Chapter 3: The Mind's Betrayal

* * *

Trunks winced as Hikari fingered the deep cuts on his face, "Did it ever occur to you, that that hurts!" he snapped.

Hikari drew back, blushing slightly. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "I've never felt what you call pain. I don't feel anything, not warmth or cold. I don't eat and sleep, I just exsist." she sighed, "Sometimes I forget that you mortals are not the same."

Trunks looked away, "I'm sorry I snapped at you." he apologized, "You're only trying to help me."

"I accept your apology." She replied, "Now this is going to hurt a little, but you must trust me." She reached out and gently cupped his face in her hands. He winced, but said nothing. He watched her, lost in her eyes; she leaned forward and gently kissed each wound. Amazingly, the wounds vanished. "There," she smiled, "all better."

Trunks blushed, "Amazing." he whispered, 'I should get hurt more often.' his mind whispered. "How did that happen?" he quiered.

Hikari blushed, as if reading his mind, "An angel's kiss has the power to heal a mortals physical wounds."

Trunks studied himself, 'Perhaps a mortal's soul as well.'

Hikari frowned, suddenly remembering the mission, "There is much to be done." she stated, "Kasumi will return, I'm sure."

Trunks stared at Hikari, studying her warily, "How do you know so much, do you know what's going to happen?"

HIkari avoided Trunks' eyes, "To a certain extent, yes. I don't know the outcome, that depends on Vejiita and Bulma. As far as you are concerned, I know what will happen to you in the near future."


"It is not for you to know."

* * *

Vejiita roamed the halls agian, unable to rest. The demoness' words repeated themselves over and over again. "I know they're not true," he assured himself, "so why do they haunt me so?"

Kasumi watched his every moves, "So, my little lie does nag at his majesty. " she smirked proudly, "But, it wasn't enough. His soul knows it's not true." she chuckled, "Not a problem, as a demoness, deceit comes naturally."

Vejiita stopped as he became aware of a dark prescence. "I told you not to come back." he muttered, "You really must have a death wish."

"Not so, my lord." Kasumi insisted as she appeared before him, "I just can't stand that bitch lying to you like that."

Vejiita raised his hand to strike her, but with a simple wave of her fingers he couldn't move, "Now, Vejiita," she taunted, she placed her hand on his forehead, "You will see what I want you to see, and believe what I want you to believe."

Images flooded his mind: she was with Yamucha, after he made his wish, they were making love. "No!" Vejiita screamed, "You're trying to decieve me, I know it's a lie!" He saw it over, and over. It was all he could see, everywhere he turned. He had no control, his anger took over, and he was at her mercy.

Kasumi smiled, now that she controled Vejiita, it would all be a matter of time. "Now, what are you going to do?" she asked playfully.

Vejiita turned away and walked slowly down the hallway, "Kill her."

* * *

Bulma awoke with a start as the door crashed open and several of the guards came rushing in. "What the hell?" she demanded, "Leave at once!"

The guards paid her orders no mind, in an instant they took her by the arms and dragged her out of the room. "Vejiita!" she cried, "Help me!"

They dragged down the corridor and down a flight into the prison cells, where they roughly threw her in, "What's going on!" she demanded.

For the first time, one of the guards spoke, "You are under arrest for treason!"

Bulma became angry, "That's insane, I've done nothing wrong!"

There was no response, they all left her. She screamed and clawed at the door, "Tell me!" she cried hoarsly, "Vejiita! What have I done?" There was nothing but silence.

* * *

Kasumi smiled as she watched Bulma struggle to free herself. "Well, that takes care of her, now just one more thing to check on."

She appeared before Trunks and nearly screamed, "Your still alive!" He seemed rather surprised at her sudden appearance, Hikari didn't even flinch. "You should be dead by now!"

Trunks shrugged his shoulers, "I guess I'm just stronger than you." he said noncholantly.

Kasumi fumed, "You haven't even seen my strength." she hissed, "You will die tonight." Suddenly, remembering herself, she turned to Hikari, smiling, "I guess you're falling behind. You, see I now control Vejiita's mind. I made him believe that his precious Bulma betrayed him with Yamucha," she began to laugh, "You see, in all his anger, I will get him to kill her. Then when, I leave his mind, he will know the truth and mentally self destruct. With that, his soul and body will be perfect for the taking!"

"Mom!" Trunks cried, "Why her?" he demanded.

Kasumi shrugged, "It's just life kid."

Filled with anger, Trunks swung at Kasumi, she casually side-stepped the blow. Hikari watched with saddness, "I must make sure everything is ready on the other end. It will happen soon." she vanished, neither of the two warriors noticed.

"Silly, boy." she mocked, "You shouldn't play with sharp objects, someone could get hurt!" She waved her hand, and the sword went flying, "Let's see you defeat me with your own two hands!"

Trunks smirked, taking a fighting stance, "Gladly."

* * *

"Enma-sama, please, you don't understand!" Hikari pleaded to the rather large man at the rather large desk in front of you, "If you don't help me, everything is lost."

Enma looked down at the angel and sighed, "You know, Hikari, the council is not happy with you."

Hikari looked away, ashamed. "I know, Enma-sama, but I know that we cannot loose this battle, it will affect both our worlds!"

"I know, but it is against our codes. I can't send him there, he belongs elsewhere!"

"I know that, but it must be done! You must trust me Enma-sama, you always have before!"

Enma was silent, pondering it all, finally, "All right, I'll trust you on this matter, but I will do as you request."

Hikari smiled, "Thank you so much Enma-sama! He'll be here soon!"

* * *

Trunks and Kasumi continued to fight, they seemed almost equal. "You know, boy," Kasumi chorused, "I am immortal like Hikari, you will NEVER kill me!"

Trunks smirked, so much like Vejiita, "I don't believe in never!" Hikari kicked her in the midriff, sending her sprawling back, "Stupid boy," she rasped, "I'll win this battle yet!"

She waved her hands, grinning wickedly. She formed a ki ball in one hand, and continued waving her other, "Keep your eye on the birdie!" she taunted.

Trunks prepared himself for the blast. Then, something cold and sharp thrusted into his heart. Trunks choked, glancing down, he was surprised to find his own sword lodged in his chest. "Wrong birdie!" Kasumi laughed.

Trunks began to cough up blood, he fell to the ground. He held on the his sword, trying to pull it out, but it was in too deep. "Hikari." he whispered, his final words.

Kasumi smiled, walking over to the boy and closing his eyes. She kissed him on the forehead "Sweet dreams."

* * *

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