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Note: I want to dedicate this fic to Lisalu because it was her writings that inspired this little story. This fic is pretty much a plotless lemon (like you'd expect anything else from me), so if such things bug you then that's your problem.

Innocence Lost
Jita Kun


18 standard years!

It was his 18th birthday today and what did he have to show for it? A prince of all but two subjects and he himself was forced to kneel before another being. He was under the service of the tyrant Freeza, sent out like a dog to wipe out planet-wide populations. Not that he didn't enjoy the blood and the fights, he just would have preferred it on his own terms.

Vegeta laid back and sighed. Had he been on Vegitasei right now, (and if it still existed), he would be embarking on the most memorable night of his life. The step into manhood was a tradition for every Saiyan Prince. On his 18th birthday, the royal harem, filled with women who had been raised for this very moment, would make him a man (so to speak), pleasuring him in ways not even dreams could fathom. It was the one rite of passage that every prince looked forward to, and who could blame them.

But alas, Vegitasei was no more; destroyed by a meteor shower many years earlier. Since being on Freeza's ship, Vegeta never once experienced any of the 'prizes' soldiers got when they did a good job. He had refused the first two when he had been 16, and since then had been the butt of many jokes of the more 'experienced' warriors. Even Vegeta never fully understood why he refused the women. Perhaps he didn't want dirty space whores, leftovers from the older warriors, or perhaps he was stubbornly sticking to tradition, hoping that when the time came, it would be done right.

So he blocked out any diverting thoughts about females and focused himself on fighting, releasing his frustrations that way. Lately it was getting harder and harder though. The natural, feral instincts of his race was beckoning to him. He thought about asking Nappa about it . . . for about two seconds. The other two survivors of his race combined could not hold the mental capacity of someone he'd wish to confide in.

Maybe this is all psychological, it is my 18th birthday after all. These thoughts are resurfacing only because I'm remembering what could have been happening today. By tomorrow I'll be alright again and I can focus more on my training.

Convinced that was the reason he was feeling different, he sunk deeper into his bed to sleep it off.


They dragged her kicking and screaming down the hallway.

They had taken her from her home, her life, her everything. When those monsters had first landed on Chikyuu, Bulma's father had told her to run and never look back. She had begged her parents to come with her but they tearfully told her they would only slow her down. So after the most heartbreaking of farewells, Bulma took to the wilderness. She roughed it for the next couple of days, having only taken the bare essentials (mostly food capsules), trying to make her way to the caves in the mountains. She had no idea what she was going to do, the aliens were planet-wide, but she needed to establish a safe haven.

The scouter that her father had managed to steal from them had went off, signaling that some very powerful beings were coming closer. Not knowing what else to do, Bulma jumped in the mud, hiding in it, trying to blend in and possibly throw them off her scent.

However, they had scouters incredibly sensitive to any type of movement and caught her easily. The alien in charge, a big, horned, purple creature, had wanted to dispose of her, but his subordinate, an orange-skinned, white-haired man, begged him to let him have some fun with her.

It sunk in then, what the rest of her life was to be like. She had bucked and screamed, yelling she'd rather die than be a whore. But the two aliens merely chuckled and locked her in a cell on a ship.

Bulma had cried herself to sleep every night for fear of what might happen . . . but nothing ever did. For the week she had been on the transport, no one had come calling for her. They didn't even bathe her; the mud was caked on and dried, almost like a second skin on her. She didn't know what was going on but she knew better than to breathe a sigh of relief.

She was right.

A day or two later they docked onto another, much larger ship. The orange man came to get her and then met up with a pink creature.

"Good thing you made it Jeice, another day and you'd have been too late."

"You know I wouldn't miss this for anything. So, what do you think Dodoria?" Jeice asked gesturing to Bulma.

"She's perfect! Phew, that's a smell I'll never forget."

"Not only that, she's human, a weak little thing. He probably won't be able to touch her without breaking her."

