The throne room was bustling with alien conversations and the heat of close pressed bodies when the Queen entered. As her foot stepped onto the crimson carpet the crowd bowed low to the ground. Bulma gracefully took her seat and looked out over the ambassadors. Many where of species she could have never imagined in colors her eyes had never seen. The doors opposite to the dais slammed open with enough force to knock them from their hinges and into the next room. It seemed as if the crowd had shrunk back into the shadows that lined the walls so well.

He stood with the light at his back, casting his darkened features in a haunting glow. Fists lay twitching at his sides and his lips where pulled tightly across clenched teeth. His stride was domineering and confident and he approached the throne. It took very little effort to yank the crowned monarch from her seat and leave the room with her in tow. In the anti-room the queen lay on the floor sprawled on the carpet. She looked up at him, not in fear but in anger and contempt. "Who gave you the permission to assume my throne?" His voice snarled and echoed in her mind.

She stood, leaning heavily on one side, "I am crown Queen of Vejiitasei and it is my right to assume the throne." She spat back internally gathering her mental anguish and pain from her time alone. When he opened his mouth to retort she released the pain she'd gathered through their mental bond. The King hissed and let his hands form fists until they bled from the pain in his head. "I know my place, do you know yours?" The phrase whispered through the bond, shaking it from its very foundations. Unspoken emotions held beneath a wall of black ice slipped through a crack.

Images, smells, sounds and feelings flooded Bulma's synapses. All of her, the look on her face when Vegeta had first caught sight of her in the small cave. The scent of her in his bed and on his clothes, the beautiful sound of her voice and its enchanting spell it wove over him. The feeling of her body beneath his as they made love for the first time.

For a brief flash of a moment it seemed as if she was watching herself through his eyes. The images receded back into his head. Bulma blinked slowly and stared into his slanted eyes. The crysaline tears came slowly slipping silently out the edges of the Queen's saphire eyes. Together as if separated for an eternity they fell together in a hazy embrace. He rested his head atop hers and let his fingers rub circles around her back and neck in comforting motions. The Chikyuujin just rested her head on the swell of his collar bone as her spindry fingers wove themselves in his clothes pulling him closer. "I...I..." she whispered the words faintly as she inhaled the heady scent of his body.

In the throne room the deligates began to murmer and chatter among themselves. One creature turned to another, "I believed that it was the custom of the Saiyajin to mate. Although it never occured to me that they were such violent and carnal animals in there rituals." The second creature nodded and resumed observing the activities of other embassadors. Else where in the crowd sat a pair of silent cloaked figures. Guards flickered their eyes over the restles crowd and the faceplates of their scouters studying the growing numbers.

One figure motioned to the other with a twitch of a head. Tiny clangs of metal hitting metal jingled in the air from under the heavy cloaks. The second one nodded and turned treading its way through the crowd as if walking on air. The first turned in the opposite direction and stood watching the rest of the room with silent penace.

Time was slow and sluggish as the royal couple embraced, together they were alone in their sorrow, pain and love.

* ~ * ~ *

The guards received word via scouters of a large sporatic spike in energy levels in the throne room. Each in turn scanned the room trying to find the culprit who set off the silent alarms. No targets were found, all of the species present had near to nothing for fighting skills much less ki energy to enforce the techniques. Some of the elites exchanged bored glances and lued comments about some of the species in attendance

One such creature caught the tail end of one such comment, it hissed and charged at one of the more recent additons to the elite force. The guard blocked and countered the attack without hesitation, although he took a wound to the flank. The sharp finger-like talons where dripping blood on the floor as the creature returned to a battle stance waiting for the impetuos guard to attack again. The saiyajin began to power up its own attack something slammed into it from behind knocking him off his feet and onto the floor face first in his own blood.

When the guard rolled over to see his attacker he was shocked a darkly cloaked figure stood over his body, face shadowed from lack of light. The next sensation he felt was the splatter of spittle on his face, followed by a foot pressing hard on his airway. The world swam around the falled guard's head, the hooded head of his death glared down on him.

"This is not the way to acheive our goal!" Chidded the first cloaked figure in the head of the second. The second nodded briskly and realieased the pressure on the guard's neck. The warrior gasped and sputtered for air, his sides heaving as his death vanished into the distance.

