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Fear of Reality
By: Michika Tenshi





She arched her back and threw her head back as she released. Her breathing heavy and laboured as she fell back into the sheets, pulling them up around her naked body. She grinned up at him from her halo of ebony hair and ran a finger down the profile of his face. "You are mine, Vegeta..." she whispered to the starlight reflecting off her pointed canines.




Time of Vejiitasei had been good to its new Queen, although the people where less then such. Every morning brought new problems and more emotional hurt. She'd wake up to an empty bed, alone. Eat her breakfast, alone. Bathe and get dressed, alone. Spend countless hours walking the palace grounds, alone, feeling sorry for herself. At night she'd change and ready herself for another gruelling day on the beautiful planet, alone.

Secretly she wondered if her husband ever did sleep, or if sleeping with her is only a formality. As best she could, she'd counted the days since her coronation. 176 days had passed, half a Saiyajin year, since she'd stood high on a podium next to Vegeta and had legions upon legions of warriors kneel at her feet. After that things had slowly began to calm down, giving the new queen less and less to do.

The times of appropriate stimuli was now few and far between for Bulma. She tried to find something to occupy her time, but was thwarted when she was forbidden to work in the science division. The Chikyuujin Queen had long ago given up on ever finding her prized capsule. Her mate had never let on to what had happened to the genetically coded object, and she doubted he ever would.

Bulma kicked off the sheets and rolled over to the closet side of the enormous bed. The cold floor stung her feet as she stood and approached the door. As always, one single female slave stood at the door, steaming food tray in hand. The shower was a touch too hot, and the control panel to set the temperature was on the fritz again. She looked at the clothing laid out on the bed for her then felt a twinge of spontaneity.

The Queen left her room dressed not in the royal colors but in a pair of interesting pants and an unique looking shirt. She stormed down the corridors, planning out exactly what she was going to say to her oppressive husband when she saw him. She waltzed down the corridors of the palace only to have the two guards step into her path. "Let me pass!" She demanded, angry that they'd stopped her.

"Palace whores are not to walk around freely." One stated. Bulma gasped and hissed, "You impervious ass! Let me pass before I have your head on a platter for dinner tonight." The Guard looked at the other and nodded, they both took a step towards her and grabbed her by the arms. Bulma squirmed and fought against their grip, "What the fuck are you doing?" The two guards ignored her protests and began to drag the Queen down the corridors towards the prisons.

As the two mistaken guards and a very angry Bulma neared the prisons they came across the path of King Vegeta. The two guards forced her to bow as she struggled and tried to mumble out a plea for help around the fat fingers that covered her mouth. The King stopped and demanded were it was that this prisoner was being taken, "To the Prisons, King Vegeta-san." The ruling Saiyajin raised an eyebrow as if to question the guard's statement. Sharply he turned on his heel and continued on down the corridor a few steps.

Bulma was furious. She kicked and bit down hard on the fingers in her mouth. Surprised but unwounded the guard removed his chomped digits from the spunky woman. Taking her chance, the Queen cried out, "Vegeta!!!" At the sound of his name being screeched on such a high pitch, he turned and looked at her. Of course he'd known all along that it was her but wanted to have a little fun with her. Faster then she could see the two guards were lying on the ground as smoking piles of ash. She just stood there, legs shaking and eyes wide, possibly praying to the gods to save her.

As a typical reaction to his human mate, the king snorted in disgust, "And you call yourself the Queen of Vejiitasei, the strongest planet in existence. Pathetic!" Bulma rolled her eyes, getting over the shock and having his arrogance pierce her ears. By the time she'd thought up a snappy retort he'd already vanished around the corner of the hallway.

With the intent to give him what for she scurried off down the hallway after him. As she rounded the bend she could see a door beginning to close. She quickened her pace and ran to the doors. As hard as the Chikyuu woman could she pushed on the double doors; to her surprise they swung open with ease. The Queen stood in awe of the room. People and aliens alike lined the edge of a blood red carpet that ran from her feet down the length of the room to a marble dais.

It took a few moments but she was finally aware of where she was and the obvious blatant mistake she'd made. Not only was she in the throne room, but she had inadvertently drawn the attention of all present. The Queen almost openly gasped but managed to keep her reaction tightly concealed under her poker face. Vegeta cast her a disapproving glance from his seat on the throne; she was not supposed to be here, much less here in her human clothing.

A small well-rounded alien with dark blue skin and slit eyes stepped forward onto the red carpet ahead of Bulma, "What is the meaning of this? Do you dare compromise our dealings with the Saiyajin by the presence of a Palace slut?" He demanded, his voice rasping from a hole on the top of his supposed head.

The King stood, eyes blazing and ki flaring, "You insolent little fuck! Is this how you treat the royal house of Vejiitasei? You call its highest ranking female a slut?" The Saiyan king's voice was barely above a whisper in the alien's ear. The frightened creature shrank back as its skin color changed to a brilliant pink in fear. "Nnn...no Vegeta-sama, I...I...I do not wish to offend the royal house." the shuddering blob simpered. "Too late..." Vegeta hissed.

The King placed his hand on the dignitary's head and began to gather his ki. It took no longer then a blink of an untrained eye for the disgusting blob creature to explode. As quickly as internal organs to fall from the disintegrated body, Vegeta blasted them out of air save for the brain. It splattered onto the carpet and spread in a circular pattern covering a few bystanders with orange oozing slime. "This is the price for an insult upon the Royal House." Vegeta snorted and stepped up to his Queen.

