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There are a couple of things keeping Bulma from trying to escape. One is Chichi, the other is her uncertainty to the whereabouts of Yamcha, third is the kindness of Brocco, and last is her fear of Vegeta. Instead of trying to escape, Bulma is just really defiant and not concerned whether she is about to die. In the very beginning, she would have died for not bowing, if it hadn't been for Chichi.

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Chapter 3


"Wake up! It's time to get ready," a cheerful voice cried out in English, waking Bulma from a deep sleep.


"Ah, you remembered me. I'm so glad. I just got the good news two hours ago; I get to work for you now!"

Bulma tried to smile as she roused herself out of bed, "I'm glad I'll have someone around that I can talk to."

"Well, I want to make a good impression on the king, so I am going to make you as beautiful as I can. First go take a shower while I prepare everything."

Bulma rolled her eyes and walked into the shower.

As soon as she was finished, she wrapped a towel around herself and walked back into the room, pushing her wet aqua hair out of her eyes. "Sorry Rachel, but I got my hair all wet. It's long, so it will take a long time to dry."

Rachel shook her head, "Not that's fine! I'll just add some mousse and it will dry curly. Now sit down so I can get started."


"Wow, sometimes I even amaze myself. You look stunning: I'm almost tempted to worship you myself." Rachel beamed.

"You've outdone yourself Rachel!" Bulma gasped. Her long and curly aqua hair was up in a chignon with strands around her face. Rachel had put two white flowers in her hair to accentuate the blue, "Don't even ask where I got them. The gardener will kill me." She dusted shimmer powder over Bulma's face and blew some onto her hair, "I'm not going to give you much make-up: you don't really need it." All that she allowed Bulma to apply was mascara, eyebrow pencil, and shiny lip-gloss. She filed Bulma's nails and applied clear polish to make them shine.

"Now, let's get you dressed." The American woman carefully helped Bulma into the two-piece outfit. It was a navy blue, low necked, with one long sleeve that went around the middle finger, and a short sleeve that went to the elbow. This part of the outfit was connected by two thin pieces of fabric--one in the front and one in the back--to low-cut, tight fitting black pants that ended only a few inches above her knees. "Last are these boots." She helped Bulma get into the soft to the touch calf high boots with a half-inch heel (the boots could appear to be navy blue or black, depending on how the light hit them).

"I love these," Bulma beamed. I feel like some kind of warrior princess or something, she thought, as she looked in the mirror at her reflection. She bit her lip as she imagined the cold face of her future 'mate.' Maybe being 'joined' with him won't be so bad. Maybe I should try being more optimistic. She thought, leaving the mirror as Rachel called her.

"It's almost time for the ceremony. I'm so excited for you," Rachel beamed, "It's time for us to go, but while we are walking there, I've been instructed to make you wear this." She frowned slightly as she pulled out a large black garment from a bag and helped Bulma put it on. It was a long cloak with a hood that covered her completely.

Bulma sighed and pulled the hood on hiding her face almost completely if she kept her head down. Rachel smiled as she opened the door, "This is going to be tough. I have to lead you, which will be really hard if a lot of the higher ranking people are outside." She gently pulled a corner of Bulma's cloak after her and down the empty corridor. Their footsteps echoed in the silence, and Bulma was afraid that this might be some kind of bad omen for her future.

Rachel stopped abruptly, "This is the end of the road for me, Bulma. Slaves are not permitted in a sacred ceremony like this one. I wish you the best of luck." She hugged

Bulma briefly, then quickly walked away.

Bulma looked up at the door, it was made of something that resembled oak, huge double doors that were at least eight feet tall, with stained glass which surprised Bulma. She took a deep breath and opened one of the doors and stepped inside, quietly closing the door behind her.

The confused woman was instantly apprehended by two Saiyan shaman. They took her by her elbows to another door and motioned for Bulma to stay where she was and to take the cloak off The two men opened the second door and left after grabbing several medium sized boxes made of a very dark, scented wood.

What the hell is going on here? Bulma wondered. She frowned in puzzlement as she heard Saiyans on the other side of the door chanting, "Hail King Vegeta!"

The earth woman nearly jumped in surprise as the second door opened once again and one of the Saiyan shamans beckoned for her to follow him outside to the waiting crowd.

As soon as Bulma walked through the entryway, there was an instant cease to the chanting, and polite (and somewhat strained) clapping took its place. Bulma felt a pang of nervousness and the forced half-smile she had unconsciously put on began to fade as she contemplated her chances of survival if she tried to escape. Hundreds of elite Saiyans sat all around the platform, and there were even box seats. As if he could read her thoughts, the king met her eyes and unmistakably smirked at the fear that could plainly be read on her face. Bulma flushed, If that's a challenge monkey boy, then you're on, she thought, her confidence rising dramatically. She put a superior smile on her face and seemed to radiate confidence and composure. Vegeta noticed the change and slightly inclined his head in approval before turning away from her.

