Chapter Seven


He was still in the bathroom when she arrived. Damn. I was hoping he would drown in there. She sat at the kitchen table and stared down at the shiny brown surface. Her eyes widened in surprise as a tear fell onto it. She wiped her tears away hastily as she heard the King rummaging in the wardrobe in the next room. Don't show any fear, Bulma.

She took a deep breath and forced herself to go in the next room. He didn't look up, but Bulma knew he sensed her presence. "I went to the male slaves' quarters again," she blurted.

Vegeta straightened and looked at her intensely. "Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I want you to know that I fear you no longer. You're not the only one with a lot of pride Vegeta, and what you said to Ackbar hurt me. I belong to no one, least of all you."

The King moved closer to her his eyes shining coldly. "That's an unwise decision, woman. You should fear me above all else, because I'm a 'cold-hearted murdering bastard.'"

The female ruler of Vegetaseii flinched as her insult was thrown in her face. "I'm--" She stopped as she noticed a change in Vegeta's expression. "W-what is it?"

"You've been with some human."

"Yes. That's what I just said," she said, confused.

He snarled at her. "I can't believe I actually fell for your chaste little virgin act while you're running around mating with every male that catches your eye."

"What! What the hell are you saying, Vegeta?" she screamed, her heart palpitating furiously.

He grabbed her by her wrist. "I'm saying, you lying whore, that I can smell that double damned bastard all over you!" His eyes burned into hers and his voice dripped venom, "And as your mate, I will no longer be denied what is rightfully mine." He angrily yanked her toward him, and kissed her with the same cruelness his words indicated.

Bulma pulled away sobbing, "No, Vegeta! You're just angry. I know you don't mean what you're saying; you can't!"

"That's where you're wrong onna. I've never been more certain of anything in my life." He said, pulling her to him again. He was much gentler than last time and for some reason, Bulma found herself letting most of her defenses down. She leaned against him and kissed him back with reckless abandon, all thoughts of the fear she had earlier out the window as they tugged on each other's clothing. As if they were halves of the same being, they slid to the floor as one.

** ** **


side note Afterwards, somehow Vegeta still didn't know Bulma's secret. Their mating was not forced, yet Bulma would not allow herself to respond fully. She felt that while Vegeta owned her body, Yamcha owned her heart and her love. Both had some regrets afterward

** ** **

Bulma woke up early the next morning, and immediately wished she hadn't. I've betrayed Yamcha, the one I love with a man I hate. She groaned and put her head under the covers. She didn't regret the sex, but the circumstances under which she had it were a bitch. Bulma couldn't help but respond at least partially to Vegeta; he was good at everything he did. She HAD been a virgin, so she lost her virginity to him. For some reason, Vegeta didn't seem to notice this (he has never been with an inexperienced woman before). He hadn't said much to her; or she to him, (except for, "Are you ready for me all over again?" Cocky Vegeta "Yes, but do it right this time, damn you!"Angry Bulma) But the whole time they kept their eyes on each other, silently conveying their mutual need for this act. No promises or declarations of everlasting and unbreakable love were made. They lived for the wild moment, and nothing else mattered at that point. While she hated him as a person, the female ruler of Vegetaseii could not deny being attracted to him physically.

She threw the covers off the bed and rose only to find that Vegeta was gone. No surprise there. He's probably eating breakfast without me. She inhaled the smell of the breakfast meat the serving wench was cooking. She grabbed one of the dresses out of the wardrobe, some underwear, and then ran to the bathroom to get changed.

After she was done, she strolled into the kitchen, but Vegeta wasn't there. She shrugged and sat down to eat. When she was a little more than halfway finished, the serving wench nervously walked up to her with a piece of paper in her hand, "A note from the King, Your Highness."

Bulma took the note from the frightened girl, who ran to the bedroom to finish her chores. Bulma unfolded it halfway and read:

Important mission to Solmivia. Will be gone 2-4 months. If you need anything, let new Second Commander know. Will contact later.

"Does he have to be so distant in his notes?" she asked herself out loud. And just what the hell am I supposed to do in 4 months? She opened the note fully and laughed at what she read next:

Glad you could handle it. King Vegeta IX

** ** **

The new Second Commander was a total pushover, and The Queen could get him to let her do anything. He was smart, but he didn't like making his mind up, so Bulma decided it was her duty to do it for him.

While Vegeta was away she was expected to act as both judge and jury; deciding the fates of those convicted of a crime. This was to her, the dullest part of being royalty. Few were put to death, but those who were, Bulma made sure they had received a fair trial. There weren't that many cases any way; expectations for Saiyans were high and the majority strove to be the model Saiyan.

She freed Yamcha...sort of. She signed him to do easy work under Brocco, whom she knew would be a lot easier on her slaves than many others out there. She had wanted to assign him to her room, but for some reason, the computer seemed to be programmed to shut down completely and not allow her to issue herself a slave from the male slaves' quarters. Even with her superior intellect, she couldn't get into there without the King's authorization. She also checked on Rachel, who was one of the higher slaves. She swore that she was perfectly fine and told Bulma that she'd keep her company if she liked. Bulma agreed.

The best and worst thing was that she was pregnant. But she wasn't sure if or how to tell Vegeta. She was the only one who knew for now; the tiny child's ki force was blocked by her own, but what she feared the most was Vegeta finding out before she got the chance to tell him.

** ** **

Into the second month...

The VAP lit up, showing that she had a call; she pushed the button. "Brocco! How are you?"

The tired First Commander smiled wearily. "Well, I've been better, I assure you. How's everything?"

"Really quiet. There aren't as many people left here, but I'm fine."

"What have you been doing in your free time?"

"Making clothes from scratch," she replied honestly, only she didn't tell Brocco that the clothes were for her baby. "How's Vegeta?"

"Hold on a second." Brocco moved off the screen and muffled voices could be heard.

Finally, Vegeta appeared, looking three times as exhausted as Brocco. "What do you want, woman?"

The Queen ignored his words. "How are you doing Vegeta?"

"I'm perfectly fine as you can see," He snapped, his voice low and raspy.

Bulma smiled mischievously. "I see you're your usual happy-go-lucky self. What a ray of sunshine you must be to those poor Saiyans trapped with you for the next two months!"

Surprisingly, Vegeta smiled faintly at her mocking statement before he changed the subject. "You appear to be well."

"I am. I don't want for anything."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at this but didn't comment. "Move closer to the screen," he ordered her after a brief lull in their conversation.

"Why?" Bulma asked skeptically .

Vegeta sighed, his impatience evident. "Just do as I say for once, woman."

The Queen shrugged and moved in so that only her upper body was visible. He too moved in closer and their eyes met through the screens. Vegeta's eyes moved slowly over her face and to the few aqua tresses that escaped her low ponytail. He seemed to be trying to memorize every detail of her face, and Bulma decided to do the same. His onyx eyes were tired and she could see dark circles starting to form underneath them. His mouth was set in a thin line of determination and the black flame-shaped hair that she admired so much seemed to be missing some of its luster. His clothes were beginning to fall apart from battle, and blood could be seen on Vegeta's chest and splattered in various places on his uniform. Her blue eyes narrowed in concern. "Vegeta. You need to rest. You look terrible."

Vegeta ended his inspection and moved back from the screen again, shaking his head. "Good bye woman." And with that he ended the connection.

Bulma frowned. Same old Vegeta. "That man just doesn't listen to reason," she told herself, shaking her head. Yet something about him made her want to cry; he seemed so sad and lonely.

She shook that impression off. Sad and lonely? Vegeta? Yeah right Bulma.

** ** **

End of Chapter Seven

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