord." The creature cocked its head to one side, the metallic ringing filling the room. "I am being called; must take my leave. If thou wish to participate, I shall attend your court the eve of moon next. We expect your reply." It bowed and stepped backward into the shadows, vanishing. Vegeta closed his eyes and envisioned himself victorious over a race of creature with a power level less then that of his mate. If anything were to be gained by this battle, it would be a planet and slaves to say the least, although there were the politics that went along with such things. Politics and he didn't seem to mesh properly.

The queen pulled at her aqua colored locks, watching herself in the mirror. Vejiita-sei seemed devoid of any article that resembled anything from Chikyuu. Something in the pit of her stomach turned, she felt a sudden longing for home. To crawl back into her bed with its soft cotton sheets and well-worn comforter; to be a virgin again and dream what it would be to have a man in her, with no pressing social rituals to confine and shape her future. Already she felt like she'd lived a lifetime in the dreary summer palace, wandering endlessly in the halls with the occasional midnight romp with her more then willing husband.

It seemed as of recently he was becoming more and more of a satyriasis and her a nymphomaniac. Sex was quickly becoming her only source of entertainment; it frightened her, yet made her feel more desirable at the same moment. A small smile passed over her mouth as she put down her brush and stood. Bulma pulled at one of the drawers of a dresser she insisted be placed in their room. It was quite obvious to Bulma that as of late her mate had become rather stressed over his new elevation to King. From the top drawer, she began to pull out two red capsules and one white one. It didn't take long for her to place and set alight the hundreds of candles around the room and bed. The Vejiita-sei Queen changed her clothes to a bra and knickers set, then settled down on the bed to wait.

She didn't have to wait long before the doors opened and her King stood in the light from the outer room of their chambers. Bulma looked up from her book and pulled her reading glasses of her face, "Hello." The statement was simple enough, though it made Vegeta suspicious of her motives. "What is this?" His tone came out gruff, more so then he intended. "They're candles, aren't they pretty?" She smiled again at him before she pushed her glasses and book under the bed. She stood and approached him slowly her white robe fluttering gently behind her. "They remind me of home." Bulma laid her head on his shoulder, "Your home is here now." The Queen sighed, "Maybe it is, but I don't feel welcomed here." His hands came up around her rubbing circles in the small of her back for a moment before he caught himself showing affection.

"Vegeta, you don't have to be so cold all the time." She pulled away from him, tugging his hand towards the bed. Gently she sat him down and crawled behind him, tugging at the heavy armour he wore. Soon he sat with only his pants and boots on as she kneeded his back with her hands. Eventually she coaxed him to lay down with her, his head cradled in her arms on her breasts. It was just a relaxing moment for the two as she rubbed out all the tension from his body until he no longer held control of it.

Long into the night he'd watched the flickering flames dance, mocking him almost, yet calming him in the same instance. He sat up and pulled off his boots and pants before climbing under the covers tugging them over himself and his alien bride. In her slumber, she moaned and pressed herself up against his body, settling her head on his shoulder and threading her fingers through his own. Strangely to Vegeta, this felt more fulfilling then sex could have ever been on this particular night.

Together the couple lay entwined in soft sheets and the glow of candlelight until one by one the soft burning flames disappeared into the ever-consuming darkness. When the last of the sparks of life were extinguished and the blackness advanced on the lovers, they pulled each other closer in an unbreakable embrace against the world.

Sometime during the moon's reign, Bulma woke slowly, feeling out her surroundings with her senses. For a fraction of a second her mind dug up images of her alone out in the wilderness on nights so black one could not see. Creatures jumped out at her, snarling and snapping their jaws for her blood. The Vejiita-sei queen closed her eyes, banishing the terrible barrage of nightmarish creatures. When her mind had calmed, she could again feel the texture of her lover's skin on her cheek and his scent in her nose.

She trailed her fingers over his profile in the dark, then down to his chest. It seemed slightly unusual that he hadn't woken at the exact moment her breathing pattern changed, as was the norm. The Chikyuusei woman smiled slightly and pressed her lips to his, trailing butterfly kisses over his face and down over his chest. Under her light touch she could feel him slowly awakening. He smiled as he woke up, feeling the warm touches of her kisses, that human thing she'd taught him. "En..joy..yo..ur...sl...eep...se..xy?" She whispered between kisses. In the dark she felt him shift his weight and pull her atop him.