Bulma looked on in disgust as the two laughed.

"Think he'll take her?"

"Why not, he's desperate enough. Heh, you should have seen him while you were away. He's locked himself in his room."

"Well, I think it's time we gave the birthday boy his present."

It took awhile, but Bulma finally understood what they were talking about, and that brought her to her current predicament, being dragged kicking and screaming down the hall.

"Jeez Jeice, she's sure loud enough."

"All the better eh? Just add 'shrew' to her list of attributes and we've got the perfect bitch for Vegeta."

They came to a halt in front of a set of double doors and pounded on them. No one responded so Dodoria knocked harder while Jeice held Bulma up. Eventually the door swung open to reveal a pissed off Vegeta. His eyes grew darker when he saw who it was.

"What they hell do you two want?"

"Now, that isn't nice, treating your guests in such a manner, especially when we come bearing a present."

"A present?" Vegeta asked Jeice suspiciously.

"Of course little monkey," spoke up Dodoria. "You'd think we'd forget? The whole ship knows it's your birthday."

"And a very special birthday at that," continued Jeice. "You think we don't know what happens on the 18th birthday of every Saiyan Prince? Tsk tsk. We know all about it and we just want to help out. We scoured the entire galaxy searching for the perfect woman. So here you go virgin monkey," Jeice thrust Bulma at Vegeta, "enjoy your whore!"

Vegeta sputtered in rage, "WHAT!" He looked at the trembling female in his arms, "You DARE to insult me with this filthy creature?! I would never degrade myself to be with something so vile."

"HEY! You're no prize yourself buddy!"

All three males were stunned when they heard Bulma speak up, but then the two non Saiyans started laughing.

"Oh Jeice, you definitely picked a perfect match."

Vegeta stared down at the human woman, at bit shocked at the brightness of her eyes. The mud and dirt dulled the colour around her, but nothing could dim the fire behind her baby blues.

"Woman," he spoke softly, "you are not in any position to pick a fight."

"Well you all don't have to talk about me as if I'm not here. You try not bathing for a couple of weeks with half that time being covered in mud, and then see how sweet smelling and good looking you come out of it."

He couldn't help but admire her bravery in a situation like this, or perhaps it was foolishness; there was such a fine line between the two.

"Bah, I do not have time for this, I. . ." he looked up to see that Jeice and Dodoria had left. "DAMMIT! Stay here woman," he growled, "I don't know why I haven't killed you yet but if you try and escape or wander these halls alone, a guard will not think twice about shooting you dead."

Bulma gulped and nodded her head, backing up into his room. No matter how flippant she seemed with her life, she still feared death. She watched the doors close as Vegeta left.


It wasn't hard to trace them, Vegeta found Dodoria and Jeice in the training facilities, where they always were, unless entertaining some half mad female. There were about a dozen other soldiers but they didn't concern him, he just wanted the blood of the first two. They saw him.

"How dare you make a mockery of my heritage," Vegeta seethed, "you will pay for that insult! If Freeza were here . . ."

"Freeza's not here boy, and what would you do if he were, run to him like a little child? Oh, but of course, you're his prized pet monkey, you can't do anything without your master's help."

"That's not true and I'll prove it to you!" Vegeta cried as he rushed in to deck Jeice. The orange alien merely dodged the oncoming right fist, grabbed his arm and twisted it behind Vegeta's back, holding him.

"You're pathetic, and after all we did to help you, this is the thanks we get?"

"HELP ME??!!!"

"Sure! You're an 18 year old warrior who's never been laid. The way you refuse women . . .well, let's just say there's been rumours going around about your . . . tastes." The room erupted into laughter at this.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Vegeta powered up and broke Jeice's hold . . . only to be knocked to the ground by Dodoria.

"Bad Monkey!" he scolded and everyone laughed harder. "You should be in your room right now, becoming a man, why must you insist on fighting those you can't beat? We thought about getting you a harem but then we figured you'd have a hard enough time handling one wench."

