Chapter 4
The Silver Sun Medallion


28 Years Ago


"Well if it would make you contented my dear, we’ll keep the little monkey Prince." Frieza answered the question that was asked by his wife.

The young woman of about twenty flashed him a bright smile. Out of all the planets, and all the races, she was the most beautiful. Although she was of Sayian blood, Frieza had never allowed her to know. As much as he hated Sayian’s, there was something about her. He seemed to not be able to refuse anything she wanted. She had long black hair that easily reached the floor, she was taller than he was, but most were. She didn’t have a tail because he had made sure that all Sayian females’ tails were cropped. He had taken her from her family when she was just a newborn. Punishment to her family for reproducing during the wrong season. Frieza had made strict rules for the Sayian's to obey if they wanted to live. There was to be no breeding between the young. Only those over the age of forty were permitted to breed, and that was only if nature would still hold the option. All bonded mates were allowed one child per twenty years with no ecceptions.

"Thank you my Lord." She hummed seductively.

She came to stand behind Frieza where he was gazing out his ship’s window. She traced her fingernail down his spine and was rewarded with a caress from his tail. The tail encircled her ankle and slowly skimmed the length of her delicate skin. Traveling to her waist and wrapping around her protectively. Drawing her near he turned to face her. She was the only one that didn’t fear him. She was the only one he allowed not to.

"You know he has to survive this mission before he becomes your pet." Frieza purred, taking a lock of black hair between his fingers.

She glanced out the window at the planet Kimid, where the Prince was most certainly facing his doom. Knowing that there was a good chance she would never get to play with her pet.

"Well I don’t see why you had to take him to that planet. An entire fleet couldn’t purge it, much less a little boy. The poor thing doesn’t stand a chance." She sighed.

Frieza’s lip slowly formed a smirk, as his gaze left hers and returned to the view of the black planet. "That’s the whole idea." He said to himself.

King Vegeta glanced at his son. He was staring out the space pod window, watching the cosmos pass before his eyes. Even at five, the young boy carried himself like a prince. No expression, no emotion, no loosening of muscles. He was as steady as a rock, his gaze never lifting higher or lower. He was pure pride and no one could rob him of it. King Vegeta, tried to beat the boy into submission many a times. Even though the prince obeyed every order, his entire being screamed that no one would tame him. The boy had his own will and no matter how long it took he would have anything he wanted. King Vegeta also had pride, as well as for his son because of this. Some might say love if it were possible. It was his son’s first moonless purging mission, the mission would prove if the legend were true. His son’s power level at birth was half of what his own was as an adult. And was surely greater now.

"Finally, I will get to watch my son claim the glory of our ancestors. He will be the one to destroy Frieza, and the Sayian race will be the strongest in the universe. As the legend is told." he thought.

"Destination in two minutes. All passengers please prepare for impact." the computer announced.

King Vegeta turned the boy to face him. He glared at the boy’s silent eyes. He hated how he could never tell how the boy was feeling.

"If you disgrace me boy, you’ll be left to rot on this planet forever." King Vegeta warned.

The young boy replaced his emotionless face , with a smirk.

"I won’t fail you your excellency." the boy vowed.

"Good. I certainly hope so for your sake." the King replied.

The prince stepped out unto the warm swampy like atmosphere. Tossing his robe over his left shoulder. He did not bother to watch as the pod began to take off. He clicked his scouter on and began to scan the area. There were billions of small power levels but none that he couldn’t easily dispose of.

"How do they expect me to prove myself with such a worthless mission. This is not even worth my time." Vegeta said to himself.

Pulling his scouter off in frustration, he threw it up and blasted it with his ki, as if his hand were a gun. He watched as the pieces began to sink into the moss that covered the swamp. Bubbles of black began to burst and spew liquid as the scouter was digested into nothingness. The entire planet seemed to be covered in a large swamp. Why Frieza wanted such a worthless planet was beyond him. The trees were like none he had ever seen before. They were not only enormous in size but some reached as high as a mile into the sky. The branches are all that seemed to make up the sky above. "If the trees were kept, the planet would make an ideal battle base." the boy thought. He couldn’t see the sky even a little bit. Even though it should have been impossible to see there was still light coming from somewhere.

