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Chapter Four


The new Queen of Vegetaseii woke up when 0700 hours came. She was tired, but it was bearable. She smiled, then frowned as she realized that Vegeta was still in bed. At least his damn tail finally let me go.

She crept out of the bed and got into the shower, which woke her up and made her feel a hundred times better. She wrapped her hair in one towel and then herself in another, and quietly made her way back into the bedroom, only to find that Vegeta was wide awake, propped up on one elbow and staring at her openly.

Bulma blushed profusely, then recovered as she realized something, This towel probably conceals more of my body than that extremely tight joining outfit did. With this in mind she met Vegeta's staring eyes, "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a woman in a towel before?" she snapped.

A sly smile slowly reached Vegeta's lips, but he didn't answer her. He lay on his back on the bed, with his arms as a cushion. He closed his eyes, but even then, Bulma felt that he was still watching her. She walked to the chest of drawers, only to find drawer after drawer of Vegeta's clothes.

"If you're looking for female garments, you might want to try your wardrobe." he said, eyes still closed, he pointed to the wider of the two. She stalked over there and found more clothes than she had had in Capsule Corp. Unbelievable. There were even dresses in there. Shoes also. And all of it was made just for me. I guess that Toma guy recorded my measurements or something.

She furrowed her brows and bit her lip unconsciously as she tried to decide what to wear. She decided to just grab something, and as she trudged back to the bathroom to change, Vegeta spoke, "Breakfast in five minutes."

She nodded at him and quickened her pace, earning a chuckle from her mate. He sat up in the bed moving to his own wardrobe to dress. For the time being, he was willing to allow his mate her 'modesty', a foreign word to the entire Saiyan race. He pulled his usual blue spandex and armor on, then went to the kitchen to wait for breakfast to be done.


Bulma sighed as she stared at her reflection in the small mirror. Her hair was in a messy bun at the nape of her neck, her face was pale, and she could have sworn she saw black circles beginning to develop under her eyes. The outfit she had 'chosen' was spandex, and it was black. Very plain. It was much like what Vegeta wore under his armor, only the sleeves went to her elbows, and to her knees with a V-shaped neck that was pretty revealing. It's not as if I'm going to actually go anywhere, anyway. Vegeta made it perfectly clear that all he wanted from me was an heir. So, in truth, I could probably stay in bed all day. As soon as the thought entered her head Bulma banished it, blushing profusely as she remembered the King's statement: 'As much satisfaction as I'll be denying you...' 'your virtue is safe...at least for now'.

She stepped out of the bathroom after shoving her clothes from yesterday down a chute so that they could be cleaned. As she made her way to her wardrobe, she perked up, as she finally smelt breakfast. Forgetting her uneasiness over the King, she pulled on a soft pair of black boots that went mid-calf, and walked into the kitchen; pushing stray tendrils of blue hair out of her face.

She tensed as first she sensed, then finally saw Vegeta. That's strange. How did I know he was there? She eyed the King warily as she sat across from him at the table; there were only two other seats, and Bulma wondered if he had people over to eat with him often.

He didn't acknowledge or even seem to notice her arrival. Feeling shunned, and also wanting to start things off on a better note, Bulma decided to make the first move and the way to get in good with the King was to play to his ego, "Good morning, Excellency."

Without looking at her, he answered automatically and without thought, "Is it


Feeling hurt Bulma clenched her small fists, and then slapped an open palm on the table, finally getting Vegeta's full attention. "In case you are so dense that you didn't notice, I was trying to be civil and make an effort to make the best of this laughable situation, you cold-hearted, murdering bastard."

The Saiyan ruler raised an eyebrow in dry amusement; "Civility does not suit you at all. Look, you frightened the serving wench half to death."

As he knew she would, Bulma flushed at the realization that someone else had heard her yelling at the King. The wench in question placed two huge steaming plates before the rulers, turning to leave the room quickly, but not quickly enough because Bulma recognized her.

"Chichi!" She gasped.

