Hi everyone! I did it, I finished it! This just ties up a few ends. It's told from Trunks' POV at first, then Vejiita's. Enjoy!

Epilogue: Reflections

* * *

I sit, unable to sleep as the past events fill my mind. I sigh, knowing life will never be peaceful as it must be in that other time. We wander through the universe, we don't have a home. No one will let us stay, they all hate my father and rightly so. Although, they could forgive him, but that will take years. Until then, he still has us.

I glance down at Hikari, who rests in my arms. I once thought I could only love Aya, but that was never meant to be. I love Hikari, a woman I never thought I could have. It's funny, watching her adjust to our world. Her reaction to hunger and sleep, feelings she has never experienced before. I hold her now, to protect from pain and fear, things I pray she'll never know.

I watch my mother, she sleeps peacefully in my fathers arms. I've never seen her so at peace, I've never seen him so at peace. I smile, they belong together, like Hikari and I. Nothing will keep them apart; not Heaven, not Hell.

My eyes meet my father's gaze. Has he been watching me this whole time? I doubt it, perhaps he is reflecting as well. I smile at him, he merely grunts and looks away. I study him, ponder him. Why did he do it, make that wish? Sighing, I may never understand him. He is my father, and I am his son, nothing can ever change that.

* * *

I stare quietly out at the stars, they move slowly by. There is a stirring in my arms, I glance down at my mate. She settles again. How many nights did I try and hold her and have her scream and curse my name. I still wonder what our life could be if I had never made that wish. I sigh, I wanted so much to give her a home, now. We may never have one.

The guards are gone, I let them return to there homes. Now, we wander aimlessly, planet to planet looking for someone to take us in. They won't, they never will. I want to leave, let Bulma and Trunks live without me, Kami knows they would be better off, but Bulma insists that as long as I stay, she is happy. That is all I want, her happiness.

I glance at the woman my son holds, how could anyone help me so much? Why would an angel of heaven help one who belongs in hell? Trunks seems happy with her, I guess I can't object to her prescence.

My gaze shifts to my son, who seems to be watching his mother. He is a strong warrior, A Super Saiya-jin none the less. He is very deserving of his title as Prince. He looks up at me and smiles, I do not know how to react. How can he forgive me for what I've done? I don't think I will ever understand him.

Turning away from him, I watch the stars more. Everything has gone wrong, but yet it feels so right. I am no longer a king, or even a prince for that matter, that title belongs to my son. I am just another Saiya-jin, Vejiita. I feel lost, yet, with my mate and son I could not be more at home than right here.

* * *

Yeah! It's finished. Someday, maybe, I'll write a follow up, I'm not sure. Right now, I've started on a different idea. I've actually had this idea for about a year. The first part has been sitting on my hard drive for a while, I've revamped it and am starting on the second part. (Time for a shameless plug) It's titled, "Project: Genesis" The first two parts will be posted in two weeks, hopefully. It all depends on what life dishes out for me. Please, if you liked this and "Twisted Souls", give "Project: Genesis" a try, it goes a little deeper.

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