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This story is kind of mixed up a little. I guess you could call it a 'what-would-happen-if-Radditz-never-came-to-earth' story. So, Goku is as strong as he was when fought his brother, Piccolo hasn't really joined up with Goku, so Gohan has NO fighting skills at all, and everything else will be revealed to you as the story continues!


By: Bulma16


Chapter One


"Excellency, the last purging ship has finally returned."

"Send the First Commander here at once."

"Consider it done, sire." the slave bowed to the king of Vegetaseii, before going to the ship port. As he walked the long distance to the ship, he kept his head and eyes low as he passed several Saiyans who outranked him; the last thing he needed was to be reprimanded and beaten for being too prideful for one of his stature. He flinched as he heard a loud voice echoing all around the port. He quickened his pace as he recognized the voice as First Commander Nappa's.

He bowed before the commander, "Commander Nappa, King Vegeta requests your presence in his quarters."

Nappa growled at the slave's interference, "I'll be there as soon as I finish preparing these idiots for the moving of these newly captured slaves."


The newly appointed king swirled a red liquid in his glass and looked up as he sensed Nappa's approach. The commander bowed low on one knee and put his right fist to his heart, "You wanted to see me, Excellency?"

"Yes, Nappa. How was the voyage to Earth?'

"Very satisfactory sire. I have found several slaves for you to choose from."

Vegeta shifted in his throne, "Choose from? Oh yes, you must be referring to that small matter of Saiyan blood and humans making the ultimate fighter." Vegeta threw his glass to the floor, "That is a whole lot of rubbish; if the females on this planet weren't so intellectually inferior, I would never go along with this." Four slaves came out of the darkness surrounding the king's throne and began cleaning the mess from the royal carpet.

Vegeta rose from the throne and gestured for Nappa to rise, "You have heard of the defeat of Freeza?"

"Yes sire. I also heard that you turned into the legendary Super Saiyan...is this true?"

The king's cold eyes brightened slightly at the mention of his victory, "Yes. It was easy really, Freeza didn't stand a chance. It's a shame the old man had to go; he had at least another year before I would have taken the throne from him, so Freeza only saved me the trouble of having to kill him myself." He paused, "I hope you remembered what I told you, Nappa, about killing the earthlings."

Nappa nodded, "Would you like to see the slaves sire?"

"Send them in Nappa, I hope they aren't as disgusting and pitiful as the last bunch you sent here."

Nappa grinned, "There are a few in there I was tempted to take for myself sire; I think you will be most delighted with the selection this time."

Vegeta scowled as he sat in his throne, "Let us hope so."


Bulma couldn't remember when she had ever been so afraid in all of her twenty-three years. She had been hiding over at the Son house with Yamcha, Oolong, Krillen, Master Roshi, Goku, Gohan, Chichi, Tien, Piccolo, and Chaotzu; when a large crash could be heard from outside. Everyone had filed outside, and then regretted it when they saw eleven men with tails standing outside. The Saiyans had been on the planet for the last five days; wreaking havoc wherever they went. Bulma shivered as a hard voice ordered the others in a foreign language when Goku, Krillen, Piccolo, Tien, Chaotsu, and Roshi got in a defensive fighting position.

"Forget Vegeta's orders. Kill those six bums." (This is Nappa speaking to his men).

Bulma had clung to Yamcha and sobbed into his chest as the Saiyans killed Tien, Krillen, Oolong, Piccolo, Chaotzu, and Roshi while they were trying to protect themselves. Gohan burst into tears and hid behind his mother's leg. The leader of the ten Saiyans taunted Goku, surprisingly knowing their language, "After all these years you've spent on Earth, Kakkarot, and this is all you have to show for it? A sniveling brat, weak friends, and such a low power level. What a shame."

Goku glared at the tall bald one, and got into his fighting stance, "You'll be sorry you ever messed with my friends and family."

Nappa laughed evilly causing Bulma to cringe, "Let's see what you got then."

The battle didn't last very long, the Saiyan's fighting was superior to Goku's but somehow Goku got in a good hit that sent Nappa sprawling.

Yamcha detached hiself from Bulma, "Bulma, I don't want you to think I'm a coward, but I know I don't have a chance against these guys. If I can stay alive, I can help gather the dragon balls to wish our friends back to life. Right now, it is important that I remain as inconspicuous as possible, do you understand?"

Bulma nodded and turned from Yamcha to watch Goku. Nappa was up and he was furious, "How could I let someone like you hit me? This is not happening!" Goku wiped blood from his face and watched the older Saiyan warily. His son, Gohan, ran towards him crying, "Daddy, daddy! I'm so scared."

