Chapter Six


Damn that female and her emotions. Vegeta tried to shake his mate's feelings off, but to no avail. He tried to ignore both the anger and sadness he felt coming upon him. What the hell is she sad about? He thought, automatically assuming the anger was directed toward him. He shifted his position and went back to his meditating, I was much better off with out her and her damned emotions; all they will do is get in the way of my goal. What this goal was, Vegeta wasn't too sure of anymore. After killing Freeza, the death of his father, turning SSJ, ridding Vegetaseii of traitors, ending purging missions, and becoming the most powerful being in the universe; there wasn't much left for him to desire. Vegeta frowned slightly at that, Except for that distracting Earth female.

Good. He's still sleeping, or meditating or whatever. Bulma thought as she crept into the room. She pushed the button and summoned a slave to come make lunch for Vegeta, and sighed wearily. She tensed suddenly as she felt frustration and anger come upon her. Oh gosh, those must be Vegeta's feelings. She tried to shake the feeling off; it was way too foreign to speculate over. Without realizing it, she glared at the Saiyan who was the cause of all this. I loathe him. I can't believe I can even stand being in the same room as him.

Bored, she glanced at her watch; it was 1400 hours. Maybe I should go see if Ackbar has left or not. She glanced at Vegeta, who was still in his meditating position, and didn't seem to even know she was there. She picked up the VAP and called Brocco, the new First Commander.

"First Commander Brocco."

"Your Grace." Brocco replied.

"Are you busy?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes." Brocco sighed chewing on a pen nervously. "I have some paperwork to fill out concerning the treaty with the Surmfs, and I have to see them off, and whatever else the King needs me to do."

Bulma frowned, "That's quite a bit of work."

Brocco was trying desperately not to pull her shoulder-length black hair out, "I know."

"I could help with the paper work. And in return, YOU can take me to see them off." she suggested, hopefully.

Brocco stared at The Queen's face on the screen, "I-I, I don't think that kind of thing is something you really want to do."

"And why not?" the human asked, angrily.

"It's a great idea, but I'd be getting the most out of all this. You'll be doing my dirty work, and it's long and tedious. I'm not sure how Nappa did it all in a day."

"Trust me Brocco. I want to do it, the longer and more tedious, the better. I have absolutely nothing to do and the King is slee- I mean meditating."

Brocco nodded understandingly, "He's preparing himself for tomorrow."

Bulma frowned, "What is happening tomorrow?"

"It's not my place to discuss the King's affairs." She answered uneasily. "I'll just send you the documents now. I thank you for your assistance, Your Highness." She hung up.

The Queen scowled at the blank screen. Both Brocco and Vegeta are keeping something from me. But what could it be? She left that part of the main room; later opening the door to let two slaves in, one from Brocco, and one to make lunch. Both bowed and their Queen impatiently told them to rise. She took the folders from Brocco's slave and dismissed him, letting the cooking/serving wench in.

Her face lit up as she noticed how many papers there were in each folder: about a hundred in each of the four folders. There was a note from the commander on one of them. She pulled it off and read it.

I wasn't joking when I said a lot, and that's not even half of it. I appreciate the help, but if you can't finish it all, I'll understand. Just send them back and I'll try to finish the rest.


Have a little faith Brocco, she thought, a little miffed as she crumpled the note. She found a couple of pens lying around and got to work. It was really simple stuff; all she had to do was fill in how much of each type of product the Saiyans were willing to trade for, and how much would come to them if they rendered aid to the Surmfs. She had filled out supply forms many times on Earth for her father at Capsule Corp. Of course, she had to multiply all the supplies a normal person would need by about 50 to equal how much each Saiyan could eat.

About an hour later, the serving wench crept into the room and told her lunch was ready before she scurried away.

Bulma got up from the table and stretched deciding it would be nice to stand up for a minute. Only 3/4 more to go Bulma. Come on you can do it. Even though she didn't say so, Brocco is counting on you. With that in mind, the female ruler of Vegetaseii got back to work, earnestly. Forgetting about her hatred for the King and her lunch in her concentration.

The King's eyes snapped open as he felt his stomach rumbling. He got up carefully from the floor and started towards the command panel so that he could order lunch but before he could, a serving wench scuttled past him and out the door. He walked into the kitchen only to find his mate doing some kind of paperwork. He frowned in confusion. Why the hell is she doing paperwork?

He sat down at the table across from her and watched her. She didn't acknowledge him, but the slight stiffening of her shoulders indicated that she sensed his presence. He ate his lunch in silence, but he was still curious to know what she was doing. Tension stretched during the time they were together and threatened to snap, like a rubber band. Vegeta finished his lunch and left as quietly as he came, deciding not to ask her what she was doing. He did tell her he didn't care after all, and he really didn't.

Bulma let out a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding ever since Vegeta had arrived. I can't believe monkey boy didn't ask me what I was doing. I guess he was serious when he said he doesn't care what I do. She shrugged and went back to the paperwork. Only 1/3 to go.

"I can't thank you enough Bul--I mean, my Queen. I am grateful to you for your help." Brocco proclaimed as she quickly walked Bulma to the shipping port. She opened the door leading out to the ships and held it for her.

The earth female put up both hands in a halt gesture, "Whoa, time out, Brocco. I'm a human remember? And humans can't breathe in outer space."

Brocco smirked, "You're not all human anymore. Your blood is properly mixed with the King's now so you can breathe in outer space from now on."

Bulma frowned at the thought of her blood mixing with the King's and as she stepped through the doors asked, "And if I gain this little trait from Saiyan blood, what will Vegeta get from mine in return?"

Brocco sobered immediately, "Emotions and the ability to care."

