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Chapter 8
Lost In Love


Vegeta stared at the blue haried beauty before him, not quit sure if she knew what she was getting into. He never refused a challenge and he hoped that she was the same. Although he refused to admit it even to himself, he seemed to be drawn to her. Seeing her with that poor excuse of a man had only added fuel to the flames of his desire. Now she was giving herself to him with no strings attached. He would be a fool not to take what was being offered so freely to him. He would make it good. So good that every time she touched that scar faced freak, it would be him she thought about.

"You know.........once were done, that boy of yours will never be able to satisfy you again." he told her with a smirk.

Bulma was surprised that his mere words were enough to have her aching on the inside out. She didn't want to wait any longer. It was so strange how her body was reacting to him. She had only slept with Yamcha three times. All three times had been painful. She really hadn't wanted to but she felt like it was her obligation. With Vegeta her body reacted totally different. The excitement of being with somebody different, the curiosity of what lay behind the tight spandex he wore, it was a different feeling all together. What if sex really wasn't what it was all cracked up to be? She had always thought it was suppose to be the most pleasurable thing. And yet not once had she felt pleasure or even love when she had lain with Yamcha. What if Vegeta was no different? She had come to far to turn back, if she didn't enjoy it she would be sure not to let him know. Heaven only knew what he would do to her if she hurt his pride.

"Well aren't we sure of ourselves? I do have one condition though. I never sleep with a man unless I wake up with him the next morning. This is not a wham bam thank you maim kind of moment." she told him with a smile.

He should have known, when it came to women there was always a string attached. 'Let her think what she wants. I'll get what I want and let her deal with her conditions later’ he thought.

"Humph..... woman you do like to take charge now don't you. That is fine with me. You'll see soon enough that once you've had me there will never be another thought in your mind. So can we get on with business already?" he asked her taking a step closer.

"Ah how dare you!! This is not some kind of business! With that attitude you can take your ego and please yourself. I can't believe I ever gave you the time of day." she screamed at him.

Bulma was not expecting this turn of events. With the way he was talking it made her feel cheap. Like she did this sort of thing all the time. She was so mad she couldn't think clearly. She only wanted to escape his brooding stare, to get rid of the emotions that were flowing through her body. One part of her didn't care what he said and wanted to relive the pain in her body, the other part was her pride, and she would never be able to look at him if she were to take part in such a deed. She had been so positive that this was what she wanted but now she wasn't so sure. Turning on her heels and flinging her long blue hair to her back, she began her march to the exit. It was so quite as she made her way to the door; she couldn't help but wish that he would stop her and take her there. She hesitated a moment before pushing the door open, once it closed behind her the disappointment weighed heavily on her shoulders.

Vegeta shook his head and proceeded to turn the gravity room machine up to 200. He started with a few stretches to allow his body to adjust to the new weight. Starting with a few thousand push-ups and then moving into the more acrobatic type of his training. He had just landed from a triple somersault when he felt a presence.

"You do that very well, I'm almost impressed little Vegeta."

Vegeta couldn't hold the feelings down inside him. He dispized her now and yet he could only think of how much he had felt for her in the past. Deciding not to show her how she effected him, he continued with his training. Deciding on doing a few sit-ups he laid on the cool tile.

"What do you want Melphina?" he asked with venom in his voice.

He noticed she was still wearing the velvet green dress from earlier. When he had first seen her in it he couldn't take his eyes off her. But now comparing it to that of the woman with the blue dress it really didn't seem all that fetching. She still looked stunning though; her body was one that all female species envied. It had been his pride and joy in the past. He had to remember that word 'past'.

She came to lie down next to him and began to do her own set of sit-ups. It was obvious that the gravity did not effect her at all. She had her head turned and was studying him. The urge to look at her was almost unbearable.

"I only came by because I felt lonely. I'm sure you understand. It must be so hard for you to posses all that power and to be ruled by these weaker humans. I don't understand why you don't use them as slaves. You are a prince after all." she said stopping in mid sit up and holding her body still with perfect ease.

