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A Love of My Own
By: Lady of the Night



She was screaming on the top of her lungs. Even though she was a saiyan she could not take the pain. She kept calling for someone to help her. She dragged her self on the floor that she had fallen on a few minutes ago. She had to find help.

'I can't let my baby be born here,' she told herself over and over as she moved one arm in front of herself pulling her closer to the door at the end of the room. The pain in her abdomen was unbearable but she had to keep going. Finally she was about two feet away from the door handle but she was so tired she stopped moving and passed out.


Riemsa dropped her broom and very quickly left her porch and walked over to Qumstia house. She could have sworn that she had heard Qumstia screaming for help. She knocked on the door. When she found that she wasn't given a reply she decided to venture in to the house. She slowly turned the knob. The door swung open and at Riemsa's feet laid an unconscious Qumstia. Wait, not just Qumstia was there. It seemed that she was with child, probably for some time now and she was almost completely encased in her blood.

She ran out the door heading north to Triesucta's bordello. Many saiyan men would go to the bordello. Riemsa loathed the idea of any woman going into the bordello let alone going into it, but Qumstia needed help and Triesucta was the closest saiyan she could think of that knew how to deliver newborn saiyans. After all her girls were always getting into trouble. She was getting closer to her destination by the second. She then ran up the stairs and was at the door. She quickly picked up the doorknocker at started banging it against the hard oak door. Vetusro opened the door.

"Hey, Riemsa what is the problem?" she questioned as the other girls started to surround the door opening.

"Qumstia is unconscious and she and her unborn baby are surrounded in a pool of blood. Get Triesucta, now!" she told them. Felsumto quickly ran up the stairs to get Triesucta.

"What? Are you telling me that Qumstia is with child?" Razuksa yelled at Riemsa. Before Riemsa could tell Razuksa another thing Triesucta and Felsumto came running down the spiral stairs that lead to Triesucta office and all the mating rooms up stairs.

"Felsumto told me that Qumstia is in blood and that she is pregnant. Is this true?" Triesucta questioned with a worried look on her face. After all Triesucta had been Qumstia's mother's best friend in high school. Hell, Triesucta had even raised Qumstia after her mother was killed by a drunken saiyan looking for a good time.

"Yes, please come with me before she dies!" Riemsa exclaimed at her.

"Of course, I am coming! Mutomse, get my things at bring them to Qumstia's house I don't have time to get them by the time you get them there I will be ready to begin. Hurry everyone!" she shouted as she and Riemsa ran out of her bordello to Qumstia's home hoping that they weren't to late.


They opened the door and Triesucta rushed over to Qumstia.

"Riemsa help me get her to a bed and then go get any kind of sheets that you can find and a pot of boiling water." She quickly explained to her as they bent over and lifted her into her room which was down the through the doorway to their left. They set her down on the bed. Triesucta started to take of all of Qumstia's clothes to allow her to examine her easier while Riemsa went to get the things that Triesucta had demanded.

Mutomse came running through the house's doorway.

"Triesucta, where are you?" she questioned confused holding a bag of tools and medicines.

"I'm over here, Mutomse. Do you have everything?" she then asked.

"Yes, I believe I do, Triesucta." She told her entering Qumstia's bedroom.

"Mutomse please bring me my bag." She told her. Mutomse quickly gave Triesucta the bag. Just then Riemsa came through the door with a pot of boiling water in her gloved hands and about 4 sheets over her shoulder plus a pair of scissors in her mouth. She then set them down. Qumstia was barely breathing but she still was.

I am afraid that we will have to do a caesarian." She told them as she reached into her bag and pulled up a pair of special scissors. " Can you two start cutting up a sheet but save one for the baby." She then began to fill the injection needle with an orange colored liquid. She then picked up her arm and inserted the needle.

Then she picked up her scissors and began to cut. After that was done she move the organs until she found the baby. Carefully she took it out. Then grabbed a clip her scissors and cut the cord and tied it. She then handed the newborn baby saiyan girl with beautiful aqua hair to Mutomse.

"Mutomse please give the baby a bath and then rap her in one of the sheets you two saved." She told her ass she grabbed a threaded needle and began to sew up Qumstia.

"We were luckily that you came and got me when you did, Riemsa, she was almost gone." She told her as she started to clean up all the blood that had spilled onto the bed.

"Come lets wait for Mutomse in Qumstia's living room." She told her. They then walked out of the room, Triesucta shut the door as she followed Riemsa's lead into the living room.

They didn't wait long because almost as soon as they sat down Mutomse walked in carrying the sleeping baby saiyan. They looked up at her. Triesucta walked over to Mutomse and took the now sleeping child. She gazed down at it thinking how much it looked like Qumstia except the Qumstia had smaller lips. and had a button nose. This little saiyan had a nose that almost looked like the elite saiyan Ckenso. But that couldn't be why would he mate her? She is nowhere near his rank. My Kami if it were to be true then they would both be killed, it's forbidden. The only way that rank can be changed is by the king or his son. That reminded her hadn't the Queen just died in Birth to new prince.

"Riemsa." She then questioned. "Do you know who is the father of the baby saiyan?"

"No I am afraid that I don't." she told her sadly.

"You two can go home. I'll stay with Qumstia." She told them.

"Are you sure?" Mutomse asked her.

"Sure, just go get some sleep. I'll be fine." She explained.

"Okay, I'll see you later." She said as she walked out the door.

"Goodbye." Riemsa told her as she walked out the door to her house. She then picked up the broom that she had dropped earlier and entered her house.

"I guess it just you, and me uh, little one?" she said as she closed Qumstia's front door.


Triesucta woke up in Qumstia's living room chair with Qumstia's newborn asleep in her arms. She stood up and gently set the newborn on the chair that she was just in. She then walked over and opened the same door that she closed last night. She looked over at Qumstia to find her not breathing. Even though Triesucta had seen many people dead she couldn't help crying. She cried even though she knew that it was a sign of weakness.

She then tried to pull her self together. She stopped her self from crying after all she had Qumstia's baby to take care of now. Yes Qumstia's baby, Qumstia's baby Bulma.

* * * * *

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