The Blue Haired Woman and Her Prince
By: Cassie

Chapter 1
What theÖ.. ?

The young woman lay stretched out on her beach chair, gazing at the sun as it danced along her golden skin. It had been nearly a year since Frieza had been destroyed. Only another few months before the Androids would come. The woman sat up and hugged her knees feeling the warmth from the sun on her legs against her smooth belly. Loud crashing noises could be heard coming from the gravity room, where a man that she once feared, was training to become a Super Sayian.

"How odd that the boy from the future should exist, she thought. If Goku and Vegeta were the last Sayian's save for Gohan, whose child was Trunks?" she thought.

Bulma had never really sat down to wonder where this Super Sayian teenager, who had destroyed Frieza with one swipe of his sword, had come from. She knew that he was from the future , but had no idea how he could of came to be.

"Maybe Chichi and Goku will have another child, maybe this is were Trunks came from." She thought for a moment trying to put two and two together. "But Goku and Chichi both have black hair, the young Sayian Trunks had a grayish purple colored hair. He couldn't be related to Vegeta, Vegeta is incapable of enough love to create a child. His only goal in life is to become stronger than all the forces in the universe or at least Goku."

As if on cue a loud thundering noise came from the gravity room again. Bulma looked up just in time to see Vegeta soaring in the air at breakneck speed away from the gravity room. It was amazing how he could manage to demand everyone's attention without even wanting to.

"THAT'S IT I'VE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!" Vegeta yelled.

Stopping on a dime, Vegeta turned back towards the gravity room. Bulma watched the Sayian lean back in the air with his hands together and behind his head. She thought he looked like a little kid trying to throw a basketball as hard as he could. The only difference was Vegeta was no child he was a full-grown Sayian Prince with awesome powers, and that wasn't a basketball in his hands. He was about to fire an enormous glowing ball of blue energy at the gravity room below. " the gravity room..." she thought.

"Oh no you don't buddy " Bulma said quietly to herself.

She quickly threw a towel around her waist and adjusted the yellow bikini straps on her shoulders. Sweeping her long blue hair to the back of her head she let out a screech almost as loud as Vegeta's yell.

"You do that and you can fix it yourself, I'm done fixing your testosterone builders. You break it you fix it!!" Bulma shouted over the distance between them.

Vegeta stopped and gazed at her on the beach. He had never seen this women in such revealing clothes before. Her long blue hair and gold skin caused her bright blue eyes to shine like crystals. This was her only good quality. He didn't understand why her voice irritated him so much. Like a mother nagging her child. Not like his own father whom hardly ever spoke, but then again he didn't need to, he got his point across with his fists.

Bulma was trying to think of something that would distract him from looking at her. For some reason she couldn't stand for him to float up there just looking at her. It made her feel as though at any moment he might throw the energy blast at her. Then a small smile crept upon the Sayian's face as once more his voice roared.

"I know you'll fix it woman, or else it will be you fighting the androids." with that said, Vegeta once more reared back. Even though his anger at the Gravity room had dissipated he couldn't help but cause trouble. He knew she would rebuild it for him no matter what he did. But A lot like him, she also had her pride. And in a small way to force her to show it, was to prove to him that she was nothing to him.

"Eeeeyyaahhhh!!!!!!" he yelled.

Bulma watched as the Sayian's ki blast tore into the Gravity room like a hot knife through butter. All her sleepless nights flashed before her eyes. All those days of working on the same mathematical problem only to figure it out so easily after three days thought. And he destroyed it in five seconds . Demanding that she do it all over again because he had a temper tantrum. Well not her, not Mrs.Bulma Briefs. She would never let Yamcha get away with something like that. So why did Vegeta think He could just get off the hook like that. Sayian or no Sayain. He deserved no respect for that and she would break him of his ways. So she threatened him. And she new it had worked. Or so she thought until he made that comment. It was true. Without Him they might not have a chance after the Androids. Considering how dangerous they had been from that strange boyís time. Goku had died. But then again Goku was now alive and undoubtedly training just as hard as Vegeta. And she was amazed that she would notice how much stronger Vegeta was. Not that he had told her which was another thing to think about, why had she noticed? "Goku was alive so we don't really need Vegeta. Right?" she asked herself.

Vegeta took a quick glance at the woman below him, just enough time to watch her face quickly turn a bright shade of red. He could see her teeth grinding together and thought it best to get away before her screeching gave him a headache. Vegeta took off into the sky headed south, not quite sure of where he was going.

Yamcha laid down his three Kings and smiled devilishly at Oolong.

"Sorry pig but you lose again." Yamcha reached for the three capsules and the one dirty magazine, which was Oolongs special first addition. Oolong stood in his chair and leaned over the table to glare at Yamcha. Slowly laying his cards down.

