Chapter 2: Midnight Interludes


Midnight had descended once more, and he had returned.

Vegeta stood upon the cliff he had frequented earlier in the week and gazed intently upon the shoreline. He wasn’t quite sure why the Mer creature held his captivation so, but Earth’s boredom offered him no other solace than this. Several times he had ventured forth to these rocks, but never had he gone back to the forest.

No, he was not afraid, that was not what kept him from seeking her out. Vegeta could not truthfully explain exactly why he didn’t go to the woods. However, it seemed that a mixture of anxiety filled with deep longing bothered him immensely. As the days endeavored to come and pass, his thoughts were immersed with her face. While training, his creation of blue ki only reminded him of her eyes.

And so, each night he came, having nothing better to do. He’d come and stand upon the cliff, awaiting dawn. When a new day journeyed forth, bringing the sun in its golden chariot, Vegeta would witness that which inhabited his thoughts.

The flaxen beauty, blue hair a whirl in the wind, would come striding from the woods. Her cerulean eyes glowed in the fading darkness as she approached the sea.

He’d stand and watch as the female was encroached in the salty liquid. Sinking down, she’d turn and give a sorrowful farewell to land. Then, when her short goodbye had come to an end, Bulma dove into the ocean’s depths, a faint splash being the only indication of her existence.

In those few short moments, Vegeta’s mind was at peace. During his daily life, he’d look forward to these short nightly interludes. Unbeknownst to him, Bulma had given Vegeta a miniscule reason for living.

And so, it was the same on this night. As any other, Vegeta stood watch on the rocky terrain. His anticipation was building as the sun’s rays began to peak over the horizontal line that had once represented the end of the world.

He had looked into the word Mer, after hearing it from Bulma’s tongue. Vegeta had even reluctantly gone to Goku for assistance. Goku replied that Mer didn’t sound familiar but he had heard of Mermaids.

"Fish that have people on the ends. They eat ships for breakfast and sea foam for dinner! I think…"

After this non-educational waste of time, Vegeta had gone to Dr. Briefs.

"There’s no such thing! However, if you’re referring to the mythological Mermaid persona, than yes there did once exist such a being, but only in fables and folklore. They are entities, half human and half fish. From the midsection up, they are said to appear human. However, from the waste down, they have a fish-like tail. So proud that you’re interested in learning something young fellow, it’s healthy to do things other than train! You know, just the other day…"

Vegeta had walked away.

Bulma was a mermaid, or as she called herself, a Mer. Either way, that meant that when she dove back into the sea, she got a tail again. Still, nothing he had learned had proven why she gained legs at nighttime.

So, seeing as he had nothing better to do, he had decided that tonight he would confront her.

Just as the sun arose, she exited the forest quickly. This redundant apparition still caused Vegeta a moment of awe. And then, he snapped back to himself and flew off the cliff.

Bulma had already gotten midway into the sea when he arrived. Her tail had appeared and she had sunken down partially in the water. Vegeta levitated above her and called out right before she dove into the water.


The stunned Mer looked up in a mixture of fear and surprise. However, when she recognized who it was, her emotions turned to that of anger.

"You again?!" Her blue eyes sparkled in annoyance. Vegeta smirked and lowered himself closer to the sea line.

"I’m curious about something woman," he began. She huffed and crossed her arms over her breasts.

"And just what is that?"

"How do you get human legs at night?" She raised an eyebrow and then frowned.

"Why should I tell you, Saiyan! As if you have a right to know anything about me!" Vegeta growled and crossed his arms regally.

"I have a right to know anything I want! Besides, it doesn’t look like you have anyone else to tell your story to," he said, motioning to the sea. Bulma smirked.

"Oh, really?" With that she raised her arms and Vegeta watched in shock as an enormous wave reached up and consumed him. He remained sedate in the air as the water returned to the sea; he himself now soaked with the salty substance. Bulma laughed. "The ocean is mine to command! It does my bidding! Even if we do hate each other, it shall always be mine." Vegeta powered up enough to dry himself off and then looked back down at her. Oddly enough, his display of power had not phased her. Instead she looked quizzically at his head.

"What are you staring at?" He demanded. She grinned and pointed at his hair.

"Does it never go down? It seems even a tidal wave couldn’t cause that hair to fall!" In his anger, Vegeta clenched his fists at his side.

"I should kill you woman!" He declared, power emulating from his hands. Bulma looked up to him frantically and nearly leaping out of the ocean, replied.

"Please! I beg you do it!" Taken aback Vegeta calmed his ki. Eyes wide he looked down at the desperate girl in silence. Her serious tone had implied no jest.

"Why would you want that?" He asked in disbelief.

"Kill me! I can sense you have the power, take my life!" A single tear formulated from her bright eye and rolled down her cheek in a course of misery. Vegeta frowned and shook his head.

"No." Bulma sighed and looked down to the water.

"Then leave me be." With that, she sunk into the depths of her hated ocean. The Saiyan prince remained hovering just above the water, contemplating the sorry soul he knew so little about. It was then that he noticed the sun was gaining the sky and that daytime had approached.

With that, he made his reluctant return to the world he knew, leaving the enigma in her watery confinement.

* * * * *

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