Chapter 2
Why Can't I find love?


Bulma decided a long hot bath might relax her nerves. After cleaning up the mess she had made while confronting Yamcha, she began to make her way down the hallway of Capsule Corporation. She was almost to her bedroom, when she heard her mother calling from behind.

"Bulma dear." her mother's voice chimed.

"Bulma honey, your father needs your help in the lab."

Mrs.Briefs watched her daughter turn to face her and noticed how gloomy her usually bright blue eyes were. Her shoulders were slumped over and the confidence that usually accompanied her seemed to have disappeared completely.

"What's wrong dear?" she asked.

Bulma looked at her mother. She always seemed so happy. How did she manage to stay so cool and collected, while herself seemed to be falling apart.

"Oh nothing mother." Bulma sighed.

"Now now, I know there's something bothering you. When your done helping your father I think we should talk" Mrs.Briefs stated, and with that her mother was once again disappearing into another room.

"Why can't I just leave reality for one day? Life sucks!" Bulma said to herself.

She then went to go change out of her swimsuit and into her Lab clothes. The lab clothes she wore was a pair of blue jeans and a spaghetti strapped red shirt. Pulling her hair into a ponytail she looked at her face in the mirror. She wasn't ugly and she wasn't stupid so why after all this time couldn't she have someone fall in love with her? Sure Yamcha loved her, but it seemed like he only wanted her for security. It was almost like he jumped at the opportunity to break up and see other people. Then when he got bored with whatever bimbo he had chosen to take her place, he would come crawling back. Explaining how the other girls just didn't make him feel the way she did. And wasn't that exactly what she wanted to hear? She knew he was just using her as a bed warmer but then again wasn't she using him in the same way? She thought for a moment, maybe she understood him. He was looking for his true love too. When he felt like he was never going to find her he went to the next best thing. Her. And now she needed to quit using him as a crutch and go find her true love. Regardless of the pain.

That was the whole purpose of the dragon balls. To wish for a perfect boyfriend, so it would be easy. Now so much had changed, instead of getting her long dreamed about prince, the dragon balls were used to bring her friends back to life and saving the world. It almost made her feel selfish. Two androids could show up at anytime and destroy everyone and everything. She would die alone, having never experienced the true love she used to envision as a little girl. Was she the only one who felt like this, so totally alone? No she wasn't, somebody else felt the same way but in a different manner.

"Well enough moping. We've got work to do girl." Bulma said to the woman looking at her in the mirror. With a nod she put on her happy face and made her way to the lab.

Dr.Briefs slowly began to administer the liquid in the eyedropper unto the dark blue patch of fabric in front of him. He was lucky that Vegeta didn't bother to clean up his mess after training in the gravity room. It gave him the chance to get scraps from his suit and figure out how they were created. Standing back and adjusting the goggles over his glasses, he watched as the fabric began to stretch and grow on its own.

"Well I do amaze myself sometimes." he said to himself, a smile appearing under his lavender mustache.

Then he watched a bit more closely as the fabric seemed to stop. It was about double the size now. Then without warning the fabric began to materialize before his very eyes, ending up a pile of ashes on the table.

"I'm sure that can't be good" he said, and began to scribble something on the notepad he was holding.

Just then the lab door began to open and he looked up to see his only daughter walk through. She glanced at the ash covered table and then back at her father.

"What did you need dad?" Bulma asked as she picked up the eyedropper and began to examine it.

"Well I was trying to recreate Vegeta's armor, so that I could make some for your friends. It is truly remarkable stuff."

She watched as his eyes seemed to brighten. He loved discovering new things and making them better. She was the same way. Constantly trying to invent something that would make her friends think she wasn't just some beautiful girl in the way.

"But I need a sample so that I can figure out exactly what I need to do to make more."he stated.

Bulma placed the eyedropper back on the table and looked up at her dad.

"And you want me to get that sample for you. Right?" more of an answer then a question, Bulma asked, a smile creeping to the corner of her mouth.

Her dad had done everything he could to help Vegeta out, but when it came to asking the arrogant Sayian for a favor she found that her father didn't have the nerves it took. He relied on her as sort of a communication between them. When Vegeta wanted the gravity room fixed it was her he came to, and when her father needed something from him it was her that went to Vegeta. But then again wasn't Vegeta there because she had invited him to stay there. It was because of her that her family had somewhat of a fear of him. But then again she had never seen her father so infatuated. He was practically drooling over his new found discovery. Vegeta was hardly around it seemed unless he wanted something. Every time she saw him he would be training or complaining. She thought it for the best. She felt nervous like her father when she was around him. All those muscles and those eyes that were so black one could easily get lost in them. He was so dark and so evil it seemed. But like her father and his science, she wanted to discover this man. How was the problem. He could be so scary at times.

"Exactly! I would do it myself but I'm on to something and would hate to lose my train of thought." coming out of her daydream she noticed her father trying to look busy flipping threw the pages of his notebook.

"Sure dad, I'll ask him" she told him with a smile. "But you owe me the rest of the night off." she explained pointing her finger at him.

"Its a deal." he told her returning the smile on her face. Once again he began to jott something down in his notebook.

With her relaxation time reserved she began her journey to the gravity room, trying to ignore the butterflies that were starting to flutter in her tummy.

If she hadn't built it herself she wouldn't have recognized it. The gravity room was nothing more then a pile of rocks.

"Damn that stupid Vegeta. Does he not care it took me forever to build this stupid thing for HIM?", she muttered kicking a small stone with her boot.