The door to the antiroom opened and out stepped the Queen, "Court is over, we'll reconvien tomorrow please." She looked somewhat dazed as she looked out into the crowd. This started yet another brood of comments from some of the elder elites. They'd seemed to have become cockier since the Queen was crowned, almost like they believed they could put anything past her. A single snicker snuck out of the throat of Nappa's right hand man though he doubted the Queen had heard he pulled all his facial muscles into tight precision. Bulma looked to her left, she knew she'd heard right. In an inner debate she chewed on her bottom lip before comming to a decision, "You!" She pointed to a spot on the carpet at her feet, that brought him running. He obidiantly knelled at her feet, "Yes my Queen?"

"Such discriminatory words are NOT to be used in my throne room under ANY circumstances." She sneered realising after she was taking on some of her husband's let favorable traites. "Now leave, I don't ever want to see you here again. Do I make myself clear?" The soldier saluted briskly, "Hai Joo-san." turned on his heel and left the room. Bulma felt silently powerful in her new position, enjoying the taste of compleat and utter respect.

As the room emptied out the Queen sat herself down apon the plush cushion of the couch basking in the feeling of the pillow's softness and how it formed to her body. Softly dissmissed the guards from the empty room and closed her eyes feelling a sudden urge to crawl into some warm crvace and sleep for an eternity. It was a beautiful fantasy until it was dashed by a pair of warm hands on her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked up at him as he gave her a gentle shove off the chair and led her back to the anti-room door.

Either side of the gloriously carved wooden doors were covered in detailed paintings on miniscule tiles. The King paused for a moment before presseing on one of the petite tiles. Nothing moved, nothing that Bulma could decern. Silently Vegeta pushed open one of the doors and inside the room was different. It no longer the same room decorated with sparse furnature and dark carpets. The room had changed compleatly, the floors where marble like in appearance with a soft plush bed in the center, light was cast from glowing orbs situated on the ceiling at large intervals.

The King was quick about what he desired and dispenced with the formalities. The queen was too engaged in other things to mind. After wards as they lay together her fingers trailing lightly up and down his back she smiled at him through her own cloud of euphoria before quietly driffting off to sleep.

Sleep was something to look farwards to every night for the new King. He had something in reach of his fingertips that no other Saiyajin King had ever hoped to aquire, an equally matched mate. Though considered weak in all physical aspects by his subjects he knew she was well the opposite. Bulma's mind could surpass his in everything, from Achel, a game of wits to war statigies. Though even in the physical aspect of their relationship she still held much control.

Another leingthy day of open-eyed meditation in the throne room. Punishment he supposed from some Kaio with a permanent dislike for him. The hours rolled slowly as one speaker muttled through a badly scribed speech for mutual cooperation between the two species. At the end of his proverbial robe the King stood, glared sharply at the speaker before quickly disintigrating his worthless body. The message was clear, keep it short and to the point.

As palace slaves cleaned up the speakers remains a single cloaked figure approached the throne. It kneeled in respect with its head downwards, "Lord Vegeta, King of the Saiyajin Empire, strongest one to ever grace this universe." The King looked over the rim of a filled wine glass, eyebrows arched in vauge curiosity and distaste. The creature stood slowly, thousands of tiny metallic rings sounds filled the air, "We wish to hold a tournament of skill and power." Vegeta's glass lowered from his lips as he leaned forward to hear the rasping words.

"What benifit is of this to me? I am the strongest in the Universe, such trials are of no concern to me." He sneered before downing the remaining gulps of wine. "It is of every interesst to you Vegeta." The voice whispered hinting at something unspoken yet obviously understood by it alone. The King rolled his eyes and turned his head away, "you disgust me!" In a simple motion he'd flung the remaining contents of the glass towads the face of the cloaked creature.

It happend almost too fast for even Vegeta to process. It was as if the wine had vanished from the air into which it was thrown, absorbled almost it seemed. "There is much we can teach you.." The red liquid had reappeared this time holding the shape of an orb floating in the palm of a darkly gloved hand, "you see..." The org shifted and bubbled danced inside until a new form was reached. The wine seemed to hold the form of the goblet Vegeta held yet there was no glass. The creature's head cocked to one side, "are you intrigued?" It raised it's hand holding the imaginary cup with the real wine to its hidden lips. "Quite delicious, if you prefere such things."

It was true, Vegeta was intrigued beyond belief. His body ached for him to learn this new technique that seemed suddenly vitally important to him, the manipulation of matter. The King leaned forward, "where is this battle to be held?" something sinister gleamed in his saiyajin eyes.

* * * * *

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