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Chapter 5: Deeds Undone

* * *

Bulma stood quietly, head bowed saddly waiting for her permission to enter Heavens gates. She had been there for a while, and was beginning to wonder what the hold up was. She glanced around the giant room, it was empty, then she glanced at Enma's desk, he sat their, twiddling his thumbs. She was slighltly nervous, but she was becoming unnerved, "Excuse me, Enma-sama? Shouldn't I be going somewhere?" she inquired.

Enma, too, seemed nervous, he glanced around the room, 'Where did those two go?' he wondered. Suddenly, they appeared. Trunks paused, Bulma had yet to notice him. She seemed younger, but their was no life in her eyes. 'It must have really hurt that father did this.' he thought.

Hikari stood back observing the two, 'I hope this works.'

Trunks stepped forward, Bulma still did not notice him. He gently placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. Startled, she jumped back, taking a defensive stance. Trunks laughed, "Somethings never change!"

Bulma's jaw about hit the floor, tears began to gather in the corner of her eyes. "Trunks." she whispered to herself. She reached out and caressed his cheek, cheaking to see if her were real. She smiled, running a hand through his hair. Trunks smiled, he never knew how much she meant to him. Unable to hold back any longer, the two embrassed and Bulma broke down in sobs. "Oh, Dende, how did you get here?"

Trunks pulled away from her embrace and wiped away a tear, "It's a long story."

* * *

The Saiya-jin Prince had fallen, sobbing for the loss of his mate. A saiya-jin never showed their emotions, but things had changed; she had changed him. After years, he was a Super Saiya-jin, but it meant nothing without her. Suddenly, he remembered. The Dragonballs. "How could I have forgoten?" he cursed himself. "I'll wish her back, and then that bitch who did this will pay."

He marched down the hallway, the soldiers were in complete awe of the new persona of their emporer. If any soldier got in his way, they met with an unfortunate end. He turned down another hallway, almost there!

Kasumi appeared out of nowhere, "In a hurry?" she asked noncholantly, "I hope not, I have to finish my job first."

Vejiita glared at the demoness, "You will pay for this!"

Kasumi smirked, "You're ready to destroy the universe, ne?" she chuckled, "I'll be taking your soul now. Don't worry; though, my master will take very good care of your body!"

Vejiita began to power up, "So that's what you wanted, eh?" he returned her smirk, "Well, come and get it!"

"Gladly!" she accepted.

Lunging forward, she reached out for him, he phased out before she could reach him. "When did he get so fast?" she wondered aloud.

Without any time to react, an arm swung out from behind her and sent her sprawling on the floor. "Bitch!" Vejiita cursed, "You will pay for what you made me do! I will kill you, and I will have her back!"

Kasumi got up, frowning, she had forgotten about the dragonballs. They would bring her back, he had known that, that's what kept him from self destructing. "Your soul is not a perfect black." she mused, "You're still weak, therefore you are of no use to me. I will simply have to kill you!"

"Baka!" Vejitta growled, "I"m immortal! You can't kill me!"

Kasumi smiled triumphantly, "No, you're correct. But I can still send you to the depths of hell!"

She lunged and the two began to exchange blows, one which knocked Vejiita out. "Silly Prince," she chorused to her unconcious victim, "I'm sure you'll fit right in in hell."

* * *

Bulma had been in complete shock when Trunks told her the story, "When I get my hands on that bitch!" she threatened.

Hikari perked up, "It's time!" she shouted, "Bulma-san, you must do this!"

Bulma nodded, and Trunks stood back. Bulma took Hikari's hand and closed her eyes.

She seemed to be traveling through a deep void. She began to make out forms, horrible forms. Sights of death, and battle. She saw Freeza and the destruction of Vejiitasei. She was in Vejiita's mind. "Vejiita?" she called out.

He was sitting there, on a simple rock, head craddled in his palms, cursing himself. He turned and looked at her, surprised she was there. "Vejiita!" she said, embracing his mental self. "You must wake up and use the dragonballs. You must first wish for Trunks and I to be returned to life, then you must undo your immortality, and then, you must undo the rest of your wishes!"

Vejiita frowned, "Is that the way to stop this?" he demanded, she nodded, "Then I will do it." He turned, "How did the brat die?"

Bulma was surprised at his concern, "He was killed by Kasumi." she said.

"Then she will pay double for her crimes."

He disappeared leaving Bulma alone, in shock. In a flash, she left his world of horror and returned to Enma's place. "It's done." she said.

Hikari shook her head, "You still have much to do."

* * *

Kasumi smrirked, her hand over Vejiita's heart, "Time to say good-bye sweet prince." she chorused.

In a flash, his fingers snatched her wrist and pulled it away from his chest, his eyes opened and he gave his usual smirk. "Good-bye bitch!" he mocked.

Still holding on to her, he flew threw the wall that seperated him from the dragonballs. He then blasted her knocking the sense out of her. Remembering what must be done, he turned to the dragonballs. "Eternal dragon, Shenlong, come forth and grant my wishes!"

In a flash, the dragon appeared before his eternal master. "What does your heart desire master?"

"I wish for you to bring my mate and son back to life!"

"It is done." A crash of lighting, and the two were standing in the middle of the room. Bulma smiled at Vejiita who returned it with a nod, he then took a chance to appraise his son. He, too, gave him a nod of approval. Trunks smiled at the gesture. "Do you require anything else of me?"

Vejiita returned to the dragon, Kasumi was waking up. "I wish for you to strip me of my immortality!"

"So be it!" Again, power surged through his veins, but in an instant it was


Kasumi struggled to get to her feet, anger seethed through her, "You will not win that easily!" she cursed.

Vejiita turnred, smirking, "I'm no longer immortal!" he shouted, "I will still defeat you!"

He began powering up to Super Saiya-jin, Bulma and Trunks stood in awe of him. Suddenly, Hikari appeared, "Vejiita!" she shouted, "Make your final wish!"

Vejiita turned, surprised by the new comer; Kasumi took her chance. She aimed carefully, and blasted. The blast went right passed Vejiita's head, striking the dragonballs instead. For an instant, nothing happened. Vejiita smirked, "You missed." he joked.

Kasumi returned the smirk, "Actually," she said smugly, "I was right on target!"

The blast caught everyone by surprise. Hikari watched, horrified, as the dragonballs vanished and Shenlong slowly dissintegrated. Bulma fell to her knees in shock and Trunks began to tremble, Vejiita just stood stalk still.

Kasumi smiled, "Now, it will never be undone!" she exclaimed, "What you've done will open the gate for hell to enter this world, of course, you won't see that day!"

Vejiita bared his teeth, from across the room, Trunks took a fighting stance, "We'll see about that!" Trunks said, "This ends now!"

* * *

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