Sex! lots of it, bad words and blood gore.

You've been formally warned

Side note: This is the same peice (though changed slightly) submitted to EOC's Halloween Challenge 2000. I am proud, (yet very confused of the WHY part) to announce that I was the recipricant of first place. Thank you EOC!

This is quite far off the beaten path to what I usually write, so I'm kinda nervious about putting my name to it and much less posting it online.


Dancing with the Devil

(formerly EOC's Halloween Challenge)

00/10/22 - 00/10/30

Revised - 2 weeks (Not counting the 'lost days')

Submitted by Michika Tenshi & Tanava Manor Productions Inc

* * *

Softly the Regen tank bubbled illuminating the room with its pale turqoise glow. The portable generator aside it hummed slowly pumping energy to the mechanical marvel. The nutrigen filled tank clicked and whirled as it recycled the bloodied liquids in a despirate attempt to heal.

Hanging limp like a mauled and disfigured puppet the Saiyajin no Ouji dangled. His limbs had been smashed beyond recongnition, four of his ribs poked through his abdomen like bony fingers, one eye was crusted shut with blood even the healing waters couldn't remove. Angry red scorch marks marred every spot of tanned flesh in a grewsome portrait. Skin hung in ragged flaps waving solomly in the soft current. Few of his internal organs were still intact, the rest floated with vauge constaints in the destroyed body cavity.

Like hell-sent demons shadows watched from the darkness their eyes the candles placed for light. Each snap of burrning wick and sputter of flames was the chatter of anticipated death. Together they waited to snatch the soul and rip it from the crushed body, bringing it to hell for judgement.

Trembling the Capsule Corporation Queen sat in the floor cross legged. She rocked back and forth rythmically watching space with mascara smeared eyes. The black shadows under her eyes darkened by the ruined make-up made the despiration in her face sharp and haunting. Her soft lips were now dried imprints of constant gnawing and picking, the beautiful blue mane was grimy and ratted as the thick grease reflected in the candle light. She pulled the tattered remains of a thick dark army-issue watch cap down lower over her ears. Her small hands were pushed hastely into fingerless gloves which did nothing to keep out the cold. The long sniper's jacket she wore was spayed out around her, the temperature was a distance discomfort in her decaying mind as was the blood encrusted wound in her abdomen.

In a far dust inhabited cornor lay the smashed remains of a watch, it used to beep every hour on the hour. The plexi-glass faceplate had been removed and used as a means of failed escape. The wristband was smeared with dried blood and oil. Both of the metal hands had stopped at the 12 in darkened remeberance of its death.

* * *

Off behind the overshadowing demenor of the Brief's estate sat a small simple white rectangular building. Its two stories consisted of a lab/invention graveyard and a simple yet luxerious apartement suit. With music blaring through speakers inset in the walls Bulma Briefs sung while she tightened the bolts on a new training robot for her guest.

Like a virgin

Touched for the very first time

Like a virgin

When your heart beats

Next to mine

She turned the music louder to ward of the sudden feelings of ill fate and general displeasure. Something seemed off tonight, electricity danced in the air draped in dark perpose. Whatever it was that darkened her doorstep she was sure would vanish if ignored.

Gonna give you all my love, boy

My fear is fading fast

Been saving it all for you

'Cause onl....

The upbeat 80's music suddenly stopped, filling the room with silence and darkness as the power died. "Not funny Vegeta! Put it back on!" She yelled, her mood to bright to be squashed by the monotonious alien prince. She waited yet heard no sign of the usually loud guest. In the darkness she rolled out from under the robot and felt along the floor for the flashlight she occasionally used. Her fingers grasped the cold cylinder and flicked the on switch. A dying beam of light barely illuminated the floor ahead of her.

Slowly she picked her way around trying not to trip and impale herself on anything sharp. She tended to leave things of such a manner laying around on the concret floors. The beam quivered and died leaving the scientist to find her own way through the maze of darkness to the door. The tender palms of her hands brushed lightly againts the wall as she used it to lead her to safty. In a painful crash of chains and human flesh Bulma's shoulder colided with the hydraulic hook that slid from one side of the room to another on tracks in the ceiling. Clutching her bruised arm she struggled once agian to reach the door.

With a yelp of joy BUlma found the door handle, it rested cool in her sweaty palm. Her deft fingers punched in the key code for the security systeme to open the door. She waited, no change occered, the door stood stubbornly closed. "Vegeta! Let me out! I swear that the longer you keep me in here the longer you go without a gravity machine upgrade, or better yet DINNER!!" No response from the alien royalty. Bulma hissed with indignation, this was the last straw, she was sick of it all, being dragged from her bed at ungodly hours, cooking & cleaning incessantly after hurricane Vegeta and most of all his attitude towards her. "What a wonderfully fucked up way to spend Halloween!" She snorted to the darkness.

