Chapter 6
Intentions Revealed

Goku flew as fast as he could to Capsule Corporation. Although the thought of a female Sayian didn't worry him, the fact that King Ki had seemed so upset did. If possible, he seemed more worried then he had when dealing with Frieza.

"I wonder what she looks like?" he had never seen a female sayian and was a bit curious as to how she would look.

He knew his friends and family were gathered for Dr. Briefs banquet. It would be good to inform them now before she showed up. But King Ki had said that she was all ready here. That someone had released her into the living. He quickly spotted the dome structure that was Capsule Corporation appearing over the horizon. Landing in front of the door, he took his palm and gently pushed. It always amazed him at how much stronger he was compared to his friends. He was constantly reminded of his Sayian heritage and how much he differed from his earthling friends. The door snapped open making quit a bit of noise. The first thing he noticed was a giant roasted pterodactyl on a platter by the wall. It always made him feel good that his friends were thinking about him. When he looked at the crowd of people he noticed that no one was looking at him. Everyone seemed to be speechless and occupied with something in the distance.

"Hey guys. What's everyone so quite for?" he asked brightly

Vegeta cringed at the sound of his voice. Leave it to Kakarott to ruin a good show. He didn't bother to look at the other sayian, he was to busy studying the necklace around Bulma's neck. The woman beside him changed her gaze from the woman at the staircase to the sayian that had just interrupted her fun. It was hard to believe that such a friendly face had done something that she couldn't. He was the only sayian left next to Vegeta so he had to be the one that had destroyed Frieza. He was handsome, but seemed too much like a child. Someone who would get on her nerves very easily.

"So your the one. The legendary super sayian. The one who destroyed Frieza." she said to Goku.

Goku looked at the woman and raised an eyebrow. Who was she? He had never seen her before. ĎVegeta must know her.í he thought.

"Well no. I don't believe in such brutality although I had been sure I had destroyed him. But it wasn't me. Who are you?" he asked.

"Thatís what I'd like to know!!!! And who invited her anyway?" Bulma asked, additude pouring into every word. She glared at Vegeta as she said this. He was just smiling at her all too knowingly. What a creep, ChiChi must have told him about her destroying her pretty face. Well no sassy little bitch was going to waltz into her home uninvited. She made her way down the staircase with each determined step. Shoving guests out of her way to confront the woman. After eating that senzu bean she had nothing to worry about.

"Bulma! Where did you get that necklace?" Goku asked from across the room.

She stopped her advance and glanced at the sun that was hung by a silver chain around her neck. Actually she had no idea where it had come from. She had found it in her room earlier and thought it would match nicely with her dress.

"Hahaahaa........." came loud laughter.

"Well well, I thought this was going to be hard." said the tall woman.

Bulma looked up to see the woman walking casually up to her. She noticed she was wearing a dark green dress with splits on both sides of her hips. The dress was cut in a low V-neck that was trimmed with gold, as well as the ends of her long sleeves. The woman left her hair down much like she had seen earlier. The woman came to stop about a foot away from Bulma, throwing her a smile much like Vegeta's.

"Just what's that suppose to mean?" Bulma asked placing her hands on her hips and giving the woman a look of hatred.

The woman seemed to be enjoying herself. She ran a finger under the chain of Bulma's necklace. Jerking a bit as she tightened her finger around it.

"It means your going to give me this necklace, before I decide to rip it off along with your pretty little head." she said a little to sweetly for comfort.


"You said you weren't going to use the necklace again. Remember?" Vegeta told her.

Bulma didn't notice how Vegeta had all of a sudden appeared right next to them. But she did notice that the woman released her hold of the necklace.

Melphina looked down at Vegeta and smiled.

"My poor poor little boy, you should have learned from your past not to trust people. Now move out of my way I would hate to do something you would regret." She told him shaking her head gingerly.

Vegeta turned the words around in his head and thought for a moment. His anger rising to the breaking point. How dare her speak to him in font of these lesser beings like that. Why he had thought she wasnít after the necklace he didnít know. He should have known better. He knew if she was to get a hold of it, then everyone was doomed. Including him. She was right, he should never have trusted her. But he knew how strong she was even without the necklace. And even with Kakarott and his son they were no match. But he wasnít going to let this woman speak to him, the prince of sayian's, like that.

"How dare you insult me. I should have left you to rot in that hole you were in." Vegeta snapped

Melphina could see the vein in Vegeta's forehead and found it rather amusing. He truly was the most beautiful creature, but he always let his pride get in his way. It would be his downfall and she would make sure of it.

"Oh Vegeta such things you say. Were you meaning to threaten me? I will give you the chance to try and stop me, but I will warn you now you donít stand a chance." She told him.

ĎMelphina.í Goku thought.

"Quickly everybody out." He yelled.

The crowd of people looked his way questioningly. ChiChi put a hand on Gohanís shoulder and began to steer him towards the door. She knew it was always best to listen to her husband. She only hoped she could get Gohan out before he was dragged into another fight.

