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Chapter 2: Deceitful Demons

* * *

Trunks listened to the wind as it blew across the barren planet, there was nothing living to break the silence, just him. He glanced over at the angel and pondered what she was doing. She was kneeling, hands extended in front of her, palms up as if she were recieving a gift. He watched her lips move, but there was no sound. Her hair danced with the wind and she seemed to glow under the light of the stars.

A blush krept over his cheeks and he quickly turned away, embarrased to think that he was attracted to her. He thought of Aya and his feelings for her, as if trying to deny his attraction towards Hikari. 'Damnit!' he cursed himself mentally, 'Hikari is even alive! Well, at least I can see her. Aya doesn't even remember who I am, besides she lives in another dimension.' he glanced over at Hikari, 'Good job Trunks, you manage to become attracted to any girl you can't have!'

He sighed; perhaps he wasn't really attracted to her, perhaps it was just because it had been so long since he had had any contanct with someone.

"Trunks?" a soft voice inturrupted his thoughts, "Are you okay?" he just nodded, "What were you thinking about?"

He glanced up at Hikari and found himself lost in her eyes, "Just about my mom and dad." he lied. She nodded, and held out his hand to help him up. He took time to notice her other hand was behind her back. "What's that?" he pointed behind her.

She smiled, "It's a gift for you, I made it."

She held it out to him and smiled when he saw Trunks' jaw hit the ground. It was a sword, the most beautiful weapon he had ever seen. It was gold, with a jeweled handle and a dragon carved on the blade. "You made this?" he said.

"Yes." Hikari replied, blushing modestly, "Just now."

Trunks' jaw once again hit the floor, "What do you mean just now?"

"As an angel, I have certain powers, I created that sword for you, without it you cannot defeat Kasumi and save Vejiita and Bulma."

Trunks studied the sword and took a few practice swings, "I've never used a weapon before." he admitted. "I was trained by Son Gohan though."

"I know, you were trained well, but you are not finished. I can train you myself, but we are lacking in time. Your training will come on the way to the final battle. You will face many obstacles. I will, however, warn you of this. You are key in this battle, but you cannot kill Kasumi yourself, her life is in the hands of another."

Trunks nodded, millions of questions nagging at him, but he knew she wouldn't answer them. "Where do we begin this battle?"

Hikari glanced up at the sky and closed her eyes, "The battle starts here and now." she whispered, "Prepare yourself." she looked back at Trunks and studied him, 'He is ready.' she assured herself. "Kasumi!" she shouted, "I know you are here! Show yourself!"

A soft laughter was the reply, Trunks turned around and ready his sword. "Silly Hikari, such a silly weapon for a silly warrior." she appeared, floating before Trunks. He swung at her, striking her in the shoulder; he watched in horror as the wound dissapeared. "Silly boy, it won't be that easy!"

She smiled, smacking him hard. He rubbed the tender skin, glaring at the demoness. "Don't take it so personally!" Kasumi mocked, "I have nothing against you, I just can't have you interferring." She turned to Hikari, "I told you not to bother, he will die tonight."

Hikari remained emotionless, "And I told you not to underestimate him, or me!"

"Oh well," Kasumi chuckled, "I have other things to attend to at the moment, so I'll be on my way. But, I'll leave you my little friend for company."

In a flash she was gone, but in her place was a rather grotesque monster. Trunks gulped and tried to steady his sword in his trembling hands as he studied his rather large opponent. Hikari took a step back, giving the two there room, "This is were your battle begins."

* * *

The emporer gazed out across a sea of stars and sighed. They had done nothing but travel from planet to planet, stopping only to insure that all planets were loyal to him alone. He turned and glanced at the bed where she was sound asleep. She hated moving around so much, he couldn't blame her there. The ship was elaborate indeed, a flying palace, but it was still confined.

He walked out of the room and down the corridor nodding briefly at the guards as he passed by them. He stopped outside a vault and pressed the entry codes, he entered and gazed at the dragonballs. They were as immortal as him, never disappearing, never dying, because of the wish he had made. The eternal dragon served only him, granting only his wishes.

He sighed, so long had he thought about this wish, he wanted to do this for her, make her immortal as well. She would be angry with him for it, but he knew it was better this way. "Someday," he whispered, "I'll find a place where we can stay, after this long journey. We'll have an eternity to spend together."

"Are you sure that's what you want?" came a cold voice, "An eternity with a woman who has done nothing but betray you?"

Vejiita turned, "Who's there, who dare speaks to me in such a manor?"

A woman appeared before him, "I am Kasumi," she bowed, "I am only here to guide you to your destiny."

Vejiita 'hmph'ed, "My destiny?" he asked, mocking her, "I control my own destiny. And you should watch how you speak of my mate!"

"I apologize, my lord, but I only spoke of the truth. Your 'mate' has betrayed you."

* * *

The beast lunged at Trunks, teeth and talons bared. Trunks dodged him and struck his arm, cutting it off. Hikari looked away, sickened by the gruesome battle.

Angered, the beast struck again, clawing Trunks in the face and sending him flying. He landed akwardly, twisting his knee. He struggled to steady himself as the monster approached him. He closed his eyes and raised his sword. Without opening his eyes, he swung out and hit the beast square in the chest, killing him.

He opened his eyes and collapsed; Hikari breathed a sigh of relief. "That wasn't too bad." Trunks chocked out, "I think I can handle this."

Hikari frowned as she studied his wounds, "That was nothing." she replied gravely, "The worse is yet to come."

* * *

"My mate has not betrayed me bitch!" Vejiita growled, "Now leave before I kill you!"

Kasumi only smiled, "She has made you weak my lord." she taunted, "You would be the strongest in the universe if only she would dissapear."

"Fool," Vejiita mumbled, "I AM the strongest in the universe, I'm immortal!"

Kasumi only laughed, "You may be immortal, but you lack in real strength. You are blind to think she cares about you! She hates you, you should kill her. You would be the ruler you were meant to be without her!"

Vejiita narrowed his eyes and raised his palm to blast her, "I will give you one last chance to leave."

"All right then, but you have not seen the last of me." she bowed and dissapeared.

* * *

Bulma was awoken by a sudden warmth around her. She opened her eyes and gazed at Vejiita, who seemed to study her, thinking. Something was bothering him, she could see that, "What's wrong?" she asked.

Vejiita settled down, wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her hair. "Nothing." he muttered.

Bulma frowned, but accepted his answer. She sighed and drifted back to sleep; while Vejiita studied her more.

Kasumi's words echoed in his mind. He tried to convince himself they weren't true, he knew they couldn't be true; so why did they bother him so? 'I'll kill that bitch if I ever see her again!'

* * *

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