She hardened her hands into fists and pounded on the door "Dammit Vegeta! You fucking arrogant asshole! Let me out of his this god-damned minute or I swear I will find some way to blast your worthless ass to hell so you can rot with Frieza!" vegeta didn't answer, although nature did. In pathetic fallosy soft pellets of rain spattering apon highplaced windows whispered through the air. The sky had become considerably darker in the last hour, eventhough it was barly 5 in the afternoon blackened thunder clouds blotted out the sun and all traces of natural light.

Bulma cursed herself for including a security systeme on her lab, with the power out she was stuck tight in the building with no chance of escape. Her fingers snapped in the darkness, the security systeme was suppose to run on its own power source, why had it gone out with the lights? The concept suddenly occured to her, the security systeme was incapable of loosing its power source, unless it'd be deliberatly tampered with. A soft gasp filled the darkness as the suddenly diminshed woman sank down to the floor searching for a weapon and hidding place.

* * *

Inside the shpere-like training facilities the Saiyajin no Ouji turned the gravity up another notch. THe flashing indicator blinked 501 like an eerie all seeing eye. He started out simple letting his body adjust to the new level, first it was simple sets of jabs followed by crosses until the pattern became a blur of hand and foot attacks accompanied by simple ki handling techniques.

Since dawn he'd trained ruthlessly pausing barely for breakfast and lunch. He'd cast a surveiying eye out the window some time ago taking note of the gathering cloud mass and catching the scent of soon to fall rain. The prince returned to his training beginning to levitate testing out the muscle strain the added pressure caused. The first splatters of heaven sent water blured the only window to the outside.

Outside dressed in black combat fatigues an armed troup of six mecenaries circled the room. The leader moved his fingers in signals and one man stepped forward pulling open a pannel on the gravity room wall. He methodically began to snip the security wires, then moved on to the safety controls. As he shoved the pannel back into place he dashed away from the pod diving for cover with his comerads. The training pod began to hum and hiss and an overload of power began to surge through the machine. The excess energy jumpstarted the preset controls and pushed the gravity limit, 513, 556, 586...

Vegeta who'd been hovering in the air was roughly face slammed into the ground, the blood gushed from his nose as he strived to move. Beyond thought he was incapable of simple life sustaning movements. A frantic beeping began to grow steadily louder until it became a monotone screech. In a rush of heat and flames the gravity room imploded sending Vegeta to death's doorstep.

* * *

Quivering in her hiding place socket wrench in hand Bulma felt the world shake, bottles and light unancored objects clinked and crashed sending fumes and dust to the air. She tucked her head between her legs and held her breath. The peircing squeel of the metal of the door filled the air as the titanium reneforced door gave way. She pressed her ears harder to drown out the sound of footsteps entering her sanctuary.

The overhead lights flickered on and her laboratory hummed to life. Bulma shuttered and shivered remembering all the times Yamacha had attempted to teach her self-defense, each attempt only ended in them making out on the floor of the training compound she had never let it go farther then that. If she'd learned anything from his teachings it was how to keep a man down.

It was as if they knew in advance where she was cowering in fear. It should have been impossible, the reinforced walls were lined with special linings that no scanner, even scouters could not penetrate. Bulma kept her eyes covered hoping that this nightmare would fade for her to find she'd fallen alseep while working. She had no such luck. Dark gloved hands reached in after her latching on to her body like a thousdand worms all fighting to get a hold of her. The terrified woman slid easily out from under a blanketed work bench.

She kicked and screamed, bite and tore at her captors to escape their iron grips. Fingers like freshly sharpened daggers bit deeper into her skin to hold her held. Bulma began to work at raising her ki, hoping to catch the attention of Vegeta or possibly Goku. She fought back violently with words and flailing legs. "You god damned mother fucking whores, let me the hell go! I swear I'll rip your bloody piggish entrails out one by one and stuff them down your shit filled throats when I get free!"

"Tie the bitch up" one snorted, hissing at his men while glaring at the little witch from behind his mask of dark grease paint. The others nodded, four of them dragged the struggling woman to the floor while 2 pinned her down the others bound her hands, elbows, knees and ankles. One shorter comando manipulated the controls and the hydraulic hook slid to a stop over Bulma. The comandos lifted and hung her apon the hook, grinning through their grease paint as she was hoisted into the air.