Bulma squeezed her thighs on his waist and let her hands wander aimlessly. It didn't take long for Vegeta's furry appendage to appear. His tail snaked across her stomach and up behind her tugging the back of her bra working at the clasps. A small giggle escaped her as the soft fur tickled her delicate skin. With a final twist of his tail the bra fell open and he pulled it away from her body with his teeth. A furious grin tugged at the corner of his mouth as his exquisite eyesight beheld her bared breasts.

He slowly brought his hands up to her hips, grasping them he lifted her so her breasts were in perfect reach for his mouth. There was a small sigh in the darkened room as Vegeta began to suckle like a child. Her hands continued to wander, finding the top of the sheet at his waist and working their way up trailing her nails over his treasure trail and upwards. She could feel his lips part in a smile as she let her fingers dance and pinch the end of his quivering tail. It was her turn to smile as he set her down to keep from dropping her.

She could feel him trembling under from her assault on his tail. Carefully, the Chikyuusei woman leaned forward, led by her roaming finger tips to plant soft kisses on his eyelids. Then down to nibble on his earlobes, occasionally flicking out her tongue for added pleasure. Her lover groaned and ground his hips against hers in response. Bulma smiled as she felt the sheet between them press against her. Slowly, she stood up, one leg on either side of him, meaning to kick the sheet away then sit back down for another round of tasting n' teasing. Her skilful and tailed husband had other ideas though.

He kneeled on one knee, grinning in the darkness. His soft hands were gentle and they ran up one leg lifting it to rest on his shoulder. It was quite a pleasant surprise to the new Queen as she felt his tongue play with her entrance. A few gasps and moans escaped her lips as she felt him pull a few exotic tricks she could have never imagined in her wildest fantasy. The moans turned slowly to groans and then to whimpering screams that died a fitful death on her lips. Bulma wanted to run her fingers through his hair, but he laced his fingers over hers on her hips. As he pulled his tongue out of the Queen her body cried out for more.

Together they collapsed in a sweaty pile on the pillows, with Bulma giggling in her own private delirium. As they lay in their tangled ensemble, the silence was broken by a deep and prolonged sigh from the King. The Queen made a questioning sound, knowing full well that he did not engage in pointless conversations with her, or any other living being. There was no response in the still air for a moment before Bulma felt the pressure of the bed change as her husband got out of it. "Where are you going?" She asked, still in the mood for another round.

"To train!" The rebuke was shape as it shattered the mood. The receiving room's light blinded Bulma for a moment as he opened and slammed the door. Silently she wondered what it was she'd done wrong. He'd never walked out on her like this before, Vegeta had always had the decency to wait until she was asleep to sneak off.

Vegeta stormed down the corridors, blasting any an all in his path. His grim mood brought him through the winding hallways to the throne room. No light seeped in as he took his seat, brooding over his sudden lack of guile. He'd almost told her, the damned food he was. It was vital that he kept up with this behavoir unless he wished certain doom upon his culture. Truthfully, he didn't enjoy doing it to her, not taking her as he should. Being soft and weak enough to lowing himself to perform simple oral techniques whilst he knew his bride desired more.

The rules were carved in stone then soaked in blood; tradition was binding. Though what would happen if she figured it out? Or if she began that human desire he'd read about for offspring? He was incapable of lying to her, an unpleasant side effect of the bond they shared. Perhaps he should just tell her, it would save him trouble in the long view of things. Vegeta snorted; this was not a subject he wished to devise a solution to.

As the night wore on, the King's subconscious fought against itself to the point of exhaustion. With his olive colored eyelids drooping the mental barriers slowly weakened enough to let a slow leak of information pass through the silver cord of the bonding. Back in her own room, Bulma laid in bed with the covers pulled up to her throat holding back impending tears. She squeezed her eyelids together to avoid loosing the faint shred of dignity she still had.

It started as a low quivering, then crescendoing to a sharp pulse. The silver cord that connected the royal couple began to resonate and dance as information passed through it.

...human desire....offspring
....the rules are set....can't keep it up...
...pathetic human...

The last phrase was whispered almost lovingly as it echoed in her head. Slowly, she pulled herself up and wiped the tears away with the back of her hand. 'Human desire? Offspring? Rules? Keep what up?' She began to question the fragments she heard as the morning bells rang throughout the palace. Another day had begun and she would be forced to push her problems off to the side and worry about them later.

* * *

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