Author: Fallen Angel

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I dream of rain,
I dream of gardens in the desert sand.
I wake in pain,
I dream of love as time runs through my hand

~Desert Rose, Sting.


Part 7


Why didn’t you try to save them, Vegita?

One day, my son, this will all be yours.

How unfortunate; to work so hard for so little.

I am not your serving woman.

They’re clothes, that’s how people dress here on earth.

Hey, it’s Trunks. You guys, Trunks is back.

Vegita, I’m pregnant…please, Vegita…why won’t you say something?

Don’t! Don’t kill him Krillin.

Try it if you want. But you can’t turn your back on us, Vegita.

Just stay…please. I don’t want to be alone.



Vegita struggled to hold his focus against the random words and feelings floating through his mind.

Although floating didn’t seem like the right word. As a general rule, Vegita’s mind was more like a hurricane or a whirlwind, flying memories and thoughts violently around, turning his mind into a cloud of his memories; usually the worst ones. Though he was used to it. This was where he had been for the past 6 months; try as he might, he always found himself trying to make sense of all that had happened. The only thing that stopped that was training, something Vegita had been doing since the first day he began his desert exile. Problem was, he couldn’t train for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So when Bulma had suggested he begin meditating as part of her plan to prove their bond to the gods, he was hesitant at first. But then again, he was willing to do anything to have her back, to feel whole again.

Not that he understood just exactly it was she was trying to do.

He knew it had something with using the natural powers that existed in the Mobius plateau to ‘amplify and project’ the effect of their bond. At least, it was something like that. Vegita wasn’t so sure she knew what she was doing, but he was in no position to question.

He had had it all worked out. He had spent the latter parts of the last few months learning how to do with his power and ki what Bulma had learnt to do with the heaven’s gate. Then, after coming to the painful realisation that breaking her out was going to do more harm than good, he figured out ways of legally arguing her out. Surprisingly, this had been the harder part of his plan.

But things hadn’t been going exactly as planned. It wasn’t that he was giving up; he may have been a mortal taking on the Gods but he would be damned if he would surrender to them before giving a decent fight. No, it was more that he couldn’t exactly word why he needed Bulma back in the first place. It was something so essentially vital, so central to him that he couldn’t put it into words. It was like trying to explain why it was important to breathe, or love or laugh. You couldn’t say why - you just did. Maybe that also explained why, for a long time, he couldn’t even voice it to her.

Focus Vegita, clear your mind.

That was Dende. Bulma had asked that he be there to help guide their meditations. Already Vegita was holding down the urge to think nasty little things about the God in case he was listening in. But Dende was, unfortunately, right. Vegita had let his mind wander.

Fine then, I’m focused…focused…clearing my mind.


On the Mobius plateau, Dende pulled out of Vegita’s mind and turned to Bulma. She sat cross-legged opposite Vegita, trying to mirror his posture, her eyes closed tight.


"Yes?" she didn’t open her eyes.

"I went in. I swear, it’s like chaos in there. How do you manage when you’re bonded into his mind?"

Barely moving a muscle, Bulma answered, "He isn’t usually like that when I’m there. It’s like a…well, you’ll see."

"See what?" Piccolo asked. He was dubious about the woman’s plan but couldn’t hide his curiosity. After all, no one could really predict how the Mobius plateau would work; maybe it would be possible for Bulma and Vegita to make their bond visible…then he saw the gods, smiling and waiting patiently and Piccolo’s confidence fell again. It seemed that they already knew how things would turn out.

"A beach," Bulma said, half to Piccolo and half to herself. "A beach that stretches on forever, beneath a golden sun. Cool blue waves…" her voice trailed off and Dende and Piccolo both saw that she was deep in meditation, trying to seek out the bond she had with Vegita.

"You know, Piccolo, sometimes it’s hard being a god," said Dende quietly.

"Why do you say that?"

"There isn’t anyone to pray to in times like this."



Bulma stood in semi-darkness, calling out. She bit on her bottom lip and tried to bury her feelings of nervousness. This was the first time, in life or death, that Vegita hadn’t been there straight away. And there’d never been darkness before.

"Vegita?" she called again, trying to break the silence. It was no consolation that her real body was sitting a foot from him, back on the Mobius plateau and that this was only a place in her mind she could leave with a thought. In their minds, the distances could literally roll on forever.