"What the fuck do you want with me you disturbed bastards!" The hook swung slightly as she wiggled in her bonds. "With you? Nothing, we are above sluts and whores." The leader jabbed at her pride, "We had come for that creature you keep hidden, Vegeta no Ouji." He smiled, flashing a perfect smile with delicatly pointed canines to her. "You can take the little Bastard if thats all you here for. He's nothing but trouble and bad karma!" Bulma stopped her twisting and cocked her head to one side. "THen take him we shall. He will be ours no matter what your position on him is. (That wasn't ment to be kinky! >.<;)

The black grease paint was becoming glossy under the hot bright flourecent lights of the room. Sweat was dribbling from any avalible cracks in the paint and falling in slow trickling streams down the leader's face. He seemed suddenly uncomfortable in the glaring brightness, as if he had something to hide. "Out! All of you! Search for the Ouji and bring his sorry ass back here alive. I want to watch him wither and squeel in pain before my eyes!" He barked the orders with an almost feverish tone which became almost loving when he spoke of torture.

Bulma's wrists and arms stung, the ropes they'd used were unusally coarse and unpleasent. slowly she began to try and work herself loose. The cords scratched and began to draw warm blood. It slid down her hands and to the tips of her fingers where it took a devistating 9 foot drop to the cement floor. The man watched the droplets splatter the ground, "You'll never get yourself free that way, your doing nothing more the cutting yourself up." She hissed at him and struggled furiously letting more crimson rain free-fall to the floor.

"Sir! We've found him sir." four of the five men entered dragging Vegeta along with them. His head lolled to one side in unconciousness. Gashes covered his body and his face. The mastermind stepped towards a table and in one quick sweeping motion pushed everything off to crash upon the floor. The prisonner cringed as her precious work slammed into the concret by the hand of the enemy combined with gravity. They layed the unconsious man on the table and set to securing him there with the same rope that held the woman. In his sleep her groaned and clenched his teeth together. The last man trailed behind slighly his hands clutched dripping objects which left a trail from the door.

"What have you brought me soldier?" The soldier saluted then bowed, "Sir, remains sir!" "Show them to me" He face seemed to lighten with glee. The soldier layed out his possesions on the ground with a disturbing smile plasted on his taunting face. Bulma's eyes roamed over the objects, the bile rushing up her throat. There was a waxen severed hand, the blood pooling around the stump of an elbow. The appendage was decorated with slim golden bracelets and rings, all glinting merrily in the light. Next she viewed an ear, a single tear drop earing hanging for the lobe seeminly glowing in the pool of crimson. Aside the ear and arm was a pair of crushed glasses occular fluid covered the inwards pointed glass. Impalled on one glass dagger was a blue eyeball. The semi-transparent fluid was still dripping adding itself to the pool around the other objects.


The bile became to much for her and Bulma's stomach heaved. It came up in a maddening rush, bits and peices of undigested food brushed againts her tounge and the roof of her mouth. THe feeling of physical substance being regurgitated in her mouth made the heaving increase its pace. It fell to the ground with sickening aftersounds and smells.

The leader turned away in disguest from the steaming pile of Bulma's stomach contents. "Clean that up." He gestured to a soldier who without flinching pulled off his utility vest and sweater underneath. His facial features locked in a monotonious look of dispassion began to clean the mess with his shirt. With all the nausiating pile gone the man took his shirt to a corner. It dropped to the floor with a splat followed by a burning match. The soaked cloathing lept to flames giving off darkened smoke. Another soldier stood by with the fire extinguisher waiting for the shirt to desintegrate.

With both piles of bodily waste taken care of all the subordiantes were ordered out to the grounds to survey for hostiles. "Who are you?" Bulma mumbled out, trying to avoid tasting the flavor in her mouth. "I am none of your buisness Ms. Briefs. You know all you need to know." She bucked her legs ahead of her swinging on the hook. Her feet came within inches of his face before he ducked to avoid the blow. He caught her ankles in one hand holding her in an almost compleatly horizontal position. "Now that wasn't polite. I thought you were one of the social elites Ms Briefs. I expected far more from you then this. Although if its more information you want I can give it to you...for a price of course." His tone seemed taunting, like some disturbing version of twisted situational irony.

"What price do you demand?" She pulled on her poker face hoping to bluff the information and her freedom out of him. He cracked his knuckles and pulled her computer chair to him into which he sat. "I want you to join me. Your brillance and mine would be invicable." Bulma narrowed her blue eyes, "what is it you want me to join" "Mr. Ble (pronounced bleu like french) Dia Ble. I want to rid this world of pathetic creatures like Vegeta." The capsule corporation queen wrinkled her nose in disgust, "never!" in contempt she spit at him watching with satisfaction as her spittle crashed on his nose.

"You disgusting bitch, I should have known better then to ask you to join a cause so far above your understanding." He sneered as he pulled out his gun from his shoulder hoister. The Colt .45 gleamed in the light as the barrel started at Bulma's forhead. The safty clicked off making the appearance of the weapon that much more menacing. "Though I suppose I can always get something useful out of this I suppose." THe grabbed the remaining rope and began to loop one end trough the bonds at her ankles. He tied the knot securly and treaded the other end to a set of steel shelves bolted to the walls. Now Bulma was compleatly horizontal, her torso held by the hook and her legs strung up by the shelves. "You bastard." she hissed at him, unable to look up due to the strain on her neck "I hope you rot in hell you asshole!" He grinned, "Been there, done that! Now be a good littel whore and do what I tell you or.." she could feel the gun pressing harder into her head.