Bulma stood disgusted with what she'd witnessed; the bile rose to the point that she could taste the acidic flavor on her tongue. That the same hand that created the splattered mess now reached out to touch her. The Queen closed her eyes once to regain her slipping composure before forcing herself to place her hand in his. As daintily as she could, Bulma stepped around the splattered organ and kept her eyes focused on the dais ahead.

Vegeta guided her effortlessly to the throne and ushered her to sit. "Before you sits the Queen of Vejiitasei. I warn those who plot her demise now. Your death shall be slower and more painful than your brainless bodies could ever conjure." His lips curled back to reveal sharp canines driving his point home. The room quieted as Vegeta stood next to the throne, arms crossed and eyebrows lowered. Bulma was in agony; suddenly her stomach had begun to flip-flop her breakfast and her head spun.

She swallowed hard and tried to blink away the dizziness. It worked for a few moments before the room began to buck and reel in her sight. People became distorted and sounds vanished. Bulma leaned back in the chair and rubbed her temples. The Queen licked her suddenly dry lips and forced her eyes to focus. The feeling receded back to its origins. Vegeta cast her a suspicious glance as she rubbed her head in obvious displeasure, perhaps it had been wrong to let her follow him here.

For Bulma the day was wonderful, being able to learn so much from conversation from off world dignitaries. Although from the quick looks at her husband she strongly doubted he was enjoying this as much as she. In reality, Vegeta was doing all that was in his power to stop from falling asleep on the spot. At the moment he was trying to perfect his new-found technique of eyes open meditating. So far it was a failing strategy.

The hours seemed to pass agonisingly slow for the Saiyajin King as he fought against the increasingly uncomfortable chair and his body's urge to twitch cramping muscles. Most of the time all he ever saw was some mindless ambassador's lips moving endlessly with more garbage and problems then one should ever be made to hear about. His queen seemed to be thriving on these boring encounters with powerless creatures.

As the court recessed at the King’s demands Bulma could no longer contain her excitement. The enthusiasm that had built throughout the morning bubbled over in the form of erratic behaviour and a few chase kisses in private. Vegeta scowled at his mate's behaviour, it was too un-Saiyan like for his tastes, yet it made him feel proud in some odd form of the word. To make her laugh and smile like this was an unusual treat he wasn't about to pass up.

Bulma could only giggle and smile as she tried to eat her midday meal. Eventually she just gave up and pushed her chair back from the royal table and stood. Grinning, she playfully skipped to the other side of the elegant table, "Dance with me!?" Her husband could do no less then raise a questioning eyebrow and form the words to dissuade her from this eccentric urge of hers, to dance?

The Chikyuusei native grinned and whispered something in his ear. Her grin widened when the fine brown hairs on his tail jumped with anticipation. She knew he hadn't heard anything she'd said after the word sex, but it didn't matter as long as he danced with her in her frivolous spontaneity.

Just as she'd gotten her stubborn King to his feet the bells tolled signalling that court was returning to session. The impetuous queen turned to hurry back to the mentally stimulating throne room as Vegeta grabbed her. "Where are you going woman?" He swung her with a simple motion onto his lap. "Back to the Yavian delegate’s speech on inter-planetary trading" She smiled and tried to free herself. He didn't reply, only proceeded to let his hands roam free over the soft animal skin pants and up the tie in her halter top.

As hard as she tried she could not bring herself to push away the soft hands that caressed her neglected body. Bulma leaned forward and rested her head in the crook of Vegeta's neck, enjoying the feeling of closeness. It had been a long time since they'd been together, not since the bonding ceremony. There always seemed to be something that kept them apart.

In truth, the King was actually afraid of his Queen, her ability to take him to heights he'd never felt before and the fear of losing his perfect control at such altitudes.

Bulma moved her arms around his neck and let her fingers play with the stiff locks of hair that defined the royal hairstyle. Contentment is what she felt just sitting in his embrace, feeling emotionally secure and physically satisfied. If she was just to stay like this, in his arms, she would be able to live everyday knowing that she had this feeling of security and warmth to crawl next to at a moment’s notice. Although, her husband had other ideas then just mental content. His warm hands found the knot that secured her top to her and tugged. The shirt fell no farther then her breasts but still offered new territory to explore.

As Bulma shifted herself she heard the second bell toll but ignored the faint peels as she tugged at the armor he wore. As beautiful as the feeling was the young couple knew it couldn't last in such a public place without disturbance. Through butterfly kisses the Queen whispered, "..Maybe...we...should...go...some…where…else..." She put her hands on his as he reached for the button of her suede pants. He looked at her doubtfully; who would be as ignorant as to disturb the royal couple during a meal?

Of course there had to be somebody. The doors burst open as a young guard, barely old enough to shave stepped through. Bulma watched as Vegeta opened his free palm to prepare a ki blast. As quickly as she could she pulled the hand and placed it on her breast. Though it made the scene seem more intimate and more damaging to the royal couple's reputation, it saved the guard's life.

"Your highness' court has begun and...and..." his eyes fell on Vegeta's hand and the rumpled clothing before a blush crept over his face. Bulma almost smiled, the young guard was embarrassed by intimacy and the obvious compromising position he'd found the royal couple in. "I am well aware that court has started! Leave and pray that I never see your face again!" The King snorted, settling for threats since his hands were otherwise occupied.

As the doors swung shut Bulma began to laugh. The King snorted, turned his head away in distaste and removed his hands, crosssing them over his chest. The Queen just laughed harder until she caught the unamused expression on her lover's face. The laughter subsided and she stood retying her shirt and rebuttoning her pants. "Laugh a little, would you?!" She smiled as she slipped of her perch and headed towards the door with her hips shaking seductively. The King watched his anger and thirst for a battle wet his mouth with anticipation.


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