Jeice came and kicked the downed Vegeta in the stomach, making him cough up blood. "You are so weak Saiyan, at least know when to pick your battles wisely. But what can I expect from a mere boy, nevermind being a virgin, you can't even fight like a man!"

"Says you asshole!" Vegeta lunged at him in pure rage, but missed completely. He knew he was outclassed, Jeice was a Ginyu for Kami's sake, but his dignity and pride had just had enough. Then the odds turned against him even more, as Dodoria decided to contribute to the fun.


Bulma looked at her surroundings. The room was quite big, not lavish but did show the importance of the occupant. There was a huge bed against the center wall, a couple of chairs and a table, as well as a huge closet, and . . . bathroom. She smiled as she entered, Finally, a shower, I've forgotten what it's like to feel clean. She looked around for a towel, but couldn't find anything bigger than a face cloth, so grabbed a sheet off the bed and hung it on the bathroom door.

Figuring out the water controls she let the water warm up and peeled off her soiled clothes. Stepping into the shower, she let out a sigh relief as she felt the hot, purifying water pour over her. She had a heck of a time scrubbing off the mud, not to mention getting it out of her hair, but soon it was on the way down the drain. She looked around for some soap and shampoo to clean herself up with and found it, enjoying the fresh scent of . . . cleanliness. She didn't know how long she had been in the shower, but figured it was over an hour, so she reluctantly got out. Letting herself drip dry, she combed the knots out of her hair and then wrapped the sheet around her body.

Voices from the other room brought her attention back as to where she was. Keeping as silent as possible, she went to the door and peeked out. Bulma watched as Dodoria and Jeice threw something onto Vegeta's bed. She squinted her eyes and stifled a gasp as she realized it was Vegeta, a very beaten and bloody Vegeta.

"Stupid kid, when is he going to realize he's no longer a Prince? That damn pride of his, heh, it's just so easy to goad."

"I'll say," replied Jeice, "he really lost it that time. Good thing Freeza isn't here, we'll just let him heal naturally, though I was just so tempted to kill him. I must admit, we got him good this time. Did you see the look on his face when we threw that woman at him, speaking of which where is she?"

"Knowing Vegeta, he probably blew her away when we left them. Shame too, I thought he'd be desperate enough to take her. Where did you find such a disgusting thing?"

"In the wilds of Chikyuu, she must have been raised in the mud, probably lived with wild animals. Oh well, no big loss, let's leave Princey here and go get a drink."

Bulma watched with pure hatred as they left and closed the door behind them. Unbelievable, what total assholes, she then looked at Vegeta on the bed, a feeling of pity overcoming her. Even he didn't deserve what they did. She went a bit closer to inspect him and then sighed, Dammit Bulma, you're too nice for your own good.

She gathered the sheet around her and went back to the bathroom looking for some sort of basin to hold water. She found one, filled it halfway, grabbed a face cloth and trudged back to the bedroom.

She set the basin on a bedside table and gingerly got onto the bed next to the Prince. Soaking the washcloth and then squeezing out the excess water, she started to cleanse Vegeta's many cuts and wounds.

Most of them seemed to be superficial; his physiology was remarkable, she swore he was in worse condition when he first came in. As she wiped away the blood, Bulma took the time to study Vegeta. His tan face displayed sharp, angular features and from his deep widow's peak, came a flame of black hair that seemed to defy gravity. He looked younger when he slept; almost innocent, like a boy on the verge of manhood. His body though, was pure man. She was in awe of how someone so short could be so muscular and not come off as bulky. He was maybe an inch taller than she but just seemed so . . . compact.

His armour had been destroyed and Bulma was able to remove what remained of his torn and tattered shirt. She stared at his chest, mouth slightly open. Compact definitely was the right word; hard, tight, impenetrable. She doubted that there was anything else but muscle on his frame. His skin was smooth though, soft to the touch - a complete contradiction to the rock of muscle is stretched over.