The gun left her head for a moment as he turned to lower the hook still her nose was no more then 3 feet from the floor. It slowly dawned on her...his name...Dia Ble...Diable. Diable was french for Devil. This all seemed almost too conincidential, halloween, the Devil, a break in. Something else was awork here this night. THe feeling she'd felt earlier was back, it now thumped heavily in her breast, it was the pounding of her fate birthing itself into her world.

She watched with her head pulled down by gravity as the rolling feet of her chair fell into view. The biled was churning agian in the pit of her stomach threatning to burst forth in a slime of vile body liquids hastily mixed together by the sudden movement she'd been subjected to. The maniacle laughter of her capter created goosebumps on her exposed skin, something about the throaty voicing of his deranged humour frightened her to no end. The chair rolled closer to her as she was now inches from the top of his knees.

Bulma began to tremble as he felt him begin to run his fingers through her hair, "So beautiful..." he whispered in her ear, "can't let something like you go to waste now can I?" She could feel his lips brush againts her temple, his breath teasing her skin. He slipped a hand under her chin and pulled her eyes up to face his. "You have such beautiful eyes," he kissed them softly, "and such lovely lips." He pressed his to hers, "so soft and silky. They taste wonderful. Does the rest of you taste this good?" He questioned softly to her closed eyes. Bulma refused to open her eyes, hearing the rustling of clothing, 'oh god no' she though to herself. "Look at me!" he demanded, her eyes refused to open, "look at me!" Her eyes seemed to open themselves.

At first sight she was captivated, the grease paint had been rubbed off. His hair was sandy blond with flecks of platnium, dark cerulian blue eyes rimmed with emerald green watched her. He was in all aspects beautiful, the well chiseled face, the soft contours of his lips and nose. It seemed that everything she found attracted in a man had found its was to his face. Bulma forced herself to look away.

She was the prisonner and he the captor, there was no escape from his prison. Perhaps the ropes could be broken, althought he gaze he held her with would never be. Again he pressed his lips to her, harder this time. She clentched her teeth refusing him entry. His hand snaked up and pressed the soft points where her jaw met, his entry was granted. His tounge pushed itself past her own, touching every place it could reach. His tounge swirled around hers drving to edge of insanity and back. She tried to gather the strenght the push him out. He was too strong and held too much knowlegde of how to get what he wanted. Diable pulled back, leaving Bulma gasping for breath, "I want you to kiss me like that." He cocked the gun and pressed it againts her temple, "understand?"

The prisoner could do nothing but nodd. Compelled by fear she turned her head up to do as he asked. He pulled back, "not there" he leaned back in the chair and unzipped his pants freeing himself. "Here." His manhood lay limp on the fabric of his pants. "Do it and don't fail" Bulma reflected as she looked at him deciding how to approach this disgusting version of bondage. She leaned her head down, a fraction of an inch to short to reach. So she settled for somthing different. Still shaking she began to blow softly on the member, watching as it slowly began to harden, though not rise.

Suddenly she felt his hand on the back of her neck pushing her to take him inside her mouth. "I...I can't reach." she mumbled. "Well you'd better learn to. Your performance here depends apon your fate. Don't dissapoint me." She sucked in a deep breath to steady herself. Bulma streached out her tounge as far as she could, the tip barely brushed his soft skin. Instantly she received a reaction. As if it was a snake it shot up dancing to the tune of her warm breath. Again he pushed her head harder shifting so he could lean back and enjoy the show. "Now!" He barked as he forced open her mouth and shoved himself inside.

She was frightened, she'd never performed oral sex before. Her tounge kept darting back into her mouth each time the tip touched him. "Get the fuck going!" He hissed pressing the gun harder to her. She got the message this time and began to move herself verticaly up and down the shaft, almost enjoying the salty taste of him in her mouth. Under her he began to thrust his hips towards her, shoving himself almost to the point of choking her. His green eyes slid back into his head in a private escatsy, leaving Bulma to foot the pain and suffering. She could feel him stiffen and ready himself for release in her mouth. The captive fought to pull herself away, the captor had anticipated this and pushed her head down.

The soft yet bitter liquid filled her mouth, making the remeberance of the bile a pleasent memory. Diable held her mouth closed forcing her to swallow the vile mass. It slithered down her throat in a disgusting mass of wriggling micro organizmes. "Again" He demaned, Bulma shook her head and clentched her teeh, once was bad enough. "No..." Diable glared down at her, sweat dripping down his face at a faster pace. "You will do as your told whore." He cocked the gun and pulled her head up by the roots of her hair. She watched the barrel of the Colt .45 swing a half circle to point at the unconcious Vegeta. "No" She hissed again louder and more defiying.