The two shamen had set their boxes on a long oak table lit with candles, that Bulma hadn't noticed before. The higher of the two shamans motioned for Vegeta and Bulma to advance toward the table in front of him. He finally started the ceremony off, and as he spoke, his partner took a golden goblet encrusted with jewels from one of the boxes and began to fill it with a deep red liquid. Bulma gulped, and turned her eyes to the main shaman as he addressed the spectators: "My fellow Saiyan brethren; today is truly a day worthy of celebration, for on this day we will be joining, one earthling, Bulma, and our ruler, King Vegeta, for the benefit of our entire race." He gestured grandly toward the two, prompting the audience into applause. He waited as it finally began to die down, then nodded to his partner, who had stealthily been moving toward Bulma, unnoticed. He deftly grabbed her fragile wrist and before she could even react, jabbed it with a small dirk.

Shocked almost beyond belief, Bulma bit her lip and turned pale as she watched the shaman squeeze her blood into the goblet, How convenient that Brocco forgot to tell me this minor detail. Gosh this hurts like a bitch! To her surprise, the wound quickly disappeared and the pain along with it.

Vegeta held his wrist out to the other shaman silently and received the same treatment. All the while, Vegeta kept his cold gaze on Bulma, mocking her mutely with his eyes, as if he dared her to try and stop what was happening. Bulma scowled at the king's antics, but kept silent.

Finally, the brahmen finished with Vegeta and began to chant in an ancient language that Bulma and even many of the other Saiyans could not understand. He finally held the goblet out to Vegeta and in the SL translated what he had been saying, "Drink the blood of your mate, and of yourself. Know them both, for they shall become one." Vegeta's eyes finally left Bulma's as he took the goblet and quickly downed a large gulp wiping his mouth when he was done, and receiving raucous applause from his subjects.

Bulma felt as though she was stuck in a giant spider's web, held immobile as the spider slowly advanced on her...Snap out of it Bulma! Gather your bearings and suck it up. Don't let that arrogant asshole get the best of you. She told herself, ignoring Vegeta's challenging eyes. She took the goblet from the shaman (who had just taken it from the king) who repeated the phrase to her then translated it. Many of the Saiyans smirked, waiting eagerly as they anticipated the human's revulsion to drinking blood, and hoping she would make a scene (remember, chaos is a Saiyan's best friend).

Bulma quickly put the goblet to her lips and drank, before she lost her nerve. She waited for the revolting taste she was sure the blood made of the drink, but it never came. The wine was like none on Earth nor any anywhere else. It was thick and somehow, had a kind of strange 'fruity' taste to it. Yet in all of this, Bulma could taste something else, just as thick, yet...she didn't know how to describe it; it's got to be Vegeta's blood. She handed the goblet to the shaman, unconsciously licking her lips and this earned her the respect of the Saiyans.

Vegeta watched this little display in well-disguised amusement, as (under orders of the shaman) he moved much closer to the woman.

The shaman took a small, yet elegant, tiara and an equally small and elegant, but UNMISTAKABLY masculine crown out of the box. He handed Vegeta the tiara, and told him in the SL, "Repeat after me: 'Bulma, I take you now as my mate for life. With you by my side, I shall rule Vegetaseii justly and do my utmost to keep it prosperous.'"

Vegeta repeated the phrase, either consciously or not (Bulma wasn't sure which) emphasizing 'I take you.' He placed the tiara gently atop her head of curls; brushing her forehead with his hand as he did so and making Bulma shiver involuntarily, and avert her eyes from him.

She assumed an air of confidence as her turn was reached and she repeated after the shaman, "Vegeta, I come to you as your mate for life. At your side I will stay as you rule Vegetaseii justly and prosperously." She placed the crown on Vegeta's head a little more roughly than she needed to in her anger, but Vegeta ignored her, looking to the audience.

He advanced purposely towards the audience, and holding onto Bulma's arm, he brandished her towards the silent Saiyans, "Bow. Bow before your queen." He said this quietly, yet everyone in the room heard him, and displayed inferiority and submission by bowing (each depending on class).

Bulma noticed Brocco in the front row, along with Nappa, both kneeling on one knee with their right hands over their hearts. Bulma smiled as she saw her friend and recalled what she had said to her earlier, she felt a rush of power surge through her as she observed her subjects kneeling before her.

Vegeta glanced at her briefly, noting her expression before speaking to the other Saiyans again, "Rise."