Vegeta could take it no longer. He sat upright and looked at her, he couldn't help but smile, she had always made sense to him, they were two of a kind. Not like that other woman who continually confused him.

"I could careless about the humans, they do not rule me. If they did I would have blasted them along time ago. But they do come in handy from time to time." he thought about the dragonballs and was tempted to tell her but his commonsense stopped him.

"Besides, I'm only here to beat Kakarott. I will stay as long as it takes to gain the power that is needed to destroy him." he told her as he wiped the perspiration from his brow.

Melphina pulled herself up right and raised a mischievous eyebrow. She leaned towards him with her arms holding her just inches in front of him. Then she softly whispered to him in the tone she use to drive him mad with.

"You know, you could very easily destroy him with the necklace. Just imagine there wouldn't be a force in the universe that could stand before you. We could rule countless galaxies together, you could train our child and we could create our own race. Your royalty blood and my beauty, our child will become the most worshipped being of all time."

Vegeta cocked his head to the side and gave her a disbelieving look. Standing up he began to walk away from her towards the computer. Grabbing a towel from the near by wall rack he slung it over his shoulders and turned the gravity machine off. Facing her again he noticed that she was now doing handstand push ups and he could clearly see all of her long muscular milky legs. He noticed her wink at him and he had to restrain the blush that was threatening to give him away.

"Wasn't it you who told me I should have learned not to trust? he asked sarcastically.

She hopped out of her position and began to walk towards him. An evil grin was displayed across her delicate face. The noises from the click of her high heel boots were all the answer he received before she stopped before him.

"Yes it was. And you’re very right to remember. I can see now that your time on this planet has made you smarter. If you had agreed I would have used your alliance against you once I had disposed of your saiyan friend. You can't blame me for making an effort to securing my reward after this tournament now can you?" she asked

Vegeta was speechless. She wasn't the woman that he had thought she was all those years before. Being raised by Frieza, she had become a complete replica of him. His hatred for him became a hatred for her now. He began to grip the ends of his towel and was tempted to smack that annoying grin off her face.

"Of course you don't. I can see my reply was not what you expected. How I'm going to miss toying with you Vegeta. It makes me feel so good knowing that you the prince of saiyan's can not compare to the powers of a female saiyan. As a matter of fact I think I'll rub it in a little bit more before I go." she said with an even bigger grin.

"I'd take a step back if I were you. I'd hate to destroy you before I have finished powering up." she told him as she let loose a wave of maniacal laughter.

Vegeta stood his ground. Not willing to let this woman intimidate him.

"Very well then but don't say I didn't warn you."

Melphina spread her legs shoulder length apart and pulled her elbows back. She gave him one last wink before she stretched her arms out before her and just as quickly pulled them back again. With in this short movement the walls around him began to glow and he was knocked back by an unseen force. The power was stronger then the gravity that he had been training in and he had to struggle to pull himself off the floor. Before he looked he could already tell what she had done. The all to familiar swoshing noise that had haunted his ears the first time Kakarott had proved his strength had given her away. Standing before him was not the black haired woman from his past, but a blonde female super saiyan. She was standing completely relaxed, as her long hair seemed to create a gold cloud around her head. The power she was radiating struck fear straight to his soul and he knew if she wanted she could destroy him. But even stronger then his fear was his pride and he took his fighting stance, grinding his teeth together he began to power up as well. Pulling on the deepest parts of his being he began to feel the rush of his own power. It was nothing compared to her and he quickly gave it up, allowing himself to fall to the ground in a sitting position he hung his head. Not wanting to look at her because he knew it would only bring her pleasure.

"HAAHAAA!!!! Is that all the power you could muster up Vegeta? How disappointed I am. I had thought I had picked the strongest father for my child. I should have sought Kakarott out instead, wouldn't you agree?" she taunted him.

Vegeta could take it no longer. She was ripping his pride to shreds and shoving it in his face. Not being able to control himself any longer he leapt to the air and made his exit in a hurry threw the gravity room roof. Flying as fast as he could he saw a flash of gold rush by him and before he could see what it was, she was floating before him.

