By: Jzero




The night was her’s alone.

Two porcelain legs, slender and long, danced across the forest floor. They cascaded over moss and leaf with effortless precision. Without seeing the body, one would have thought they had a life of their own.

Nude. The creature was nude. Perhaps in this form, she was not a creature, but instead could have been referred to as human. Yet, how could anything so beautiful be considered human? There was something to the being who possessed those sensuous legs, which seemed not human at all.

Her hair was cerulean blue, and it flayed from her head in vast tendrils. The silky strands licked at the wind as she ran. Two royal blue diamonds glistened in the starlight, every now and then being covered by soft lids and long feathery lashes. They were her eyes, and no other has ever owned such a stunning set. Her soft, straight nose, brought all attraction down to her lips, and if one was not held captive by her eyes, they would witness the magnificence of her mouth. Pouting, pink, and fair, her lips lay still upon her face. Her skin was the color of milk, and it swam down her body with a fluid motion.

And so, no creature of such glory could be referred to as human. After all, to call her that would be a lie. For this being was not of mankind.

Her name was Bulma.

She thrived in the night as she skipped through the woodland. Pausing ever so often, she’d stop to examine some minute object. Whatever happened to catch her fancy. Her pretty lips curved up into a smile of contentment as she spotted a flower. Bending low, she retrieved it from the foliage, plucking it lightly from the stem.

Observing it precariously, she pondered of what it might look like during the day. Turning around she glanced upon the forest and asked the same question of it. There was no answer, only the chirping of crickets and a hoot from an owl. Sighing, she dropped her flower and treaded to the edge of the wood. With somber eyes she gazed up to the night sky once more.

The stars were fading, and although there was no moon, she could tell that morning was near. Furrowing her shapely blue brows, she brought her pale arms around herself and slowly walked on.

Soon the smell of salt air and the touch of the ocean wind welcomed her with loving arms. She came upon the sea shore silently and scrutinized its appearance in the dawn. Thousands of voices from within called to her softly. She could not resist their temptation.

With one final glance to the woodland she sighed and stepped onto the sand. Her graceful legs carried her into the water until it was waste deep. That was when she changed. Sinking down into the frothing liquid, she released a tear. Her legs left her and were replaced by something else. Feeling once again the long blue fin that emerged from her midsection, Bulma knew she was home.

The mermaid stayed afloat as she took herself out farther from the shore. A baleful glance to land reminded her of the painful truth. With that one last look she dove into the depths.

Another day of misery.

The darkness of the ocean consumed her, but she was not afraid. This was her place and she swam into it easily. Allowing the blackness of the water to match her mood, Bulma persevered. Loneliness enveloped her along with the yearning for the legs that she did not have. Her fin moved smoothly behind her, and she coolly contemplated how much it would hurt to cut it off.


He despised Chikyuu. There was nothing for him here. Being wished to this dreadful place was the worst possible thing that could have happened to him. Yet, he did not have the will to leave. To depart back to space when he was so aware of his weakness. He resided at Capsule Corp. The home of the wealthy scientist Mr. Briefs and his wife. Kakarott had assisted them in the past and so they had offered to take him in.

And why? For Kakarott’s sake of course! Not for his. They couldn’t give a shit about him. He hmphed and crossed his arms. That was the way he wanted it.

Sitting on the roof of the large building, Vegeta found solace in the night. Its darkness coincided with his attitude so perfectly he was surprised the Saiyan weren’t nocturnal. Sighing he stood and turned his head to the east. Each night he flew off into the distance to see what could be found. It kept him entertained for the time being and removed from his mind the disgusting mental picture of Kakarott.

Levitating off the roof he flew in the direction he had chosen. The air swirled by him as he sped on, enjoying its cool touch. Suddenly, the feel of the wind changed and Vegeta slowed himself down.

There was a saltiness to the air that had only recently occurred. Raising an eyebrow he looked down and saw that he was above an ocean. Its transparent water lapped upon a shore that looked white in the starlight. Vegeta brought himself down upon a cliff side and stood regally above the waves.

Outlining the ocean was a large forest. Its trees were quite large and thick. Vegeta looked out and had to admit the view was beautiful. Chikyuu did have its rare wondrous moments.

Then, with a jolt, Vegeta sensed something just below the cliff. It was a strong being, not very powerful but with a respectable ki. It darted out of the forest swift as a deer. His eyes widened.

Upon closer speculation, Vegeta realized it was a woman. She had blue hair that trailed behind her in fathomless locks. He could not completely make out her face but he did see her eyes. They gleamed into the darkness like beacons. Piercing blue, not as aquatic as her hair. Their color was deeper and richer. Bending down he strained his eyes.

She moved so fast he could not make the rest of her out. She was headed in the direction of the water and Vegeta looked on with obvious interest. Wading out without pause, the girl looked back to the land one last time and then dove into the water. Vegeta blinked and in that second, he missed the fin that flashed for an instant out of the ocean’s depths. Shaking his head he turned away. He could not understand it. Why would a human who was obviously beautiful and possessing many likable qualities want to end her life?

Reappraising his surroundings Vegeta considered what he had witnessed. Was Chikyuu that awful? Would it lead him to the same cowardly act? He prayed to Kami it wouldn’t be so.

Turning back he noticed that the stars had faded and daylight was entering the sky. Its rosy fingers rose up from the ocean warmly and slowly inhabited Chikyuu with its happy rays. Looking down, Vegeta realized just what the morning would bring to him.

Another day of misery.

Flying away from his perch over the water, Vegeta sped reluctantly back to Capsule Corp. Another grueling period of training in the gravity room awaited him there. Damn his pride, it was eating away at him.

But he could not die.

* * * * *

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