Every Saiyan in the room (except Vegeta) rose and cheered uproariously for hours, most meeting their new queen. She grew tired as she greeted Saiyans of each type, but grew especially weary of the second class males, because the protocol stated that they were allowed to kiss her hand in greeting another tiny detail Brocco saw fit to omit.

Bulma smiled outwardly, but in truth she was thinking, I am sick and tired of being slobbered on by these...baboons! She scowled as she saw her 'mate' coming to her side from the other side of the room. He gave no outward sign of his intention as he took her arm and made their excuses to everyone (thus, ending the strange 'celebration').

As soon as they left sight of all, he dropped her arm as though it was a hot coal, and put at least half a foot of distance between them as they walked to his quarters. Bulma scowled, but didn't say anything into the tense silence.

Vegeta stopped in front of his door, saying 'open,' then walking in, closely followed by Bulma. He turned to her a little angrily as the door closed behind her. "Listen here, woman. I am aware that you had no choice in joining with me, but to be honest, neither did I. If I had my way I would have chosen someone more worthy to bear my son."

Bulma was speechless, partly in surprise and nervousness, but mostly due to anger.

Vegeta shook his head in apparent disgust and left her so he could shower.

Bulma glared after him, and finally regained control over her voice box, "Asshole," she hissed, but of course, he didn't hear her.

She sighed in defeat and collapsed tiredly on the bed just before she remembered what was about to happen in it. She sprang out of it and glanced about herself anxiously. The room was huge, very expensive looking, and gorgeous. It was done mostly in blue, with gold and silver trim. There was something resembling a sofa and a few armchairs, with a small table in a room off of the bedroom. A few feet from the bed was the door leading to the bathroom and around the corner was the largest kitchen Bulma had EVER seen; there were extra-large refrigerators, something resembling a stove, and many large cabinets that went up to the ceiling, along with many other over-sized kitchen appliances.

Against her better judgment, her eyes went back to the large bedroom; inside were two large wardrobes, a chest of drawers, and a vanity, which she knew, was there especially for her. The vanity definitely stood out amongst the unfamiliarity of the room and Bulma smiled, unconsciously relaxing as she did.

She walked to the bed again, and noticed a nightgown that was laid out for her. The anxious female quickly stripped down to her underwear and put the garment on. It didn't bother her that it was almost transparent, and revealing with a low neckline and with a hem that barely went mid-thigh; as far as she was concerned, Vegeta would never lay eyes on it. She quickly called 'lights off' and buried herself beneath the covers in the farthest corner of the bed from where Vegeta would come when he left the shower. She almost gasped as the King opened the door and stepped out from a cloud of steam in a pair of black boxers, his form could clearly be seen in the light in the bathroom, before he called for it to shut off. She closed her eyes, and forced herself to breathe evenly and not to move a muscle as he approached the bed. He got in very gently and instantly moved to the middle of the bed, leaving only a foot between them.

"Don't bother pretending woman. I know you're still awake," he mocked, even though he wasn't facing her. Bulma opened her eyes in anger and surprise and glared at his back, barely restraining herself from hitting him. She could hear the veiled amusement in his voice as he continued, "As much satisfaction as I'll be denying you, I have no intention of touching you tonight. So your virtue is safe...at least for now." Her eyes widened at this speech, but she remained silent.

Very soon, she heard a light snore from Vegeta. Finally! I thought he'd never go to sleep! She gently propped herself up on one elbow to examine him, Too bad he's such an egotistical, homicidal, cocky little asshole, I'm almost tempted to fall in love with him...that is, if I wasn't already in love with Yamcha. She blinked rapidly as she remembered her lover. What could have happened to him, I'll ask someone to find him for me.

Bulma almost screamed as she noticed something moving near hand; it was his tail. I almost forgot that he had one, and that he was an alien. Heck, if it wasn't for the tail, and him being so evil, he'd be really human-like. She sucked in her breath suddenly as his tail suddenly wrapped itself around her wrist. She gently pulled her arm to free herself, but the furry appendage only tightened its grip. The new Queen gave up, lying down on the bed in defeat. The fur on the tail was soft and warm against her skin; the grip it had on her was firm, yet not painful. She sighed and closed her eyes. This is so weird, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.


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The silence during the meal was long and the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife. Somehow, Vegeta finished all the food on his plate. He left the dishes on the table and got up abruptly, "I have some business to attend to. I will be back shortly."

Bulma pretended she didn't hear him as she toyed with the food remaining on her plate that she knew she couldn't finish.

Vegeta smirked at her silence, "Great. Not only have I joined with some baka that converses with slaves, is stupid and ugly as hell, but she's deaf as well."

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