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Chapter 6: A Pure Soul

* * *

Bulma watched in awe as her husband and son exchanged blows with Kasumi. She could hardly make-out their bodies as they moved at blinding speed. A gentle hand on her shoulder broke the trance, "Bulma," Hikari whispered, "we are running out of time!"

Bulma took a deep breath and nodded, this was taking a huge risk, but she had no choice. "Trunks!" she cried. The boy suddenly became visable again, he was panting, the demoness was a good fighter. "It's time." Bulma commanded.

Trunks nodded and reached for the chalice in his jacket. Kasumi stopped when she saw the chalice, Vejiita landed a blow right to her jaw. "Stupid bitch," Vejiita mocked, "never let your guard down."

Kasumi paid him no mind, she merely gapped in horror as Trunks passed the chalice on to his mother. "No." she murmured, "It's impossible!" In desperation, the demoness rose to her feet and mustered all of her power, "This will not happen!" she cried, sending the blast straight for Bulma's heart.

Vejiita reacted quickly; not having time to grab her and carry her away, he took the blow for her. Bulma shrieked in terror as he fell into her arms. Trunks began to tremble, anger building up inside of him. "Vejiita." Bulma said hoarsely.

Not finding the strenght to say anything, he merely could only use the bond that had somehow been created between him and his mate. He placed his hand on her heart and smiled weakly. A single tear fell, 'Finish it.' he whispered into her mind, 'Kill her.' Bulma nodded, 'I love you.' were his final words.

Bulma burst into sobs as his body went limp in her. Hikari glared at Kasumi who had a smug look on her face. "I love you, too, Vejiita." Bulma whispered.

"You will pay dearly." Trunks whispered, anger building, power surging. He flared up to Super Saiya-jin, a new found power. "I will finish this!" he screamed.

"No." Hikari said calmly, "You cannot."

Trunks clenched his fists, trying to control this new power. "Give me your sword." Bulma ordered, Trunks did so. Kasumi stared in horror, not having the energy for a counter attack. "You will die, demoness." Bulma spat.

Kasumi smiled slightly, "Fine then." she said, "It does not matter, there will be other souls for my master. I may die today, but you will have lost what is so dear to you!"

Bulma stood, chalice in one hand, sword in the other. Trunks watched, unsure of what was happening. Up in Enma's place, Vejiita watched with Enma-sama. Bulma handed the chalice to Hikari who held it under Bulma's heart. Taking the sword into both hands, Bulma plunged the sword into her heart. Trunks screamed in horror, Bulma didn't flinch.

There was no blood, just purity. An undescrible light, so beautiful it blinded all in the room. Hikari smiled, "It is the purest soul I have ever seen."

Kasumi took a step back, horror crossed her face as the light filled the chalice. The sword dropped to the ground, there was no wound. Bulma took a step forward, her face determined. "This is where it ends, bitch!"

Bulma tossed the contents of the chalice at Kasumi. The purity of Bulma's soul devoured Kasumi, slowly eating away at her until there was nothing left. Bulma let out a sigh of relief and fell to the floor. "Mom!" Trunks cried, he rushed to hold her.

Bulma burst into tears of relief as she held her son, afraid to let go. Hikari smiled, and disappeared, there was still one thing left to do.

* * *

Vejiita waited impatiently for Enma to pass his judgement. "God damnit!" he cursed, "Just send me to hell, where I belong!"

Enma smiled slightly, "I don't know," he pondered, "Hikari is trying to pull some strings for you now." Vejiita muttered a few choice words and Enma had to laugh.

Hikari stood before the council, stone faced, awaiting their judgement. The head chairperson stood and cast a grave look at the young angel, "You have broken many of our codes," he said gravely, "we have no choice but to strip you of your immortality. You will live and die with the mortals from here on out." Hikari nodded solemnly, "Is there anything you wish to say on your behalf?"

Hikari nodded, taking a deep breath, "I am not here to argue for my own sake, I will take what I deserve, even though I still believe what I did was right. I am here to argue for the soul of a man who awaits judgement now. If he is judged, he will be sent to hell, a place he no longer belongs."

The head of the council inturrupted, "You speak of Prince Vejiita, do you not?" Hikari nodded, "Tell us, Hikari, what has he done to deserve a second chance?"

"He has learned to love." Hikari stated matter-of-factly, "He sacrificed himself for the love of his wife and son. If he is given a second chance, he can change his destiny and earn his way to heaven."

"So you are saying that we should return him to life?" Hikari nodded, "You have made a strong argument, it shall be done. You will go with him." Hikari smiled, "Please bring the prince in here at once."

Enma smiled when he heard the news, "Looks like Hikari pulled through once more." Vejiita frowned, a door appeared in front of him, "Go in Vejiita, the council awaits you."

Vejiita hesitated for a moment, then entered. He felt so out of place when he saw the great hall filled with beautiful men and women. He stared at the ground, avoiding eye contact with any of the council. Hikari took a spot next to him, "Vejiita," the head council spoke, "Hikari has spoken on your behalf, you will return to life and live with your wife and son."

Vejiita was taken aback, he looked at Hikari, surprise filled his features, "I'll take that as a thank you!" Hikari giggled.

"Remember this, Vejiita," the head warned, "Everyone in the mortal relm knows what you have done. Some will forgive you, others will not. You will find it hard, most places will not welcome you." Vejjita nodded, "So be it! Return to your mortal life!"

* * *

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