Diable was a man of action, not words as Miss Briefs had fist anticipated him to be. The gunshot made no noise, eventhough the peice itself was without silencer. Air rushed into her lungs as Bulma watched in slow motion. The single bullet sailed sluggishly through the air, time stopped as it entered Vegeta's shoulder. The impact forced blood to spray in the air highliting the bite-sized tidbits of fleshy skin and organs sent airborn.

In awkward defeat she watched as the Saiyajin no Ouji convolsed on the table his head lolling with the onslaught of new pain. Diable loaded another bullet into the chamber, "again?" Bulma did nothing but nodd her head, he accepted it as an affermative. With Hell's Leader satisfied he called his men to return using portable hand-held radios. Bulma watched him carefully whilst freeing the plexiglass faceplate of her watch. The small object was sharp and slippery in her fingers with her own blood. He seemed adiquatly submerged in recalling his minons. Slowly she manipulated her hands to let her fingers begin to saw through the ropes.

The five men gathered each stripping down to only their pants as they entered the door, they carried their vests in hand and began to assemble in a visible formation before their leader. One man offered him a large silver bottle, the top removed and whispy green steam floated into the air. Diable accepted the object and began to order his men about. one to shut the lights, another to anoint their captive, another to free her legs and move her to the circle, the remainders were to clear away the area around their subject.

The fear rose and made nest in Bulma's breast, chirping and pounding making it impossible to hear. Her eyes widened when she saw the comandos toss machines and tools away that made Vegeta strain with effort like they were nothing more then paper cutouts. The devil began to pour the steaming green steam to the floor where it floated barely brushing the ground. He circled around Vegeta then around past her pausing to gather a breast in his mouth and nip at the nipple through the fabric. When a full circle had been drawn he pulled free a knife conceiled beneth his pant leg.

With his eyes closed a moment in dark prayer Diable's men position themselves at the cardnial points. They each remove their own daggers from their ankles, all raising the blade to their hearts. Everything began to slow. Diable opened his eyes slowly, his pupils streched vertically with the green and blue shifting hues to red and gold. The backs of the five men began to ripple and pull on the soulder blades. Diable blinked his new eyes once and smiled with sharp canines glaring at the world. The simple facial feature seemed to be a catalyst, from the bones of each of the men mucus draped leather wings burst forth. Their entry into this world for its undaunted attention. The devil raised his atheme and growled softly, the sound reverberated in blue waves which on contact cued the newly birthed demons.

Each demon raised their own knives and plunged them to their hearts. The crimson lifesource dribbled down their chests glowing from unearthly light. The orchid color shimmered to a burnished yellow, it formed chains of gold from the demons' hearts to their god. The devil smiled wider as each of the 5 chains seeked out the hilt of his dagger. The Devil turned and stalked towards Bulma. Time speed up as the atheme slashed through her clothes without piercing her skin. He cackled with glee as he brought the cold blade to her chest and traced its tip around her areola. "So beautiful..." he hissed in his two-toned baritone voice. He pressed himself up againts her body while drawing the image of her body with his knife.

Bulma clenched her teeth and turned her head away avoiding the knife tip. "Oh don't fret my Little Beauty, I wouldn't hurt something a wonderous as you," he turned and looked at his commerads, "or somthing that gave head as well as you!" He chuckled darkly as he drew his tounge up her cheek. The captive squirmed and fought againts his groaping hands and the atheme. "Oh come now, be a willing participant. Its so much more fulfilling when you are. Now be a good girl." She squeezed her eyes shut as she hurried to saw throughthe ropes. Diable's tounge licked over the soft shapes of her lips. It was quick as he gathered her lower lip in his a bit, the blood seeped into her mouth making the bile in her stomach churn again.

The golden slited eyes glared down at her mockingly as he sucked away all the spilt fluids. "What are you planning to do with me?" she broke off his sadistic version of a kiss. "Why don't we wait on that answer after!?" His head fell back and his eyes slid closed as his hands formed fists and he began to tremble. Small white pin pricks of light began to dance up from the green mist. They gathered around the Devil spinning around his form, he trembled harder and fell to his knees. Dark wings sprouted from his back shrouding himself in darkness, save the menacing glow of his demonic eyes.

The sadistic captor stood, the dark wings held high as he advanced towards his captive. No words where exchanged as he gathered Bulma's body and pressed it's nakedness againts him. The wings were harbingers of her fate as they closed in around her, shutting out all the light. SHe tried to scream but an unearthly feeling of lethargy gathered around her, making it impossible to work her body. For an eternity she was denied sight or sound, everything was eternially dark and silent.

