Chapter 3

"Melphina........." Vegeta whispered.

It was late and he couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about what had happened earlier. He had walked down the path, expecting to find someone to fight. Instead the path had lead to a small cave. It had been unnaturally cold on the inside and he had to power up to keep warm. When he had taken a few steps in he had seen a small pool of water. Vegeta approached it planning on investigating it further, but before he could sense the power, some invisible force seemed to have grabbed hold of him. No matter how hard he fought, the Force had managed to plunge him in. He was sinking fast and the pressure of the water caused his eyes to burn. He couldn't close them. He couldn't even see. The Force was having its way with him, pushing him deeper and deeper, But odd enough it hadn't felt like he was in water, more like flying through the air much to fast. But air was what he needed most at the moment and air was not what he had. His arms and legs were bound straight by the unseen Force and his body was steadily sinking faster and faster. Vegeta had begun to use all of his power to free himself as his body began to convulse do to lack of oxygen. It had made no difference. Finally being unable to struggle anymore, Vegeta had lost conciseness.

"What!? Where am I!!" His words seemed to echo through eternity.

He felt like he was floating, but not by any power of his own. All around him was nothing, no light, and not even a temperature.

"Is this some sort of dream?" he asked himself.

He raised his hands to his face and saw nothing. He then began to panic.

"Oh No!!! I'm dead!!!!" he hollered, realizing what must have happened.

"No my child, you aren't dead" came the familiar voice.

"Who's there? And where am I?" he demanded, searching the darkness and feeling a wash of relief for not being dead.

He became very angry, he didn't like being toyed with and now someone was going to pay dearly.

"I demand you show yourself. NOW!!!!" he demanded once again becoming impatient.

"Very well. " the voice replied

Vegeta could make out a small ball of gold in front of him. He took his fighting stance, and fed off of the tingles of anticipation as it moved up his spine. Oh how he loved the adrenaline rush. His very being craved the violence that he hoped was soon to come. Then a burst of light struck out of the gold ball and he had to shield his eyes from the pain. When he thought it was safe to look, he was awe stricken at what he saw. Before him stood a woman, a woman from his past. She was unnaturally tall, her skin pale, she seemed to be completely made of legs. Legs that once surrounded his body. Hair that was as black as her eyes and that easily reached the floor. She was wearing a white dress that was as long as her hair with splits on both sides that revealed her slender legs. A silver medallion shaped like a sun hung from around her neck.

"Melphina, but how?' Vegeta gasped.

"Is that any way to greet your mate?" she asked a smile curving at the corners of her soft lips.

Whammm!!!!!! the noise jerked Vegeta out of his memories. Now standing beside his bed he let out an irritated growl.

"That damn woman, if I didn't need that stupid brain of hers, I'd have blasted her into the next dimension along time ago." with that thought he turned to face the wall that separated there bedrooms.

Holding one arm out in front of him he released a ki blast about the size of a dinner plate. He had made sure that the blast made it through the wall but not any further. He heard a satisfying scream, and climbed back into bed.

Bulma had been in the middle of changing into her night T-shirt when the blast had hit the wall. She had one arm in her nightshirt and the other protecting her head. When she looked up she saw the man sized whole in her wall. Realizing what must have happened, she began to jerk the shirt down over her head angrily, stomping madly as the shirt refused to go on willingly. Stumbling blindly she began to twist and turn, knocking things off of her vanity, and tripping over bundles of close that were on the floor. Clawing at the fabric, she soon realized she needed to calm down if she didn't want to be stuck like that forever. Pulling the shirt off of the top of her head, she noticed what the problem was. She had been trying to put her head through the arm sleeve.

"Are you determined for me to end your worthless life?" asked an all too familiar voice.