"Have I displeased you in some way mistress?" She asked sadly in Japanese, her eyes low to the floor. She seemed to be a small shadow, a fading reminder of the Chichi she had known so well back on earth.

Bulma left her chair so quickly that it fell to the floor, "Don't be ridiculous, Chichi. I'm so happy to see you!"

The raven-haired widow looked up tentatively from under lowered lashes, "With your permission to speak, Your Highness..."

"Always." Bulma replied, in confusion.

"I am happy to serve you and I wish to start on my other duties at once."

This is not the Chichi I remember. The Chichi I know died along with her son...and one of my best friends.

Vegeta ate his breakfast with no pretense of ignoring the conversation that was taking place before him, What could be important enough that the woman would need to converse with a mere servant wench?

Bulma almost lost her composure as she forced herself to turn from Chichi and sit back in her seat at the table. "You may finish your duties Chi-- I mean, slave."

Chichi smiled happily and bowed before leaving the two rulers of Vegetaseii to eat dinner in peace. The silence during the meal was long and the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Somehow, Vegeta finished all the food on his plate. He left the dishes on the table and got up abruptly, "I have some business to attend to. I will be back shortly."

Bulma pretended she didn't hear him as she toyed with the food remaining on her plate that she knew she couldn't finish.

Vegeta smirked at her silence, "Great. Not only have I joined with some baka that converses with slaves, is stupid and ugly as hell, but she's deaf as well."

"There could not be a being more hated in the entire universe than how much I loathe you." The full intensity of her angry sapphire blue eyes turned on him.

The smirk left Vegeta's face and he seemed to grow taller as his anger grew, "I am well aware of your feelings toward myself. If I forget and need reminding, I will let you know." With this said, he left angrily.

Bulma was tempted to throw her plate to the floor and make a mess, in her anger but this would make more work for Chichi and she was already feeling guilty for the condition of her friend. She sighed and walked to what she now knew to be a VAP machine, or Visual and Audio Projection machine; on her planet it was a called a phone. She entered 'Second Commander Brocco' into the machine and was immediately connected with her.

"Ah, good morning Your Highness." Brocco grinned, saluting the queen.

Bulma smiled, "Hi Brocco. What are you doing?"

Brocco frowned, and looked at something to the left of her VAP, "Hurry up slave!" she snapped. "The King has called a meeting and as a matter of fact, I'm late." she said turning back to Bulma.

At the mention of the King, Bulma scowled, "How nice for him." She said sarcastically.

As Brocco pulled on her armor over her bodysuit, she looked to Bulma in the screen, "How are you and King Vegeta getting along?"

"We're not getting along at all. I despise him."

Brocco shifted her eyes from the screen uneasily at the mention of the Queen's intense dislike for the man she had been raised to serve all her life. "Just give him a chance, my Queen."

"Just call me Bulma, Brocco."

The Second Commander grinned, "Only in private. Oh yes, you'll start to feel strange soon. It'll only be minor discomfort, and it's no big deal."

Bulma frowned, "What are you talking about?"

"Well, remember when you drank from the goblet and the shaman told you that your blood and the King's would become one? That's what's happening. You'll be able to sense him quite distinctly and at times you'll have a sort of... link between you...but that's all." At least, that's all I'm going to tell you for now.

"'That's all'! I don't want to have anything to do with him, and now you're saying that...ugh." Bulma shuddered as she imagined any kind of link she may develop with the detested King.

Brocco sighed in defeat, then jumped as she remembered what she was supposed to be doing, "Oh no! Now I'm REALLY late. I have to go Bulma. I'll talk to you later." And with that she hung up, making the VAP go blank.

Bulma sighed into the silence. There's absolutely nothing for me to do here. She thought angrily "Wait a second. I was going to look for Yamcha. That's something to do." Taking a deep breath to get her courage up, she opened the door and left Vegeta's room. She walked down the private corridor carefully, terrified that any moment Vegeta would appear and stop her. She held her head high as she finally entered the main hallway.