She leaned over to cleanse more cuts and her leg brushed something furry in the process. Bulma barely contained a scream as the fur moved up her leg, slightly twitching of its own accord. Curiously, Bulma grabbed hold of it and upon further examination, realized it was a tail.

Oh my Kami, he has a tail?! Well, considering what else I've seen on this ship, a man with a tail shouldn't surprise me.

She delicately ran her fingers through the soft fur; the tail seemingly playful as it moved around, eventually entwining itself around her wrist. She giggled as she brought her other hand up to pet the appendage, and for the first time, was able to discern a slight purring being emitted from the Saiyan Prince's mouth. She drew her fingers up the length of his tail but then it started to clutch her wrist tighter and tighter. She winced in pain, trying to free herself from its grip. It wouldn't budge, so her free hand took ahold of it and squeezing as hard as she could, she tried to yank it off.

The next thing she knew, she was being flung off the bed as an enraged Saiyan no Ouji awoke in a gasp and started to cradle his injured tail. Very much alert now, he looked around his room searching for any hiding enemy. His eyes narrowed to the lump on the floor, making out the colour blue mixed among the white sheet.

Bulma slowly sat up, "What the hell was that for? Jeez, you could have killed me."

". . ." Vegeta tried to make a comeback, but his words got caught in his throat as he took in the vision before him. Somehow, a beautiful, exotic creature had made her way to his room, stripped down, wrapping herself in nothing but a sheet, and had been stroking the most sensitive part of his body while he was in bed??? Wait a minute, this was not Vegitasei, his father hadn't sent him a beautiful temptress to satisfy his urges. And yet, he knew that voice . . . and those eyes, dear Kami, "You!" he hissed. "What happened to you, and why the hell were you in my bed?"

"I just showered you moron, what kind of idiot would thing that dirt was a part of my anatomy? As for being in your bed, well gee whiz, I'm sorry that you wanted to remain bloody and cut up from the guys who kicked the snot out of you. Forgive me for trying to help your broken ass!"

"Watch your mouth wench, I'm still strong enough to blow you away." Was that true? Was she really trying to help him? "Then what about my tail? What purpose did you have for groping me in that fashion?"

Bulma blushed, he had caught her. "Well, I uh, you see . . . I mean, it's not everyday I see a man with a tail and I just wanted to . . . touch it. I'm sorry if I hurt you." She hung her head.

Vegeta smirked, getting out of the bed and kneeling in front of her. "As if you could hurt me woman . . . but for future warning, never pull on a Saiyan's tail."

Bulma looked up, meeting Vegeta's ebony eyes and holding his gaze evenly. She then glanced away as she tried to pick herself up off the ground.

"UGH!" she cried in pain as she tried to stand on her right foot, her ankle giving way. Reacting quickly, Vegeta caught her before she hit the ground.

"Clumsy woman, what did you do?" his husky voice muttered into her ear.

Bulma's eyes were shut tight, "M-my ankle, I think it got twisted when I fell off the bed."

"Is that it?" she felt his body vibrate as he chuckled lightly, "You are such a weak little thing."

She opened her eyes, her anger causing her to momentarily forget the pain, "I am not weak! You're the one who did this to me, flinging me off the bed with that inhuman strength of yours."

Vegeta was surprised at her outburst; she admitted he had immense strength yet showed no sign of fearing him. "Woman," he said as he picked her up and brought her to the bed, "you must learn to control that temper of yours, especially considering your position." He unceremoniously dumped her on the bed.

"My position?"

Vegeta didn't respond to her as he sat on the bed and gently took hold of her right foot.

"What are you . . ."

Vegeta silenced her with a raised hand and then brought it back to her ankle. Bulma shut her eyes as she felt a warm energy pass through her. Bulma felt a little disappointed as the feeling left her, but was surprised that her ankle didn't hurt anymore. He had somehow used his ki to make her feel better.

"Thank you," she whispered and he just grunted.