There was no response and Bulma’s nervousness was only increased. Standing still would get her nowhere though, so she followed her gut feeling and began to walk in the darkness. Slowly, the darkness around her lightened just a little and began to make out features of where she was.

Around her, she could see the beginnings of what was a desert; sand dunes that rose up to the sky, trailed with ridges made by the wind. For some strange reason Bulma found the desert familiar; though she couldn’t put a finger on it. Then it struck her - this was the desert Vegita had fled to after her death. This was his both his shelter and his hell.

"Vegita?" she called out once more, but more hesitantly this time. Maybe it was the unnatural silence around her or the mere vastness of the sand dunes that worried her but she just couldn’t shake this feeling that something wasn’t right.

And more silence was her only reply. Desperate now, Bulma ran the rest of the way up the dune she was climbing. At the top, she got her first glimpse of Vegita. He stood in the centre of a plain, illuminated by what looked like lightning in the distance, though there was not a cloud in the sky.

Bulma called out, "Vegita! There you are…" she sprinted down the dune towards him. "By the Gods, I was so worried…." Her voice trailed off as she got within a few metres of him and saw his face. Expressionless and cold, he seemed to look straight through her.

"What’s wrong?" Bulma asked quickly. "Vegita?" She reached out a hand to touch him…

She couldn’t. It was as if a glass wall had suddenly been erected between the two of them. She tried again. It was no use. Each time she came within a hair’s breath of reaching him, something invisible, yet strong, blocked her.

"Oh oh," she said softly. She turned her face to the sky, "Oh no, you don’t!" she cried to the Gods she hoped could hear her still. "If you are doing this, Gods or not, I swear I will…"

"It isn’t them," said Vegita, the second time he’d spoken since she’d arrived. "I did this."

"No!" said Bulma fiercely, moving around him, trying to reach him, but finding herself blocked off each time. He was so close, yet so far. Fear and confusion clenched Bulma’s heart in an icy grip. "No. Vegita! Why? What are you doing?"

"I’m ending this," he replied in that same deadpan voice. "It won’t work. You can’t show them the bond; it’s ours, I see that now. We are the only ones who know about it. They can’t be shown."

"Don’t say that!" Bulma cried as she placed her hands flat against the invisible barrier. It did feel like glass, now that she thought about it. Cold and hard and impenetrable. Just like him, when he wanted to be. "By the Gods…Vegita," realization had hit. "You did do this. This is your barrier…what you use to block out emotion."

He raised his eyes to her and Bulma stepped back with the shock. There was nothing in those black depths - not even anger or sorrow or passion. Nothing. It was worse than when he was evi…before he met her, she amended. She tried so hard not to associate the word evil with her husband; she may not be able to look him in the eyes if she did.

"Vegita! You can’t give up!" cried Bulma, moving back to press against the barrier. She was losing him, she could see it happening, but for the life of her she could understand why. He’d seemed so determined before. Now it was all so wrong, so very wrong. "What happened?"

"Before you got here," he whispered, "I remembered things about the bond, and about challenging the Gods and I understood why the Gods looked so confident before we started this. Curse them! They knew this would happen; they knew this all along!" his voice rose in pitch and Bulma found herself glad, for once, that he was displaying anger. Anything was better than that dull emptiness.

"Knew what would happen?"

"I was such a fool, I never took into account what would happen if I were to lose. I never do," he added sadly. "There isn’t a day goes by I don’t hate Kakarott for being the stronger, yet even he - with his less than half wit - would not have made such a mistake." Vegita clenched and unclenched his fist in contained anger. "Fool. I was such a fool. I have killed you once and it will happen again…"

Bulma subconsciously reached towards him again and cursed silently when she was once again blocked. "It wasn’t your fault, Vegita," she said. "My own arrogance put us in this mess; you weren’t to blame."

"You never saw it though, not the way I saw it." His head lowered again. "I watched you die in my arms Bulma, I watched as my blast took your life."

"You thought I was Freeza…"

"It doesn’t make me feel any better. All those nights in the desert, it didn’t console me one little bit. It never will."

Damn him, Bulma thought. Why does he have to do this just when I need him? Then again, his guilt is all my fault this time. Still… "That was in the past! You can atone for past mistakes - that’s why you’re doing this, aren’t you? To get me back? So why are you cutting me off?"

"You wouldn’t understand!"

"Try me!"