Saiyans throughout the hallway were startled to see her, but bowed according to protocol. She gestured for them to rise, and she finally spotted a second-class Saiyan bent on one knee. She told him to rise, "Could you tell me where I could find the male slaves quarters?"

The Saiyan looked mildly surprised but nodded, asking her to follow him since he was on his way there in the first place. Some of the second-class Saiyans frowned at her as she passed, angry that the King had taken a weak human, and not one of their own kind. As Bulma neared a small complex, she felt a shiver down her spine, How could anyone stand living there? I bet the women's is worse. No wonder Chichi has gone nuts. Her Saiyan 'escort' left her to the guards, bowing as he left. A guard walked in front of her, and one behind, both with their tails lashing close to the bars of the cell as if they were daring one of the slaves to try and grab them.

Bulma moved as close to the bars as she dared, "Is there a man from Earth named Yamcha in there?" she asked loudly in her native language.

There was silence, until a man moved to the front, "Bulma!" Yamcha was looking tired, dirty, but otherwise healthy.

"Yamcha; oh thank Kami, I'm so glad you're all right." She sighed in relief.

"You're looking well." He stated, a certain hardness to his voice. "I heard you got yourself married to that damned monkey King."

Bulma looked at Yamcha angrily; "Yes, I did, as a matter of fact. I don't see how it's any business of yours."

Yamcha laughed bitterly, "I'd say it is my business. You were supposed to be marrying me, in case you forgot Bulma."

"I never forgot that Yamcha. Why do you think I came here to see you?" Bulma said, keeping herself from yelling.

"I don't know. Why did you come here? Maybe your damn monkey didn't amount to as much as you expected and now you've come crawling back to me." he said with disgust written all over his face.

Bulma sucked in her breath; "You don't mean that Yamcha. You can't."

He sneered at her, "I do and I can, Your Highness."

"Then you can go to hell Yamcha, right along with King Vegeta. Screw both of you! What in Kami's name was I thinking when I came down here to see you? You friggin' asshole!" she yelled.

Yamcha jumped a little, but remained silent. With a withering glance serving as farewell, Bulma spun on her heel and left. She fumed all the way back to Vegeta's, scowling at all who crossed her path. She angrily said 'open' and stepped through the door, only to be confronted by Vegeta.

"Just where the hell did you go?"

Still furious at Yamcha, Bulma yelled back, "None of you damned business so get out of my face!" She attempted to move to one side of the King, but he grabbed her wrist, angrily pulling her against him. Bulma didn't move as she sensed his barely controlled anger.

"I will ask once more and you will answer. Where were you?" he asked quietly, staring into her eyes and unconsciously tightening his grip on her.

Bulma forced herself to look away from his deep onyx eyes, "I was in the slaves quarters." She admitted.


She flinched as she anticipated his reaction to her reply, "I--I had to see if my...friend was still alive."

His eyes flashed in some emotion for a second before he regained his icy countenance, "And was your 'betrothed' still alive?"

Bulma frowned and wondered how he knew that until she remembered her first discussion with him. "Yes, he was."

He let go of her wrist then and crossed his arms over his chest, "Was he glad to see you?" he asked casually.

Bulma rubbed her wrist unconsciously and glared into Vegeta's eyes, "Not that it's any of your business, but no, he was anything but happy to see me." Thanks to you.

Vegeta's eyes reflected surprise for a minute, then it disappeared, "Understandable." he smirked, and walked to his quarters.

Bulma cursed him silently as she followed him into the bedroom, "And just what am I supposed to do all day if I'm not allowed to go out?"

Vegeta pulled his armor over his head, "I never said you weren't allowed to go anywhere. You may go anywhere in the palace that you choose, as long as you have a suitable escort."

"May I take Bro--the Second Commander with me?" She suddenly pleaded, her blue eyes staring into his.

The King noted the familiar way she said Brocco's name and shrugged his shoulders, "If it pleases you."