Bulma was unsure of how long she'd spend in the dark recluse, but she was suddenly aware of a strange texture under her feet. It was soft and warm, though not quite solid, almost like black silk jell-o. The lethargy was gone but there was still no sounds to be heard. "Over here my pretty." His voice was a epileptic shock to her system. She spun searching for the origin of his voice. She found him easily his skin stood out brightly againts the black see of the abyss. "Come here" he commanded, and pulled on somthing in his hand. Bulma stumbled forward, she looked down shocked, a heavy cast iron chain had been affixed to her neck. He tugged agian on her leash and she tripped and fell. Eventually she stumbled over to his feet.

Apon closer inspection she found the him sitting in what appeared to be a hottub of the liquid Jell-o. "Come in won't you?" With another pull she fell headlong into the water. The water was hot againts her bare skin, "Where am I?" He only grinned and smiled at her. "This is were I bring those that...please me." He stood to get out of the water. Bulma balked and blinked, that well endowed when..when..> she amost died of surprise, "Now now, don't be ashamed." He smiled down at her, she sat still, her eyes still transfixed apon his manhood. "You can play with that later, though first I have some things to go through with you first." He snapped his fingers and 5 human like creatures with pale skin appeared. "Now be nice my Little Beauty, they're only here to take mesurments."

One hollow-eyed goul stood ahead of the others, his arms were unatrally long almost brushing his knees. In one hand he held a mesuring tape and in the other was a stainless steel clipboard. Bulma wirled around and began to scream the injustices at the Devil, he'd vanished. The four other Gouls pounced on her, pinning her to the ground. THe first began to mesure her height and other various parts of her anotomy. One of the other Gouls with longer spidery fingers began to let his hand slid itself over to her breasts. Bulma bared her teeth at the creature and gave it her best death glare. It just grinned an empty toothed smile at her.

Suddenly he was standing there, dark grimace over his demonic features. "Get out!" He snorted while grabbing the back of the shreded jacket the goul wore. With a few simple tosses the gouls where gone, each sucked down through the ground with a bubbling hiccup from the earth. When the last of the creatures were gone she almost allowed herself to sigh. "Get up! We have buisness to attend to." The devil jerked her to her feet by the chain around her neck and began dragging her farther and farther from the inky pool.

"Please...please...stop me.." She gasped out while stumbling over the eneven semi-solid ground. He regarded her with dark eyes and lowered brows, "here is as good of place as any." He plunged his hand with the chain into the ground, his fist reemerged empty, the chain was embedded into the ground. Bulma tugged on the chain hopping to pull it free and run. It held fast, refusing to budge. Slowly he sat his lumbering form down on the malable earth. He watched her struggle and fight nanked with the iron chain around her neck, the fire in his eyes brightened as a plan came to mind. The Devil steepled his fingers, his sentuious lips moved with silent words. When he looked at her again some of the fire in his eyes had dimmed.

"I want you Bulma-san, and I will have you." He vowed in his two-toned voice. She turned to him and gathered all the spittle she could and sent it airborn. "Never!" He grined, his canines impossibly bright in the lightless place. "I have always gotten what I've desired, and you my dear are no exception." He leaned back and watched her struggle with the chain, becoming slowly aroused by her futile effort to escape. "You disgusting Satyrs!(Male for Nyphomaniac)" The devil smiled wider yet and grabbed hold of the chain, pulling her to her knees.

"Come sit with me." She fell into his lap, his hands around her waist holding her from escaping. He moved slighly so her legs straddled his hips. Bulma struggled and pressed her palms againts his chest trying to force herself free. He hissed as one of her nails dug into his clavical. He was quick and precise as he leaned forward pinning the helpless human under him. His hands snaked up and snatched hers, pushing them above her head and into the groud, like the chain. He pressed his lips over hers then down her neck and into the clef of her breasts, "You are a pretty one aren't you." he murmered to himself. As he suckled on her breast Bulma fought againts the rising intrest of his lips. "Relax, you'll enjoy this, I promise." She hissed and bucked her hips at him, to get free. "Getting despirate now are we?" He smiled as a hand traced its way down her stomach. His mouth nibbled and niped as he followed his hand downwards. As he came to her lowest extremity he watched her fear filled face.

His first taste of her was shocking almost, a virgin! He hissed in displeasure. His forked tounge slipped in further affirming it discovery. "A fucking VIRGIN? What the hell is this?" He snorted pulling himself off her. "You damned bitch! You god-damned bitch!" He shook his head thinking for a extended pause, "might as well give you a test run anyways." His body was heavy on hers as he leaned down on her again. He took a breast in each hand as if weighing them momentarily before begining to bite on one nipple and pinch the other. He soon tiered of playing and began to slid himself downwards again. To him the taste of a virgin was a wonderious fruit rarely sampled, though sample was all he was ever capable of with the untouched.

