Chapter 5
"The Big Party"

It was still dark outside when he awoke. Putting a callused hand to his eye he began to rub. No matter how many senzu beans he ate, his right eye had always carried a burning sensation in the mornings. Not ever sense that sorry excuse for a Sayian, did the earthling's Solar Flare on him, had he been able to sleep without fear of waking up. One of the many punishments he had to bestow upon Kakarrot.

"Errrrr...that low class little punk. He's so kind hearted he even had the nerve to apologize. Well.... I can guarantee I won't be so courteous."

With the thought of beating Kakarrot with in an inch of his life, the Prince rose with a purpose.

Walking into the bathroom he hesitated a moment until his pride reminded him to never show weakness. He flipped the light switch on and watched his eye jerk involuntarily in the mirror. Turning the faucet on, he cupped his hands and splashed the cool water to his face. Raising his ki he watched as the little trickles of water were quickly evaporated. He smiled at himself as he noticed the gray sweat shorts he had on. "Well I guess I taught her a lesson. She'll think twice before opening that alligator mouth of hers around me again." Remembering the gravity room was still destroyed; he allowed his constant scowl to take place on his face again. He would need a cold shower as well.

* * *

Bulma awoke to the sound of her phone ringing. Using her hand she searched her bed table for her phone. After failing to find it, she gave up and pulled the pillow over her face. Oh how she hated to be woke up. She promised to herself that who ever was on the phone would not be invited to her birthday bang. She reluctantly tossed the pillow and pulled herself up. Stretching and yawning, she hoped whoever was calling would give up. The ringing continued much to her disappointment. Glancing at her table she realized she had been reaching for nothing. The phone wasn't there which meant it was somewhere buried under her belongings. Beginning a search under her bed and ending under a pile of clothes, she found it. She let out a final yawn before she spoke.


There was a pause of silence before she heard the caller speak.

"Hey Bulma," a male voice rasped

"Yamcha!! I don't want to talk to you. So give me five good reasons why I shouldn't disconnect you right now," she almost screamed into the telephone.

She propped the phone on her shoulder and began to clean the mess from last night.

"Well?" she rushed.

"I'm so sorry Bulma. I feel so bad. I'm willing to do anything for you to make it up."

Noticing a necklace on the floor, she picked it up and decided to put it somewhere safer. So he was willing to do anything. Bulma smiled to herself. She had always been good at these sorts of situations.

"Well I could use your help fixing a small hole in my wall, and I would love some advice on buying a dress for my dads banquet tonight. Oh yeah and Vegeta needs some clothes. So if you really want to prove yourself, I'm sure the next time I see you, you'll have bought some decent clothes for him," she told him.

I'm such a genius, she thought to herself.

"For Vegeta?! Why in the world would you wanna help him?" he asked.

"What do you care? Jealous?" she asked, she had to admit torturing Yamcha was fun, but she was a little taken back when he answered.

"No. Should I be?" with almost too much calmness.

"What's that suppose to mean? Youíre not my boyfriend anymore," she reminded him. "And if I want to look at other options, like you do so much, I will," she screamed into the receiver.

"Whoa, geez Bulma, calm down. Iíll get some clothes for him and be over right away," he told her. What a temperament, must be that time of the month again, he thought.

Bulma instantly turned her charm on and cooed at Yamcha over the phone.

"Gosh Yamcha, your such a life saver. With all I have to do before the party, I didn't think I would finish in time. I don't know what Iíd do without you," she chimed.

She could tell Yamcha was blushing over the phone. Noticing her black silk dress, she held it up in front of herself. It was horribly wrinkled. She instantly began to think about how incredibly gorgeous Vegeta had looked wearing her dress. Her eyes became watery and she grinned at the thought. Then remembering Yamcha she turned back into her conversation. The last thing she caught wasÖ.

"Ötonight then?"

"Yeah, sure. I gotta go get ready. See yea later," Bulma said ending the phone conversation.

Bulma and ChiChi walked through the doors of the biggest shopping mall in the city. There eyes became twice their normal size and their mouths were embarrassingly open. They both turned to each other and squealed with delight. Grabbing a hold of each otherís hands they began to jump and giggle.

"What are they so happy about?" came a voice from somewhere in the crowd of people.