Vegita stared her straight in the face as he cried, "Woman, I have damned us both to hell!"

In the distance, the lightning crashed more brightly and the thunder rolled more loudly. But between Bulma and Vegita there was only silence as she tried to make sense of his words.

"How? When?" Those were the only words that could come out of her mouth, when Bulma finally regained the ability to speak.

"I told you that you wouldn’t understand."

"I won’t if you don’t tell me," Bulma moved as close to his barrier as she could, without chilling herself from the cold.

He sighed, a great heavy sigh that made him seem older than he was. "Those who challenge the Gods pay for their sins with eternity in hell. That was what the three Gods warned me when I first arrived on the Mobius plateau. But I wouldn’t listen…I thought they were just trying to discourage me…"

"That can’t be right! What if we win - what if you can prove the bond exists?" asked Bulma. Please, I can’t be separated from you again…

"It won’t matter. Yes, we would be sent back to the mortal plain together, only to live life knowing we will be separated forever at the end. You would go to heaven, I would go to hell. The Gods knew that; this would be an easy way for them to interfere with my atonement and guarantee me the place in hell I deserve," he sighed again. "I don’t fear hell but I could not even live a few months without you; there is no way I could survive an eternity not by your side."

Tears that had long since dried threatened to fall again in Bulma’s eyes at the sound of Vegita’s admission. "Vegita…you said you had damned us both to hell."

"You have challenged them too, Bulma, simply by being here. You have sought escape, freedom." Vegita’s words were soft and laced with sorrow. "But there can be no escape for people like me - I have too many sins to pay for, too much that can never be taken back. And by joining yourself to me, you help to carry my sins if only by absolving them."

Bulma’s tears were soaked with tears now. "Then we will spend eternity together in hell. I don’t care; if I’m with you, it doesn’t matter one bit. I don’t care."

"No, I won’t curse you to damnation for all time," said Vegita firmly. The thunder seemed to echo his determination. "You don’t belong in hell. There is only one way to stop this; I will destroy the bond."

Her heart stopped beating and all breath left her lungs. Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground, sinking into the sand. Not even all her worst nightmares, rolled into one, could compare with this. "No…Gods, no. Anything but that, please. I can’t endure that…" She began to beat on the barrier with both fists, bruising them against it. But she felt no pain greater than the one in her heart. If Vegita felt the same, he wasn’t showing it. In fact, he wouldn’t even meet her eyes. "Vegita! You can’t! No! Nonononononono…." her voice trailed off in sobs.

"You won’t feel a thing," Vegita said, as if he were a doctor with a 12-inch needle, pointing it at a patient. Everyone knew it was a lie. "You may at first, but after the bond is severed you won’t miss me because you won’t feel what it is you miss."

"Liar! I damn well will! And even if you told the truth, I loved you before we formed the bond, or have you forgotten that?"

"I remember. But you were happy before that, maybe happier. You will survive the severing, even if I do not."

Bulma once again beat against the barrier. "Never! It won’t be the same…it isn’t the same…I’ll die…"

"You are already dead," said Vegita softly. "I killed you."

"You gave me life! This bond, this love…whatever the hell you want to call it…it is my life. It’s the part of me that’s been missing all those years," her heart was breaking with every word. "You didn’t kill me before, Vegita, but if you sever the bond, I will die a million deaths. I can’t begin to explain it in words. You can’t sever us, you can’t…." her breath came between sobs now as she futilely beat against the glass barrier Vegita had made around himself.

Vegita shook his head. "My decision is made. I will not have you condemned to hell and I cannot live without you. This way will be less painful in the long run…"

"No. You can’t let it happen…" she was begging now. "I won’t let it happen."

"It’s already begun," said Vegita as he knelt down inside his glass prison so he could look her in the eye. "This wall is growing; you can’t see it, but eventually it will be strong enough to cut whatever bond there is between us. When it happens, you will leave here as our mental tie breaks."

"How can you be so cold about this!" Bulma’s voice rose in fury and she tried to glare at him from beyond the tears. "I thought we were everything to each other; I thought I was everything to you!"

"You are. And that’s why this has to happen…"


Dende was pacing back and forth. He didn’t like this, not one little bit. Whether or not there was any sense of time on the Mobius plateau, it still shouldn’t have taken this long. Something was wrong…very wrong.

One glance at Piccolo told him the other God felt the same way. Slowly, Dende walked over to his companion, leaving his post near Vegita and Bulma’s meditating bodies.