The Queen of Vegetaseii remained silent as she followed Brocco to the Surmfs' blue ship. She tensed as she sensed Vegeta, and as she moved closer to the ship, she saw him speaking with Ackbar, but he gave no notice of sensing her presence as well.

Brocco walked faster towards the two rulers, "Excellency," she said bowing in front of the formidable looking Saiyan, "I have finished the papers concerning the treaty as you desired...with the help of Queen Bulma."

Vegeta's eyes flickered from Brocco, to Bulma, and then back to Brocco, "I commend you Commander. The old First Commander never finished the work within a day; you did know that you still had 14 more days to finish it all, didn't you?"

Brocco flushed in embarrassment but stayed silent, kneeling until the female ruler of Vegetaseii ordered her to rise, a challenge in her eyes as she looked to the King. Vegeta's eyes declared a similar challenge as he looked to his mate. Brocco rose uneasily, unsure as to whom she should have obeyed.

Ackbar cleared his throat as he waited for the other two rulers to stop glaring at each other. Both turned to him instantly. "I'm pleased that you have decided to bestow your glorious presence upon me once again before I leave, Your Grace."

Bulma smiled at him graciously, "The pleasure, again, is most undoubtedly mine, King Ackbar."

Brocco looked uneasily from Bulma to Ackbar and then to Vegeta, who looked as though he wanted to kill his mate right on the spot. What does Bulma think she's doing? She's going to get herself killed if she doesn't stop that.

"You'd be wise to remember who she belongs to, Ackbar." Vegeta said quietly, an unveiled threat in his words.

The Surmfs' ruler flinched at the deadliness in Vegeta's tone, "But of course, Vegeta. I must confess I'm jealous; you must certainly possess the most beautiful female in the universe. You are indeed the luckiest being in the galaxy."

No one really heard him, except for Brocco. Bulma was glaring at Vegeta for his previous comment, while Vegeta was glaring back at her. Both too absorbed in hating the other to notice Ackbar's compliment (which would have angered Vegeta even further).

"Ahem. I think I'll be leaving now. It was great doing business with you Vegeta. I wish you well Queen Bulma" Ackbar said loudly as he stood on the ramp leading up to his ship.

Vegeta tore his gaze from that of his mate and nodded at Ackbar, silently. The blue figure walked into the ship and about five minutes later took off. Bulma felt herself blowing away from the blastoff winds made by the ship. An arm caught her as her feet began to fly from under her. She felt embarrassed; every single one of the other Saiyans in the port stayed in place, and didn't even seem to notice the strong winds. As the winds gradually grew weaker and disappeared, she turned to gaze into her rescuer's cold black eyes.

"Thank you." She said simply, trying to pull her arm away from him. His grip tightened and he tucked her arm under his, his eyes telling her that she couldn't get away that easily.

Anyone casually looking at the two at that moment would have assumed the King was feeling affectionate toward his mate and that he wanted her closer to him. They would have been wrong. They would also assume that the look the Queen gave him was filled with love and gratitude, but they'd be wrong again. As the King 'graciously escorted' his mate to their quarters, she kept her eyes to the ground, angry at not being in control, while Vegeta kept something between a scowl and a smirk on his face.

"Open, lights on." He barked as he stormed into their quarters. He released her arm and crossed his over his chest. "I think you have some explaining to do woman."

Bulma raised an elegant eyebrow in mock surprise, "Do I really? Why is it I'm always the one who has to explain things while you can do whatever the hell you want with no regard for others?"

"I'll tell you why; because I'm the one in charge here and if I decided, I could kill you in a second." Vegeta said his eyes ablaze in anger.

"Then go ahead and kill me, you triple-damned, cold-hearted, murdering bastard!" The Earth woman shouted, closing her eyes and hoping he would do so.

Vegeta didn't hesitate for a second; he quickly formed a ki blast in his hand and held it so close to the blue-haired, blue-eyed woman that she could feel the heat radiating off of it. She stayed where she was though, and opened her eyes, looking the furious King in his face and smiled triumphantly. Vegeta kept his hand where it was, but the energy slowly disappeared.

"As much satisfaction as it would give me, and as large a favor I would be doing for the entire world; you are much more valuable to me alive rather than dead." He said coldly, a smirk slowly beginning to take over his features. "At least, until the brat is born." He left Bulma alone in the main room.

She glared after him, too furious and hurt to speak. That bastard! I have never hated anyone as much as I hate him. She stood behind the couch in the main room, fighting to keep herself from crying. I must see Yamcha. Even if it's the last thing I do. I've got to tell him how I REALLY feel about Vegeta. She held her breath as she heard the shower come on in the bathroom. Bulma fixed her appearance quickly in the vanity mirror and ran out of Vegeta's quarters without a backwards glance.

"And that's why I had to come see you Yamcha, and ask--no beg, you to forgive me."

Yamcha reached through the bars and hugged her frail and trembling body to him, rubbing her back and arms soothingly, "I'm sorry about how I treated you earlier Bulma. It's just looked so happy and I've been through so much crap that I guess I was kind of bitter and jealous." He kissed his distressed ex-girlfriend on her forehead, wondering what really caused Bulma to apologize.

The Queen held tightly unto Yamcha, her eyes watering "Thank you Yamcha. You don't know how much your words mean to me." She kissed him slowly and gently on his lips, before pulling away from him. "I don't know if I'll ever see you again Yamcha, but I want to tell you that I despise Vegeta and I love you. If I can, I'll arrange for your release." She blew him a kiss and left sadly, ignoring the puzzled expressions of the guards, who had seen the whole thing.

"It's time to face the music Bulma." She muttered to herself as she walked back to Vegeta's quarters.

** ** **

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