Realizing they were in a public place, both women straightened up immediately. ChiChi took her motherly appearance while Bulma flipped her hair and swayed her hips.

"I really do appreciate this Bulma," ChiChi said, giving her friend a warm smile.

"Oh please, itís the least I could do for all the food your bringing tonight," Bulma replied shaking her hand to dismiss the whole thing.

"Well when Goku wins the tournament in a few days, Iím going to pay you back," ChiChi told her with a nod of her head.

"I wouldnít be so sure, Vegetaís fighting in it too ya know," Bulma said without realizing it. Noticing ChiChiís bright red face she decided to change the subject.

"Lets go to Peach Paradise, I hear they have the prettiest dresses," she squealed.

Shopping was her favorite thing to do. Especially when it was for a party. Both girls made their way through the crowds of people. Going up the escalators to the seventh floor of the mall, they reached their destination. They both stood outside the store for a moment to soak up the sight before entering. Rolling their sleeves back and pulling themselves to their full height, they strutted through the doorway.

Bulma headed to the petite section while ChiChi made her way to the other side of the store. Bulma threaded through different dresses- none, really catching her attention. They all seemed too plain for her. She wanted something that would make her stand out. Looking up from the rack of clothes she began to scan the store. Then she saw it. Everything in the room disappeared but that dress. She began to make her way towards the dress but was cut off when a much taller woman seemed to materialize in front of her.

"Excuse me," Bulma spat viciously.

"I saw it first, no fair jumping in front of me like that. How rude. Donít you know any respect?" Bulma placed her hands on her hips and waited for the woman to turn around. But the woman kept walking towards HER dress. Bulma began to growl with anger. Noticing how the womanís black hair was so long it swept the floor, an evil grin placed itself on her face. Casually walking up behind her, she Ďaccidentallyí stepped on the womanís hair. Hearing a howling scream she smiled in satisfaction.

"Oh Iím so sorr-"

She couldnít finish her sentence due to the fist in her gut. Hunched over she looked at the womanís cold black eyes with her own blue stunned ones. The woman smiled at her, glancing at her own hand that was still successfully lodged in Bulmaís stomach.

"Oh my, Iím so sorry. Itís a reflex," the woman replied sarcastically.

Bulma still couldnít move and thought she might suffocate if the woman didnít withdraw her fist. The last thing she could remember was the womanís other fist headed towards her face.

* * *

"Bulma!! Bulmaaaaaaa!"

Bulma came to at the sound of her friendís voice. Trying to open her eyes she realized her left eye had to be swollen because she couldnít open it. Her stomach let out shocks of pain each time she tried to draw a breath.

"Are you okay? What happened?" ChiChi asked. She was bent over Bulma trying to help her to her feet.

Bulma clutched her stomach as she tried to stand up. It was hard to believe that the woman could do so much damage with just one hit; well, really two. Great, now she had a black eye and no dress to wear to the party.

"Oh ChiChi, that little tramp tried to steal my dress. Now I look awful and I donít have a dress to wear," Bulma whined.

ChiChi gave her a sympathetic look, and patted her shoulder.

"Well whatís wrong with that black one you have. I thought you bought it just for this occasion?" ChiChi asked.

Bulma tried to push down the blush that was quickly making its way to her face.

"Itís all wrinkled and Iím not really in the mood for black," she told her.

Looking around she noticed she was all the way across the store.

"Why did you carry me all the way over here?" she asked her friend.

ChiChi grinned and Bulma could tell she was holding her laughter back.

"What? What is it?" Bulma asked with haste.

"Well, this is where you landed when the woman hit you," ChiChi explained.

Bulma's one good eye became twice its normal size.

"Are you serious?" she asked.

Fear struck her at the thought of the woman still in the store. She jumped behind ChiChi trying to hide herself from anyoneís view.

"Bulma, sheís gone and I think she even left the dress you wanted," ChiChi told her, pushing her back in front. "See?" She pointed to the dress that Bulma had seen earlier.

"Well, she better have. She doesnít want to make me mad. She just caught me off guard," Bulma said, trying to straighten her wrinkled clothes.

ChiChi just smiled. After both women had bought their dresses, they turned to each other to give their farewells.

"Did you get a suit for Goku, and what about Gohan??" Bulma asked.