Bulma beamed at him, "Thank you, Vegeta." She ran past him, and to the VAP to call Brocco, so she didn't see the look of amazement on Vegeta's face.

"Hey Brocco. It's Bulma again."

Brocco grinned, "I thought as much. Is the King there?"

"Yes. You were right about him. He said that the only way I can leave my room, is if you were with me, so please say yes." She said hurriedly.

"Sure. I'll be over there in a few minutes, OK? I just have to get one of my good for nothing slaves to fetch my breakfast, since I missed it this morning."

"Thanks Brocco." Bulma hung up the phone and the screen went blank. "Vegeta? The commander says she'll take me." she called into the bedroom.

Vegeta emerged in a black bodysuit that complimented every muscle on his body, pulling on his white gloves and boots as he went, "Where's my damned scouter?" he growled, ignoring the once happy look on his mate's face.

"How should I know? I don't even know what a scouter is." She snapped back at him as he hurriedly pulled his armor over his head.

He shot her a venomous look before bending over and searching under the couch, "How the hell did it get under here?" he asked no one in particular as he put it over his right eye and turned it on. His tail swished behind him impatiently and as he folded his arms and glared at Bulma once again, she shivered involuntarily at how evil he looked. Vegeta suddenly looked to the door; "There's Brocco. You can go now."

Thank Kami for that. Bulma thought as she opened the door before Brocco could open it. She stepped back in surprise as she saw a similar scouter with green glass fixated on her friend's face. "What's going on?" she demanded.

Brocco's eyes immediately went to the King before she answered, "It's nothing, Your Highness. There is an alien race visiting the planet and this is how we stay in contact while they're here."

Bulma frowned, but shrugged, stepping out of the room and letting the door close behind her.

"Where are we going?" Brocco asked opening the door that led to the main hallway. It was surprisingly cleared of Saiyans completely. Every once in a while a slave would hurry past them, bowing as they did so.

"I don't know. I'd like to look at your science wing if you have one." Brocco nodded and turned left then right. "Here it is." She stated as she opened the door.

Twenty or more Saiyan scientists were bustling around the room, many wearing scouters, and working on something.

"What is that?" Bulma gasped.

Brocco stared at the queen in exasperation; "Surely you've seen a Saiyan space pod before?"

"Well...yes I have." Bulma said sadly.

Brocco changed the subject; "This is all they're working on right now. We don't really have much need for any other technology, except for maybe a better regeneration tank."

"Regeneration tank? What the hell is that?"

"It is a tank that will heal a person completely after they receive injury. Every Saiyan has spent time in there at one point in their life." Brocco frowned in recollection.

Bulma sighed, "Can I go see your ship port?"

"Sure." After walking what seemed to Bulma like five miles, they came to the dome that looked out at the ship port.

"Can't we go outside?" Bulma pouted.

"I don't think humans can breathe in outer space. So we'll just look from this window, okay?"

The queen sighed, but didn't answer as she watched the alien race departing from the ship. They were bluish, with red eyes on the sides of their heads. The largest one seemed to be the ruler and he was talking earnestly to the First Commander. Brocco suddenly chuckled.

"What's so funny?" Bulma demanded.

Brocco pointed to the scouter before turning it off, "I can hear everything everyone with a scouter on is saying with this thing on, and I just heard the ruler of the Surmfs call that fat-head First Commander Nappa a moron."

Bulma rolled her eyes and went back to watching the scene outside. Brocco shrugged and turned her scouter back on. Bulma gasped as she saw Vegeta make his way over to the leader. Though he was shorter, what he lacked in size, he made up for in charisma and the Surmfs looked clearly daunted by the King of Vegetaseii. She pressed her face closer to the glass as she saw Vegeta gesture to the ruler of the Surmfs, and he clearly flinched. She could tell this amused Vegeta, even from a distance. The 'alien' nodded, and he and his followers were led by Nappa to a different part of the castle. As though he sensed someone was watching him, Vegeta began to scan the windows that all looked out at the port. Before he could see her, Bulma backed away hastily and motioned for Brocco to do the same.