"Something’s wrong," Piccolo said straight away.

"I know, I was just thinking the same thing," said Dende. He and Piccolo watched the other three Gods - Shi, Shinrai and Chikara - smiling those enigmatic smiles of theirs.

"And I’d bet my training robes they have something to do with it," said Piccolo.

"There’s one way to find out," said Dende, determination on his face as he strode over to them, Piccolo a half step behind.

"My lords," Dende said formally, bowing his head slightly. "Before I arrived you were speaking to Vegita. May I ask what you said? Just out of curiosity."

"We simply warned him of the consequences of his action," said Kami Shi, somewhat facetiously.

"Which would be?" asked Piccolo in the tone of voice that demanded an answer.

Kami Shinrai smiled, if such a movement of facial muscles could be called a smile. "We warned him that those who challenge the Gods will be damned to hell - no matter what the outcome."

Fury boiled in Piccolo’s blood and he found himself grabbing Kami Shinrai by the front of his robes. "There is no such rule," he hissed into the God’s face. "You did that on purpose, you vindictive little…you knew that if he were to believe that he would be condemning them to hell, he would never let her form the bond. And it was just your luck he would only realise that now! I oughta…"

"Piccolo, stop," ordered Dende, placing a restraining hand on his sensei’s arm. Reluctantly, Piccolo released Kami Shinrai.

"You have no idea what could happen if Vegita were to succeed!" shouted Kami Chikara, all semblance of God-like dignity gone. "Imagine it, one of the most despised creatures on the planet, coming here and making us succumb to his wishes! He deserves to stay in hell for all time - it’s where he belongs. He will be getting of lightly, if we free him and keep his mate here. It is justice!"

"It damn well is not!" growled Piccolo. "You care only about your own realm and keeping anything slightly less than perfect out of it. I’m a case in point, aren’t I?"

"This isn’t about you, Piccolo," said Kami Shi.

"They’re right," agreed Dende. Piccolo shot him a death glare to end all death glares. "Well, it’s the truth. This is about Vegita and Bulma. What will happen to them now? What is Vegita doing?" he asked the other Gods.

Kami Shinrai, who had just finished re-adjusting his robes, said, "I am no expert, but I believe that Vegita is trying to sever the bond."

Piccolo felt his blood boil once again, but Dende looked as cool as a cucumber. "Dende…you can’t let them…"

"Oh, it’s too late for us to do anything. But I’m sure Vegita and Bulma’s bond is stronger than that," he smiled an eerily evil smile at the three Gods. "I’m not so sure our dear Kamis’ reputations are though."

"What are you insinuating, Dende?" asked Kami Shi. "And remember who you are speaking to before you answer."

"I’m not afraid of you, Shi. I’m not a little Namek anymore; I know you can’t hurt me. But I’m not so sure that your popularity amongst the people of earth will remain unharmed after they hear of this."

"You wouldn’t!" It was Chikara this time. "How dare you!"

"I dare since you dare to interfere recklessly in people’s lives. Since you dare to deny a man his chance for love and to atone for his sins," retorted Dende, his anger now evident. "You may be all-powerful, but you aren’t invincible. You are nothing without the patronage of mortals and you will no longer have that if they discover the truth."

Kami Shinrai seemed to pale with shock. "They…they may be unaffected. Vegita and Bulma. They could survive this and then, I swear, we will send them home."

"You better hope they are unaffected," said Piccolo threateningly. "For your own sakes."



I can’t live without you.

I don’t want to.

I would rather die.

I would rather cease to exist…then I couldn’t even feel the pain of the separation.

Bulma had been sending her thoughts to Vegita for at least a minute now. Or it could have been hours; she wasn’t sure. All she knew was that she had given up fighting Vegita after he had completely cut himself off from her, sitting quietly in the centre of his glass prison and closing his eyes. Or maybe it had been the other way around. The lightning storm on the horizon seemed to be coming closer but she didn’t care. Nothing could rival the storm inside her heart.

She had fought with all her might to stop it happening. She had screamed and cried and beaten her fists sore against the glass, but nothing had served to change his mind. So now all she could find strength to do was lean up against the glass. Maybe, if she was lucky, the coolness of it would seep into her brain and kill her before she was torn from Vegita’s mind. Only, she was already dead and this was only a projection of her spiritual self. Although whatever happened to her spiritual self affected her body and whatever happened to her spiritual self affected her very existence. Piccolo had told her that, or maybe she’d read it in one of the many books she’d been given to read while in heaven to help her fix the heaven’s gate.