"Come on Gohan lets listen to your father."

The young boy looked up at his mother. Concern written all over his face. Then speaking with intelligence far beyond his years, ChiChiís heart sank.

"Mother you know I canít leave. Iím involved in this too. This is my home and if father thinks there is going to be trouble then I must stay." Gohan told her. Then he smiled.

"Donít worry I promise to finish my book report when this is all over."

ChiChi threw her hands up in surrender. She knew she wouldnít be able to stop him. But for the love of her child she had to try. Leaning down and placing a kiss on her sons forehead she gave him a warm smile.

"Watch over your father and please be careful. You donít have to fight so come home if it becomes too much. Iím going to get everyone out." She told him.

Gohan was relived that his mother wasnít going to try and stop him. He gave her a quick hug and ran to join his father.

"Hey Goku whatís going on?" Krillin asked coming to stand beside his best friend.

Goku looked down at the little bald monk. Then up at his son who had come to join them.

"Listen guys whatever happens donít let that woman get a hold of Bulmaís necklace. And just so you know she is a sayian and King Ki says she could destroy everyone we love if she gets a hold of it." Goku told them seriously.

Krillin looked at Goku then at the woman. He was extremely confused now. But he wasnít the only one Gohan and even Yamcha who was now with them had the same expression.

"You mean that chick is a sayian?" Yamcha asked

"Yeah so do me a favor and get these people out. This could get dangerous and we donít need distractions. Gohan you go with your mother. She would kill me if anything happened to you not to mention I could never forgive myself. I donít know how strong she is but I canít take any chances.

Gohan looked at his father. Only one time before had he seen his father look so serious. It had been right before he had gone super sayian against Frieza. He had told him to leave then too. Not this time though. He was not going to stand on the sidelines and worry about what was going to happen to his father and friends.

"I canít dad. This is my home too. This is what I have been training for and I know Iím much stronger now then when we faced Frieza."

He looked at his dads face and thought for a moment that he was going to send him home anyway. But then his father smiled.

"If you think your ready Gohan. But this is not going to be easy. She is also much stronger then Frieza. Maybe even more then the androids that are suppose to show up. Which is more reason to take care of this now and get these people to safety." Goku told his son

Gohan nodded his head and went to escort people out of Capsule Corporation.

"Whatever you say Goku. Youíre the man." Krillin said and followed Gohan to help.

"Yeah." Yamcha added. "But what about Bulma? I mean this chick isnít going to hurt her is she?" he asked a little worried.

He didnít want anything to happen to Bulma but then again, he was a little scared of this woman. If she were stronger then Frieza then they wouldnít stand a chance.

"I hope not Yamcha. But with Vegetaís help I think she will be fine. When we have her distracted you need to take Bulma as far away from here as possible and destroy that necklace." Goku told him.

Yamcha nodded. He looked at his ex-girlfriend and despite the situation he couldnít help but feel jealous that Vegeta was much stronger and had a better chance of defending her then him.

Bulma looked from Vegeta to Melphina. If she didnít know better she would think Melphina was a sayian. She was very muscular and held all the characteristics of Goku and Vegeta. Oh man if this woman was, then she had no chance of surviving. Fear struck her hard. She didnít want to die. Not like this. Man how could she have been so stupid as to confront this woman. Hadnít she already been knocked out by her earlier. Stupid senzu beans giving her a false feeling of immortality. Now she had to stand here and wait for her doom. It just wasn't fare. She was much to pretty to die. Not to mention smart. ĎHmmmÖ.í She thought. ĎI am a genius after all.í

"Youíre just like Frieza, Melphina. My father was right about you." Vegeta said.

"Haahaahaa. Oh my dear Prince. Youíre very right. Your father knew all along. He even tried to stop me, which is why I had to put an end to his pathetic life. Donít look so shocked Vegeta. Did you really think it was Frieza who had destroyed our home planet? Poor naÔve little Vegeta. I only used you." A wide grin spread across her innocent looking features. She was feeding off the shocked expression on Vegetaís face.

"You, you trickster. How could you. Your own race even." Vegeta was in pure shock. Everything had been a lie. The only person who had known all along he had refused to believe. And in a way it was his fault his father and even his people had been wiped out of existence. And now she had come once again to destroy the only thing he knew. This time though he was not going to stand by.

"My own race?" the first hints of anger were apparent in her voice.

She gave Vegeta a life-threatening glare. Then to the Sayian a few feet behind him, then back again to rest on Vegeta.

