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Vegeta was more then dumbfounded at her actions, he was downright appalled. A mere couple of weeks before she'd almost danced with death in the impenetrable walls of that capsule, and now she enters its unbreakable embrace again? He did just the opposite of what she was probably hoping him to do, he turned his back on the door. Angry and rather disgruntled at his lack of attention to her sudden outburst she slammed the door shut and shot the bolt home. Bulma refused to light any candles, she wished to brood in silent darkness.

* * * * *

Alone and comfortable in the dark lay a creature with a taste for fine objects. Eyes closed in silent pleasurable contemplation. Behind the delicately painted lids of green and thick lashes images danced in glorious succession. In each dream vision she caressed and fondled the sharp features of her new prize. Gently in the dark she traced her gloved fingers over his invisible profile. Bringing herself into her own dream world she brought her astral form to face his. Her lips curled into a calculating smile, "oh my pretty, soon you'll be all mine. Just mine!" She giggled and danced around his still body. In her own personal delirium she traced her nails down his cheek and over the subtle rise of his lips. She giggled again her eyes lighting in a disturbed inner light. Smiling the creature pressed her lips to the man 's astral ones.

* * * * *

Alone in the dark the saiyajin queen felt the tiny hairs on her body erupt into a quivering mass. She rotated her shoulders and pulled her hair away from her face in nervousness. A few errant strands stayed clinging to her face suddenly attached with fresh sweat. Another set of shivers rippled through her sending Bulma scurrying into the pool of water. The bathing beauty ducked further down into the water's warmth. It seemed to her as if it had suddenly become cooler and less alluring to her to sit in the dark alone by herself. Her fear began to progress reaching up and around her huddled form grasping at her consciousness. Taking it in its desperate hands her fear ripped and ravaged her sanity until she'd regressed into a whimpering child.

* * * * *

"Look what you've done, you know this can't be changed now." The second of the two cloaked figures who'd appeared in the Saiyajin throne room twice in the past. The first turned sharply striking the second across the face, "The events of the future are not set in stone." she replied turning accompanied with the light music of metal upon metal following. "Watch the Saiyajin Queen, do what you will to keep her from harm." The second figure nodded and bowed deeply before receding into the shadows.

Alone now in her own sanctuary the woman shed her hood and cloak. "Ikana, once warrior of the gods you and I were equal. Now you hold me prisoner here under nothing more then delusion you deem as just cause." She bundled up the cloak and tossed it across the void in anger. "You have stripped me of my powers, my morality and immortality. You've bound me in chains for no reason other then that because you possess such power. My time to rule the universe through the time of millennium past is gone. You've arisen to power by right of succession, although you cannot prove your motives are true. We are all governed by the same rules Ikana, both you and I know the rules we must follow. Each must rule for the span of a millennium in hopes of achieving the ultimate goal, should you fail in your allotted time the right of passage falls to the next in the circle. I have failed this time, but my turn will come again as the wheel turns. We both know Ikana, you can't keep me shackled up her in chains to do your bidding."

Through the dark shadows a delicate elfin face framed with wild brown hair shot through with green pushed through until it rested nose to nose with the woman. "Oh my pretty infant, now naive you are. You will do my work until eternity is finished. I will accomplish my ultimate goal, chaos is far easier to achieve then is balance." She giggled making her hair bounce, "when will you learn sister, I have already won. I have all the elements to achieve perfect chaos." The first woman stood still without moving, "Ikana you will fail, I promise." The wayward goddess just smiled revealing pointed teeth. Pulling out an arm to join her face Ikana spread her fingers wide letting flames jump to life in her palm. Her cackles of glee grew as she brought the raging element to the face of her servant illuminating the white gauze bandages which adorned her face, "My dear Stataris, you should refrain from making such promises." She laughed again bringing the blaze closer to the other's face singing the bandages and deep purple hair, "I will not tolerate this in my millennium" The fire edged closer still blistering the skin that was yet unhealed. "You will never return to Jespher my sister, you are mine."

Far down near the yawning mouth of the cavern the second cloaked figure heard shrieks of pain echoing in a frantic chase to catch him. Frightened beyond belief he ran shedding his concealing cloak as he ran. Free to shift forms the terrified man send himself spiraling over the shadowed lip of precarious cliffs. Alone in the air to frightened by the smell of his own fear he pushed out a pair of delicate white wings to catch his fall. His path lit only by the shadows of twilight the winged man watched as the mouth of the cave became smaller and irreconcilable. Softly on his lips he mouthed the name of his lover in a mantra of hope. She had saved him once, he would one day return the favor.

* * * * *

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