Nappa grinned and blasted the little boy with a ray from his hand. He frowned as he heard a woman scream. Chichi screamed in agony as she looked at the spot where her son had once been. One of Nappa's men slapped her unconscious and dragged her towards the ship. Goku weakly flew in the direction of his wife and stopped abruptly as Nappa suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Where are you going Kakkarot? I believe we were in the middle of something." Nappa shouted and punched Goku forcibly through the stomach, causing the younger Saiyan to fly several yards and through his own house. Nappa picked him up by his neck, "You are the saddest excuse for a Saiyan I have ever laid my eyes on." The life went out of Goku's eyes and he went limp. Nappa threw his body away from him and wiped his hands dismissively.

Bulma felt something snap as she watched Goku fly through the air, she ran to his body and sobbed on his bloodied chest. No! I can't believe it. Oh Goku, I've known you since you were just a little kid. It can't all be over now. It can't! One of the Saiyans dragged her from the body and toward Nappa.

"Should we bring this one along also Commander?"

Nappa leered down at the protesting Earth female, "For sure. This one's really good looking."

Bulma couldn't understand what they were saying but she didn't like the look Nappa gave her. She spat in his face and kicked the guy holding her in the shin.

Nappa frowned and looked as if he was going to strike the female, but then changed his mind, "The more spirited, the better. The king likes 'em fiery. Bring her along."

Bulma screamed for Yamcha as they dragged her toward the ship. Yamcha raced after her, "Bulma!" One of the ten lower Saiyans grabbed him, "Should we kill him, Commander?"

Nappa shrugged his shoulders, "I don't really care what you do with him." And that's all Bulma knew up until now.


Bulma shivered in the corner of the small cell all of the female slaves were put in. Chichi was conscious, but unwilling to talk, at least for now. There weren't that many slaves all together; only twenty or so but all were afraid, hungry, cold, and quickly developing a case of claustrophobia. Many had been airsick, even Bulma, who knew how to fly almost before she knew how to walk was feeling queasy from their previous descent into the port. They had been moved to only Kami knows where in the huge Saiyan castle.

The women moaned and covered their eyes, as someone opened the door to the small dark cell. He ordered them in choppy Japanese and English to come out of their cells and form a single file line. Bulma helped Chichi up and stood with her in line. Behind her was a tall red-headed woman from the states, who glared defiantly at the guard when his back was turned and cursed at him in English under her breath.

The guard motioned for them to follow him, and instantly another guard appeared at the back of the line. There goes any idea I had for escape. Bulma thought moving along silently with the other women. The guard in front stopped them before large grandeur double doors. He stuck his head in, spoke in his language for a while, then gestured for the women to go in. Bulma gasped as she walked into the room.

It was dark in the room except for around a golden throne. Seated in the throne was the most handsome man she had ever seen; except for Yamcha, she reminded herself. "Bow before the King of Vegetaseii." The guard ordered them. The other women threw themselves to the red-carpeted floor, except for the woman behind her; she took her time and even straightened her hair. She went unnoticed as Bulma scowled at the guard and stayed on her feet, not allowing Chichi to bow as the guard approached menacingly. "Bow or die." he growled at her, gathering energy in his palm. Chichi began to cry aloud as memories of her family's death came back to her.

To comfort her friend, Bulma finally bowed begrudgingly and Chichi followed suit, crying silently as Bulma whispered comforting words to keep her silent. Nappa came in the room and bowed, "Your slaves sire. There are some pathetic excuses for men also, and they have already been put to work."

The king nodded distractedly, "You may rise Nappa, and send the slaves up here one at a time so that I may examine them."

Nappa rose and grabbed the first slave in line, pushing her toward the king roughly. The terrified girl burst into tears as she got much closer to the king. The king snorted in disgust, "Remove this sniveling brat from my presence." He said in Japanese.

The woman was taken away, and she and every other woman that cried at the sight of the king were never seen again.

The king sighed, "I hope these last three are worth my time for your sake Commander."

Nappa laughed nervously, and pushed Chichi in front of the king. The earth woman stopped her crying and made no noise before the king. "Say something woman." Nappa yelled. Chichi continued to stand there in silence and stared at her feet.

Vegeta was surprised at the woman's guts, "She has something resembling a slave's attitude, for that, spare her Nappa. I want her assigned to me. In future, slave, when you are told to do something, you will do it, for I am far less lenient than the commander." Chichi was taken out of the king's presence.