"Let me tell you something. It was my own race who abandoned me. It was my own race who stood by and watched as I was ripped from my motherís womb. Not a one of them tried to stop him from taking me. No one, not even my own flesh and blood had enough gumption to put an end to my suffering. You of all people I thought would understand. Do you know what itís like to sleep with the same creature that stole your freedom. To play a pretense your entire life. I had planed to mate with you long before you were a prisoner of Frieza. I think he knew I fancied you and had tried numerous times to destroy you by fate. After we had had our night together, I had conceived a child. You and the other sayian's were of no importance to me anymore. I would create my own race and together with my son the new sayianís would rule the universe like they should have done. I had come across the necklace while I had been forced to accompany that creature to another planet. An old Triedad woman told me of its secrets and of its consequences. I had paid her handsomely and I had used it to destroy the cowards who claimed to be sayian's. I tried to take Frieza myself but I was unaware of his transformations. His first and second were no match for my power but his third I could not compare to. I knew I had no choice but to use the necklace again. But by chance I had made my request the same instant that he had attempted to kill me. By an odd freak of coincidence I was not destroyed, but I was not alive either. I was trapped in a void of nothingness. Where there was no sense of time and no sense of environment. It was like being in a dream state. The only thing I could see was the form of the necklace around my neck. But the necklace was not really there. Then out of no where I could sense your presence. I thought that if you were alive then perhaps you could help me so I tried to stress my own powers so that you could sense them. And that my dear is where we are now. So the only reason I had slept with you was to bear a child. Now that Frieza is destroyed I have nothing to worry about. I can still fall through with my plans. I am still with child and now all I need to do is wipe you and that other sayian off the face of the universe. So tell me why I shouldnít?" she asked him.

Vegeta was in shock. He had to let it all sink in. His whole life had revolved around becoming a super sayian and saving her. But the whole time she had been plotting to destroy him. How could he have allowed his feelings to cloud his judgment. Time after time he had vowed to never be blind and each time he allowed himself to follow his heart he had been punished. Well not anymore. It was time someone paid for his pain. She would not go unpunished. She would pay for the blood of all of his people. She was going to share in the pain that had accompanied him all his life.

"You used me. And for that you will pay dearly." He told her.

She tossed her head back and laughed. The noise was much too beautiful for such and evil creature. She composed herself and looked at the prince. Smiling that all to eerie smile.

"Well if thatís how you feel then Iíll even give you the option to set the ground rules. Although by yourself, Iím afraid you will be no fun at all. Perhaps your little super sayian friend would like to participate in your demise as well. What do you say? A little fun before I destroy this tiresome rock?" she asked looking a little bored.

Vegeta ground his teeth together and was about to decline the option of Kakarottís help, when he was interrupted.

"Look Melphina, I know youíve had a hard life, but canít you put it all behind you now? You really shouldnít be fighting if youíre pregnant. If you try to take the necklace then Iíll have no choice but to fight you. Iíll tell you now that this is not something I want to do. But I cannot allow you to harm my friends." Goku said while coming to stand beside Vegeta.

"Go away Kakarott this has nothing to do with you." Vegeta told him.

"Iím sorry Vegeta but it does. If she gets a hold of that necklace you know as well as I do that she will destroy earth and any other planet that stands in her way."

Vegeta knew he was right and he hated him even more for it. He would need all the help he could get if he hoped to kill Melphina. He had only gotten a taste of her power when he had found her in the cave. It was almost an unbearable power. One that he was almost certain that even Kakarott didnít have a chance to destroy. It would be even worse if she got hold of the necklace. He began to sweat. This was not what he had intended. He had the same idea as her but only that he wanted to be alive to accomplish it.

"So Kakarott," she said to Goku "if that is how you feel then Iíll leave it up to you where and when we fight." She told him, dismissing Vegeta all together.

Bulma was still trying to understand what was going on. None of it made sense to her. Was this woman Vegetaís girlfriend or what? Man how did her life manage to get so screwed up. She wished she could make the necklace around her throat disappear. How had it come to be in her room? So many question's. She just stood there motionless. It seemed as if no one noticed her. Perhaps she could just walk away. Maybe theyíd never miss her. She wasnít a sayian so why would they care. ĎBecause of the stupid necklaceí she thought.

"Thereís a thing on this planet called the World Tournament. Itís going to be held in a few days. Itís where the strongest on this planet fight one another until there is only one fighter left. The winner is named World Champion and is paid a bunch of money. I am going to enter it as well as Vegeta. If youíre willing to play by the rules I think this would be the ideal way to settle this." Goku proposed

He was hoping she would do it. This would give them all the much needed time to prepare. If she played fair then just maybe they could take her. He could use his newly acquired instant transmission to send them both somewhere away from people if things got out of hand.

"If you follow the rules and beat us then will hand over the silver sun medallion and you can destroy us all if you wish. But if we win then we can destroy the necklace and you will leave here and never return. But you must give your word on your childís life that you will play fair." He told her.

Melphina thought for just a moment the she let her gaze rest on Vegeta.

"Very well you have my word on my childís life." She told him never once removing her eyes from Vegetaís.

She then turned her back to the sayian's and the blue haired woman but not before throwing Bulma a teasing glance that said Ďsoon I will kill you and take what is mineí

* * * * *

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