"Yes he still has that old one he wore to your dadís last banquet. Gohan can wear his school uniform," ChiChi told her.

"Okay then Iíll see you tonight," Bulma said while throwing her motorbike capsule in the road.

* * *

Bulma stood outside her front door and prayed that no one was there to see her in her Ďcondition.í She slowly opened the door and was quickly reminded that her life was never so easy. Her mother and father were both in the front room looking at her with pure shock. To make matters worse, Vegeta was also there.

"Oh dear, what happened honey?" her mother asked, worry written all over her face.

"Nothing mom," she tried to muster a good excuse but found none. Then she heard the sound of annoying laughter. Looking up she saw Vegeta grabbing his stomach and laughing so hard she thought she noticed tears in his eyes.

"Haahaahaa!!! Oh man this is priceless. Haahaaha!!! Did your big mouth finally get you in trouble? Haahaahaa!!!" Vegeta asked, straightening up and softening his chuckles.

"Oh shut up you jerk," Bulma screamed trying to hold her tears back. Tightening the grip on her shopping bag she ran as fast as she could to her room.

She looked in the mirror and watched her lip tremble with the promise of more tears. Her eye was completely swollen shut. It looked like a giant purple and blue softball. She threw her dress in her closet and began to cry. There was no way she could show her face at the party. Just then she heard a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" she asked.

She didnít hear anything, so she ignored it and hopped on her bed. The knocking came again. She got up from her bed frustrated and swung the door open with a bit too much force. She was completely shocked when she saw Vegeta standing outside her door. He was wearing a tight black long sleeve shirt with khaki pants, his face holding no emotion at all. So, Yamcha had already been by. Wow, he looks really good, she thought, and then she remembered him laughing at her.

"What do you want?"

He glared angrily at her because of her reply.

"Well I figured I couldnít let the others have as much fun as I did seeing you in your condition. You look utterly horrible. It would be a shame to ruin a special event with that horrible bubble on your face, so here," he said, tossing her a small object and then turning to make his way back down the hallway.

She was so mad. How could he not even care that she was hurt? She would have been concerned if it had been him. She looked into her hand to see what the object was. Tons of emotions ran threw her mind as she stared at the senzu bean in her hand. Did he really care, or was he doing it because he couldnít stand to look at her ugly face? Deciding she didnít care she swallowed the bean and felt the healing sensation rushing through her body. She had never taken a senzu bean before and now she felt like she could take on Vegeta by herself. She noticed that the hole in her wall was fixed and quietly thanked Yamcha. She was a little surprised he hadnít stuck around long enough to say Ďhi,í and a wave of disappointment washed over her, but she instantly cheered up. Making her way to the closet she began to get ready for the party.

* * *

Goku smiled as he watched his Kamehameha wave part the ocean in front of him. Wiping the sweat from his forehead he sat down on the sand to take a quick breather.


"Huh, whoís there?" he asked searching the area to find no one. "Is that you, King Ki?"

"Yes Goku, itís time. You must listen to me carefully," he spoke into Gokuís mind.

"Yeah sure King Ki, but can it wait? Iím kinda hungry."

There was a pause before King Ki screamed at Goku: "No!! It canít wait, I tried to reach you before while you were eating and you somehow managed to block me out. So you better just sit tight and listen to me this time, Goku. This is very important."

"Okay go ahead Iím listening but try to make it quick," Goku replied grabbing his growling stomach.

"Errr Goku!! This is not the time to rush me. Okay hereís the deal. There is a horrible force on Earth right now. She is a Sayian, just like you."

Goku stood up at this. Looking in the sky he tried to feel the presence that King Ki was talking about.

"A Sayian? And itís a girl. How is that possible? I thought Vegeta and I were the last ones," Goku asked stunned.

"Well itís not possible, but, well, where do I start? Hmm. Oh yeah, let me tell you about the Silver Sun Medallion."

"The Silver Sun what?" Goku asked, not quite sure he was hearing King Ki correctly.

"Goku let me finish before you start asking questions," King Ki said, a little frustrated.

"Oh sorry." Goku put a hand to the back of his head making his all too familiar childish gesture.