Nappa pushed Bulma roughly in his desperation in front of the king, "I think you will like this one sire. I thought of you as soon as I saw her."

Vegeta didn't comment but watched as the earth woman picked herself off of the floor and straightened her clothes before glaring at Nappa. "Come here slave." Vegeta demanded in his own language, but when she seemed not to understand him, he repeated his command in Japanese and got on his feet. Bulma marched defiantly up to the king and locked her eyes on his, "Yes, sire?" she said sarcastically. This is their king?.

Vegeta frowned at her tone, "I do not tolerate insubordination."

"Then get one of those 'sniveling brats' you sent away, because I would die before I--"

Nappa rapidly advanced to his king's side, "You will not speak to the king like that and live to see another hour." he said angrily.

Vegeta held up a hand and began to speak to Nappa in their language, "At this moment, your loyalty is not wanted Nappa. I will keep this woman and if I so decide, she will become the Queen of Vegetaseii."

Nappa sighed in relief, "Sire, there is one more slave left."

"Let her live, she too may serve under me."

Nappa started at Vegeta's graciousness by letting the last slave live and without testing her courage first. He sent the American with one of the guards and left the king and the blue-haired woman alone.

"What is your name woman?" Vegeta asked her in her language.

"What does it matter if you're going to kill me anyway?"

"Do as you are told if you wish to live." he growled.

"My name is Bulma Briefs."

Vegeta sat down in his throne again crossing his arms over his chest as he glared at his boot, "You have been brought here because I am looking for a wife to bear me a son to inherit the throne. It has also been said that a full-blooded Saiyan could mate with a human and produce a superior Saiyan." He glanced at Bulma to see her reaction.

"So in truth, I am to become a brood mare?"


"Never mind. What if, I didn't want to marry you or, as you so delicately put it, 'mate with you'?"

"I don't recall giving you a choice, but if you wish, after the boy has been born, you can leave and go wherever you wish; as long as you leave me the heir."

"Why me?" Bulma sighed, more to herself than to the king.

Vegeta smirked, "It certainly wasn't looks, that's for sure. The only reason why you of all people were chosen is because you can actually uphold your end in a conversation."

Bulma scowled at the king, "I am already betrothed, I couldn't mate with you even if I wanted to."

Vegeta scowled back at her, "I will not be denied. The ceremony is in three days. Get your rest and on the day of the ceremony, I will send a slave to attend to you." He got up and took a step toward Bulma, "I will not see you until the ceremony, according to tradition, so in the meantime I will have my Second Commander attend to your needs."

Bulma's eyes suddenly filled with tears, This isn't right. I was going to marry Yamcha for love and instead I'm going to marry some jerkish king who just wants me to bear him a child that I will never see again after his birth. This isn't right...oh Yamcha, I wish you were here!

Vegeta watched stoically while the earth woman fought to control her emotions. "Follow me to your room." He turned on his heel and silently left the throne room. Bulma followed him at a distance, refusing to look up for any reason. The king stopped and turned to her, "This will be your room until after the ceremony. You will woken early for testing, fitting, and...teaching." He pushed a code into the panel near the door and gestured for Bulma to go in. As she passed him, he caught her arm, "I will see you in three days." He left, and the doors automatically closed behind him.

Bulma frowned after the King. I hate him for what I am forced to do with him. I would rather die than bear a child that would call him father. Bulma's expression softened then crumbled as she remembered what happened to her own parents. Her mother and father had stayed in Capsule Corporation, and had been killed by the Saiyans. I hate the whole Saiyan race. I will never like it here.

She observed her room. It was small in comparison with the King's huge throne room. There was a small panel with strange figures on it, a shower with a bathroom, an empty refrigerator, a bed, and a screen attached to something that looked like a tiny keyboard. Bulma threw herself in the bed. She was filthy, hungry, tired, and upset, but right now her need for sleep cancelled everything else out.


"Second Commander Brocco, I have a new assignment for you."

"I am eagerly waiting your orders, Excellency."

"You are to prepare the chosen slave for her ascent to the role of Queen of Vegetaseii. Starting tomorrow, I want her perfectly prepared for her new role. There is a list of things I want done that should be in your quarters right now." Vegeta told the commander.

The commander was surprised, "But...of course sire. Your wish is my desire." The commander bowed and left. What am I? A nanny? I'm to look after this stupid earth girl and teach her. This could be a whole lot of fun...at least for me, Brocco smirked.



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