"Let's go Brocco." She whispered.

"Wait. I-I have to tell you something first." Brocco said reluctantly, turning her scouter off again.

"Yes?" Bulma asked, puzzled at her friend's actions.

"Let's talk in my room, okay?" The two females walked out of the dome, and walked down the main hallway to the second class Saiyan rooms. "Here's mine." Brocco said, entering a code. She walked in, closely followed by the now intrigued Bulma.

Brocco's room was smaller than hers was, but it had pretty much the same things (except the vanity), only smaller. Her room (and all other second-class Saiyans) was done in red with gold trim.

"So, what did you want to tell me Brocco?"

The older woman bit her lip to keep from telling everything at once, I've got to be calm or else Bulma will totally freak out. "Bulma...when a Saiyan takes a mate, it's for life. You know that right?"

Bulma frowned slightly in recollection, "I believe the shaman mentioned that."

"Yes well, I know how much you dislike the King, but my loyalty goes first to him, then to you. That is how I've been raised and I can not change that, but as your...friend, I have to tell you that if you bond with the King, you will be stuck with him for all eternity."

"What do you mean bond with him?" Bulma asked wearily.

"You can never truly know what it's like until it happens to you. But, when you're bonded is when you truly become one with your mate."

"I see. And how does this bonding take place?"

Brocco shifted uneasily on the heels of her white boots and her tail showed her discomfort plainly by twitching nervously behind her, "Well, it happens when the King accepts you as an equal, and begins to display emotions for you. It'll appear as a sort of mark on your shoulder."

Bulma grinned, "Well, I don't have to worry about it because the King hates my guts almost as much as I hate him."

Brocco rolled her eyes, "Whatever. Well, are you leaving now?" she asked, not unkindly.

"Yep. I'll see you when I see you." Bulma replied, waving good bye.

As she walked to her room, she couldn't help but think that she heard someone following her. She turned around several times, but she saw no one. She practically ran to Vegeta's room and as she entered the private corridor she yelled open then ran in just before the door closed.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at her from the table, "You're back."

"Of course." You can't scare me away that easily Vegetable brains. She pulled the stray hairs out of her face and tucked them behind her ears, aware that Vegeta was watching her every move. He turned his scouter off and slid it away from him.

"You've been running. Why?" He asked coldly.

Bulma's heart stopped Will Brocco get in trouble if I tell him I walked here alone? "How can you tell?" she stalled.

He stood up, "That is no concern of yours. Answer the question."

"I didn't want to miss lunch with my favorite person," she said, keeping her features expressionless. Yeah, right, she thought.

Vegeta didn't believe her, but dropped it since it wasn't really important; "We have a dinner guest tonight."

"Really? Who?"

Vegeta sat back down, "Why do you care?"

The earthling fumed, "Do you always have to turn everything into an argument?"

"Only for you." Vegeta said, laughing dryly.

Bulma frowned; I don't like the direction this conversation is going. Call me stupid, but I could have sworn Vegeta admitted to special treatment of me.

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at the confusion he could sense from his queen, What did I say to confuse her? He thought, hiding his irritation from his features, and wrapping his tail tightly around his waist, "'What are you confused about woman?" He demanded.



Bulma's eyes widened in surprise at the look on Vegeta's face. He seemed to be amused yet curious to know what was bothering her; "It's no big deal."

"Then you won't mind sharing it with me." It was not a request.

Bulma scowled at the King; "I was wondering why I get such special treatment, that's all."

Vegeta's dark eyes mocked her, "A simple question. You are to be tolerated until my heir is born, and if that means you receive 'special treatment' then so be it."

Bulma flinched at the harshness of the words; I almost forgot how much I hated this bastard. She averted her eyes as she walked past Vegeta to go to the bedroom. He grabbed her wrist, "I thought that you ran all the way here not to miss eating lunch with me?" He mocked, knowing she lied.

