Shattered Realities

By: Meiko

Notes: Hello again! Okay, this is the long awaited sequel to 'Twisted Souls". I'm sorry it took me so long to get this started, but I've had a very busy summer and I've suffered from a bit of writers block as well. Anywho, this takes place in Mirai Trunks time (The Mirai Trunks of my story, not the anime; confused?). He has just returned from the past and discovered he hadn't changed anything. By the way, you should read 'Twisted Souls' if you haven't already (shameless plug). This story will be rated PG-13 for most of the time, I will rate any chapter that is different. I intend for this story to be darker, and not so sappy (but that's not to say it won't get mushy at times). This will only involve characters in Mirai Trunks time, not from the past. I am at the moment planning on making a trilogy of this, so I'll get back to them. Almost done...

I don't own DBZ or any of its characters. Ya'll know who does! I'm just borrowing them for my crazy ideas, so don't sue me! I lay claim to the characters I have created for the sole purpose of this story, please don't take them without my permission! And don't sue, I have nothing to give! Okay, I'll shut up!

Prologue: Angels and Demons

* * *

Chikyuu was a cold and desolate planet. It had once been a planet of life, now, after the wrath of Vejiita, their was nothing but death. Only one remained; the son of Vejiita, Trunks.

This handsome young man was all that was left, spared only by his mothers surrender to his father. They had left, without even a goodbye. He was left alone, but his mother had given him hope; a time machine, and medicine to save the life of Son Goku. Trunks traveled to the past, to stop his father and save Goku. He was successful, but, the results were not what anyone had expected, he returned to his time only to discover that nothing had changed, he had only created a parralell universe.

He sat alone now, outside his time machine; planning his next move. There was no way in hell he would give up that easily. His father could be saved, if he could give up immortality in the past, then he could do it in the future. It took the innocence of an infant and the love of a wife to do it, but it had been done.

Trunks gazed back at the time machine, "You," he whispered, "are my only way to save him, but, where do I go?"

* * *

The two immortals watched the boy anxiously, each with different intentions. They both new of the others presence, but they dare not acknowledge each other. Both were beautiful on the outside, but one harbored dark, ugly intentions. She glared at the boy with charcoal eyes, anxious to kill him, but knew it would be a waste. 'Let Hikari have him, he shall not succeed.'

The other, was more like an angel, watching the boy lovingly, 'Kasumi underestimates this man's ability.' She turned away and sighed, her lavender eyes looking sad. 'You must save your father and mother Trunks, before Kasumi has her way!'

"Do you really believe he can save them Hikari?" a familair voice taunted, "He hasn't even trained since he returned."

Hikari turned and faced her rival. She took a moment to study her, she wore a black, sleeveless dress, with a short skirt and matching black leather boots. Hikari sighed, she herself wore similar gettup, but her dress was pure white. "This battle shall not be determined by the strength of the body, but by strength of the heart!" Hikari spat with venom, "Of course, a demon such as yourself would never understand such a thing!"

"Tsk, tsk," Kasumi scolded, "You should really watch yourself, aren't you under obligations to speak with kindness to all beings, demons included. Or perhaps you are above the other angels of heaven!"

Hikari turned away, she hated it when Kasumi was right, "Then I must apologize for my rudeness," she murmurred, "But, I will not back down from this mission!"

Kasumi chuckled, "I didn't ask you to. In fact, I hope you will continue, it will certainly make this more entertaining!"

Without another word, the demon vanishied, leaving the angel to contemplate her mission. She turned back to Trunks, "I must act quickly so I can save your mother and father," she whispered, "as well as yourself."

* * *

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