"Now, the Silver Sun Medallion is an ancient artifact that is said to hold enormous power. Anyone who

calls on its power can become the most powerful being in the universe. But you can only call on it once and the power only lasts a few moments; then poof, youíre back to your old self again," King Ki explained.

"Wow really? What happens if you call on the power again?" Goku asked.

"Of course, why would I tell you if it wasnít true? Never mind, donít answer that," King Ki sighed and continued with his story.

"If you call on it again the medallion will claim your soul. If you are good hearted then the medallion will use you to do good things. If you have an evil heart then the medallion will use you as a puppet to destroy anything and everything. Years ago, a female Saiyan by the name of Melphina somehow got possession of the necklace. She was Friezaís wife at the time and she used it to destroy the planet Vegeta in hopes of creating her own Saiyan race where she would be Queen. When Frieza found out about her plan he destroyed her. Somehow she had used the medallion to keep herself from being sent to the other world. She was locked in a timeless portal where she could not escape. Someone stumbled upon this portal and has opened the gates to the living. Melphina is now on earth and is seeking the silver sun medallion once again. If she finds it, the medallion will poses her and she will destroy this planet as well as the entire universe if she wishes," King Ki told him.

"Whoa that sounds pretty bad. But what does this have to do with me?" he asked.

King Ki held his temper and wondered how Goku had managed to survive this long.

"Goku!!!!!" he screamed.

"Easy, I hear ya just fine King Ki, you donít have to scream," Goku commented, taking a finger to his ear to drown out the scream of his name.

"Goku you have to find the Silver Sun Medallion and destroy Melphina before she destroys the WORLD!!!!!" King Ki screamed again.

"Just how am I supposed to do that? I donít even know what the necklace looks like," Goku said

King Ki felt like smacking him for being so ignorant. Then he calmed himself down and released a sigh. He would need patience when dealing with Goku.

"The Silver Sun Medallion is silver and itís shaped like a sun; it hangs from an indestructible silver chain. Does that help?"

Gokuís stomach was the one that answered with a grumble. King Ki put a hand to his forehead and began to shake his head. Why me? he thought.

* * *

The party had started- Bulma could tell. The music had started and her mother had come by twice to tell her she was wanted. She wanted to wait till the last minute before she came down. That way everyone would be sure to notice her, including Vegeta. She took one last look in the mirror and she couldnít help but squeal with excitement. Turning off her light she made her way down the stairs.

Vegeta stood next to the buffet table, waiting impatiently for the woman to hurry up. They werenít to eat the food until she arrived. He hated being forced to wait, but he didnít want to look like he had no control over his stomach. Finally he sensed her all-to-familiar ki coming down the hallway. He quickly looked away from the staircase. He didnít want her to think he was waiting for her. He watched the faces of her earthling friends. He noticed the bald guy, Krillin, had a look of shock, and the womanís pathetic excuse for a boyfriend seemed to be looking at the staircase with pride.

"No way!" came the voice from the woman at his side.

She elbowed him and he followed her pointed finger to the woman at the staircase.

"Thatís the little rodent," She hissed

Vegeta didnít hear her. The pure beauty of shining blue mesmerized him. The woman was wearing a sleeveless royal blue sequenced gown. The dress seemed like a second skin, showing every flawless curve her body had to offer. The dress had a split almost to her hip and a silver sequenced sash draped about her arm, that if she wanted to hide her skin she could. One milky long leg peaked out seductively each time she took a step. Her feet were clad in clear high heels that showed her perfect little toes. Her hair was wrapped elegantly in a bun at the very top of her head. A long royal blue silk ribbon fell down her open back to join her own aqua curls. Around her neck she was wearing a silver sun medallion.

Bulma gazed at the crowd. She was searching for someone in particular. She noticed Yamcha and gave him a quick smile before returning her gaze to the crowd. Then she saw him. He was wearing the same outfit as earlier but somehow he seemed even more handsome. She looked at his eyes and she gave him her best flirtatious smile and was rewarded when she saw a flush rise to his cheek. He then turned his back to her and Bulma noticed the woman next to him.

"YOU!!!!!" Bulma screamed with recognition.

The black haired woman gave Bulma an evil smile. She leaned over and gave Vegeta a peck on his temple. The entire crowd of people seemed to be watching their every move.

"Small world," the woman said with a wink.

* * * * *

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