He had warned her once, simply in conversation, that those who abused the gift of their soul were given the worst of all curses - worse than damnation to hell - they were unborn. It wasn’t that they died, or even that they were remade into new souls; they simply ceased to exist. Their soul was wiped from existence.

It had only happened once or twice, she had learned, since the beginning of time. And that was back in the beginning when hell was not yet strong enough to hold the worst of evils. Since then, there had been no use for something as awful as killing a soul.

Killing a soul…

Bulma sat up suddenly and the motion caused Vegita to open his eyes. "Woman, what are you doing?" he asked. Though his voice sounded from far away - the barrier was getting stronger. Kami, she thought, why does he have to find putting up the barriers so easy and pulling them down so damn hard?

She didn’t reply to his question, only ran to the top of a nearby dune where a bolt of lightning had struck earlier. She ran in apparently random circles before suddenly bending over and picking up something long and shiny.

As she returned to him, Vegita stood up. He felt nervous and confused and he sure as hell didn’t like it. There was something tragically sorrowful in Bulma’s eyes as she stood before him and that only made the nervous feelings worse.

"What is that?" he asked, catching a glimpse of what she held in her hand.

"Did you know, Vegita, that at very high temperatures sand turns to glass?" she held up her hand and indeed, she was holding a long, sharp shard of what looked like glass. "Like the high temperatures caused by lightning bolts."

Vegita stepped fractionally closer to his barrier. "You won’t be able to break this barrier with that." He tried to sound determined, but a part of him wished she would.

"I know," she said sadly. As another bolt of lighting crashed, he saw her face briefly illuminated. It was covered with tears. "I warned you though…I warned you," her voice was hoarse from the crying and screaming. "I would rather cease to exist than exist without you. You knew that."

Vegita looked to her face, to the shard of glass then to her again. Fear suddenly replaced the nervousness. The possibilities began to fall into place and time seemed to stop. Death, separation…they couldn’t rival the finality of this. His voice broke as he cried out to her. "No, Bulma…you wouldn’t!"

She smiled, a sad smile of resignation. "I will always love you, Vegita. Words will never be able to express that." She raised the glass dagger high and pointed it toward her own stomach.


He was too late. She lowered the dagger and with a sound that tore through Vegita’s very soul, she drove it in.


The glass barrier around Vegita shattered with little more than a thought as the animal-like cry escaped his lungs. Then he was beside her, rocking back and forth, holding her the way he had when she had first died. Only this time there was no blood. She only seemed to be slowly dissolving in his arms. Yet the makeshift dagger had not gone deep enough…she was still with him, though not for long.

"Bulma, why?" he crushed her to him and held her. As if the strength of his own arms could keep her in existence.

Her beautiful blue eyes opened as she gasped. "I told you…"

"I know," he buried his face in her soft hair. It was just like the last time. Only this time was for good. Not again. Not again. Not again, his mind chanted. "Oh, heaven help me. Bulma, forgive me…"

"Heal the bond," Bulma whispered softly into his ear. "It will save me…it will save us."

"I don’t think I can," he sobbed in reply. "I was too strong. It was nearly severed."

In disbelief, he felt her smile against his cheek. "You severed it - you can rebuild it. We can, together."

Vegita grasped her tightly and whispered, "How can you have such faith in me? I have done nothing to deserve it, nothing to deserve you. Please don’t leave me Bulma. I…I love you." And with that, he kissed her. The first kiss they’d shared in 6 months. He put all his passion, all his emotion and fear and sorrow into that kiss and until his dying days many years later he would swear there had never been anything like it before it or since. It was a kiss with the power to change the world. And for Vegita and Bulma - the Saiyajin Prince and the human woman - it did.

"Vegita," Bulma’s voice seemed to come from a long way away. Had he lost her? No - he could still feel her in his arms and if anything, her voice was stronger. "Open your eyes Vegita."

He did. Yes, she was still lying beneath him, but not as before. She looked young, vibrant. Just like the girl he’d met on Namek all those years ago. The sparkle was shining brightly in her eyes. By some miracle of faith, she had been returned to him, he hadn’t lost her. "Oh, Gods," he gasped out as he held her to him, his fingers tight about her shoulders. "I thought…"

"It’s okay, Vegita," she responded, hugging him back. "You saved me. I knew you would."