"We are now even."

"Hey, you didn't answer my question from before. What did you mean about my 'position.'?"

"You're a pleasure slave woman. You lose that temper with any of the other soldiers and you'll be dead before the last word gets out of your mouth. I let it slide because I find it amusing, you will not be so lucky with any one else."

"I am not a pleasure slave."

"No, you weren't before. That much is obvious with Jeice and Dodoria trying to insult me with you, but when you're discovered tomorrow, no doubt you'll be put among the whores. It's either that or be killed, no way would they ever let someone like you go free, and it would be impossible for you to escape." Vegeta almost felt sorry for her as he watched her face fall.

"I-I'm stuck here? . . . Forever?"

"Well, for as long as you are useful to them." At that moment, Vegeta realized Bulma's leg was still in his lap and he had been unconsciously rubbing it in a comforting manner. She noticed this too and sat up a bit more, letting the sheet slip a little.

"Why did those other guys hurt you? What was the insult about?" she asked, trying to get her mind off her impending fate.

"It is my 18th birthday today. I am a Saiyan Prince and it is customary for a harem to be sent to me on this night. However, I'm a Prince of a practically dead race, and they like to continually throw that in my face" he said bitterly.

"Oh," Bulma nodded in understanding. This was supposed to be a special night for him, a tradition in his culture. To know it would never happen and then be reminded of that fact by those jerks must have hurt a lot. "So you're 18 huh? I'll be 18 too in a couple of months," she said conversationally. "My name's Bulma by the way."

"Hmph!" was his response as he set her foot down and turned the other way, obviously in a bad mood as he was reminded of his recent fight.

An impulse overcame Bulma and she knelt on the bed. "Vegeta . . ."

"What?!" he spat, still not looking at her.

"Have you ever seen a woman naked?"

"Woman, what the hell are you . . . " he turned just in time to see her drop the sheet that covered her. He was stunned speechless as Bulma crawled up to him, gently taking one of his hands and placing it on her breast.

"I figured we could help each other out," she murmured. "My first time will not be of some alien monster raping me. I give my innocence to you . . . freely, and in return, I get yours. Sound like a deal?"

Vegeta could only nod his head in acceptance, mesmerized by her glorious curves. Tenderly, he squeezed her full breast, noticing how she arched herself into him in response. He brought her body to his, enjoying the feel of her flesh pressed against his.

Lowering her down onto the mattress he nuzzled her neck and whispered, "Why?"

"Because," she gasped as he started to playfully nip at her, "when it comes to this, we are both equals. I could not have it any other way."

"So be it," he replied and started to work his way down her body, exploring every piece of exposed flesh. He spent a lot of time at her breasts, suckling on the hardened nubs, kneading them together in rhythmic motions, wanting to memorize every soft detail. Eventually he ventured further down, grazing his teeth across her stomach, kissing her parted thighs and coming to a stop at her wet entrance.

Hesitantly, he licked the jewel of her center, eliciting the most wondrous sound from her mouth. He buried his face deeper, showing no mercy as he attacked all her sensitive areas with his tongue and lips. When Bulma's hips started to buck harder and harder, he stopped his tease and withdrew.

Vegeta smirked up at her, "We can't always get what we want."

Bulma growled at not being satisfied and as her feral side kicked in, she pounced on Vegeta causing him to fall back onto the foot of the bed. She climbed on top of him, straddling his waist and looked down.

"I will repay your courtesy in kind dear Prince," she smiled devilishly and leaned in to nip his nose. She then trailed hot, wet kisses from his neck, down his chest and then all around his washboard stomach. She sat up and traced small patterns around his torso, never breaking eye contact as she slid down his body. Something hard was pressing against her inner thigh and Bulma looked down.

Oh my!

All the bravado she had mustered quickly disappeared as she stared at the bulge in Vegeta's pants.

"Is something wrong," Vegeta asked, disappointed she had stopped her actions.

"N-no, I mean, well, your pants are still on . . ."

