"Dammit! No! You promised, you gave me your oath as...." He'd stopped listening to her leaving his immediate senses to turn and concentrated on this sudden rise in power he'd felt. His body vaguely registered her hand slapping his face a few times, but he couldn't be concerned with her now.

Whatever it was sensing it by ki techniques caused his mind to flinch back in something akin to pain. Determined to follow this new entity he latched on firmly with his mind despite and barreling random shocks of pain. What ever this creature was it had noticed him. The rebuff reverberated in his mind. "...fine! I don't care!" The King caught the last end of his mate's childlike display of inappropriate behavior before she stocked off.

The remainder of the day progressed slowly, interrupted occasionally by disturbances in the atmosphere's balance. The contestants were arriving. As the king released his mind to feel out his opponents he couldn't shake the feeling of being shadowed in his own mind.

She was angry at him again, her lacking display of disrespect for him sent Vegeta fuming. From the first moment he'd set eyes on her he'd known she'd be trouble. One part of his rational subconscious had deemed her a worthy risk in his eyes, while the other laughed maniacally at Lady Luck and rolled the dice. It appeared he'd rolled snake eyes. The finality of seeing her sulking on the edge of camp, her back turned away and head hung. Every motion of her body screamed seductress at him while the other demanded that he stride over to her and deem her unworthy to bear his bonding mark on her body. He watched her, the rhythmic breathing intermixing with the sound of her soft heart beat. The rings she kept on her fingers clinked together as her hands fumbled with something he couldn't see. It was his shadow's looming presence over her body that sent her to whirl around jabbing a sharp fingernail into his chest. "Of all the arrogant things you've done! You asshole! How could you possibly pull something like this? Do you know what this means? This is going to be the end of us!" Vegeta cocked his head to one side, was she referring to his earlier moment of distraction or something else. The 'us' part had him questioning her motives. She new very well that it would always be an 'us' it was permanent.

She came at him again, this time with silence. Not a word, barely even a breath escaped her lips. Her face blank and empty she shoved a metal panel towards him. His eyes skimmed over the symbols on the panel. From the look on her face, she knew he couldn't read it, it wasn't one of the multitudes of standard languages he understood. "Its English" She hissed snatching the panel back from him. His glare proved his annoyance at his ineptness to read the foreign language. With arms crossed and lips drawn in a tight line he nodded for her to continue. Blatantly she refused, mimicking his posture to the point, "I should think you already know what this is about. It seems to be your specialty, killing defenseless things and all." Bulma narrowed her eyes at him and waited for a response.

It never came. The anger bubbled upwards again, this time past the boiling point, "You disgusting incompetent asshole!" she hissed and spat in his face. She knew he would never be capable to swallow his pride and ask her for help, much less use his brain for a moment and think about the consequences of his actions before he implicated them. His response was rather slow compared to their earlier fights, like he was considering how to approach her infantile outburst of anger. She wasn't forced to wait long before she found herself inverted over his shoulder. Her hips hooked with an arm for security he began to walk. From her vantage point she had the perfect view of his posterior and his delightfully amusing fifth appendage.

The other members of the landing crew watched as the King stalked off across the camp with the Queen slung over one shoulder. Though they all instantly knew there was something else to this situation then they let on, it was simple enough to guess, the Queen wasn't smiling. Corais had turned away at the first sign of trouble, finding something in their gear to be more interesting then the squabble between the couple. Radditzu just turned his back to them staring into the fire. He took the opportunity to latch onto the back of Potatirs' armor and pull her eyes away from the scene. He'd seen the King in this mind set before, those who had stared had left camp blind or worse.

She could feel his body and their bond vibrating with anger and the guttural growls his throat was producing. He stood in the small capsule building paused in an effort to gather his composure. Swallowing tightly he raised a hand and swatted her backside firmly. She screeched and wriggled in his grip cussing him in her multitudes of languages. He repeated his action until he was sure she'd learned her lesson. Tossing her on the bed he stood with his arms crossed. "Asshole!" She hissed making sure to stay on one side of her stinging body, "only you would regress to such a childish level!" Vegeta watched her, "for a creature as simple minded as you a simple and direct punishment was issued." She snorted, very unlike herself and narrowed her eyes, "If that's they way you see things, then you will be getting a perfect punishment for your crime" A devious smile slipped over her features as she pushed herself up off the bed and past her confused mate. "You really disgust me at times Vegeta" she pressed past him out the door. The king seethed in irritation as his body refused to respond as she pulled the Black Capsule from her clothing. She didn't even give him the chance to see her angry face as she vanished through the door.

* * * * *

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