Chapter 7
When Dreams Collide

Bulma wished that the spray of water would wash away her feelings as well as the dirt and grim that was all over her body. Closing her eyes she allowed the warm water from the showerhead to cleanse her all to hot face. Taking her hands she pushed her blue hair from her face and released a sigh. She couldn't stop thinking about that woman. She knew she should be worried about her life but all she could think about was how this woman and Vegeta had shared the same bed. It made her jealous although she didn't understand why. Each time she thought about it she would get a vision of the woman and Vegeta surrounded by long black hair, holding each other in a loverís embrace. Bulma slammed her fist into the wall just inches away from the showerhead.

"Errr....why do I feel this way? How did I let him get to me this way? Its not like I have any reason to even like him." she said to herself.

She leaned out of the shower trying to reach the towel that was hanging on the wall. She didn't want to get the floor all wet and slip, so she made more of an effort to reach the towel. Releasing a moan she wiggled her fingers as if the air would magically bring the towel the two centimeters that were left between her fingers. This time she extended one of her legs back to allow her body to stretch. The soft fabric of the towel teased the tips of her fingers. Getting frustrated she lashed out and grabbed the towel. Too late, she couldn't put her leg down fast enough and her bottom jaw was the first thing to hit the smooth tile. Elbows and kneecaps were the next, along with a loud thump noise as the rest of her body followed.

"What in the world!?" came a masculine voice.

Bulma knew by some weird sense that she was about to be discovered a naked ball on the floor. Trying frantically to get the towel around her, she wasted precious seconds to take a glimpse at the door. Too late.

Vegeta stood in shock. He was not expecting the noise behind the door to be what he saw. He couldn't pull his gaze away from the pile of milky white legs and arms that seemed to blend in well with the tile. Blue hair seemed to cover all the spots that he was really interested in. His eyes meet a pair of aqua blue eyes. All the will power he had could not remove his gaze. She looked so innocent, like a small child. Her mouth was slightly open and he could make out a tip of red that hid behind her perfect white teeth. He had a strong yearning to taste that small tip of red. To place his hands on the curves of the flesh he knew would feel like silk. He watched as she pulled the towel over her chest and attempted to stand. She never took her eyes from his as she did this. He noticed her sway and quickly as if on reflex he reached out to steady her. Wet hair dangled over his arm and he picked her up by the shoulders to steady her.

Bulma was in another world. There was no way this could possibly be happening. She felt a burning sensation where his hands were touching her flesh as well as among other spots. The sound of her blood rushing through her body drowned out any other noise she might have heard. She couldn't tear her sight away form his ebony eyes. He looked so; so awe she couldn't describe the way he looked. He had never looked that way before. It almost seemed as if he was looking at her with love or was it lust? She didn't know but decided that this had to be a dream, it felt to good to force herself to wake up. So why not enjoy it?

Vegeta didn't know what to do with the body that was now in his arms. But one thing was for sure; he didn't want to let it go.

"You really shouldn't look at a man that way. I might take it as an invitation."

It was the only sound she could hear over her own heartbeat pounding. She watched as his lips moved into a slightly seductive smirk. 'Two can play at this game' she thought. She took a step back, just enough to cause him to drop his hold of her. Throwing him an equally seductive smile she allowed the towel to slowly drop to the floor. She watched as he made one move that should have deified the law of nature. He had the bathroom door shut and now had her sat on the sink. So many thoughts were racing through her mind but the one that nagged her the most was the horrible feeling of anticipation. She watched as he stood before her stroking her body with his penetrating gaze. He then slowly removed one gloved hand and held it out in front of her face. She didn't know what to do. It was all happening so fast and yet it all seemed in slow mode to her. Was he going to blast her? She then began to rethink the situation. This man was dangerous. He had killed hundreds of innocent Namik's and countless races on other planets. But her body had no agreement with her mind. What seemed not of her own free will she guided his hand to her cheek. Leaning into it she was amazed at how soft his skin was. Feelings she had never felt before seemed to bubble up inside of her. She knew for the first time that she wanted him. Needed him. Then without warning he jerked his hand back as if her cheek were fire. When she looked up she was alone. The shame began to take over and she quickly ran to the door that was now open and slammed it shut.

Why hadn't he just taken her? That question continually appeared in his mind along with the vision of the blue haired woman. She had been so willing, so ready to take him up on his offer. He couldn't help but feel like there should have been more to it. He had taken many women in his life. Most were just as accepting and just as easy. Easy? No she wasn't easy. Her attitude was far from making her an easy catch in bed. But why had she so willingly allowed him to come so close? Perhaps it was the only way humans could cope with the amount of stress that came with the thought of their planet being destroyed. If that were the case then perhaps he would ease her stress if the opportunity arose again.

Vegeta stored the thought in the back of his mind and allowed his princely pride to take over. He had to find away to be stronger. He knew Melphina was strong and he knew he only had two days to train. There had to be a way to reach the level of Super Sayian. It just wasn't fare that Kakarott had achieved this before him. If there was one thing Vegeta learned through out his life, was that it wasn't fare. Accepting this he sat in the middle of his newly renovated gravity room and began to ponder. He would sit there and think of a way, even if it meant thinking the entire two days.