"Is that all, feh," and he quickly resolved the problem by tearing them off.

Bulma's eyes went wide and she turned away blushing furiously. Vegeta chuckled as he brought her down to lie next to him.

"Have you ever seen a man naked?" he mocked.

Bulma's cheeks went redder, "Well, I was the first woman you ever saw naked."

He brought her closer to him so they were facing each other. "And I learned pretty quickly don't you think?" he asked sucking on her earlobe.

Bulma nestled her head between his neck and shoulder, and very slowly trailed her hand down his body until she grazed his swollen member. She swore she felt him take in a quick breath, so she grew bolder and encircled her hand around it. Gently she ran her fingers along it, taking in its texture and size, meanwhile causing incredible sensations to occur in Vegeta.

"That's it," he whispered.

With a renewed sense of confidence, she pushed him onto his back again and made her way down his body. Vegeta buried his hand into her hair, massaging her head as she took him into her mouth, his eyes rolling back into their sockets as she performed. She pulled back from the intimate deed at the same point he did for her, grinning as she had gotten her revenge.

"You little minx," Vegeta gasped as he flipped her beneath him, a couple giggles escaping her mouth. He gave her a serious look and asked, "Are you ready?"

". . . Yes."

He pushed forward into her, breaking her barrier.

"AHHHHHHHH!!!" she screamed causing him to stop.

"What, what's wrong?"

Bulma gasped through her tears, "No, it's Ok, it's supposed to hurt the first time. Just wait a couple of minutes and then it should be fine."

With an uncharacteristic feeling of worry inside of him, Vegeta stayed stationary above Bulma, brushing the hair out of her face and gently kissed her forehead. She smiled back at him and then nudged her hips upward, wrapping her legs around him, signaling he could continue.

He built up a slow rhythm, a bit unsure as to what she could handle, but she responded very positively to his deep thrusts. Her moans kept urging him on and he burrowed his head into the hollow of her neck as they enthusiastically grinded their hips together.

Bulma's groans echoed throughout the bed chamber, and even Vegeta let one or two slip out. Something big was building inside both of them, a tingling warmth from the pits of their stomachs was growing. As they pumped faster and faster it became hotter and hotter, until finally the powerful force detonated causing a chain reaction to spread through their bodies.

They both squeezed their eyes tight as their bodies jerked and arched to the incredible release.

Panting for breath, Vegeta rolled onto his back pulling Bulma on top of him. They stayed silent as they tried to comprehend what had happened. Bulma was the first to speak as she moved up to look Vegeta in the eye.

She caressed his cheek and gave a small smile, "Happy Birthday Prince Vegeta!" Then she kissed him, softly, tenderly; her tongue slipped into his mouth gently lapping at his. He wrapped his arms around her tighter, rolling so he was on top again. After several minutes Vegeta pulled back and looked at his little Chikyuu native; her aquamarine hair strewn about, her cheeks incredibly flush, her lips swollen, her eyes shimmered back at his, Kami, she was beautiful. Then he gasped.

"Woman," he growled, "What did I say about grabbing Saiyan tails?"

She smiled impishly, "You told me not to pull. I'm not pulling."

He moaned and filled her up once again rocking their bodies to an even bigger climax.


Bulma was the one to wake up first the next morning; warm in the tight embrace of the Saiyan Prince. Sadly, she remembered where she was and turned to look at Vegeta. She softly brushed her lips against his.

"Thank you," she murmured, "for giving me this memory."

Vegeta stirred slightly but did not wake. He brought her closer to him though, holding her tighter, as if he knew she would be taken away from him very soon. Bulma sighed as she snuggled up to him, laying her head on his chest. It was only a matter of time before they discovered her, and she could do nothing else but wait. Who knew what horrors her life would soon face, but at least she will always have last night. A night filled with passion, tenderness, innocence; a night with her Saiyan no Ouji. And no matter what life threw at her, she could always return to that moment.


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