Bulma turned to glare at the Sayain threw the hole in the wall. She was pissed, really pissed. She was going to make him pay for humiliating her, and this time she didn't care if he blasted her into nothingness. Snatching the lamp off of her side table, she flung it at him knowing that it wouldn't do any damage she began to pick up anything within arm length. Vegeta swatted the lamp away with ease but was a little stunned when a bottle of nail polish just missed his face. And then he was on his toes, ducking and dodging. The damn woman was throwing her entire room at him piece by piece. Just in time, he crouched to the ground as a picture frame skimmed the very top of his hair. Bulma realized that she was running out of things to throw. When she looked up she saw that his not too happy face was moving closer to her. She quickly snatched her jewelry box and flung it at his head. He smacked it away effortlessly, making a loud thunk noise as it took out pieces of the wall when it hit.

"You jerk you put a whole in my wall!!" she screeched.

"And you disturbed my beauty sleep." he countered.

"HAHAA! I hardly think any amount of sleep would be efficient enough...." but before she could finish her sentence he had her pinned against the wall by her shoulders.

She could feel the warmth from his body washing over her, even though his hands were all that was touching her. She stared into his eyes for a second before she felt like she couldn't stare anymore. Lowering her gaze from the coal colored eyes she noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt and as her gaze dropped lower she had to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. He wasn't wearing pants either. Remembering how she had seen all he owned were battle suits, she suddenly began to blush and realized that she could be in a very dangerous situation. Vegeta noticed the deer in the head lights look coming from her flushed face. He had forgotten he wasn't wearing any clothes and wondered why he hadn't thought of that until now. He tossed her on the bed and grabbed an article of clothing from the ground, wrapping it around his waist ant tying it off at the side.

"Not my silk dress you idiot you'll wrinkle it" she commented while snatching it from his waist making sure to keeping her eyes away from his lower midsection. He was relived she hadn't noticed the shocked expression on his face.

Making her way through the mess on the floor she opened up her bottom drawer from her dresser. Searching through clothes she found a pair of gray sweat pants that were cut off into shorts. Keeping her back turned she tossed them at him.

"Put those on." she demanded

"Don't tell me what to do woman." he snapped.

He reluctantly turned his back to her and put the shorts on.

"Now get out of my room!!!!!!" she screamed again.

He turned to look at her. She was wearing only a T-shirt and her blue hair was standing up everywhere. He began to think that she would look like that after ruff mating, and then quickly pushed the thought aside. The last thing he needed was to be up all night fantasizing about this worthless wench.

"Youíre the one that started this and now your going to apologize ." he told her. He loved the look of utter shock mixed with anger as it so easily played across her face.

"My fault?! Your the one who blasted a man size hole in my wall, and if you think I'll be the one to fix it your even stupider than I thought as well as dead wrong. NOW GET OUT!!! she screamed once again looking for something to throw at him.

He was on her in a flash penning her arms down and straddling her body. She was terrified but at the same time a twinge of excitement raced over her body. She mentally kicked herself again for thinking such thoughts. She looked up at his face and thought she noticed a flicker cross his eyes. Oh goodness she almost wanted to kiss him. Almost.

"Next time you decide to be so disrespectful with your thoughtless noises. I won't be so kind as to give you a warning." he whispered.

His breath tickling the wisps of hair that fell around her ear. Everywhere his body was touching her seemed to burn and everywhere he wasn't also seemed to burn for that reason.

"Now be quite." he told her releasing her arms.

She couldn't move, couldn't think, couldn't breath and then he was gone. Back through the hole and into his bedroom. Now what was she going to do. She couldn't shake the thought of him being so close. Especially when he hadn't been wearing anything. He could have so easily taken advantage of her and for some reason she felt disappointed.

"Itís just a crush." she thought to herself. "Who wouldn't have one? He did have that body that only the men in my dreams have." She decided a crush on Vegeta would be fun. She had always enjoyed the tingles that a new crush made her feel when they were near. But was it safe? She new he could never know of course. And she knew she could never let it get out of hand. Falling in love with a man like that was just asking for heartbreak. But enjoying being attracted to him was another. "Why not itís been awhile sense I had a little danger in my life. I wonder how he would take it if I tried to flirt with him?" she thought allowing a few little giggles to escape her. She pulled the covers up close and snuggled into her bed. She would worry about the mess and the hole in the wall tomorrow, but for right now she was going to let her thoughts of the man next door lullaby her to sleep.

* * * * *

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