"Well I guess a pair of Kings don't beat three of a kind. You cheater I've found you out!"Oolong shouted.

Oolong made an attempt to snatch the magazine. He came up to short and collapsed into a pyramid shaped pile of capsules, which were on the table. The capsules flew for a moment before making contact with the carpet, as the weight from Oolongs body collided with the top of the table. Yamcha, who was leaning back on the two legs of his chair to avoid being hit by Oolong, slowly fell back to join the capsules on the floor. When he came to his senses and was about to jump up, his eyes came in contact with a pair of royal blue eyes that he could almost swear had flames in them. He followed those flames to the dirty magazine that he seemed to be holding right in right in front of the eyes. Realizing who the eyes belonged too he quickly changed his expression to that of a smiling little boys who might have been caught in his situation. Quickly regaining his feet and trying to hide the book from the gaze of the woman before him, he stood to take the verbal punishment Bulma was about to unleash.

"I swear you men are all the same, not only are you a waist of good brains but you also have serious mental issues. I don't know why I put up with scumbags like you. You never do anything good in return. I ought to ........" she was lost for words but only for a second to catch her breath.

Noticing the look on Yamchas face she decided to just mumble between her teeth. She was practically scaring him to death. She really hated that about him. He never stood up to her. He would even cry if she were too harsh. She felt like a mother when he cried. Like she should hold him close. But she wanted to be the one held close. And he could never truly make her feel safe. Even with Goku she had her doubts. But he just made her so mad with those other women. Why did he toy with her so much. And why did she always take him back. Not this time though she was sick of it. She wasn't going to make her life miserable. She would just keep searching for the right one. She new he would make her happy no matter what. Yamcha was not the one. She could feel her body heat rising almost to the point of boiling. She had to grip her fingers until the knuckles were white in the form of a fist to keep from releasing a series of blows to the coward before her.

"Bbbbulma! I promise itís not what it looks like!!!!" he stuttered.

Pulling in air to her lungs to fill them completely she readied herself for her attack.

"How stupid do you think I am Yamcha!! By the looks of Oolong sprawled over capsules and cards, I'd say you were trying to bet MY capsules in an attempt to win HIS girlie magazines. Is that all I'm good for? What? I couldn't hear you over the noise from your nose growing." Bulma replied snatching the magazine from Yamcha's now trying to hide hand.

"Bulma no you've got it all wrong. I was simply trying to win the magazine so I could destroy it, then you wouldn't have to worry about me reading them." Yamcha explained with a pleading voice.

Standing his ground, he knew there was no way out of the mess he had put himself in. Then without any notice he felt his cheek begin to swell with pain as her hand made its way to deliver the blow again to his other cheek. Dodging and ducking Yamcha tried to find an escape route from the flurry of blows directed at his head.

"You good for nothing son of a bitch. What kind of moron do you take me for!!!" catching her breath she quickly glanced around until her eyes fell on her ammunition.

Taking the purple vase that was her mothers, Bulma searched for her target. Spotting him about to make it out the door she quickly threw it in enough time to watch it shatter on the door that was now closed. Scanning the room for other potential enemies she saw Oolong still laying face down on the table. Oolong caught the gaze she was giving him and quickly hopped off the table and began backing up.

"Whoa Bulma don't look at me he's your boyfriend. I don't blame him though with the way you treat him. Whoops did I say that out loud? Well I just remembered I got to meet Puar for a game of gulf. Bye now." and with that Oolong was gone as fast as his pudgy little feet would move.

Collapsing into a heap on the floor Bulma pulled her knees to her chest and lowered her head. With everyone gone it was safe to let the tears fall.

Watching the waves crash and break into a cloud of sizzling white foam from the cliff above stood the Sayian Prince. Quietly meditating, as the noises of the earth steadily filled his ears. Something was bothering him. The more and more he thought about it the more angrier he got because he couldn't figure it out.

"How can I? Why can't I? there is no reason why I shouldn't be able to become a true Super Sayian. It's in my blood. Not his. Mine. If that low class garbage can do it then why not the Prince of Sayian's."

Suddenly all the wildlife was temporarily brought to attention. They were noticing the strange creature on top of the cliff. As the strange animal seemed to radiate with energy.

"I will become a true Super Sayian. Once and for all, I will put you in your place Kakarrot" with that vow Vegeta dived off the cliff.

It was eating at him every hour of everyday. It was constantly a reminder, this Earth and everything on it, was a reminder of Kakarrot and his ability to surpass his Prince. Letting himself fall he watched as the foaming water rushed faster and faster towards his face. It wasn't until he could feel the mist that he put off enough power to pull back into the sky. This Sayian raised on a worthless planet, had managed to disrespect him in every possible way of there heritage. And yet he was so innocent. Not knowing the ways of his own race.