She shielded her eyes from the sun with her hand and looked for signs of the arrogant Sayian. Bulma had to admit there was something about him that she couldn't quite put her finger on. He was like a wild animal screaming out to be tamed.

"I feel bad for the woman who gets that job, she thought. Although I'll bet he lasts longer in bed than Yamcha."

She suddenly felt guilty and tried to rid herself of the flush that was slowly rising to her cheeks. What in the world was making her think like that?

"I must be getting desperate" she thought. She looked in front of her and made a few laps around the pile of rubble. Giving up and realizing there was no sign of him she began her walk back to the house.

"Well he might already be in his room." she said to herself.

She looked up and saw the sun beginning to set. And now to think that it might never be there again. She began to shiver at the thought of never feeling the sun's warmth again. She finally decided she would get the suit now so that she could spend plenty of time in the bath tub.

"Foamy bubbles here I come" she hummed to herself as she walked.

Coming through the door of Capsule Corporation, the smell of food cooking, hit her nostrils hard. She could hear the noise of pots and pans coming from the kitchen.

"Hurry up dear dinners ready." her mother called.

"I'll be there in a sec mom. I've got to finish helping dad." she said

"Well tell Vegeta as well." her mother called back.

Walking down the hallway she passed her bedroom and came to stand in front of Vegeta's door. For some reason she couldn't bring herself to knock on the door. She was nervous of coming face to face with him and being forced to look into those little black eyes. She finally shook her head and decided she was being silly. She rapped on the door with her knuckles and waited for some sign that he was in there. None came. Giving the door knob a twist to see if it was locked, she moved her ear to listen a little more carefully. Cracking the door she felt it was safe to enter. She slowly peered in and noticed that the room was empty. Almost as if he had never been in it. The window was opened, but then she could almost swear she could smell him. Everything in the room besides its appearance screamed Vegeta had been in it, even if there weren't any signs. She pushed the door too and made her way to the closet. He didn't have anything. Nothing was in his room but a lamp on a table next to his bed. The bed itself was neatly made as if no one had bothered to mess it up. Unlike her own room that was a mess. She couldn't remember the last time she had made her bed. Her walls were covered with pictures of Yamcha and Goku and ChiChi and all the rest of her friends. She made a quick mental note to take down the pictures of Yamcha. She quietly opened the closet door, even though he wasn't there she still felt like he was watching her from somewhere. Inside she saw two sets of Sayain boots and four sets of the much to tight dark blue body suits. Next to those was what she had come to get, two sets of Sayain armor.

Vegeta soared across the sky thinking how he enjoyed the changing color of the sky as the sun was slowly disappearing and the moon was beginning to rise. He thought back to when he was in his Oozura form, when he had had Kakarott in the palm of his hand. He could still feel the ribs of the third class Sayain crack and splinter under the pressure of his grip. It had been a glorious moment, one he had wished turned out the way he had wanted.

"Curse that son of his and his little fat friend. If they hadn't cut off my tail I could have finished this planet off long ago. Now I'm stuck here. But I am confident that I will have my chance again. And this time you won't be so lucky."

He saw the building that was for the moment his home and was grateful that his room was on the second floor. He preferred not to be seen coming and going and was glad for the large window in his room. As he approached the window something caught his eye and he instinctively powered up. Someone was in his room. The lights were off so they were obviously trying to be discreet. He saw a shadow on the closet door slowly lowering.

"Just who in the hell do you think you are!!! Coming in my room without my permission?" boomed a masculine voice.

Bulma froze. Great now he was going to kill her. She stood up from the armor that she had been leaning over and found the courage to turn and face him. Vegeta was surprised that it was the blue haired woman who was standing before him. Anyone else would have been quivering with fear and it made him mad that she could just stand there and return his glare. Bulma didn't feel as confident as she hoped Vegeta thought she was. He was powered up, blue splashes of wind were surrounding him and keeping him from touching the floor. She could feel the warmth radiating off of him. He really was a beautiful sight. His posture was what to be expected of from a prince, but seeing his nose turned up at her brought her back to reality.

"Well just who the hell do you think you are, snapping at me as if I were some kind of thief!!" Bulma shouted

Vegeta powered down and stood there with his arms crossed, his eyes never leaving hers.

"Isn't that what you were doing? If you wanted my clothes that bad I would gladly take them off for you. All you need to do is ask." he said with that all to familiar smile.

Bulma could feel the flush rush to her cheeks as her two faced mind began to envision herself ripping his clothes off. Why was she thinking like this she should be mad not hoping he was serious. She couldn't think of anything to say, she felt awkward and out of place as if something was holding her voice. Suddenly Vegeta sat down on the edge of his bed and began to pull his boots off. She just stood there staring at him.

"If you're going to stay you might as well put yourself to good use and start my shower while I remove these clothes" he said without even stopping as he pulled his armor over his head. It wasn't until he was about to take his body suit off that she finally got her head back.

"What........why you little creep start your own shower and the only reason I came here was to get a sample of your armor for my dad. What will you wear once you've destroyed these suits like you do my gravity room, which by the way will not be rebuilt until someone clears that rubble." She asked snatching the armor he had just taken off.

She quickly ran out the door and made sure it was very loud while slamming it. Vegeta stopped dressing and cocked his head to the side. He didn't want to end this fun just yet. He new she was attracted to him and he loved to tease her for it. He could tell she was tired of that little boy with the scar's and perhaps she was ready for a piece of a real man. He thought it had been a long time sense he had been with a woman and then the thoughts from earlier today crossed his mind.

"Melphina." he whispered to himself.

* * * * *

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