"Oh Vegeta don't be such a baby, I was only trying to have a little fun. Here look I'll power down if it will make you feel better." Melphina said

True to her word she powered down and her blond hair was now black and resting lifeless down her back. Vegeta still could not meet her eyes, even worse was the fact that he couldn't seem to speak. He just stood there staring at her shiny green boots.

"Well you really are starting to bore me. I think I'll go find my fun somewhere else. Until the day after tomorrow then, sleep well my prince."

And just as she had came she was gone. Vegeta flew back to capsule corporation and headed straight for a cold shower.


Bulma held the pillow a bit closer to her chest. It was the only sense of security she had. Sounds of a shower running could be heard coming from down the hall. She knew it was him. Some how she had memorized the exact time that he would come back from his training and take a shower. 'Stupid.' she thought. Stupid because she had bothered to pay attention to such an irrelevant routine. She heard the water cut off and could now hear his footsteps pass her door and enter into the bedroom next to hers. She was secretly wishing that he would come to her, but she knew that he wouldn't. Trying to fall asleep she began to hum a lullaby that her mother had always sang to her as a child. She had almost fallen asleep when she thought she heard her door open. Jerking up right, she was shocked to see the silhouette of the man that had haunted her dreams for the past few weeks.

"You should know I never turn down a challenge." his voice husky.

Her heart began to do flips and she became paralyzed as the shadow came closer until the moonlight from her window showed his face standing before her bed. He reached down and took the covers from her shaking hands and tossed them aside. Placing his warm hands on her shoulders he slowly pushed her back into the bed. She lay stiff as a board as he gracefully took his position above her. His legs were in between hers and she could feel his soft arousal on her belly. Just the slightest touch of it sent shivers down her body and she couldn't help but release a gasp from her mouth. Her hands were gripping the mattress threw her sheets as he slowly lowered his face towards her neck. It was so slow that it was painful. She could feel his warm breath and the suspense of the awaiting kiss was driving her mad. A warm flick of his tongue brought her to the edge, and of no will of her own her body arched towards him. Just as quickly he began to suck on her soft skin sending wave after wave of the first experience of pleasure that she had ever felt. Not being able to hold back any longer she grabbed the back of his neck pushing him closer to her own. Taking her other hand she felt the muscles that were his back and began to slide her hand up and down as if there were not enough time to explore all of his skin. He made his way to her earlobe and began to tease it between his teeth and tongue. Softly exhaling warm breath as his hand reached to cup her breast. Massaging it as he massaged her earlobe in his mouth. Never had she felt like this before, all thoughts of Yamcha were gone along with the thoughts of Melphina. She couldn't think at all, she could only feel. She became impatient and grabbed his rear pulling it closer to her, urging him to hurry.

Sensing her urgency he let his hand slip to the coarse pile of blue hair below. Rubbing softly he was aroused even more as he realized how wet she had become. Allowing his finger to search the warm moist area he was rewarded with a soft moan. She could take it no longer and she cupped his face pulling it towards her own. Their tongues began to dance as they explored the very deepest parts of there souls. Tasting the intoxicating juices and not being able to have enough of each other, there bodies collided together. His strong arms pulled her to sit in his lap and he crushed her against his chest, as he tasted her neck once again. Conducting her own search she began to let her hands roam the expanse of his back until they were met with the swell of his backside.

He lay her back down and propped her legs up. Coming to kiss her again she felt his manhood rest on the entrance of her innocence. She was caught of guard as he thrusted into her with no mercy and although the pain was great it could not compare to the pleasure. She released a cry and hugged his neck digging her nails into his flesh. He pulled back only to rush in again and this time to stifle her scream she bit into his flesh. Vegeta could no longer hold himself back. He released himself with in her. The moment seemed to last forever and when he felt that her body was doing the same he came again. Not being able to hold his weight, he lay on top of her breathing heavily. They were both completely relaxed and neither one could move. He slowly rolled to the side and rested his hand upon her belly. Bulma had never felt so satisfied in her life. And she knew the he was right. No one would ever be able to satisfy her but him.

* * * * *

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