"Well not this time, I will prove that I am the strongest in the universe, I will dispose of these androids . Then once I have put Kakarrot in his proper place I will destroy this planet and all the memories with it. Ah! Yes, I can just see it now. Kakarrot and his stupid family and all of his friends will soon see why you don't mess with the Prince of Sayian's."

Picking up the pace he began to accelerate faster and faster to the point that he couldn't make out where he was going due to the blur beneath him. But that was not a concern to him. Suddenly a strong sense came to him and he stopped abruptly. It was almost a familiar sense. But he couldn't place it. When he looked down he realized that he must have been going fast for quite awhile because nothing around him seemed to look familiar. It was very dark and there didn't seem to be any vegetation or life coming from the view below. But he had sensed someone. Someone with enormous strength was out there, but the ki had vanished once he had searched the area. Knowing full well that whoever it was, was still out there. Vegeta readied himself for whatever he might encounter. Slowly lowering his power he began to concentrate on his surroundings. Descending to the ground he lightly landed on his toes. Never before had he ever felt so alone as he did when the chill from the wind hit his back, and flowed up to run through his hair.

"Hello Vegeta, its nice to see you again." came a soft feminine voice.

It was almost as though a warmth chased the chill away, and just as quick the chill was back.

Vegeta could hear the voice loud and clear but couldnít make out where it was coming from.

"Show yourself coward, do not play tricks and hide from me. It makes me irritable and Iím already in a bad mood." Vegeta growled.

He began to search the area around him and size the situation up. It did not seem like the type of environment one would find on Earth. It was cold and a strange mist seemed to be rising from the rock hard ground. Trees were only shoulder length high and they looked to have been dead for some time now. When he looked up all he could see was the purple mist that grew darker and darker the farther he looked. What was odd was that the purple mist hadn't been there when he had landed. It was as though the sun refused to shine on this part of the world. Or maybe it was another world completely. The silence was defining.

"Is this a game or are you going to show yourself?" Vegeta asked impatiently.

He began to drum his finger lightly on his bicep. This was just to odd for comfort but he wouldn't allow anyone to notice. Whoever it was, new his name and that disturbed him. And yet the voice seemed so familiar. But who was it? He couldn't remember any women with that kind of power who would know him. Could it be Frieza? And fear began to cloud his eyes.

"Iíve been waiting along time for you Vegeta." came the voice again, as well as the chill.

Vegeta tried to sense where the power that was creating the voice was. But could still sense nothing. An uneasiness was beginning to settling in his stomach, but thankfully his pride jumped in. The wind seemed to pick up again and Vegeta let out an involuntary shiver, as the chill seemed to caress his very being as if something were searching his soul.

"Why canít I sense anybody. Where is this voice coming from. Is this some sort of trick or am I really seeing and hearing this stuff. No. There is no doubt I sensed that power. But where is it now. Damit!" Vegeta thought.

He couldnít make out where the voice was coming from, it had sounded so close. He began to study his surroundings a bit more closely. Instantly to the right of him he noticed what seemed to look like a path. The strange mist was slowly departing and his gaze followed the clearing to reveal what seemed to be an old worn out brick walkway.

"Oh what the hell not much else to do around here." he decided.

And he began his journey down the mist free path.

"Goku its time."

Goku quickly glanced up from his meal and tried to find the face the voice belonged to but the only ones there were Gohan, who was stuffing his face, and ChiChi. His gaze rested on his wifeís for a moment before lowering back down to the plate in front of him. She had stopped eating and was giving him a concerned look.

"What is it Goku dear?" she asked as another wrinkle of concern added to her forehead. He quickly tried to regain his calm and continued to scarf his food down, conveniently ignoring Chichiís question. He hoped she wouldnít ask it again. He hated to lie to her even if it was in her best interests.

"Goku I asked you a question. What were you just thinking about a minute ago when you stopped eating. Did you have a bad feeling or something? Are you feeling okay?" she asked not being able to hide the concern in her voice.

It was always best if she didnít know what his life was really like. He new he worried her to death and it hurt him to see her so distressed. He was glad he hadnít seen what she must have been like during the fight with Frieza. If it hadnít been for Trunks maybe none of them would be their now. But then again maybe it wouldnít have mattered. And now the time had come.

"Oh its nothing ChiChi, I just thought I heard something, thatís all. Donít worry. This meal is very good, may I have some more?" he asked with a grin. He couldnít help but notice the relief that washed over her face.

"Well of course dear, Gohan how about you?" she asked her son.

Gohan was now looking at his father trying to read the emotions that were playing across his face before he gave up and held his plate out for a fourth helping.

* * * * *

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