"How? I didn’t even…"

"Look around Vegita. See the strength…the real strength you possess. It isn’t in your muscles, or your mind. This is the power of your heart."

He pushed himself into a sitting position - one arm still around Bulma - and looked around. There was still sand, miles and miles of it. But it wasn’t the red-orange sand of the desert. It was white, shining yellow in the sunset. A few metres away, the waves of an infinite ocean lapped at the shore.

"The bond," Vegita said softly, in awe.

"The bond," replied Bulma, resting her head against his shoulder. "I knew you could do it."

"I nearly didn’t," he told her regretfully. "You were so close to…" he trailed off, finding even the words difficult.

She merely smiled and turned her face up towards his. "I wouldn’t have left you. Not yet. There’s still so much for us to do. Starting with this," and she moved towards him, their lips meeting in a burning kiss. He twined his arms around her waist as she ran her hands through his hair.

"Ahem. Are we interrupting something?"

Bulma and Vegita sprung apart like 15-year-olds who’d been caught in the back seat of a car.

"Piccolo! Dende! What are you doing here?" cried Bulma joyfully. Vegita looked less impressed.

"Actually, we were here first. You and all this," Dende waved an arm over the beach, "just appeared."

"You mean that this is…"

"The Mobius Plateau," finished Piccolo for her. "Yes. You did it. You had us worried for a little while there, though."

Bulma was so glad she had to resist the temptation to giggle like a little girl. "Then we’re free? But where are the other Gods? What about the penalty for challenging them?"

Dende looked uncomfortable while Piccolo averted his eyes. "Um," began the youngest Namek, "They have a few things to work out. Managerial issues. But it’s ok."

"And there is no penalty," said Piccolo firmly. "It was all a lie. We each have our own chances to atone for our sins; our destinies after death are always yet to be determined."

Vegita frowned. "Are you sure?"

"Yes; you have time still," Piccolo told him. "And your actions today go a long way to helping you. You may not believe this, but you were willing to give up the only good thing in your life to save it. That kind of selflessness is rare in even the kindest of person."

Bulma looked at her husband, a small smile of pride on her face. She had always believed him to have more than what he showed to the world but occasionally it was nice to hear it from others.

"Now," Dende said, "I think it’s time you two returned to the mortal plain. And I hope you won’t be insulted if I tell you I hope I won’t be seeing you up here again for a very long time."


Vegita woke to the feel of Bulma’s soft hair beneath his chin, her head tucked up beneath his as she slept. He considered not moving for a very long time. In fact, he would have been content to lie like this forever. Unfortunately, he found himself one of those people who couldn’t fall asleep again after they’d woken up.

"Was it all a dream?" he found himself asking out loud as he looked around her bedroom at Capsule Corp. It was still night-time but in the light from the half-moon he could make out every familiar detail.

Bulma suddenly raised her face to his, obviously having been awake for a while now. "I sometimes wish it were."

"You’re awake. Why didn’t you wake me?"

"I like just lying here with you," she admitted with a smile. "After all that happened I’ll never take these little things for granted ever again. You know, my mother was right when she told me that life wasn’t about moments, but the things of everyday."

"Your mother can be very wise when she wants to be," said Vegita, slowly rubbing his hands up and down her back. She purred with delight.

"Can I have that in writing?" Bulma teased. "You always were a favourite of hers."

"Kami knows why," he told her softly. "After what I’ve done. And Trunks…"

Bulma quickly put a finger to his lips. "Shh…let’s not start that again. You have time to make it up to him, I promise. Forget the past. Let’s learn to appreciate the here and now shall we?"

"And how exactly do you plan to do that?" asked Vegita, a gleam in his eyes as he playfully moved his hand lower.

Bulma blinked in surprise before she matched his grin with one of her own. "Oh, I can think of a number of ways. As much as I’d like to see the others, it’s not even sun up yet. We have a few hours."

Vegita moved his hand lower still. Bulma’s head flew back in heated need. It had been a long time but already her body was responding to his as if it had only been a day. "A few hours, woman?" Vegita chuckled and the sound warmed Bulma to the core. "I think you underestimate just how long I’ve missed you for."

He drew her up for another heated kiss and there was very little to be said after that.




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