Bulma somehow snatched her wrist from him, "I've suddenly lost my appetite for some reason." she snarled, leaving. As she walked into the bedroom, she didn't notice how the room was clean and how the bed was made-up, she even forgot about Chichi in her anger and hatred for Vegeta. She angrily pulled her boots off and stripped out of her black outfit and stood looking into the wardrobe. She grabbed a somewhat fancy looking dress off of a hanger and slammed the door to the wardrobe closed. Vegeta walked in, ignoring her as he changed his boots.

He finally looked up at her, "Do you plan on pouting all day? Because if so, I'd rather the ruler of the Surmfs didn't meet you."

Bulma glared back at him and crossed her arms underneath her bra; "I do not pout."

Vegeta rolled his eyes and eyed her coolly as she stood there in her undergarments.

"You can look, but honey, don't you touch." Bulma said seductively, smirking at him before she went to the bathroom to finish dressing in privacy.

Vegeta shook his head to clear the image of the female standing there glaring at him in her underwear before leaving the bedroom entirely. He believed the woman was going crazy and the best thing to do for a crazy female was to give her some room. He decided that it wouldn't kill him to leave a note telling her a few things. He tossed it on the bed and left.


Bulma almost fell over in shock as she recalled what she just did; I called him 'honey?' What in Kami's name was I thinking! Was I thinking? She blushed as remembered his seeing her there in her underwear, then dismissed it. He's seen a woman in her underwear before, in less than that, I'm sure. It's no big deal, Bulma, and if it means nothing to him, it shouldn't mean anything to you either. Besides, I hate him, and that was just a way to mess with his mind.

She had decided earlier to take a long soak in the bathtub. With luck, Vegeta would be gone before she got out.

She nodded at her reflection in the mirror; you did the right thing; maybe not the best thing, but the right thing. She zipped the dress up her left side, then the other. The dress was made of clingy fabric and molded perfectly to Bulma's features. It was a shade of blue darker than her eyes with a plunging neckline. It was low backed, with long sleeves with a flap of fabric that fitted over her middle finger, while the hem of the dress went mid-thigh with slits that showed off about two more inches of her long and slender, tanned thighs. Though it was clingy, the dress was extremely easy to move around in, I bet they made it like this so I could fight or train in it if I wanted or needed to.

She sighed wearily as she critically eyed her waist length blue hair. Suddenly, in inspiration, she decided to wear it in a chignon like she had on the day she joined with the King. As she remembered that day her eyes flew to her tiara in remembrance.

The female gazed in the mirror to see the results so far and stuck her tongue out in her reflection. She sobered up quickly as she seriously examined her reflection; I'm losing weight. Not only that, but I look miserable. Good, I hope Vegeta sees that and decides to release me before he tries to put any accursed bond on me. She shuddered, imagining being with Vegeta always, and putting up with his cruel insults and cold eyes that showed no mercy for anyone; especially her.

Bulma pinched her cheeks to put some color into them before leaving the bathroom, deciding to wear some light make-up. She saw a note on the bed and picked it up before she went to the main room.

Dinner off main hall in the second dining room at 1850; if lost, ask 2nd Commander. If loss of appetite disappears you can order lunch. Won't see you until then. Don't pout and keep your attitude in check.

Bulma crumpled the note angrily. What am I? A child? ĎKeep your attitude in checkí...ha, as if. She glanced at her watch, Oh my goodness! It's already six o'clock...that is 1800 hours. She sighed and headed to the wardrobe to get something to put on her feet. Surprisingly, there was a pair of boots that matched the color of her dress perfectly, and every other dress in here. Bulma thought, shaking her head in amazement. The boots were very shiny and came just below her knees.

She walked out of the bedroom, through the main room and right out of the door, intent on giving Vegeta a show that he would never forget. Get ready asshole, I'm going to show you how Bulma Briefs Ďkeeps her attitude in checkí. She smirked.



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