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Chapter 4

* * *

Trunks was floating in a void of nothingness. He had never felt so alone in his life. "Hikari?" he called out, there was nothing, the sound of his voice seemed deadened by the emptiness. "Why did you abandon me?"

"I didn't." came the response, "This is part of your destiny, you must make a choice." she appeared before Trunks, a grave look in her eyes, "You must choose between heaven and hell."

Trunks cocked his head slightly, confused, "I thought that was Enma's choice!"

The corner of Hikari's mouth tugged up slightly, "I pulled a few strings for you." She became serious agian, "To defeat Kasumi, you must defeat a demon that guards the Chalice of Obscurity."

Trunks became very confused, "The Chalice of what?"

"Obscurtiy, it is the main source of power to all the demons. When they are created, they all drink from this chalice, it gives them the power to blind mortals into following them; much like Kasumi has done with your father."

"What happens when I have this chalice."

"To kill a demon, one must fill the chalice with the soul of a mortal is is pure and good. Then, the contents of the chalice will destroy any demon that comes in contact wiht it."

Trunks nodded, beginning to understand. "Then there is only one choice, lead the way."

* * *

Vejiita sat quietly, anger filling him. He could not clearly think, or act; he had no real control. Kasumi stood next to him, admiring her handy work. She went completely unnoticed by all around them.

Finally, a guard came in. "Your majesty, what do you wish for us to do with the traitor."

Vejiita stayed quiet, calmly staring out the window, "Nothing, I shall deal with the little whore myself."

The soldier bowed and quietly dismissed himself, knowing it was not wise to bother the king when he was in such a state. Scenes from before invaded his mind, he saw them over and over.

He cursed in frustration, "I should have never wasted my time with that little bitch. She only made me weaker." He gathered himself, and walked out the door, "Time to pay, whore."

* * *

Trunks had never imagined hell to be like this. It wasn't fire and brimestone, but it was cold and desolate. Hikari walked ahead of him silently, obviously bothered by the surrounding sights. Then, they reached a gate. "This is where it is, inside there."

Trunks nodded, "You coming?" she nodded, "All right, but tell me, how do I kill him?"

"You don't, you can't kill him. You just have to knock him down and grab the chalice, then I shall quickly take us back to Enma-sama, it's up to Vejiita from there."

Trunks became skeptical, "What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Hikari did not respond. With a wave of her fingers, the door opened and the two entered.

They found themselves in a vast room, completely empty of anything, except a small table; in the center, was a chalice. "This could be easy," Trunks whispered, "It looks like their guard is on break!"

Hikari shook her head, "Nothing is as it seems."

Trunks stepped cautiously towards the chalice, then he took another step. Then, it came. The demon appeared, with burning red eyes and sharp talons. Trunks took out his sword and slid into a fighting position.

The demon smiled cruelly, saliva dripping from it's fangs. It vanished, and reappeared right behind Trunks; lashing out violently. Surprising all but one in the room, their was no damage done. "What!" Trunks cried.

Hikari smiled smugly, "You're already dead, what did you expect?"

Trunks was confused, "So what happens if I loose."

Her smirk faded, "You will remain in hell for all eternity, and we will have failed."

"Well, I don't fail!"

Trunks raised the sword and struck the demon, who landed akwardly on the marble floor. Trunks raised to strike again, but Hikari stopped him, "Get the chalice!" she ordered, "I shall hold him!"

Concentranting with all her might, she held the demon, who thrashed about as a pure white powere flooded through his body. Trunks watched in awe, but then remembered the task at hand.

He quickly grabbed the chalice and emptied it of it's vile drink. In an instant he found himself in an extremely large office type building, he cranned his neck up and smiled nervously at the man in the desk who was giving him a rather stern look, "Enma-sama, I presume?"

The man grunted and nodded, "Hikari has great faith in you boy, I hope you do not dissapoint any of us."

Trunks shifted around nervously, "I hope so to sir."

Hikari appeared next to him and bowed to Enma, "Thank you so much, Enma-sama, we were sucessful in our mission."

Enma nodded, "So I see, but it could all be in vain if Vejiita does not play his part."

"Of course." Hikari agreed, "I will make sure that he will play his part." She turned, "Trunks, prepare yourself. We're going to have another visitor very soon."

* * *

Bulma waited quietly. She was sore and tired, her fingers were bleeding from her failed attempts to escape. She knew he would come, and he would come soon.

The door to the cell opened and he entered. She quickly got to her feet. She gasped when she looked into her eyes, she had never seen so much hate before. "Vejiita," she demanded, "what the hell is this?"

Vejiita said nothing at first, he merely studied her, accusing her. She took an useasy step back, suddenly uncomfortable. For the first time, he smirked, "You know, don't you. You'd never thought I'd find out." his smirk faded, "Well, I did. Don't think I'll be so forgiving."

Bulma looked genuinely confused, "What are you talking about?"

"Yamucha." Vejiita whispered, "You betrayed me, little bitch. Don't think you'll get away with that!"

Bulma took a step forward, "What the hell are you talking about, Yamucha and I broke up way before we got together, I was completley faithful to you. You on the other hand, YOU betrayed ME when you made that stupid wish!"

In a flash Vejiita had her agianst the wall by the throat, "How dare you! I am your King, you do not betray your king. I do as I wish. I will not stand for any more betrayl. My father betrayed me and sent me to hell with Freeza, then Freeza betrayed me! He destroyed my planet, my father, my pride, and then, he destroyed me."

By now, Bulma was in tears. "Vejiita, I never realized. Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"It was none of your damn business. It is over, whore. I will not be betrayed by you again."

He squeezed her neck, slowly suffocating her. She didn't struggle, she couldn't speak to defend herself. She merely closed her eyes and waited. 'I forgive you Vejiita.' she whispered in her mind.

Vejiita's eyes opened wide, 'Bonded?' his mind whispered. Kasumi knew it was time to intervene, "That makes it even worse." she whispered to him, "Finish it know."

Bulma began to feel disconnected, she knew it would be soon. She opened her eyes, and gave Vejiita one last loving look. She brought her fingers up to her lips and kissed them, then lightly placed them upon his forehead; then she gave up and died.

In a flash, Vejiita was released. Kasumi left him and the truth was known. Vejiita gasped, fighting to breathe. He fell to the ground and craddled the limp body of his mate. "No, no," he repeated over and over, "this isn't real!"

Kasumi merely watched, amused. In anger and desperation, Vejiita began to power up. For the first time since Son Goku, a Super Saiya-jin emerged. The prince had achieved what he had always wanted, but the price he payed was too much. The new Super Saiya-jin fell to the ground and began to weep; something the Prince had only done once before.

* * *

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