He snapped his fingers and she was sitting up, the chain collar gone. He snorted again at her baring his fangs. "Now listen to me bitch and listen well. I am eternal, I can wait for eternity. When you give into human temptation and let another man slide himself freely inside of you, I'll be waiting. You will be mine! Now go!"

There was a dark burning sensation throughout her whole body. It was like she'd lived a million lifes each branching off from the moment she'd offerend the Sayajin no Ouji her home to stay in. Every memory was burned into her mind causing chaotic confusion to the point of insanity. "Wh..wha..why?" She stumbled over her words as she felt herself fall through wildspace. "I just want you to know what your missing!" The Devil dark cackled shattered the air and the surroundings into sharp cutting peices of black ice glass. Bulma fell through the cloud of shards for a dark eternity. The boneshattering thud brought the bile to her mouth again as she landed back in her own body on chikyuu.

Her vision was blurry as opened her eyes, the five demon creatures lay half on the floor, their bloodied torsos supported by the green circular cloud. Each were still alive, moaning out a vauge chant it haunting tenor and baritone voices. The Devil stood above all his fallen minions, atheme in and hand, bloodied red. He turned and affixed his burning eyes on her. "I'll be waiting, my dear." The knife curved throught the air slicing through demon skin, their blood spurting over everything.

He'd gone into some mad rage, she was sure of it. The knife was long ago abandonned to the floor as he began to tear out organs with taloned hand and eat them quickly with sharp slurrping sounds. She could hear the flesh tearing in final cries to keep the organs within. The blood was smearled over his entier body, it dribbled in rivlets down his chin as he again weilded the Atheme.

In a final slash he brought the weapon down apon the saiyajin no ouji's chest.The Ouji screamed with fury as the blade penetrated his body cutting free his heart from him. Diable plunged his hand into the chest cavity and ripped forth the pulsating bloody mass of tissue. The demons fell to the ground from the circular mist lifeless and twitching.

Diable cackled and turned to face Bulma, his voice duotoned, "The world is mine as are you!" He raised the heart to his lips and drew a gulp of blood. Vegeta's heart pulled the Devil into a feeding frenzy, his hands shreading the Saiyajin no Ouji to get to the plump organs conceiled below. The floor began cracked around the boundarys of the circle, red flames began to lick up through the newly formed spider webs. The Devil faced Bulma one last time, "I will be back for you!"

The whole building began to shake and shift on its mountings. The shelves began to fall in crashing defeat. The force the the fall knocked something apon the hook's controls freeing the captive from its grasp. When her feet touched the ground her knees gave out slamming her brain into sharp bitting flames of pain which she shook off and paid no heed. With renewed fevor she continued to saw through the ropes. When the last one fell to the ground Bulma rushed to Vegeta's side looking down apon him, "Oh Kami, I never ment for anything like this to happened when I wished you where dead." The tears sprang forth and she cried to his chest.

Something fell from the heavens it seemed to Bulma. The small white capsule landed squarly apon the fallen Prince's chest. Her blank expression was reflected in the outter cassing for a long moment of silent thanks. She gathered it, quickly pressing the button. The capsule expanded and Bulma hurryed as fast as she dared to load Vegeta in. She recapsulated it and took off sprinting to avoid the falling debris.

She ran for hours through Satan City. It was destroyed, buildings crumbled, some people in shock and fear, while other looted and scavenged the area for supplies for survival. The woman began to feel the blood buring throughout her lungs, she paused leaning on the remains of a destroyed brick wall. In her moment of silence, she looked out over Satan City, it was just a husk of burnt and blacked buildings and charred bodies.

The Capsule Corps. survivor watched people tread in and out of the broken glass window of a departement store. They streamed in and out, arms filled with objects, cash and other ideas for survival. Her mind was made-up she begrudingly made her way to the broken window and climbed through, all the while preparing a mental list of items she'd need.

Everything in the store had been ransaked, cash registers had been forced open, all the jewery displays had been smashed. Bulma worked her way through the store, first gathering a long black sniper jacket, then a pair of sturdy cargo pants, followed by any computer equipment she could find, finishing with the hunting departement. Her pockets were filled with capsules of equipment as she forced her way through the security system into the hunting departement. Everything had been left untouched as she began to methodically search for what she needed. Shells and bullets were jammed quickly into pockets, followed by guns into holsters all placed on her body under the coat. She was turing to leave as she spoted a sniper rifle hung in a glass case above the door. Bulma had to have it, she had nobody left to trust but herself. It was simple getting the gun from the case and into her hands. She slung the rifle over her shoulder and prepared to leave.