Vegeta decided he’d wasted enough time and began to summon enough power to destroy the outer layer of the planet. He had to be careful of how much energy he used. In order to be accepted among his people, he would have to purge this planet without using his Oozura form. The power started at the tips of his fingers. Slowly his toes joined in as the tingles of energy worked there way up to meet in the center of his body. Wind seemed to flow from the ground as it swept his cape up. Snapping noises could be heard as it flipped wildly in the wind. His hair began to take its usual form, his only bang was taking its new place with the rest of his hair as it reached to the sky. Not being able to keep his voice inside, he began to sing the moan of power. Screaming as the power threatened to over come him, he grabbed a hold of whatever bit of conciseness he had left. Raising his arms in a single motion above his head, he took a deep breath before lowering them. The entire planet lowered with the motion of his arms. Trees began to collapse on themselves, chunks of ground turned to dust. The noise of tree’s splintering and mountains collapsing were an untold thrill the Prince had never felt before. It seemed as though the entire planet was bowing at his feet. Helpless to do anything the entire planet was at HIS mercy.

Light began to pour in as the trees no longer shielded the stars. When he had a clear view of the horizon, he began to power down. Never in his entire life had he ever felt so much power. Never had he imagined the gift would be so strong. He found a small tree and blasted it with ease as he made a seat for himself. Using the cape to wipe the perspiration off his face he slumped unto the remaining piece of tree that was now his chair. Toying with his necklace he inspected it a bit more closely. It was a silver sun medallion. It hung from a thick silver chain. The most beautiful girl had confronted him the day before and said it held secret powers that varied by the heart of the person who wore it. She had told him to use it to increase his strength but to be careful not to use much.

"If you use too much, little Vegeta, you will explode from the inside. Use it only once, for more than one time will make you slave to it," she told him in a soft voice.

"Why are you helping me?" he had asked

"Because one day you will be King and I hope that you will remember me when you do. Frieza has me as a slave as well. I long to be free and find out what I am. I know you have the power. Frieza has sent you to the planet Kimid because he knows that you do not have the power needed to purge it." She told him.

"He is scared of you Prince Vegeta." she stated flatly.

He opened his mouth and looked at her like she was crazy.

"Why would he be scared of me?" he had asked.

"Because you are the Legendary! I must go before I am discovered. I wish to see you again when you are of age Prince Vegeta." She had told him, placing a kiss on his cheek, and then she was gone.

He didn’t even know her name. He took the necklace from around his neck. The sun had a face. Big eyes and a prominent nose. It was a bit girlie and he had been concerned about what his father would think. He had hid it under his royal clothes and had kept his focus on the stars during their trip. His father never new. Now he didn’t know what to do with it.

"Do I hold on to it and return it when I become of age? Yes, that is it. That is what I most do." He added another vow to his list.

He stood and began to kick the tree stump. He had forgotten he destroyed his scouter, now he didn’t have anyway of getting back to the ship. He looked at the sun medallion. "Surely it will not do any harm." he thought. But the woman’s voice rang in his head and he was reminded what would happen if he should try to use it again.



"Well? What are you waiting for Nappa you idiot!!!! Go Get her." The Prince demanded.

Nappa was stuck between decisions. To do as his Prince commanded and the chance of Frieza destroying him. Or refuse and be blown to bits on the spot. He quickly decided and gave his prince a low bow.

"Yes my Prince, right away." Nappa replied. Then he took off down the hall of the ship.

Vegeta turned his back to his long time companion. Thinking about what an idiot that bald fool could be at times. Then his thoughts wandered to Frieza. If Frieza were to find out would he kill him?

"Well of course you numskull" he told himself.

He took the necklace out of his pocket and began to twirl the chain between his fingers. It had been nearly twelve years sense they had last talked, but on many occasions their eyes had met. Vegeta spent those years training to be her savior. He would become a Super Sayian and destroy Frieza. Then he would take her as his bride and they would rule their planet together.

His father did not like the idea. He had threatened to confine him in a cell if he so much as looked at her. Explaining how she was the one who was really in charge, not Frieza. That she had corrupted his mind as a child. That she would use him against there people. Of course he did not believe them. It was Frieza who had sent him to planet Kimin to be destroyed. She had been the one that saved him. He was going to return the favor. He still did not know her name. Frieza had never told anyone and she hadn’t either. Now he would finally be able to speak to her. He began to pace and then thought it best to lean against the wall.

"I don’t want to seem to anxious. I wonder if she’ll remember me." Vegeta thought to himself.