Bulma sat on her bed and was cuddling her legs close to her chest. So many emotions were running through her head. She had come so close to giving herself to Vegeta. The look in his eyes would not leave her mind. Although she was ashamed of the way she had acted she still felt regret for not taking advantage of the situation. And yet she thought she had, but then he had taken off after there first real intimate moment. Maybe he was scared. Who could blame him after the way that Melphina woman had used him? She couldn't help but get mad. It wasn't fare that he wouldn't let go of the womanís memory long enough to give her a chance. She wanted him very badly. It was now an obsession, she wouldn't sleep until her body and soul was satisfied. But there was no way she could face him. If he were to reject her again she didn't think she could handle it. Jumping of the bed she pulled herself to her entire five foot four inches. She might not have this chance again if Melphina won the World Tournament, she was going to take fate by the horns and see what she could squeeze out of it.


Goku couldn't hold his excitement; he was going to burst. His son was wearing an equally excited expression on his face.

"Really!!! You mean itís a whole year in one day?" Goku asked

"Yes Goku but its very dangerous. You can very easily be lost for all eternity. This is not your normal training room. You could even die if you can't survive the atmosphere." King Ki told him.

"Wow, dad this is great. We'll be able to beat Melphina with no problem now." Gohan said.

"This is not as easy as it seems Gohan."

Gohan looked up at the tall Namik and his smile turned to a frown. Although he loved Piccolo with all his heart he still couldn't help but hate it when he always had a good point.

"He's very right. The hyperbolic time chamber is not something to take for granted. As a matter of fact a few thousand years ago two strong warriors like yourselves have yet to return." King Ki told them.

Goku's expression sobered a little at this information. He then looked down at his son. ChiChi would kill him if she knew what they were about to do. It was the only option they had, he knew he had to take his chances. Gohan was much stronger then he was at his age and he knew that he might even be able to turn Super Sayian. They would need every little bit of help they could get if they wanted to defeat Melphina.

"Listen Gohan. This is not like anything either one of us has ever experienced. Training in this room could mean your life or mine. You must grow up fast, there is no room for error once we pass through those doors."

"Goku!? Your not really considering taking Gohan with you, are you? If anything it should be me. He isn't ready for such a situation as this."

"I know Piccolo, but you also know how strong he is. He is a Sayian like me and you know how strong I am. Imagine how much stronger he would be in a years time." Goku regretted saying this to him, he knew it would hurt his pride but he had no choice.

"Besides we still have a whole other day. You and Vegeta can use that day to train in the hyper bolic time chamber."

"WHAT!?!?!?! I'm not going to have anything to do with that that murderer. Much less train with him. Have you bumped your head? Have you forgotten what he did on Namik because I sure haven't." Piccolo was gripping his fists so tightly that blood began to stain his knuckles.

"No I haven't Piccolo but we need Vegeta's help. He seems to know her and at the moment we can not refuse any possible allies. Besides you don't have to train with him you just have to share the room with him. Only two people at a time remember? We have no choice but to trust him. I know he is on our side and even if he isn't he won't allow the only home he has to be destroyed." Goku told him.

Gohan looked at his dad and then a horrified look crossed his face.

"But dad King Ki just said that there had already been two guys in there and if they haven't come out yet then how are we going to get in?"

Both Goku and Piccolo turned their now worried faces to King Ki.

"Don't worry its been so long ago I'm sure there dead by now." he told them

Gohan began to feel the first waves of doubt but they quickly vanished when his father placed his hand on his shoulder.

"Are you ready son?"

"Yes." he replied.


Vegeta was completely oblivious to the body behind him. It wasn't till he heard the sound of someone clearing their throat that he jumped to attention.

"Stupid woman! Don't ever sneak up on me like that again!" Vegeta growled

Bulma placed her hands on her hips and cocked her head to the side. She loved the ruffled look he had and was very pleased that she had finally scored a point in their constant battle.

"Oh well excuse me your majesty. I don't know why I thought you wouldn't be the type of person that would scare so easily." she teased.

Vegeta then took his stance, back straight and arms crossed over his chest. She felt like he was undressing her with his eyes. It sent shivers from her toes all the way to the hair on the back of her neck.

"Ha... well that proves just how much you know. I'm not so easily scared by a mere earthling, and a woman at that." he replied

She took a step closer and smiled as she caught the slightest flicker of hesitation in his eyes. He was not the same man as the one she had met on Namik. She thought that perhaps with all things there was nothing he didn't have control of, except when it came to women.

"Oh really? Well I think women scare you." she whispered to him taking a step closer.

He took another long look of her body and she was tempted to fling herself on him. But she wanted desperately for him to make the first move. Even if it meant forcing it out of him.

"Is that a challenge?" he asked, his smirk becoming the first smile she had ever seen him wear.

"Maybe." she answered.

* * * * *

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