The attack was sudden and devistating. Her assaliant jumped her from behind, grabing her in a choke hold with the gleaming blade of an Army Special Issue hunting knife pressed againts her coroted artery. "I want that gun back bitch!" The blade pressed up closer. "You can have it." She managed out, with no intentions of repeating the earlier events of that night. The gun was ripped off her shoulder as the attacker shoved her away. The first look Bulma caught of her attacker frightened her. He was a balding middle-aged man in a worn pair of nikes, ripped jeans and a soot-smugged shirt, "Takimodo?" She asked the man. He grunted and glared at her. That man was one of her employees. Takimodo blinked from behind think black rimmed glasses, "Briefs-san?" Bulma nodded her head in earnist. "You damned bitch! I always hated working for your sorry spoiled ass." For a brief coherant thought she truely believe that Takimodo moved to fast for a man of his girth. The blade was so sharp she never felt it enter her body, nothing until he pulled out the knife. The air stung the wound as the blood began to trickle out of the stab wound.

Takimodo floundered, he'd always fantasised about hurting Miss Briefs, though he'd never imagined taking it that extra step furter. Though his glasses he watched her press a hand over the wound, the blood pushing past her fingers and dribbling down to hand. Takimodo lost it, the soiled weapon fell clanging to the floor as he took off in a run,

Bulma pressed her hand againts the wound, feeling the warm spilling of her bodily fluids. The blood hund like degrating spiderwebs on her fingers when she held it up to her eyes. THe wall caught her as she slid down sitting with her hands pressed againts her abdomen. Once her hyperventalating had stopped she pulled her shirt up to examin the damage. It was a short incision of 1 1/2 inches, no blood seemed to bubble out if she kept her breathing in check. Under her own scrutenising eye she determined that she would survive.

It was an effort to get to her feet and stumble out of the department building. One hand constantly pressed to staunch the blood flow. Outside had slid further into termoil, fires had now broken out and were slowly moving, buring everything. Broken fire hydrants spewed water, too far to be of any use.

She slowly began to contemplate her next move, she needed someplace safe, to nurse herself and Vegeta back to health. Few places came to mind. Most would have been destroyed in the initial chaos of whatever had occured to Satan City. Her final choice was plausble, although she would need to navigate through the destroyed reminants. Hours passed and she finally found the abandonned rubble pile of Capsule Corporation's buisness facility. Bulma began to dig, until her hands were raw and unable to push away anymore debris. People drifted aimlessly through the destroyed streets, some mumbling to themselves other's clearly trying to get out of the city. Arms akimbo she began to plot another way into her destination, through the sewers.

The underground tunnels were dank and cold as she trudged through them taking the appropriate turns and twists until she came to the silver door stencled 'Capsule Corporation' It was designed as a bomb shelter and was capable to stand up to anything. The door swung open easily after it'd scanned Bulma's retna. Inside was dark, no lights had been installed, incase of a nuclear way, they're would have been no way to get power. Bulma's hands groaped to find the box of candles she'd remebered from her childhood. With the help of a match one candle sparked to life. Nothing had changed in the shelter, everything was as she'd remembered it. Compleatly sparse, a few peices of furnature, the bare essentials. THere was 12 rooms in total excluding the storage spaces, a pantry stocked with enough food for 13 people for the span of 5 years, a water supply and air supply equal to 7 years of use of a gluttonous man.

Bulma spared no time in clearing out one of the room. She freed the capsule and watched Vegeta float lifelessly the water swirling around him in a disturbing pantomime. She lite candles and placed them around the room slamming them into holders. She was angry at herself, this was all her fault. Her arm wound up and she slamed a candle into the wall, its wax body crumbling to the floor.The tears began to flow quickly as she pulled off her watch and threw it in her fury againts the wall along with its plexi-glass face.

For days she sat watching Vegeta float. The blood had dried and cracked, the wound becoming infected without proper treatment. Nothing mattered to the dispared scientist. Everything had been taken away from her. Vegeta was her last tie to her smeared past, The green glow was reflected in her haunted eyes, her body quickly began to absorb the color the regen tank gave off. She couldn't live with out it, it was her lifeline to herself.

Outside clouds gathered and unleashed they wrath upon chikyuu. Perhaps it was in pathetic fallosy that nature immated Bulma's feelings of loss. The lost soul had given up waiting, every fiber of her being screamed to have the oblivious peace she watched Vegeta float in day after day. With her body and mind in compleat dissary she stripped herself of her clothing, wincing while she pulled the crusted shirt away from her infected stab wound. In a last murmer of prayer she closed her eyes and climbed in the tank with the lost Ouji.

Outside hell ascended apon earth, driving away all connections to heaven and the gods. The Devil himself seemed to be leaning back in his chair surveying all his distructive glory. Fires, floods, and natural disasters had ravaged chikyuu killing off most of the human population. The Devil with his perfect pointed canines smiled as he inhaled his ascention to the mortal realm. Though heaven in one small part still remained on earth, two people encassed together in warm green glow.

La Fin


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