Vegeta heard Nappa’s heavy footsteps coming from down the hall, his butterflies had disappeared when he couldn’t make out a second set of footsteps. He was right, Nappa came back alone, he couldn’t read the mans face all that well but he seemed a little flushed. Vegeta smiled, so he had at least seen her.

"Well? Where is she?" Vegeta asked walking to meet Nappa in the middle.

"She can’t come at the moment but she said to meet her after dinner in her chambers." Nappa replied. He raised a hand to his baldhead and began to rub it. Vegeta noticed he always did this when he was nervous.

"What is it Nappa? Come on spit it out." Vegeta questioned him.

Nappa dropped his hand from his head to stroke the end of his mustache. Vegeta was getting impatient. He wanted to know why Nappa was acting so strange.

"Well when I was in her room I noticed she had a large table full of lots of food. So I was wandering….you know…sense your going to be in their and all." Nappa had his eyes lowered and was now fiddling with his fingers.

Vegeta couldn’t help but smile. She knew what to do when it came to a Sayian’s heart.

"Yes I’ll bring you a doggy bag or something." Vegeta replied

Nappa’s face lit up like a little kid. He straightened up and tried to look like he had a purpose.

"Is their anything else I can do for you my Prince?" he asked

"No, that is all. No. Wait I want to know where Frieza is and how long he will be gone. Vegeta told him.

"I’ve been told that he is off ship trying to convince the Cashaw that it would be in there best interest to leave, so that he wouldn’t have to destroy the top crust of there planet. I’ve heard that the Planet Cashaha is very rich. It is at least a day’s travel and he only left this morning. He is expected back in three days." Nappa confirmed.

"Well then, looks like the mouse will play while the lizards away." Vegeta snickered.

Vegeta swallowed the lump in his throat and knocked on the door. He had been standing outside of it for the past hour trying to decide if it was a good idea. Finally giving up he knocked.

"Come in my Prince." she called.

He tried to hide the blush that had risen to his cheeks. All he could think about was why she only wanted to see him when he was of age. He had just turned seventeen yesterday and was sworn in as the Prince of all Sayian’s. Was it because he could now bond? It was forbidden to reproduce before forty, but a bond could be established without intercourse. Would she want to be bonded with him? Heaven knows he wanted her. He slowly opened the doors. He had never been in the Lord’s bedchambers and thought it very exciting. When he walked in he came into a large room that had tables lined against all the walls. The floor was of marble and made quit a bit more noise then he proffered when he walked. The tables had different assortments of candles. All seemed to be different colors as well as sizes. It gave the room a beautiful glow and the mixture of different smells where intoxicating.

He could her the sound of her voice coming from the room across the marble floor. It sounded as though she were singing some lovely song. It sounded beautiful to him. His legs seemed to move of there own will. They carried him into the bedchamber. When he looked his leg’s refused to go any further. The bed was one of an old fashioned canopy. White see threw fabric hung from the top, and casually draped at least a foot out from the bed. On the other side of the bed were more candles he could tell because it was the only place were light could be seen. He could see her shadow. She was lying on the bed on her side. Her hands propped up her head as she rested on her elbows. He watched as her hand peeked out from behind the drapery and fingered him to come closer.

"Please don’t make me wait any longer. It has already been far too long." she told him.

Vegeta made his way to her bed and felt his hands become sweaty. He pushed the drapery aside and soaked in every inch of her. She was wearing a white see through nightgown that flowed down the entire stretch of her body. Her long slender legs were begging for his touch. Her breasts were ripe and full, pushed against the fabric that contained them. He sat down next to her, not quit sure of what to do. Her jet-black hair seemed to go on forever, the need to caress it was overwhelming. He placed his hand on her cheek and lightly stroked the delicate skin. Reflecting in the dark pools of her eyes, he was shocked to see that she wanted him too. So he took her.

Vegeta had been on a purging mission for Lord Frieza when he heard the news. His father had slain some woman named Melphina and Vegeta’s home planet was the punishment. There was nothing left of his race except for Nappa, who had been with him. He was not upset as much as he thought he would be. He still had his woman. She would carry his child. He was almost confident that within a few more years he could destroy Frieza. It wasn’t until he learned whom Melphina had been that he completely fell apart. A pain that would never end settled in his heart. He couldn’t eat. He couldn’t sleep. All he could think about was she. It was then that he vowed to never become a victim of love no matter what kind of love it was. He would never show his feelings. He was completely alone now. Forever.

* * * * *

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